The Night Stalker

The Night Stalker

Philip Carlo / Jan 17, 2020

The Night Stalker Painstakingly researched over three years based on nearly one hundred hours of exclusive interviews with Richard Ramirez on California s Death Row The Night Stalker is the definitive account of Amer

  • Title: The Night Stalker
  • Author: Philip Carlo
  • ISBN: 9780786018109
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Painstakingly researched over three years, based on nearly one hundred hours of exclusive interviews with Richard Ramirez on California s Death Row, The Night Stalker is the definitive account of America s most feared serial murderer.From Ramirez s earliest brushes with the law to his deadliest stalking expeditions to the unprecedented police and civilian manhunt that resuPainstakingly researched over three years, based on nearly one hundred hours of exclusive interviews with Richard Ramirez on California s Death Row, The Night Stalker is the definitive account of America s most feared serial murderer.From Ramirez s earliest brushes with the law to his deadliest stalking expeditions to the unprecedented police and civilian manhunt that resulted in one of the most sensational trials in California history, The Night Stalker is an eerie and spellbinding descent into the very heart of human evil.It is than epic nonfiction at its most brutally real it is true crime masterpiece.

    Kolchak The Night Stalker TV Series Sep , Quite a maverick among television shows of the day, Kolchak The Night Stalker noticeably parted company with established convention regarding what qualifies a character to fill the role of a hero Common practice dictates that your basic TV good guy will be conventionally handsome, good with his fists and fearless in the sight of danger. The Night Stalker TV Movie Jan , Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey With Darren McGavin, Carol Lynley, Simon Oakland, Ralph Meeker An abrasive Las Vegas newspaper reporter investigates a The Night Stalker Special Edition John Oct , An investigative journalist takes a stab at the supernatural This unforgettable first entry in the Night Stalker series introduced the world to the quirky reporter with a penchant for the paranormal and became one of the top rated TV movies of all time. The Night Stalker The Night Strangler Double Feb , The Night Stalker is the second movie on what is to become Kolchak The Night Stalker TV series the first movie is The Night Stalker which was the primary inspiration for the X Files, one of the most successful and long running sci fi TV shows, of whose subjects were aliens, supernatural and paranormal. The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza, Paperback Barnes . s The Night Stalker is the second book in the Detective Erika Foster series by British author, Robert Bryndza It s a stinking hot summer, some eighteen months into DCI Erika Foster s time at Lewisham Road Police Station, when she takes the lead in an asphyxiation case. How Richard Ramirez Became Known As The Night Stalker May , Profile of Serial Rapist and Killer Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez, also known as Ricardo Leyva Muoz Ramrez, was a serial rapist and killer who operated in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas from until his capture in August .

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    1. If the great, grand City of Angels had an asshole, the downtown area around the terminal would undoubtedly be it.It was from this place that he came, nameless and nocturnal, as silent and deadly as cyanide gas. He always wore black, with the brim of a black baseball cap pulled down low; even his socks and shoes were black. Thus attired, he moved about in shadows, blending and becoming one with them, rarely seen until it was too late.I have returned. During my absence, I read The Night Stalker. I [...]

    2. EDIT 27/12 I finally watched most of the movies made out of Ramirez, and can without a doubt say they are worth the skip, stick with the book.Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez, the rock star of serial killers (yes, because even in the land of serial killing, there is the same status norm than in any society, some are famous whereas some are not).So, how did a man who was convicted of 13 murders, 5 attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults, and 14 burglaries got to be the poster boy, and the drool [...]

    3. The first half of the book is great, following the 13 murders and couple of near fatal rape-assaults of Richard Ramirez in LA in 1984-1985. Though some might find him a more dynamic or interesting serial killer because of his allegiance to Satan; I find him more boring and more of a coward than most psychopath serial killers. The author Carlo pushes his oxymoronic subtle sermons (views/themes) all too often and almost seems to make excuses for how Ramirez came about. Richard hit his head and had [...]

    4. Wow. This was recommended to me awhile ago and since I have this thing with fat mass markets I let it sit. I didn't see how Carlo could possibly fill 592 pages with interesting information but I'll be damned if he didn't do just that.I fall into the category of people who are much more into the actual crime and life of the people involved rather than the long, drawn out, boring court cases. So not the case here. The long, drawn out court case was just as interesting as all the rest. What surroun [...]

    5. I couldn't read this book fast enough, it kept me interested all the way through it. The author even did a god job making the reader feel the frustration of the jury through the defense teams inept arguments.Made me want to write to Richard Ramirez, which is a scary thought in itself. To be honest, the book portrays him as a rather intelligent individual that's pleasant to be around.when he isn't raping and killing you, that is.

    6. Such a well researched book. This case has always fascinated me, probably because I remember being scared of the Nightstalker when I was younger. I remember we made sure to lock our doors and windows at the time. You could sense the whole city being on edge when all this was taking place. The book is very detailed and it is a very good read. Hard to put down.

    7. I can't think of anything or anyone who terrifies me quite as much as Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker. Responsible for a wave of brutal murders that left LA panicked and paralysed in the mid '80s, the Stalker was a home invader. Breaking into houses in the early hours, he would usually kill any men found on the premises before turning his horrifying attentions to the women, and any children left. Even though Ramirez is now thankfully in prison, and even though I live in an entirely different [...]

    8. What is so frightening about this story was that it was true. This man, Richard Ramirez existed and he killed at will, regardless of genre or age. He had fans and the court system spent over a million dollars on his trial, wasted money on a monster who had no care for the life of anyone. What really saddened me is this man lived on death row for over 23 years, with heat, food and shelter, while most of his victims laid cold in the ground, their last minutes in fear, knowing they were going to di [...]

    9. I love true crime and serial killers and the first half of this book was OK. Great detail about the individual crimes and the men and women hunting the killer.The second half of the book was boring as hell. You're essentially reading the transcripts from the trial and they aren't interesting. It reiterates everything you already read in the first half. I skimmed all of it looking for something interesting. It would have been nice if the author had given us the highlights of the trial, and not mi [...]

    10. I liked this book, it's well written, a lot of detail was put down on every crime Richard committed. The only thing a had a problem understading was almost at the end, when Philip Carlo is writing about these women that were attracted to this Richard Ramirez, one actually married him. For crying out loud!!! What the hell is wrong with them?!! this a-hole beat and raped women in the commission of his crimes, how incredibly stupid can these idiots be?!!What is so fricking attractive about a psycho [...]

    11. As sleazy, trashy, sensationalized and exploitive as they tend to be I still have a weakness for true crime books. What Ramirez did was very disturbing and out and out evil. He did things like stab old ladies while they were sleeping and rape invalids. Almost equally as disturbing is this guy had female groupies fighting over him, including a juror, and Church of Satan nerds fawning over him and visiting him in prison. In this book the author put it together by doing interviews with Ramirez, the [...]

    12. WOW! The details in this book are very captivating. It's sad to know that this wasn't fiction.Richard's childhood was a very odd one, starting with the sexual encounter he has with a cousin. The author of the books seems to insinuate that this is where Richard'd grotesque thoughts began. The book was an amazing one from a True Crime reader's standpoint because of all the details of the crimes and cases Richard acted on. We got to knwo about the victim's and were told actual encounters on the cri [...]

    13. This one scared the crap out of me and made me make sure all doors and windows were locked. Like that would help.

    14. This book was amazing for someone like me whom is studying the forensic criminal justice field. To see how a serial killer mind ticks and his ways was really interesting to follow. The whole court system was really amazing how it went through. I would love if Philip would write a book about each of the famous serial killers. Because he interviews them in depth and he researches their story beyond reason. On top of it he also goes into psychosocial prospective to both sides of the argument of Ric [...]

    15. I've followed this case since I learned about it and it's definitely interesting. The Night Stalker has been one of my favorite serial killers to research (not in a bad way). It's just fascinating to learn about why people like these do the things they do. I did a paper on this case for my corrections class and I started it in the beginning of the semester and didn't finish it till the end of the semester. Took me a whole semester and 20 pages to put a well composed paper together. I enjoyed wri [...]

    16. Don't do what I did and read this at night home alone with a storm battering your windows. Because this is so unbelieveably creepy that even the knowledge that Richard Ramirez languishes in San Quentin will be of any comfort.Not that this is sensationalist, it doesn't have to be. Also, would someone please write a biography of Frank Salerno? I would read that in a second.

    17. I read a lot of these true crime books, but this one frightened me like no other. I almost put it down a couple of times, but I stuck with it. It is meticulously researched, but I did feel that the author should have highlighted the victims in the end and not the Night Stalker. Read it and you will never leave your windows open at night again.

    18. The author really did his reserch including getting pictures, emails from the killer's fans, interviewing and visiting Richard himself. The details are very accurate and the reader feels like they are being taken to the exact location and they are in the moment the crimes are taking place. Great read, reccomended to crime lovers.

    19. Impresionante darme cuenta que Ricky Ramírez tuviera ascendencia Chihuahuense, específicamente de Jiménez, Chih. Un libro que me hizo ver de otra manera la forma de escribir, de ligar el Heavy Metal a la literatura, entre otras cosas. Este es uno de los libros que leí sin parar.

    20. This was a fascinating book, mostly because the author has described everything as it happened, which I deem to be a very hard thing to do considering a) the subject and b) how much research he has put into this.First, Richard Ramirez is a serial killer seldom witnessed. He was intelligent, driven by simple, yet complex desires, a Satanist and had a very deranged childhood, seemingly propelled by his family troubles, including a somewhat failed father and older brothers who were all involved in [...]

    21. Very well researched with all the details from beginning to end. Ramirez strikes me as a dumb criminal almost retarded.

    22. SCARY, DARK, HORRIFIC, YET FASCINATING, INTERESTING AND MYSTERIOUS!This is the best book on true crime I've read so far! I couldn't put the book down! I was always into true crime stories and criminal profiling and this book made me love criminology even more! The story of Richard Munoz Ramirez aka The Night Stalker is captivating yet frightening! The story begins with childhood happenings. Richard witnessed gruesome pictures of rapings and killings that his cousin showed to him (his cousin Mike [...]

    23. Summer of 1985 in Los Angeles was a summer of terror. Richard Ramirez committed numerous break-ins leaving in his wake 13 dead bodies and many more shattered lives. He was a completely different kind of serial killer.From the back of the book: The classic account of one of the world’s most feared serial killers.Philip Carlo divides the account into 4 parts labeled books, “The Hunted and the Hunters”, “Richie”, “Capture”, “The Trial”, an Epilogue and “special Update of the Ten [...]

    24. richie ramirez was a dark, dark guy, and any book about him is going to be at least minimally interesting. that said, this had a lot of minor editing concerns (primarily swapping of names, especially when discussing richard's large hispanic family)--if Richard's father Julian had truly "aged twenty years" every time Carlo uses the phrase, he'd have been a hundred--and the third part (trial coverage) was exceedingly boring. i'm unsure how bugliosi managed to make trial coverage so exciting inHelt [...]

    25. Creepy and horrific, if you're a fan of the true crime genre you'll probably know exactly what to expect from it, but it's still worth reading. The Night Stalker could easily pass for a horror novel; I can't believe it's non-fiction! O_o

    26. This was a page-turner, easy to read. My only complaints would be that the second half was a bit repetitive, and the underlying "poor Richard Ramirez" theme was irritating.

    27. I think the book was absolutely fantastic! I wasn't able to put it down which was silly because I've had major exams going on at the moment.I first heard about Ramirez when i was reading up about Sean Penn and read the story about him and Ramirez. I then became very fascinated with Ramirez. How someone so young and good looking could do the ghastly things he did. I was very happy when the book came and started reading it straight after i finished the book i was reading at that current time (fang [...]

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