As Always, Jack: A Wartime Love Story

As Always, Jack: A Wartime Love Story

Emma Sweeney / Jan 29, 2020

As Always Jack A Wartime Love Story Near the end of WWII a Navy pilot meets and falls in love with a beautiful California girl They have a brief two weeks together before he is shipped off to the South Pacific This is an engaging colle

  • Title: As Always, Jack: A Wartime Love Story
  • Author: Emma Sweeney
  • ISBN: 9780316738712
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • Near the end of WWII, a Navy pilot meets and falls in love with a beautiful California girl They have a brief two weeks together before he is shipped off to the South Pacific This is an engaging collection of his letters, compiled by the daughter he never got to meet Full of poignant detail a chronicle of the passions and fears of wartime the book is the ultimate love sNear the end of WWII, a Navy pilot meets and falls in love with a beautiful California girl They have a brief two weeks together before he is shipped off to the South Pacific This is an engaging collection of his letters, compiled by the daughter he never got to meet Full of poignant detail a chronicle of the passions and fears of wartime the book is the ultimate love story of America s greatest generation.

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    1. This is a beautiful and sweet biography about the author's father whom she never got to meet. Her mother and father met at the end of World War II and got married when he returned home. The author's mother was pregnant with her when her father's plane was lost at sea. She found a bunch of love letters written to her mother from her father and this is how she finally got to know her father.

    2. Four months after her father was lost in the waters south of Bermuda on what was supposed to have been a routine Navy flight, Emma Sweeney was born. By the time she was old enough to start wondering about the father she'd never known, Emma's mother had remarried. And with a reticence to revisit the past, perhaps characteristic of her mother's generation, information about her father was slow to come over the years, when at all. But following her mother's passing, Emma discovered her final gift - [...]

    3. Book summary: Emma Sweeney finally meets her father, 40 years later, through letters her father wrote as a World War II aviator tragically killed in action before he ever met his only daughter. Great quote: "I thought possibly when I first left you, way back in January, that the reason I thought of nothing but you was that it was the most recent happening in my life; but the longer I'm away, the better perspective I seem to get and the more I realize that you're the most wonderful girl I've know [...]

    4. A beautiful memoir and letters. Emma Sweeney meets the father she never knew via his love letters to her mother written in 1946. A navy pilot, Jack Sweeney left for an undetermined length of time for duty in the Pacific two weeks after he met the woman he would marry. Ten years later, while stationed in the Caribbean, Jack's plane goes into the Atlantic while on a mission, there were no suvivors. Emma is born several months later. Emma grew up knowing next to nothing about her father; her mother [...]

    5. A series of letters written by a navy pilot stationed overseas and sent to his sweetheart in California make up the bulk of this book. The letters are entertaining, sweet, and humorous. They make it easy to see why the girl fell in love with this guy during their correspondence. I love that it's a true story!

    6. I was expecting a wartime love story with letters mixed in. What I got was a brief back story with letter after letter. Without seeing the letters she sent Jack, there was no way to understand what on earth his letters were talking about. It was all quite confusing. I put it down about 1/4 through and won't be picking it up again.

    7. This is the kind of book that you save to read on a snowy night when you are the only one at home, can light a fire in the fireplace, put on your fuzzy slippers and settle into a comfortable chair with hot chocolate, which is the main reason you read books, anyway.

    8. I read this in about an hour. I'm sure the author wished more than I do for the corresponding letters her mother wrote. Overall a sweet book. I wish there were more.

    9. Emma Sweeney has spent her life wondering what her real father must have been like. From time to time, she could gather moments in time from her mother of what their courtship and marriage must have been like because he died before she was born. Her mother didn't like to talk about Jack much but when she did, Emma could tell she had fond memories of him. Yet somehow it still seemed like something was missing, a part of him she couldn't know until when her mother died from complications of heart [...]

    10. As Always, Jack by Emma Sweeney is an epistolary memoir in that letters from Sweeney’s father to her mother are shared with several sections of explanation from Sweeney, herself. After just 11 days together, Jack and her mother corresponded for a year and a half through letters as he went off to help stabilize the Pacific following WWII. He wrote 45 letters to her mother over seven months in a oddball courtship that showcase her father’s wit and humor as well as his constant devotion.In many [...]

    11. I don't normally read memoirs, or true stories, or collections, but this tore at my heart strings from the first letter. I had goosebumps as I read each page, cried, laughed. I could clearly see Jack, in a strange land, writing letters to the girl he'd just spent a short few days with, and realizes, within a few weeks of being apart, that he loves her. The torture of awaiting her letters, the lack of communication of war time (pre cell phones, text messages, Skype, email,) really brings home how [...]

    12. I read this in a couple hours tonight. Phenomenal book told by letters from the author's late father. A navy pilot who eventually was lost in the Bermuda Triangle, the letters he wrote the woman who would later become his bride are a glimpse into the world of WWII America They knew each other a mere two weeks but through letters learned about each and fell in loveA ten year marriage and five children were the result, the author often wondered if her father knew she even existed since her mother [...]

    13. There is great depth in this collection of letters from a young US Navy pilot to the girl he had known for only ten days before leaving for duty in the Pacific after WW2. They reawaken an awareness of what one might call old fashioned values and abiding love. Given that there was no committal at the outset a wonderful story evolves in this correspondence. The outcome, and the future of the couple is related by Jack's daughter, completing a rather surprising story that lingers in one's mind. The [...]

    14. Emma Sweeney never knew her father, Jack, who shared a whirlwind romance with her mother via letters while stationed in the Pacific just after WWII. Jack died during a Navy flight before Emma was born. So as an adult Emma sought to learn more about the father she had never met. Here she shares his love letters to her mother, written after they had briefly met and were then separated for many months before marrying.Not a book to take the world by storm, but the letters are terribly sweet! And the [...]

    15. A really really good non-fiction love story. Emma Sweeney's father is a really good letter writer. It has a tragic end but reading letters made me feel happy and loved. If this guy was alive at this time, at whatever age, I'll probably fall in love with him. His witty, funny, faithful, sure and sweet. Its hard to look for that kind of man nowadays. If you want an easy and happy read then pick this book up. :)

    16. This was an amazing read, both for the romantic aspect of the letters this man wrote to his girlfriend who became his wife and for the aspect of a daughter learning about her father through the letters he sent her mother before she was born. His letters are wonderfully witty and romantic and it definitely speaks to a time when there was romance and love and connections between people that were shared in letters. I just so absolutely enjoyed this.

    17. Loved this book. I've rediscovered how much I love epistolary stories and reading handwritten correspondence. It makes me long for the days when we still communicated via handwritten letter. A beautiful love story told through a young man's letters. I won't give the ending away, but the last letter is especially poignant.

    18. I read this book in less than 3 hours so it is definitely a fast read. In the book, the author, Emma Sweeney, shares the letters that her father wrote to her mother in the months following the end of WWII. The Sweeny's mother was pregnant with her when her father died in flight so the letters helped her understand who her father was and shed light on the early days of her parents courtship.

    19. This is a short read. The story is read -- a collection of letters from a serviceman at the end of WWII to his girlfriend who later becomes his wife. Edited by the daughter he never knew. He was killed in the 1950s in a plane accident while she was in utero. It was very moving, real and funny too.

    20. What a privilege for a reader to be given a chance to read these love letters! They are hokey and sweet and exactly what would be written from someone smitten. It brought back memories of my receiving letters from my future husband (just before email and way before texting) when he went away two weeks after we started dating the summer of 89. Sometimes you just know.

    21. This is a collection of letters a woman's father, a navy pilot in 1946 wrote to her mother before they were married. He died near Bermuda when his plane exploded. At the time he died, her mother was pregnant with her fifth child, this daughter.If you like wartime romance, this is a short but touching read.

    22. This was a sweet,quick read of a compilation of letters written at the end of WW II from a serviceman to a girl he met 10 days before being deployed. They are full of his growing love and admiration for her and his hopes for their future together!

    23. Oh my goodness, this book is a gem! Emma Sweeney compiled the letters her father (who died before she was born) wrote to her mother during 1945-46 into a book and it is a beautiful, sweet, fun, light, happy read. I could not put it down. I fell in love with Jack, and yes, I cried at the end.

    24. As Always, Jack: A World War II Love Story: Emma Sweeney:a collection of love letters written at the end the of World War II by a lieutenant to the girl he just met. enjoyable in a voyeuristic way and certainly a time capsule of that era. I wanted much more info about the couple. 198 pages

    25. One of my favorite books and you can easily read it in a day. A beautiful recount of love and even more touching to know it's nonfictional. I only wish there were a stack of letters to find from the mother so we could hear the other side. Just lovely and heartwarming.

    26. I checked this book out by accident on my library's ebook program, and I thought about returning it without reading it. I'm glad I took the time to read it. It's short, and easy to read, and you can feel the emotions Jack puts into his letters. It's a wonderful look at wartime love.

    27. Delightful sweet book. Author finds letters of her deceased navy pilot father to her mother after her mother's death. She is finally able to understand who her father was. Simple but moving book. Good for a quiet afternoon.

    28. A really quick but fascinating read. I love old letters and these give insight into the life of a pilot in WWII. What a delight it must have been for Emma Sweeney to discover these gems after her mother passed away.

    29. Quick, good read. It's a true "story" composed mainly of the letters of Jack Sweeney to his soon-to-be bride after World War II. Funny, sweet, and very touching.

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