My Fair Temptress

My Fair Temptress

Christina Dodd / Mar 31, 2020

My Fair Temptress Miss Caroline Ritter accomplished flirt acknowledged beauty and ruined gentlewoman offers lessons to any rich noble lord too inept to attract a wife Discard your silly affectations and your garis

  • Title: My Fair Temptress
  • Author: Christina Dodd
  • ISBN: 9780061259487
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • Miss Caroline Ritter, accomplished flirt, acknowledged beauty, and ruined gentlewoman, offers lessons to any rich, noble lord too inept to attract a wife Discard your silly affectations and your garish clothing Learn the art of witty conversation, elegant dancing, equestrian feats and irresistible seduction at the opera With Miss Ritter s help, you can become the most sMiss Caroline Ritter, accomplished flirt, acknowledged beauty, and ruined gentlewoman, offers lessons to any rich, noble lord too inept to attract a wife Discard your silly affectations and your garish clothing Learn the art of witty conversation, elegant dancing, equestrian feats and irresistible seduction at the opera With Miss Ritter s help, you can become the most sought after aristocrat at the ball Send your request to the Distinguished Academy of Governesses.Please, absolutely no devastatingly attractive men with hidden agendas, such as secret missions or vengeful plots against evil villains specifically not Jude Durant, the earl of Huntington, the most handsome, the most covert, the most dangerous of all the aristocrats in Regency London.

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    1. Sometimes when you read historical fiction or any romance really one needs to suspend reality. To read My Fair Temptress as long as you let that go you will have a rather enjoyable story about Caroline and Jude falling in love.The reason why you have to suspend belief is that the premise does not make sense. A Duke is concerned about his son not having a wife so he hires a woman that will teach him to flirt? Ok then the son, Jude, is a spy out for revenge chooses to act like an idiot, why he has [...]

    2. Caroline, an accomplished flirt who is a ruined gentlewoman forced to seek employment. Her only skill is flirting and she finds a job at the Academy of Distinguished Academy of Governesses. Her first job, teaching Jude Durant, Earl of Huntington, the most handsome and dangerous aristocrat in Regency London. He acts silly dressing in bright french clothes and pretends not to know anything about women as a cover to get information about his brother's assassins. Sparks fly between the teacher and t [...]

    3. Part #7 of the Governess Brides series. Are they getting harder to like? The characters: Miss Caroline Ritter is a woman of the ton who was disgraced during her Season and has been a working outcast ever since. But she isn’t good at any work. Her only true skill lies in flirting, so she gets a position teaching an apparent idiot how to flirt. (I immensely enjoyed this part as a social commentary - if you raise a girl with the single goal of catching a husband, flirting may indeed be her only s [...]

    4. There's no question that Christina Dodd can write steamy sex. Most of the time, she even comes up with decent characters and plot to go with it, but not this time. I think I was put off right at the first, when introduced with a heroine whose only skill (in her own words) is flirting. I basically found her to be vapid and couldn't even bring myself to care that much that she had been ruined. Then, the idea that a duke had hired a governess to teach his son to flirt so he could find a wifeally? I [...]

    5. At first I didn't think I was going to like this book at all. It started out very slow and I didn't care for any of the characters. But the pace picked up and by the end of the book the characters weren't quite as annoying.

    6. Several reviewers have commented on the absurdity of a plot whose central premise is a Duke hiring a disgraced woman to teach his son (an Earl) how to flirt, with the aim of getting a wife, so I won't harp on that except to say that of course any woman in Victorian England would marry a wealthy, titled, hot man - no matter how silly his conversation and couture. It's just an excuse to get H&H together with the necessary power imbalance and excuse to spend time together. Accept it and move on [...]

    7. This story moves away from the Russians as the primary protagonist to a small country that France want to absorb, Moricadia. The story is one of revenge and the search for justice for the killing of a beloved brother. Jude, Earl of Huntington, has dedicated himself to bringing the people that kill and burned his brother to justice. He of course blames himself because he wasn't there to save Michael. There are some very funny moments in this story were Jude is trying to be a dandy and dilettante [...]

    8. The latest of her books I read, knowing it was already from the bad final phase. The advantage of having no plot - the flirting is even less than the blurb says, and the espionage is peripheral - is that there is less of a mess than e.g. in "Greatest Lover". With the exception of two pronoun confusions and a scene happening after they said it had already happened, this is more clearly structured than Greatest Lover, her messiest book ever.That might also be because it ends with a major cliff-han [...]

    9. Another Governess Brides book delivered by Christina Dodd. The woman is an expert at this sort of romance and her book prove it by being more well-written and plotted than the previous ones.This addition to the series, is about a flamboyant dandy who seems superficial and naive to say the least. After his brother's death he returns to his family home being an absolute braggart and show-off especially regarding fashion. His father decides it's time to take action by assigning to a governess to te [...]

    10. Christina Dodd My Fair TemptressI had just finished a paranormal romance and was looking for something more lite to read. I perused my Kindle and came upon one of my favorite authors, Christina Dodd, and found a book that I had not yet read, My Fair Temptress Book 7 in the governess bride series. WOW, what a great story, it is most definitely a must read. I devoured this book in one day; she pulls you into the characters so that you must see what’s going to happen next, I could not put it down [...]

    11. I blame Fictionwise. Every now and then they offer a 100% discount on something SoI take it then it sits on my PDA for oh years until I happen upon it. In this case the book I happened upon was just too bad to stop reading. I was tempted to delete it but then the heroine saw the hero for the first time and I was caught up in OTT descriptions of manly thews and a strong jaw. Finally! I had discovered an archetypical bad romance. I had to continue and I am glad to say it got less and less believab [...]

    12. Ok. Here is what you need to know. Innocent girl gets duped into compromising position. She is on her own for 4 yrs until desperate she seeks a position at some governess school. Her only talent is flirting. The guy decides to get revenge on his brother's killers and adopts an effeminate style of dress and behavior to ingratiate himself and look harmless to the bad guys. Worst spy cover EVER. Guy's dad hires the girl to teach his pathetic son how to flirt so the ducal line has a future. Now turn [...]

    13. In acest volum al seriei ,facem cunostinta cu Caroline Ritter care este plasata guvernanta in casa unui conte pentru a-l invta arta seductiei si a flirtului pe fiul acestuia Jude Durant. Poveste de dragoste este una cu un inceput ingenios , si inca o data Cristina Dodd, reuseste sa ma surprinda cu modul ei de a scrie. Mi-au placut mult personajele acestei povesti,situatiile create au fost amuzante si credibile,iar faptul ca Jude poza in pozitia unui firfizon francez a facut deliciul acestui volu [...]

    14. Miss Caroline Ritter, accomplished flirt, acknowledged beauty, and ruined gentlewoman, offers lessons to any rich, noble lord too inept to attract a wife. Discard silly affectations and garish clothing! Learn the arts of witty conversation, elegant dancing, equestrian feats and irresistible seduction at the opera! With Miss Ritter’s help, any awkward nobleman can become the most sought-after aristocrat at the ball!Send your request to the Distinguished Academy of Governesses.Please, absolutely [...]

    15. Caroline Ritter and Jude Durant, the Earl of Huntington. She has no skills but gets hired by Jude's dad to teach him to flirt because since his return from his "grand tour", where his funloving brother and the heir Micheal was killed by some Moricadians who are plotting to turn England against France, he becomes a fop/dandy so it is her job to fix him and find him a wife as he is the new heir. Of course, these two fall in love and she sees through his silly facade and attire which is all an act [...]

    16. Good moments and bad moments. I read this in a break from mystery short stories to let my brain rest, and rest it did. More about the 1840s Home Office under Throckmorton's leadership. Jude acts the fop for 2 reasons: to ingratiate himself with 2 spies who he's trying to infiltrate for information about a plot (and also revenge himself against) and to honor his murdered brother. His family hires Caroline (shunned by society) to act as a governess of sorts to tone down his foppishness and find hi [...]

    17. Such a funny and interesting story. The main characters were good, and the secondary were endearing. I liked this book very much and the ending was marvelous.I am also wondering what will happen when Genevieve and Jude's brother meet. Love? Hate? Friendship?And this book leaves the way free for the next, and me dying to follow in the series. It's incredible that after 9 books, the series are still this good.

    18. Another great book in the series. I love when a book transports you to a different time and place, and this book does that. Dodd gives the reader enough history (historical romance- duhh) to make the story make sense, but doesn't bore the reader to death. While it would be better to read the series in order, it is not necessary in order for the story line to work. Each book is separate, unto itself, but the overall theme, or final goal, is carried throughout the series.

    19. Miss Caroling Ritter's reputation has been sullied by an unprincipaled gentleman. Her father threw her out and she has few skills to support herself so she takes on the job to teach the Earl of Huntington to flirt as his father is willing to pay to have someone make his son more marriageable.She soon learns the problem isn't in the Earl's ability to flirt but his deliberate provocation of marriage candidates as he doesn't wish to marry. He is busy trying to find his brother's killers.

    20. Done with this book. Meskipun narasinya panjang dan alurnya lambat, tema mata-mata dan intrik membuat buku ini cukup seru dibaca. Sayang aksi serunya cuma ada di bagian akhir, juga ada beberapa yang kurang aku pahami soal hubungan antara Caroline dan Jude yang sempat break beberapa bulan. Jika bukan karena ditulis dengan baik, tema tentang governess ahli memikat ini pastinya sulit untuk diterima logika. Secara umum, novel ini cukup baik dan cukup recomended buat dibaca pecinta setia hisrom.

    21. Sulla scia delle rivisitazioni in salsa vittoriana, qui la Dodd imbastisce una sorta di “My fair Lady” al contrario, con la Governante-Pigmalione che deve educare e raddirizzare il rampollo restio a sistemarsi e dare un erede alla sua nobile famiglia. La storia è abbastanza insipida, con l’onnipresente Throckmorton e i suoi giochi di spie (stavolta almeno ci vengono risparmiati i russi, perché i nemici vengono dalla Moricandia), e anche le scene hot sono assolutamente dimenticabili.

    22. The middle is slow and a tad frustrating. Things pick up eventually with the culmination of the mystery/revenge subplot, but that's also when things get silly. Sillier, that is. The hero was kind of an enigma. The heroine was plucky. 2.5 stars.

    23. W.T.H? The writing is Ms. Dodd. The story line was odd. Strange situation with avenging a loved one killed. Teaching flirting? I highly doubt this was something condoned. Just odd all around. Sure Caroline and Jude and were cute characters but the whole situation was just odd to me.

    24. I really liked this book. Mystery, intrigue and adventure. A governess Miss Caroline Ritter tries to teach the young Earl of Huntington to flirt. While he pretends to act the fool, Miss Caroline Ritter gets more than she bargains for.

    25. forgive me for reading so many romances right now, i'm still on vacation in my head and its awfully fun to read about other people having fun. This one was a good romp.

    26. I thought I'd read all these but I guess not. Christina Dodd is a favorite in regency or post regency romance. This was enjoyable but maybe not her best.

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