Baseball Great

Baseball Great

Tim Green / Dec 07, 2019

Baseball Great Josh feels like he s starting to make it big Jaden the school reporter says he s going to take the baseball team to number one Then his dad pulls him off the field and signs him up with Coach Rocky

  • Title: Baseball Great
  • Author: Tim Green
  • ISBN: 9780061626869
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Josh feels like he s starting to make it big Jaden, the school reporter, says he s going to take the baseball team to number one Then his dad pulls him off the field and signs him up with Coach Rocky Valentine s youth championship team, the Titans He says Josh has what it takes to be a baseball great and the Titans will help him get there.Now Josh is gulping down Rocky Josh feels like he s starting to make it big Jaden, the school reporter, says he s going to take the baseball team to number one Then his dad pulls him off the field and signs him up with Coach Rocky Valentine s youth championship team, the Titans He says Josh has what it takes to be a baseball great and the Titans will help him get there.Now Josh is gulping down Rocky s Super Stax milkshakes to build muscle and trying to fit in with his new teammates older, tougher kids who can suddenly become violent All Josh really wants to do is play ball, but as he gets in deeper with the Titans, there are questions he s just got to ask As Josh and his new friend Jaden investigate their suspicions, they find themselves in a dangerous struggle with a desperate man who doesn t want them to expose the nasty secrets they uncover.Pulsing with action, baseball great offers a baseball story attuned to today s headlines, a totally involving, character driven, sports centered thriller.

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    1. I really enjoyed this book because it combined my love of baseball,mystery, and action into one book.The main boy,Josh, is this "baseball great" and his dad was one too. To reach his full potential, Josh's dad makes him play for an intense traveling team instead of his school team that all of his friends play for. Meanwhile, Josh's dad lost his job playing for a minor league team and needs the job with Rocky;s baseball team that his son is playing for. Josh has trouble making friends with his ne [...]

    2. baseball great is a good book its kind of about bullying and being a good baseball player his dad is a pro baseball player and plays for red sox and josh is getting big in baseball and the school reporter is writing about josh and saying he is a "medical" to the baseball league.I like this book because I like baseball and I like how one day he wants to be a pro baseball player

    3. This book is a very interesting book because it teaches you that sometimes you need to make hard decisions that will make your life better. This book is about a young man named Josh who wants his team to be number one in the country. He needs to make a decision whether to have his team succeed, or go to a better team that is already ranked number one. I truly reccomend this book to everyone that is interested in sports.

    4. This book was a “goodread”. It involved great imagery. It felt like I was irght there and in the moment of what was actually occurring in the story. The author did a great job with this book, a must re-read!

    5. “Lets go,” the umpire said to Josh.Josh nodded and stepped up to the plate. He glanced at the loaded bases then at the two outs up on the scoreboard. The pitcher reared back and jerked sideways. His arm whipped around and came Josh’s way. Most people would see it like they’d see a snake flick its tongue, but Josh saw more. The ball left the pitcher’s hand with a perfect spin, a fastball to the outside edge of the plate.Josh swung big, and connected with a crack. The ball took off.”Th [...]

    6. Baseball great is a book about a preteen boy named Josh. Josh is very good at baseball and plays shortstop and is a really good batter. Josh's best friend names are Benji and Jaden Jaden is new to the school and she writes the paper she wrote an article about josh saying ow good he was. There are three conflicts in the story. The 1st one is Josh's dad a first round draft pick for pro ball got cut and he wants josh to go to a team of 14 year olds and hes 12. His friends are not happy with him bec [...]

    7. Baseball great is a great story written by Tim Green. The main character is named josh and he is a twelve year old normal kid who is great at baseball. His dad just got done with playing baseball in the minors and just got a job with an elite baseball program with some of the best teams in the country of all ages. Josh tries out and makes the fourteen year old team and his coach is the owner named rocky. He hired joshs dad to put a twelve year old team together and is taking all the players from [...]

    8. In the book "Baseball Great" by Tim Green, the main character Josh is a huge baseball fan and player. He loves the game. His dad (31 years old) played all throughout his childhood but can't make it past the triple a's. Early in the book he got told he is being cut from the team. His dream of making it to the big leagues then transfers down to his son Josh. Josh is forced to quit the school team and try out for a team that is filled with kids only 14 years old while he is only 12 years old. Not o [...]

    9. Josh feels like he's starting to make it big! Jaden, the school reporter, says he's going to take the baseball team to number one. Then his dad pulls him off the field and signs him up with Coach Rocky Valentine's youth championship team, the Titans. He says Josh has what it takes to be a baseball great and the Titans will help him get there.I liked this book because it had hard working players that try to get to the championships. Josh is a very brave man and loves playing baseball. he believes [...]

    10. Overall, this was a good story - definitely reader-friendly (especially for boys) and perhaps even worth four starsexcept for one baseball scene, which is based on such an inaccuracy that I cannot get past it.The batter is a switch-hitter. He is facing a left-handed pitcher whose best pitch is a curveball. He has his batting glove on his right hand (which means he is planning to bat lefty) and his coach stops him on his way to the plate to MAKE SURE he bats lefty to "take away" the curveball. Ho [...]

    11. Josh and his friend Benji both love and play baseball. During school ball, Josh's dad picked him up and took him to play for a new team, a U14 in a separate league. After his first practice, seeing his team doesnt like him, he makes the team. He later on goes to there first team and wins, with a walk-off single. At practice the next day, they went to a laser tag place, and met one of the bullies in school, named Bart. Just as he's about to get beaten up, Jones swoops in and saves Josh from a bea [...]

    12. In this book there is I kid how was on the middle school baseball team. He was going take this team to be number one but his dad took him to play for other team. He wants to play for the middle team dad will mot let him he goes play for other team. He wants to play for his middle school team. He is in the 7 grade. He is really good at baseball the team he ganna to be playing for has great talent. I didn't like this book. Josh is 7 grade boy he is really good at football. If you liked this book y [...]

    13. I thought this book was good because it kept me reading and reading. Also it kinda showed a moral lesson in this book like "it doesn't matter if youre not good at it matters when youre having fun playing it " because Josh was put on a #1 ranked baseball team and he didnt even want that he wanted to be playing with his friends so he can have fun and enjoy himself, but insteaad his dad of course wanted to see more potential on his son by putting him in a better team. So it doesn't really matter wh [...]

    14. I think this book was a well balanced story with the classic baseball kind of story and the edge of your seat suspense . If you don't enjoy slow pace baseball books then you will definitely enjoy this book.The hole story is about a kid named josh who is welcomed to the town with a article about him title baseball great. Everything is going great until they discover something bad even illegal involving their coach.

    15. Baseball great is a GREAT book it starts slow and finish strong but i wouldn't recommend it unless you like baseball

    16. When you are a young boy you always dream about making it to the big stage, whether its baseball, football, basketball so on. Does Josh "Baseball Great" have a path to the show? Josh Feels up to the task to leading his middle school to number one, as Jaden the school reporter made it the front cover of the schools newspaper. When josh is showing off his moves his dad comes on to the field and tells him to get in the car. The coach arguable disagrees that he should stay because they had so much m [...]

    17. The realistic fiction book,Baseball Great, by Tim Green was a must keep reading. I liked reading this book because the story line. The story starts of normal like any other book but then in the middle gym candy is introduced to the story. At first I didn't know what gym candy was which made me keep on reading. Once the story said that gym candy was also known as steroids I wanted to figure out who was giving Josh's teammates steroids. Once Josh knew that Rocky was dealing steroids to his teammat [...]

    18. Baseball Great is a book by Tim Green and is a sports book. The main characters are Josh, Jaden, Benji, and Josh´s father. The school reporter Jaden is reproting on how good josh is at baseball but during tryouts Josh´s father took him to this championship team with the coah of Rocky Valatine. Rocky gives this stuff called Super stax that gets you stronger and faster etc. Josh has a kid on his team one day and he gives him some weird pills. Jaden´s father is a doctor and he has this book that [...]

    19. A sad but true type story.Baseball Great is classic Tim Green. A quick read with a real to life story. As a junior high coach, it hurt me to read this, but it is a story that kids should read.

    20. This book was ok, and it was really slow going up to the climax, and even then it wasn't that exciting. I was expecting a lot from Tim Green's new book, and this one really lets me down.

    21. Kool bookBest book in the multiverse. So good and a lot of plot twists. Yah boy this book is fantastic and Kool.

    22. It's a good interesting read about a young teenage boy trying to be one of the best baseball players in his state and at the national level.

    23. As a sports fan, I always look for fiction involving sports. So when I happened across this book I thought I’d give it a shot.Well, what can I say? The first thing I suppose I can mention is that I managed to guess certain parts of the plot about three-fourths of the way through. Although I will follow that up by saying that I was right and yet I was wrong. Which I found vastly entertaining and laughed at myself for thinking I was a darn know-it-all! *lol*This was a great book. Normally I don [...]

    24. I have read three books so far this year, and this is my first book that I have read by Tim Green ever. This book is the best book I've read in the entire year. Tim Green does a wonderful job of creating storyline without boring the reader. The main character is Josh Leblanc, he is an overgrown middle schooler standing just under six feet. He plans to join his middle school team and play with his friends, but his dad takes him away on the first practice.The book starts out with Josh and his dad [...]

    25. Kyle JandaBaseball Great by Tim Green Baseball Great was a really great book about Josh LeBlanc. In this book Josh is one of the greatest middle school baseball player. The plot of the book is about Joshua and how his dad makes him join a baseball travel team instead of playing for his school team. Everybody at his school is shocked when they find out he isn't going to be in the middle school team because he was the best player on the team. Josh is now playing with high schoolers while he is onl [...]

    26. Main character: Josh Leblanc, Jaden Neidermeyer, Benji Lido,and Joshs Dad Josh Leblanc ia a teenage baseball player who got sign up for the game.Its sets when he was riding the bus from school and he feel bad what happend to him. After Josh got off the bus yesterday he bumped into Bart again. He saw him talking to his girlfriend Sheila at lunch Bart force Josh to fight him. But Josh wouldnt he josh keep walking backward until mom shows up taking out the garbage and says "Whats going on". Josh wa [...]

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