Much Ado in the Moonlight

Much Ado in the Moonlight

Lynn Kurland / Feb 29, 2020

Much Ado in the Moonlight Lynn Kurland pens a wonderfully romantic tale about an eight hundred year old ghost and the modern woman who turns his plans for a peaceful afterlife upside down When Victoria McKinnon s brother offer

  • Title: Much Ado in the Moonlight
  • Author: Lynn Kurland
  • ISBN: 9780515141276
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lynn Kurland pens a wonderfully romantic tale about an eight hundred year old ghost and the modern woman who turns his plans for a peaceful afterlife upside down When Victoria McKinnon s brother offers to finance her production of Hamlet, she leaps at the chance She can t imagine anything better than staging Shakespeare s masterpiece in an honest to goodness English castlLynn Kurland pens a wonderfully romantic tale about an eight hundred year old ghost and the modern woman who turns his plans for a peaceful afterlife upside down When Victoria McKinnon s brother offers to finance her production of Hamlet, she leaps at the chance She can t imagine anything better than staging Shakespeare s masterpiece in an honest to goodness English castle There s just one problem the place is haunted by a grumpy, gorgeous Highland warrior who s furious that anyone dares to invade his home.Connor MacDougal has no intention of relinquishing his authority over Thorpewold castle to anyone, let alone a McKinnon But when he catches a glimpse of the beautiful intruder, suddenly he can t help but wonder why it s taken eight hundred years into his afterlife to find the love of a lifetime

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        Lynn began her writing career at the tender age of five with a series of illustrated novellas entitled Clinton s Troubles in which the compelling hero found himself in all sorts of well, trouble She was living in Hawaii at the time and the scope for her imagination poisoned fish, tropical cliffs, large spiders was great and poor Clinton bore the brunt of it After returning to the mainland, her writing gave way to training in classical music and Clinton, who had been felled with arrows, eaten by fish and sent tumbling off cars, was put aside for operatic heroes in tights.Somehow during high school, in between bouts of Verdi and Rossini, she managed to find time to submerge herself in equal parts Tolkien, Barbara Cartland and Mad Magazine During college, a chance encounter with a large library stack of romances left her hooked, gave her the courage to put pen to paper herself, and finally satisfied that need for a little bit of fantasy with a whole lot of romance


    1. Now, as sweet as My Heart Stood Still is, we know the next one won't be the same just based on who the characters are. We first met the hero and heroine in Thomas's book and their spiky natures promise there won't be a book of complete devotion from these two.Victoria McKinnon is a hard edged theater producer. She is suffering from some serious middle child syndrome. The second in the McKinnon family, she has been invited to her older brother and her younger sister's weddings, but darned if she [...]

    2. Not one of her better books in the series. It takes waaayy too long to get interesting. There are still issues for me with the ghosts, how they can do so many things and become so solid that people think they are normal. The last fourth of the book was better.

    3. I was tricked into trying this by the premise of a haunted production of Hamlet. I didn't have tremendously high expectations: frothy romance with a little Shakespeare thrown in, I figured. I'm a sucker for books set around Shakespeare productions. A nice change. But This book read like a Three Stooges film. There were moronic ghosts. There was idiotic behavior, there were prat falls, there was screaming and running and fainting. There were random acts of violence played for laughs. There was a [...]

    4. I should note before my review that I read this on the way to a funeral, which may have tainted my views somewhat.This book rambles a lot and is very episodic. I suspect some of its rambling nature is so that Kurland can add in bits that reference other novels in this series, but for someone who's entering in the middle (I know Jamie, but not the rest of the characters), some of the bits seem more like blind alleys.I liked the feistiness of our lead female, Victoria, and I liked that, though she [...]

    5. Chick Lit and Romance novels are deeply, darkly, secretly so much fun to read. Except when they're painfully, and embarrassingly cheesy - which they very often - are. Kurland however has the rare ability to take what could be cringe-worthy subject matter and manage to make it somehow loveable, laughable, and fun to read.Her novels are decidedly romantic but they are also upbeat, comedic, and full of fun facts about the historical and geographical periods they're set in. You won't be impressing a [...]

    6. 4.5 stars. Lynn Kurland is one of my favorite authors- her books are "comfort" reads for me. Connor was a wonderful hero (even as a ghost) and Victoria was a smart, strong heroine. Various MacLeods and MacKinnons from previous books appear (ghosts and mortals) and it was nice to "catch up" with the rest of the family. A very enjoyable, sweet romance.

    7. I liked some parts, yawned at others, and it felt like it went on and on I loved Connor, Victoria was ok I feel like I missed a lot by not reading Thomas's story but I couldn't find it Oh well.

    8. I got this book at a secondhand store, not realizing it was the 5th in a series-I'm new to romances, and the blurb sounded interesting. Though I might have understood a few minor parts better with the other 4 books under my belt, I still found this book pretty good as a stand-alone.Sure, it had a few almost cheesy bits, but it's a fun romance that isn't smutty. The characters were good, and the storyline was interesting enough to keep me turning pages. That's all I can really ask for.It's good e [...]

    9. Endlich wieder mal ein Buch beendet :)3 gebrauchte Lynn Kurland Bücher hatte ich auf meinem SUB, da ich ihre De Piaget/McLeod Reihe ausprobieren wollte, vor allem wegen dem Zeitreise-Aspekt.- Buch 1 "Das Erbe in den Highlands" war katastrophal- Buch 2 "Der Schatten des Highlanders" konnte mich positiv überraschen. Leider war der Zeitreise-Liebesroman im Endeffekt auch "nur" nett (3*), weil die letzten langweiligen 80 Seiten einfach unnötig für mich waren und die gute Resthandlung herabsetzte [...]

    10. Well as always I love one of her books. I always enjoy reading them and going to England or Scotland. This is the story of Victoria McKinnon and Connor. This one had a ton of characters from other novels if this is the first book of Kurlands you have read put it down and go to her web sight and start with the Macleods and then go on to the De Piaget's. But this book was not one of my favorites. It was clean and sweet and had all the good stuff in a Kurland book but the story was already done and [...]

    11. It's nice to visit old friends sometimes. It has been awhile since I ventured into the magical worlds of Kurland and I found I still thoroughly enjoy it! She is still way too wordy, somewhat silly but always wonderful fun.The story line in "Much Ado" is very much the same as is has been throughout the entire Piaget/MacCloud series with the hero (in this instance Conner MacDougal) and heroine (Victoria MacKinnon) jumping through time on their quest for true love. In previous books, Conner was por [...]

    12. Funny at some places, believable characters. No thrills, no sex (another best point of the book - I mean who wants a character like Miss Steele bathing in the drool of her own making?).It was the character development that I loved the most. This is the first book from Kurland's time travel series I've read, and it did not confuse me even though I read it out of order. This book just makes me curious; curious enough to read the entire series. I did figure out the climax after 100 pages, but the ' [...]

    13. Ghosts and time travel I learned to come to grips with because I liked the characters. But falling in love with a ghost and then going back in time to save his/her life only to have them not remember you - for at least 3 chapters - was a bit much. I admit I did some skipping. And I'll openly admit I'm not a fan of Shakespeare and it seems like it is in every YA (and yes, I know this is not YA) book lately that I'm a bit done. Not my favorite from this author, but I have enjoyed the De Piaget and [...]

    14. Victoria Mckinnon's brother offers the use of his castle in England as the backdrop for her theatre troups production of Hamlet. However, like in the play, there are also ghosts at this castle as well. One's that don't want anyone with the last name of Mckinnon any where near their castle.Ahhhh. Time travel, ghostly romance, Shakespeare - it doesn't get much better than this. My family couldn't pull my nose out of it all weekend. They kept saying, "It must be a really good book." It was! Clean t [...]

    15. Once again I went reading a book at the far end of a series. Liked it, but not as much as if I'd started at the beginning of the series. Will I ever learn? Gah! :) About a trio of match making ghosts who periodically match their descendants with their soul mates. Loved the characters, but the match making between a person with a ghost was a bit much. May need to read prior books to appreciate the story. I have the first book of the series waiting for me.

    16. 3.5 stars. This is much more complex than your typical romance novel; it's not just two irritating people meeting each other, getting over their differences and falling in love. Somehow the author threw in (friendly) ghosts, time travel and Shakespeare too, and in general they all worked (assuming you can suspend disbelief). There was a bit too much recounting of how people felt, but otherwise, it was a fun romp.

    17. This was an absolutly entertaining and refreshing read! I just wanted something light to read for inbetween but I was surprised with a funny paranormal romance novel with great characters.I totally enjoyed the funny ghosts, the great Scottish highlanders and yeah the cute love story which didn't go on as fast as usual in such books. :)I'll definitly will read more of Lynn Kurlands books!!

    18. Victoria McKinnon's brother offers to the use of his castle for her production of Hamlet. She doesn't want to let that chance go by her since he will pay for it to. But she does wonder WHY?Conner MacDougal has no intention of relinquishing his authority over Thorpewold castle to anyone, let alone a McKinnon. Victoria cannot believe when she starts seeing ghosts not just one but many.This story is good, but slow in spots.

    19. Entertaining, if overly long and overly convulated. I liked the characters well enough, but the book was just very silly without being very funny. I think, had the book been condensed to about 200 pages or so, focusing on one plot line and the romance rather than the meaningless faux drama going on, it would've been much better.

    20. Mehis wasn't the best LK book I've ever read. I was looking toward to a lot of witty banter with these two main characters and was just disappointed. Plus, I'm just not a fan of the whole "fall in love with a ghost" story. And it kinda seemed that there was just too much packed into this book. A few too many extra plots that kept coming up. It's not one I would read again.

    21. I first read this book in May 2006 while visiting England. It has a fun visit to Shakespeare's time and ghosts and theater and love in the air. Victoria and Connor are a good match. The boar's head trio bring fun to the story.I re-read it this past December 2015 and finished in January on a rainy day when such stories enhance the day.

    22. Love, love, love the combination of Lynn Kurland knights/ghosts and Shakespeare. Connor can haunt my castle any time he wants. The Boars Head trio is a classic example of Kurland's unforgettable, lovable characters. Three matchmaking, medieval knights who just happen to be ghosts. Too freaking cute.

    23. A great time travel romance. Kurland creates characters who are fun and likeable. Connor MacDougal, although grouchy and misanthropic, gradually thaws to the idea that perhaps there might be good in his ancient enemy the McKinnons. His journey from 800-year-old ghost to modern lover is both touching and hilarious by turns.

    24. I really love Lynn Kurland's books!! I love how the characters all make appearances in books that aren't mainly about them. Victoria is a director and her brother sends her to perform a Shakespeare play with her troop at his castle in the UK. There she encounters a ghost--a very handsome one named Connor. I loved his reaction to her when he first saw her.

    25. My favorite character in this book was the Grandmother, so bold and witty she was! Another good read from Lynn Kurland, this book I couldn't put down! Not just a chick flick, this romance of time I would even suggest to some boys I know. The writing was extremely well written, and I would read it again.

    26. A book I picked up for a dime to read in between my library books. For a romance it was pretty well done. Don't know how I believed a woman can fall in love with a ghost but I did. A 17th century Highland warrior haunts and old English castle where Julia wants to stage her Shakespeare play. Grumpy meets strong willed woman and their world's are turned upside down. I liked it for an easy read.

    27. I love stories about gorgeous medevial Highlanders. Victoria is a strong headed woman who doesn't take crap from anyone. Especially an eight hundred year old ghost haunting the castle her production of Hamlet will be in. Connor MacDougal is mesmerized by her and as Victoria calls him a Marshmellow. He is tough and can hold his own but when it comes to Victoria he is soft. It was fun to read.

    28. This one was Ok. It is my second Lynn Kurland book and it just seams to pale in comparison to Stardust of Yesterday. I had a hard time with the main characters in the beginning of the book because they were so self-involved, whiny, and annoying. The second half got better as the storyline picked up. It was a sweet story and clearly these two characters are well suited, but not a favorite read.

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