The Queen's Bastard

The Queen's Bastard

Robin Maxwell / Dec 10, 2019

The Queen s Bastard Historians have long whispered that Elizabeth the Virgin Queen s passionate lifelong affair with Robin Dudley Earl of Leicester may have led to the birth of a son Arthur Dudley In this exquisite s

  • Title: The Queen's Bastard
  • Author: Robin Maxwell
  • ISBN: 9780684857602
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Historians have long whispered that Elizabeth the Virgin Queen s passionate, lifelong affair with Robin Dudley, Earl of Leicester, may have led to the birth of a son, Arthur Dudley In this exquisite sequel to The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, Robin Maxwell fashions a stunning fictional account of the child switched at birth by a lady in waiting who foresaw the deleteriouHistorians have long whispered that Elizabeth the Virgin Queen s passionate, lifelong affair with Robin Dudley, Earl of Leicester, may have led to the birth of a son, Arthur Dudley In this exquisite sequel to The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, Robin Maxwell fashions a stunning fictional account of the child switched at birth by a lady in waiting who foresaw the deleterious political consequences of a royal bastard Set against the sweeping, meticulously rendered backdrop of court intrigues, international scandals, and England s battle against the Spanish Armada, The Queen s Bastard deftly juxtaposes Elizabeth and Leicester s tumultuous relationship with the memoirs of the adventurous son lost to them yet ultimately discovered.

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    1. What would have happened if Queen Elizabeth I had an illegitimate son and he lived to tell the tale?This book gives an answer of sorts.The book follows the queen's son's adventures and it also follows the story of Elizabeth and Robert Dudley's relationship.I liked the vivid descriptions about horses,english towns,country life and battles.Although,I found the relationship between Robert and the Queen plausible I felt I couldn't say the same for the story of Arthur Dudley.His exploits seemed far f [...]

    2. "Mio affezionato popolo," cominciò Elisabetta con voce vigorosa e ferma "i miei consiglieri,temendo per la mia vita, non volevano che io venissi qui fra di voi. Ma come potete vedere non ho prestato loro ascolto, perché io credo nella lealtà dei miei sudditi che sono la mia forza e non la mia debolezza. E così sono venuta qui, al culmine della battaglia, per vivere o morire con voi! Posso avere il corpo debole e fragile di una donna," proseguì Elisabetta, la voce elevata fin quasi a un grid [...]

    3. Dear authors everywhere, Entire chapters in italics are annoying and unnecessary. Italics are to emphasize important points. If you believe your readers are too stupid to realize when a different character's voice is being used, you 1) are a poor character writer, 2) don't respect your readers and 3) could simply use the device of using the character's name as the chapter title.For the record, I do not read chapters printed entirely in italicized type. Therefore, I read only about half of this b [...]

    4. Un excelente libro para los amantes de la historia el cual narra la vida del hijo bastardo de la reina Isabel I, el cual esta excelentemente bien documentado gracias a la ardua investigación de la autora y que une todos esos puntos de una manera magistral relatándonos la vida de este personaje llamado Arthur, he de confesar que me tarde leyéndolo mas de lo que esperaba pero es que hay ciertas partes en las cuales la narrativa se hace un poco pesada y un tanto aburrida pero fuera de eso nos ll [...]

    5. Todos los años, sin proponérmelo, termino leyendo algún libro ambientado en la época isabelina. El año pasado fueron Isabel y Essex (Lytton Strachey) y María Estuardo ( Stefan Zweig). Sabiendo a grandes rasgos su historia, nunca me aburre.Con esta novela, me han dado ganas de montar a caballo. Uno de mis animales preferidos. Tienen gran protagonismo.Encontraréis varias desviaciones históricas (el hecho del que parte ya es bastante cuestionable) pero no deja de ser entretenida, y un poco [...]

    6. If you ever found yourself sitting around after watching the yearly Queen Elizabeth movie and thinking, "Man, will the whole Elizabeth story thing EVER get old?" then this book shouts, "YES! IT'S OLD!" Had to force myself to finish it. Several times, after a few chapters, I felt I'd watched some Wal-Mart produced, Hallmark channel morality play that a crazed producer decided to set in Elizabethan England instead of the Cracker Barrel-esque Smokey Mountains. The most redeeming part of the book is [...]

    7. I wish the book focused more on Arthur Dudley and less on the Queen and Robert Dudley. I understand the need for historical context, however the switching in perspective was distracting and in my opinion unnecessary.

    8. In this book in which Robin Maxwell draws upon some historic clues to posit that Queen Elizabeth and Robin Dudley had a baby early in their relationship. The pregnancy was hidden through cleverness of dressing and also the Queen's summer "Progress" in which she travels throughout the realm to show her support for the people and gain theirs for herself. I am reading this historical fiction just after reading a history of Catherine de Medici, Queen and Queen Regent of France during the Valois reig [...]

    9. A richly atmospheric historical novel hypothesizing the claim of one Arthur Dudley, and the premise that his claim to be a son of Elizabeth I and her paramour Robert Dudley was true.We are certain that Elizabeth II, a vital woman with a strong appetite for things physical like dancing, riding and hunting was no virgin!And we can be sure that her great love relationship with Robert Dudley had a physical side.Could her relationship have led to the birth of a child, whose pregnancy she hid on one o [...]

    10. This was my first book by Robin Maxwell and it won't be my last. I really enjoyed how she put these characters into real history. Here she writes of a young man named Arthur Dudley, the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I and her lover, Robin Dudley the Earl of Leicester. It includes a first person narration by Arthur which adds life to the story and makes it almost believeable.

    11. Este livro conta-nos a história de Arthur Dudley, filho de Isabel I e de Robin Dudley.No entanto, aquando do seu nascimento, a parteira, em conluio com Kat (fiel criada e amiga de Isabel) e Cecil, trocam o bebé por um nado-morto.Kat entrega Arthur a um seu amigo, para que ele o eduque como sendo seu filho. Arthur só descobre a verdade sobre os seus pais, quando o seu pai adoptivo está a morrer.Ao longo do livro, a história é narrada por diversos intervenientes. Arthur relata as suas memór [...]

    12. I received a Kindle for Christmas which came with 1 month of free Prime. This allowed me to pick out 1 book to be "lent" to my Kindle; it will disappear from my books at the end of the month. Since I love historical fiction I picked out this book.I'm giving it a 3 star rating. Would have given it a 4 star rating but it seemed to drag a little in the middle of the story. I would still recommend this to those who enjoy historical fiction, especially British history set during the time of Elizabet [...]

    13. Only Robin Maxwell could write an entire book based on someone who may never even have existed and make you believe that he quite possibly did. This is a fascinating story about Arthur Dudley, purported to be the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth and her Horsemaster, Robin Dudley. There is no doubt that the two carried on a long and tempestuous love affair; however, historical accounts are relatively silent about the existence of any offspring from this relationship. Nevertheless, Maxwell foun [...]

    14. I've watched too many Dateline episodes to really believe Arthur Dudley was the son of Elizabeth and Leicester, but it intrigues me that he COULD have been. The author has at least convinced me that it was possible, and that's why I couldn't stop reading. But then, I believed the Polish woman who claimed to be the Arch-Duchess Anastasia might possibly be telling the truth—until DNA proved she was not.But I liked the Queen portrayed as a real person, an imperfect, compassionate woman, and not t [...]

    15. Fun, interesting read, but it made me start to worry about my historical education. I'm a bit too fond of historical fiction, and would be hard-pressed to have to separate fact from the fiction on a test. I guess all history is fictional to a degree, but this fits in the same category as Pope Joan -- an author taking an unsubstantiated rumor from history and running with it. Which is what makes both books so interesting and fun to read. It made me want to learn more about this time period. Warni [...]

    16. I randomly picked this book without a recommendation which usually leads to disaster, but I liked it! At some points it got into war strategies a little too heavily, but otherwise it was a good story. At some points the author didn't seem to follow up completely for instance the queen demanded that she wants him arrested immediately and then killed. The next chapter is several years later and he's still free and living, so there was definitely something missing. This happened a few times.I liked [...]

    17. A thoroughly fascinating read on the "possible" illegitimate child between Queen Elizabeth and Robin Dudley.The story is fiction, but with roots in history, which makes this an exciting and consuming book.As a fan of the Showtime show "The Tudors"-my fascination with the Tudor line keeps growing. I instantly picked up this book in a bargain section of Barnes & Nobles.Tudor fans will enjoy it!

    18. I thought it was a good story. Parts of it were a little slow but I enjoyed the majority of the book and found it entertaining. My favorite part was at the end when the author told what the actual facts were regarding the story that she wove her tail from.

    19. I SHOULD hate this books since it takes a well known historical figure and puts her into a preposterous situation. But I love it! The background facts are well founded. It's as much 'what if' in the style of Harry Turtledove's alvernate history. As such - it is wonderful

    20. 3.5 starsI really wanted to love this novel. Elizabeth and her sweet Robin and a son of their heart? Talk about catnip for my romantic soul. And the son was based on breadcrumbs scattered in the historic record? With John Dee and William of Orange cameos? The stories were told on alternating tracks and with shifting POV's. This should have been a no brainer five star. But it wasn't. And that breaks my heart.Elizabeth and Dudley's life together was told in the third person, and was engaging and e [...]

    21. What a great story as told from the perspective of Elizabeth 1, her lover the earl of Leicester and Arthur Dudley, the secret child. Everything is possible given the passage of time but the attention to detail is excellent, certainlyEnough to make it plausible. Certainly Arthur Dudley’s life contained much adventure in his early years and I liked the ending giving all three some happiness and reconciliation. Even queens have the right to be happy.

    22. Wow! just WOW!Were it not rooted in historical events, the adventures alone would make for a good read. Was Arthur Dudley the bastard son of Elizabeth? I won't pretend to know. I can tell you this: the book presents a good case. Alive with real characters and beautiful images and based in historical events, this book is a great read!

    23. Um romance histórico muito interessante apesar de ter muita história inglesa verídica. Recomendo a quem gosta de romances, com toque pitoresco, de aventura e alguma sátira

    24. Bem, este demorou-me meses a acabar. Não sei se este foi o livro errado á hora errada ou se realmente não tinha todos os elementos de que necessito para a historia me "agarrar". Também culpo a minha veia de bookworm, que me faz ter estantes repletas de livros para ler, continuar a comprar e ainda, não chegando isso, ir requisitar livros á biblioteca local.Bom, chega de desculpas!O facto é que este livro, embora passado numa época que me fascina e com uma personagem central que sempre gos [...]

    25. I have enjoyed reading Robin Maxwell's historical novels, even though I don't always agree with her characterisations of certain persons, or her choices in terms of their actions. The Queen's Bastard is another such book - well-researched and written, fun to read, but not featuring "my" Queen Elizabeth. Maxwell's premise is that Elizabeth not only consummated her relationship with Robert Dudley, but that early in her reign, she conceived and secretly bore him a son. As difficult as such a thing [...]

    26. I wasn't expecting much from a speculative historical fiction novel with randomly unnecessary erotic scenes. But it was surprisingly well researched, and author really paid a great deal of attention to the daily aspects of life in Elizabethan England. The entire chapters in italics were annoying, the plot was maybe a bit silly, and the eroticism seemed misplaced, but I still really enjoyed this book. Maxwell's real strength was in her characterization and worldbuilding. I was left feeling like t [...]

    27. I enjoyed this book - and I enjoyed the reader (audible). good long story - nice wrap around in the end. Little bit sorry that I did not read Ann Boyelin's diary first as it was referenced multiple times -but the writing was good enough that even though I hadn't read that one - I dont feel like I lost anything from this story for having missed it. (I might find out different later - if I go back for it and then follow up with this one a second time - but as for this experience - the book stands [...]

    28. A very interesting historical novel which develops the story of the romance between Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen, and her horsemaster, as well as lifelong friend, Robert Dudley, later the Earl of Leicester. The author develops the story of Arthur Dudley who claimed to be their bastard son and actually convinced King Philip of Spain that he was actually their son, resulting in his imprisonment by Philip and the end of any historical record of his life. The story begins shortly after Elizabeth's [...]

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