Loser Takes All

Loser Takes All

Graham Greene / Jan 18, 2020

Loser Takes All Bertram had no belief in luck He was not superstitious A conspicuously unsuccessful assistant accountant he was planning to get married for the second time Quite quietly St Luke s Maida Hill and th

  • Title: Loser Takes All
  • Author: Graham Greene
  • ISBN: 9780140185423
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bertram had no belief in luck He was not superstitious A conspicuously unsuccessful assistant accountant, he was planning to get married for the second time Quite quietly St Luke s, Maida Hill, and then two weeks in Bournemouth But Dreuther, a director of Bertram s firm, whimsically switches wedding and honeymoon to Monte Carlo Inevitably Bertram visits the Casino IBertram had no belief in luck He was not superstitious A conspicuously unsuccessful assistant accountant, he was planning to get married for the second time Quite quietly St Luke s, Maida Hill, and then two weeks in Bournemouth But Dreuther, a director of Bertram s firm, whimsically switches wedding and honeymoon to Monte Carlo Inevitably Bertram visits the Casino Inevitably he loses Then suddenly his system starts working .For than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English speaking world With than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up to date translations by award winning translators.

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        Henry Graham Greene, OM, CH was an English novelist, short story writer, playwright, screenplay writer, travel writer and critic whose works explore the ambivalent moral and political issues of the modern world Greene combined serious literary acclaim with wide popularity.Although Greene objected strongly to being described as a Catholic novelist rather than as a novelist who happened to be Catholic, Catholic religious themes are at the root of much of his writing, especially the four major Catholic novels Brighton Rock, The Heart of the Matter, The End of the Affair, and The Power and the Glory Works such as The Quiet American, Our Man in Havana and The Human Factor also show an avid interest in the workings of international politics and espionage Excerpted from


    1. Dear Frere, As we have been associated in business and friendship for a quarter of a century I am dedicating this frivolity without permission to you. Unlike some of my Catholic critics, you, I know, when reading this little story, will not mistake me for 'I', nor do I need to explain to you that this tale has not been written for the purposes of encouraging adultery, the use of pyjama tops, or registry office marriages. Nor is it meant to discourage gambling. Affectionately and gratefully, Grah [...]

    2. I SUPPOSE the small greenish statue of a man in a wig on a horse is one of the famous statues of the world. I said to Cary, ‘Do you see how shiny the right knee is? It’s been touched so often for luck, like St Peter’s foot in Rome.’She rubbed the knee carefully and tenderly as though she were polishing it.‘Are you superstitious?’ I said. ‘Yes.’‘I’m not.’‘I’m so superstitious I never walk under ladders. I throw salt over my right shoulder. I try not to tread on the crack [...]

    3. Three stars on means "I liked it," but two stars means it was just "OK." Well, I liked this lightweight novella by Graham Greene, even though, ultimately, it was just OK. So, it gets two stars, even though I liked it. Dig where I'm coming from here?The story covers about two weeks in the topsy turvy early days of the marriage of lower-echelon Brit accountant, Mr. Bertram, and his young bride, Cary. He's 40 and on his second marriage and she's a virginal 25. Their plans for an unremarkable churc [...]

    4. Was GG drying out, or somepun, when he wrote this '54 short story? It opens like "Private Lives," w married couple arguing on adjoining Monte Carlo hotel balconies, and ends up like a first draft romcom of an unpublished E. Phillips Oppenheim.

    5. I've been on a Graham Greene kick and while this one may not be one of his greats -- it seems to have been dashed off, to be turned into a film -- it is quite delightful. The dialogue reminds me of Noel Coward, and you get wonderful descriptions, deftly sketched as in this brief insight into the main character's boss, a rather laconic figure who possesses a subtle mind:He was a prisoner in his room, and small facts of the outer world came to him with the shock of novelty; he entertained them as [...]

    6. At just under 125 pages, it's the perfect length for the amount of story Greene has to tell. He famously divided his fiction into novels and entertainments. This one doesn't even make it into the second category--in a dedication he calls it a frivolity. Given Greene's religion I was strongly tempted to see the elderly, kind-hearted, forgetful, fabulously rich, controller of the main character's life as a figure for God, especially since his only rival is described as "small, spotty, undistinguis [...]

    7. Something of a trifle - an amusing entertainment with a moral; Bertram has no money but a lovely fiancée; then he works a system to win at the casino in Monte Carlo. Suddenly he has all the money he could wish for but loses his lovely wife. Never mind - good sense prevails and there is a happy ending.

    8. بعض الروايات تقف أمامها عاجزا عن النقد عاجزا عن المدح تنهي قراءتها كواجب لا بد أن يعلق شيئا منه في ذاكرتك ككلمة وقعت عبثا لا مكان لها إلا ورقتك!

    9. Everyone that likes their light fiction (read: Krantz, Evanovitch, Patterson) should throw out that trash and go read Graham Greene's novellas. This one was a fantastic example of a quick page turner that actually makes you think and examine your own relationships and fellings of right and wrong without being boorish and self important. In the 3 1/2 hours it took me to read this book, I was treated to tales of personal growth, love, suspense, travel, and morality. A true rarity. The characters a [...]

    10. Even Graham Greene takes a shot at the soulless despair of the late 1950s in this silly love story about a lowly middle-aged accountant in a London firm. Mr Bertram is about to be married, for the second time, to a young lighthearted girl he met in a restaurant. He gets summoned to the big boss' office and invited to honeymoon on the man's yacht in the Mediterranean.Of course it all goes wrong and Bertram winds up in the casinos of Monte Carlo trying to use his mathematical powers to beat the ho [...]

    11. This is a novella by Graham Greene set in Monaco. Greene wrote some great novels which grappled with moral questions and some lighter novels which he called entertainments. This is one of the lighter ones, probably a preparation for the screenplay of the same name, and very entertaining.It is a romantic comedy. An accountant who, through unlikely circumstances, ends up in Monte Carlo with a new wife and little money, works out a 'system' for winning at the casino. Given a choice between love and [...]

    12. Apparently Loser Takes All (1955) was written at the same time Graham Greene was writing one of his masterpieces, The Quiet American. Greene considered it as one of his lesser works, an "entertainment" that was written for profit. That being said, it is a well written and conceived novella about a hapless couple that decides to get married in Monte Carlo despite financial problems. However, there are several compelling themes that he undertakes in the short novel. In summation, he arrives at the [...]

    13. Un libro bien pensado y bien llevado. Corto, sin pretensiones. No es la mejor novela de Greene pero tiene sus aciertos. Por momentos se sale del realismo a secas para volverse surreal. Tiene detalles sutiles. Me gustó. O es lo que necesitaba leer. Me gusta Greene aunque sé de sus limitaciones.Y es el segundo libro que acabo en el kindle. Tiene su encanto.

    14. A short GG novel about an accountant whose employer offers to finance his wedding in Monte Carlo. The accountant, of course has a system for the casino.A quick read. Entertaining, but not what I normally look for in GG.

    15. Probably a four star, but I really enjoyed it so it gets the length star bump; felt like 75 not 128 pages

    16. ★★★★☆ (4/5)One adapts oneself to money much more easily than to poverty: Rousseau might have written that man was born rich and is everywhere impoverishedA wonderfully short and fun read, Graham Greene’s “Loser Takes All” is a first person account by Bertram, an accountant of humble means. He works in a large industrial complex and upon the insistence of his extremely intimidating boss Mr. Dreuther, he is coerced into marrying his beloved Cary in Monte Carlo instead of the modest [...]

    17. Marketed as a novel, this novella shows Graham Greene's gift for light comedy. It involves the disastrous honeymoon of a couple suddenly finding themselves on a gambling spree.This was published in 1955, following more than decade's worth of heavy novels. Graham Greene is often as funny in bits and pieces, but, taking his cue from 18th-century humorists, he applies classical principles of comedy to LOSER TAKES ALL. He would follow it with another decade of quite heavy writing until the comedic d [...]

    18. Another top class short story from Graham Greene. A somewhat lighter affair compared to his other stories, dwelling on essentially money and related vices vs true love, and what of the former one would give up for the latter. Some truly laugh out loud moments - "barmy" or "balmy" being the pick of them

    19. When I decided to pick up Greene, I started with this because it is so short. Despite it being short, I thought the writing was wonderful (He makes it seem so effortless!) and the story itself was silly--a moral story that is summed up in the old cliche that money can't buy happiness--but it was still enjoyable!

    20. This was a page-turner without any cars screeching or guns firing - more of a psychological guessing game of "what's he going to do next?" This is a short novel but it's worth taking your time over it. I was relieved I liked the ending.

    21. a really short easy read that takes Mr Bertram from relative penury to extreme wealth and back again. It is the effect on his relationship with his new wife that is most impacted by this change. Clever storytelling

    22. "Loser takes all" belongs perhaps not to the masterpieces of Greene. But I like Greene's quietly humorous dialogues which often have a twist in them. Greene's novel is a romantic comedy where an English couple, Mr. Bertram and Cary, are about to get married and have a honeymoon in Monte Carlo. To me the plot of the story is weak, being based on a "secure" system to win in the roulette tables of the Monte Carlo Casino. However,the week plot is compensated by Greene's excellent control of the lang [...]

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