Secret Star

Secret Star

Nora Roberts / Feb 27, 2020

Secret Star MURDERED MILLIONAIRESSHe was standing face to face with a dead woman and she was holding a gun Lieutenant Seth Buchanan s homicide investigation and his heart were thrown into turmoil when Grace Fonta

  • Title: Secret Star
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373078356
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • MURDERED MILLIONAIRESSHe was standing face to face with a dead woman and she was holding a gun Lieutenant Seth Buchanan s homicide investigation and his heart were thrown into turmoil when Grace Fontaine turned up very much alive and in possession of one of the huge blue diamonds known as the Stars of Mithra.The cool, controlled cop never let his feelingsMURDERED MILLIONAIRESSHe was standing face to face with a dead woman and she was holding a gun Lieutenant Seth Buchanan s homicide investigation and his heart were thrown into turmoil when Grace Fontaine turned up very much alive and in possession of one of the huge blue diamonds known as the Stars of Mithra.The cool, controlled cop never let his feelings get in the way of his job, and everything he knew about the notorious heiress told him she was poison But in her irresistible presence, it was hard to remember there was any mystery important to solve than that of Grace herself.

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    1. Oh. My. Gosh. Is this a bitter disappointment?!? Way to wrap up the series in crushing stupidity, Nora. Yes, by all means, let's take the sweetest, most generous, kindest woman ever portrayed even semi-realistically in story (and Grace is so excellently-well portrayed we might have had dinner last week to catch up on old times) and match her up with the most simplistic, emotionally-constipated, cold-hearted cluntch to find himself trapped by ink and paper. Grace was awesome. Seth was an idiot. T [...]

    2. Grace is the third friend to whom Bailey sent the diamond and she has been AWOL, Lieutenant Seth finds her home burglarized and a body he thinks is Grace but learns differently.Grace is a cool customer used to hiding her real self beneath her looks and sophistication, she had to learn to with her vulture relatives and everyone wanting a piece of her, she behaved recklessly just to get back at her family and only MJ and Bailey know her real generous self.Seth only knows what she allows people to [...]

    3. At first I was a bit skeptical regarding this series, but after reading the first book, I was so curious about what will happen, that I needed to read the next 2 books. I was pleasantly surprised about the fact that I wasn't interested in the romantic side, but in the mystery and the suspense regarding the stars. The only thing I didn't like about this series, was that the characters fell in love with each other way too fast.

    4. Este livro coloca um fim na trilogia "As Estrelas de Mithra" e desvenda o ministério das jóias há muito tempo desaparecidas. São livros leves para serem lidos quando não apetece pensar em nada e apenas pretendemos passar um tempo divertido com a leitura.

    5. This year I have been really enjoying re-reading older Nora Roberts books via audio. Her books have a nostalgia factor for me because she is the author I turned to when I was first discovering the romance genre. Secret Star is the third and final book in the Stars of Mithra series, and while it is very enjoyable, I don't love it like I do many of Roberts' other books.Secret Star is about Grace, best friend to Bailey and M.J Due to events in the first book, Grace has one of the stars of Mithra, a [...]

    6. Grace Fontaine is dead, tumbled face-first on her coffee table, and Seth Buchanan is determined to find out who did it and why. He suspects the why has a lot to do with the three blue diamonds, the Stars of Mithra, someone is determined to acquire at all cost, it's the "someone" that's elusiveThe Grace Fontaine suddenly appears in her house, alive and well, pointing a gun at him, and Seth knows, he just knows, he's in troubleI'm sorry to say, this was the weakest of the bunch. Not bad, far from [...]

    7. Secret Star is the final novel in the Stars of Mithra trilogy and revolves around Grace, friend of Bailey and M.J from the first two novels. The three girls have known each other since college and are incredibly close. When Bailey knew the three diamonds were in danger, she separated them to keep them safe and Fed-Ex’d one to M.J and the other to Grace. M.J kept hers with her while she was on the run with Jack Dakota and they looked for Grace at her country house. Until this novel the reader h [...]

    8. Secret Star3.5 StarsLieutenant Seth Buchanan comes from a long line of cops and always plays it by the book. That is until he meets Grace Fontaine, a woman who is supposed to be dead. In Grace’s presence, Seth forgets all about remaining cold and aloof and before he knows it Grace is under his skin and tying him up in knots. When the murky figure searching for the final Star of Mithra reveals his twisted agenda, Seth and Grace will have to face their differences or die trying…The final insta [...]

    9. The third book in the Stars of Mithra series. The book begins in Grace Fontaine's home and Seth Buchanan is the homicide investigation cop who will begin the investigation of her murder. The next thing he knows a woman has a gun pointed at him, the woman who is suppose to be dead. Turns out the dead woman is actually Grace's cousin who has always treated her with disdain while at the same time tries to be her and had snuck into her home and was staying there while Grace was out. The Stars of Mit [...]

    10. Tied with the first story for my least favorite of the trilogy. Grace isn't TSTL at least, but she's almost worse. She's cool, calm, collected and not afraid to use her body and her looks to get what she wants - but she has a vulnerable side of course. This is my least favorite character type that Nora Roberts writes. I like a strong, confident heroine, but I don't like it when they're manipulative, calculating and willing to use sex as a means to accomplish something. And Grace comes a little t [...]

    11. Lieutenant Seth Buchanan is investigating a murder scene when the supposed victim walks through the front door. Grace Fontaine is even more beautiful in person than she is in the portrait over her mantel, and Seth knows that she means trouble. But he's a cautious man, long accustomed to guarding his heart, and he's determined to continue the practice. Grace, however, has other ideas; Seth is the man she's been waiting for through all the long, lonely years she has spent as an unbelievably rich, [...]

    12. Grace is the last of the 3 friends to have one of the blue diamonds of Mithra in her possession. This book starts with Seth, a police lieutenant, at her lovely house investigating her death. He is somewhat surprised to meet her as he leaves. In this book the 3 friends Grace, M. J. and Bailey work together more it's their new partners and Seth to resolve the problem of the man who is trying to get hold of the diamonds and finds killing people easy.

    13. Uma estória de amor bastante preenchida de pormenores, para um livro da Harlequin.Gostei bastante da mistura entre paixão, crime e o mistério que envolve os três diamantes azuis.Quando leio um livro da Harlequin, normalmente, sinto que foi uma leitura incompleta, como se faltassem "bocados" ao enredo, como se num determinado momento a estória avançasse demasiado, desse "um salto", o que não foi este o caso.Basta dizer que devorei-o numa tarde.

    14. I love when Nora mixes a little magic and myth in her books. I modern day you can almost believe in the things she writes about. Three blue diamonds that bring those from the past into the dreams of those in the hear and now. They must protect triangle and destroy the evil. Just another good book to escape reality.

    15. The final of the trilogy and probably my least favorite of the 3 books. Grace and Seth as individuals and as a couple just didn't feel as solid/believable as the other 2 couples from the previous books. The villain was a bit too easily defeated at the end too.

    16. Very good.Very good.An excellent read. As always I enjoyed the book very much. I plan on reading the rest of the series.

    17. I had problems appreciating this story. Grace (friend of Bailey and M.J.) is a beautiful, wealthy young woman raised by an unloving Aunt and Uncle, tormented by a cousin. She has style and grace. Is socially connected but has a caring side that is hidden in her work with a children's hospital. The problem is police Lieutenant Seth Buchanan who, one of the other reviewers described as being emotionally constipated, presents a very unlovable persona. Grace falls in love with Seth much too quickly. [...]

    18. Grace Fontaine, a wealthy outrageous woman (and friend of Bailey and MJ in books 1 & 2) comes home from a long weekend away to discover in home in shambles and Seth Buchanan, a detective, in it, investigating Grace's supposed murder. The murdered turns out to be her cousin and the three women are reunited. The 3 men, especially Seth, turn to finding out who wants the 3 diamond stars of Mithra. He's very self contained, but falls hard and fast for Grace and doesn't like it. She doesn't either [...]

    19. My absolute favorite part of this trilogy was the relationship between the women. I shed tears when they reunited at the beginning of book 3. I know these are romance novels and therefore the focus is on the women and their men, but I thoroughly enjoyed when the women were together, no matter how brief.This third book is my favorite of the trilogy. I felt that, wealth and radiant beauty aside, Grace was the most relatable. She was (emotionally) the strongest of the bunch. She had a backbone and [...]

    20. Thank you to Ms. Roberts for a wonderfully written series with three very different women. This book is a great conclusion to the Stars of Mithra series.Grace is believed to be dead, but she isn't. Police Lieutenant Seth Buchanan now has to try and keep her alive as the person who killed her cousin by mistake is still trying to get her.The characters in this novel could be real, and that makes this novel even more enjoyable. Ms. Roberts has a talent for describing feelings in a way most can't. Y [...]

    21. Seth Buchanan is a Police Lieutenant in DC and is getting very tired of all the bodies piling up over the fourth of July weekend - so far the body count is 6 and there are no obvious connections, or at least, that's what he is telling himself as he stands over the body of Grace Fontaine. When he comes back to the house to investigate further, he is accosted by a woman with a gun, demanding to know why he is in her house - and she looks like the dead woman. Or is it that the dead woman looks like [...]

    22. I didn't start this series at the start, therefore I really don't have the full story to understand. I haven't enjoyed Book 3 very much at all, but if I had the other books, would probably have been a lot better. My own bad!!!!

    23. The series concludes with Grace, presumed dead, and the officer assigned to solve her case. It is a complex story and puts a new layer on the basic story. Ending with all three couples living happily ever after.

    24. StarsAlwats love diving into a Nora Roberts book, but always sad when I'm done and have to wait for the next. Ending a trilogy is alwats the hardest. Grace and Seth's story did not disappoint. I did feel that Gregor's ending should have been more dramatic.

    25. A disappointing read. Seems trite and rehashed. Forced myself to finish reading since I don't like to leave a book half read.

    26. GoodIt is a very good book and a very good series. I enjoyed reading the books very much. Great characters.

    27. Great seriesEnded in a perfect way. Full of suspense and surprises. Lovely lovely love story. Great characters. Fun to read. Exactly as I expected.

    28. It's good but not as riveting as the first two books in the series. Grace is so feisty and deserved a better story. Seth was a good choice for a lover because they are totally opposite.

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