Promises, Promises

Promises, Promises

Annie Bryant / Dec 09, 2019

Promises Promises Elections for class president are underway and the Beacon Street Girls are right in the middle of the excitement The drama escalates when election posters start to disappear Will the candidate with t

  • Title: Promises, Promises
  • Author: Annie Bryant
  • ISBN: 9780975851128
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elections for class president are underway, and the Beacon Street Girls are right in the middle of the excitement The drama escalates when election posters start to disappear Will the candidate with the best ideas win the election, or will it come down to something else The Beacon Street Girls will test the strength of their friendship during this intense race.

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        The Beacon Street Girls books are inspired by all the preteen girls I ve ever known I wanted to create a world where girls can go to have fun and learn about who they are, while modeling real life experiences The first book, Worst Enemies Best Friends, explores creating and testing friendships, skewed first impressions, and being the new kid at school In the end, true friendship conquers all Welcome to the world of the BSG


    1. The book is about a group of best friends in which two of them are running for the class president elections. It is really interesting because the girls in the friend group have to choose between two of their best friends.There is heaps of really relatable things in the book. I really like how the book is actually relatable to my life because in this book best friends are going against each other which has happened to me so many times. I love any kind of suspense and this book really lengthens w [...]

    2. This book is about a group of friends called the Beacon Street Girls and when two of them decide to run for class president, everything goes wrong. Avery and Katani notices that their relationship is tearing apart because they both want to be the class president but only one of them can be. Soon enough, they are no longer friends and Maeve, Charlotte and Isabel gets worried that they won't be friends again. Maeve then signs up for a contest of making an amazing costume for Marty, their dog. Aver [...]

    3. This was a really good book, but it didn't have the extra something that would have given it a 5 star. I really pained me how Avery didn't care that she would go against Katani in the election. But then, Avery did get it wrong that the class election was similar to sports. But there are so many things wrong with Katani in this book too. She is so sensitive. When Avery said she knew that Katani didn't put the mean notes on everyone's campaign poster, Katani got mad. What's the deal? Avery is just [...]

    4. This book is a suspenseful and exciting story. There are these two best friends, Avery and Katani, who both want to run for class president. It is hard because they get so competitive to the point that they wont talk to each other. The other 3 girls (who are also best friends with Avery and Katani) have to balance out who they are helping it's either they help Avery, Katani or both. At the end of the story, when the principal announces who got class president, both girls are heartbroken when the [...]

    5. I liked this book. Not as much as I loved the other books though. I didn't really like how there was an unexplained question in the book. Authors shouldn't do that. They just stick something in there and don't explain it. That's what Annie Bryant did in this book when she said that 2 men in black left Charlotte's house into an important-looking vehicle. So I really didn't like the book because of that and because of the Avery and Katani. The conflict between them was really stupid. So. I give th [...]

    6. This is a very good book! It is about 5 girls ( Charolette, Katani, Avery, Isabel, and Maeve ) who call themselves the BSG. The student elections are going on and Katani and Avery both run without each other knowing for a while, but then they find out and at first they are OK but then they are worst enemies. At the end they become frinds but they still are worried who will win. Also Charolette, Maeve, and Isabel are getting frustrated who they should vote for and the girls keep asking them to he [...]

    7. From reading all these Beacon Street Girl books I have come to learn two things. One: All these books teach fantastic morals. Two: The covers look AWESOME! You should definetly read this book. It teaches alot about true friendship and that nothing should get in the way of it. Friends are worth more than silly elections.

    8. If you enjoyed all the other BSG books you're sure to like this one.Things heat up as Katani and Avery run for AAJH class president. Suddenly. mean posters pp up and in the end the results are the opposite of what the BSG thought.I really enjoyed this intriguing book about friendshif and competition!

    9. I learned that we can't always keep the promises we make. And I also realized that you shouldn't get into a HUGE fight with your BFF, just over a stinkin' school election! Friends are there to keep, but you can't be seventh grade president forever!- by JeterGirl

    10. I really loved this book. The Beacon Street Girls really had a problem, but I am glad that the rivalry cooled down after the election. It really shows how good of friends they are. I probably wouldn't have worked it out with my friend after that!!

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    12. Promises, Promises is a really good book. Two girls named Avery and Katani run both run for school president. The problem is that both get very, very, competitive. A great book!

    13. Great book, lots about friendship, and confidence. Teaches to be mindful to your friends, and whatever happens, friends and family are important as well.

    14. Only book I read in the series but loved it. Love, loved it, LOVED IT!!!!! Perfect for girls around seven, eight and up. Really super sweet.

    15. It's time for the class elections at Abigail Adams Junior High. And guess who's running? I'm not gonna tell you! You'll have to read the book for yourself!

    16. In this book it shows what happens when two friends run for president.Even IF they swear not to fight but neither one of them win.

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