Ramses: The Eternal Temple

Ramses: The Eternal Temple

Christian Jacq Mary Feeney / Feb 28, 2020

Ramses The Eternal Temple The splendor and danger of ancient Egypt continues in the second volume of this magnificent saga For Ramses the Son of Light the coronation has arrived Now he will learn whether the friends of his y

  • Title: Ramses: The Eternal Temple
  • Author: Christian Jacq Mary Feeney
  • ISBN: 9780446673570
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • The splendor and danger of ancient Egypt continues in the second volume of this magnificent saga For Ramses, the Son of Light, the coronation has arrived Now he will learn whether the friends of his youth people such as Moses and the aging Greek poet, Homer can truly be trusted Shaanar, the young king s scheming older brother, still has designs on the crown, and in thThe splendor and danger of ancient Egypt continues in the second volume of this magnificent saga For Ramses, the Son of Light, the coronation has arrived Now he will learn whether the friends of his youth people such as Moses and the aging Greek poet, Homer can truly be trusted Shaanar, the young king s scheming older brother, still has designs on the crown, and in the shadows, the machinations of a mysterious sorcerer threaten the throne.

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        Christian Jacq is a French author and Egyptologist He has written several novels about ancient Egypt, notably a five book suite about pharaoh Ramses II, a character whom Jacq admires greatly.Jacq s interest in Egyptology began when he was thirteen, and read History of Ancient Egyptian Civilization by Jacques Pirenne This inspired him to write his first novel He first visited Egypt when he was seventeen, went on to study Egyptology and archaeology at the Sorbonne, and is now one of the world s leading Egyptologists.By the time he was eighteen, he had written eight books His first commercially successful book was Champollion the Egyptian, published in 1987 As of 2004 he has written over fifty books, including several non fiction books on the subject of Egyptology.He and his wife later founded the Ramses Institute, which is dedicated to creating a photographic description of Egypt for the preservation of endangered archaeological sites.Between 1995 1997, he published his best selling five book suite Rams s, which is today published in over twenty five countries Each volume encompasses one aspect of Ramesses known historical life, woven into a fictional tapestry of the ancient world for an epic tale of love, life and deceit.Jacq s series describes a vision of the life of the pharaoh he has two vile power hungry siblings, Shanaar, his decadent older brother, and Dolora, his corrupted older sister who married his teacher In his marital life, he first has Isetnofret Iset as a mistress second Great Wife , meets his true love Nefertari first Great Wife and after their death, gets married to Maetnefrure in his old age Jacq gives Ramesses only three biological children Kha emweset, Meritamen she being the only child of Nefertari, the two others being from Iset and Merneptah The other children are only young officials trained for government and who are nicknamed sons of the pharaoh.


    1. প্রাচীন মিশর নিয়ে রামেসিস সিরিজের দ্বিতীয় বই দ্য ইটারনাল টেম্পল। প্রথম বইয়ের চেয়ে দ্বিতীয় বইয়ের ভালো দিকগুলোর মধ্যে একটা হচ্ছে ক্যারেক্টারগুলোর ডেভেলপমেন্ট। রামেসিস এ বইয়ে আরও শক্তিশাল [...]

    2. In the course of reviewing this book I've come to understand why Book 1 received such a more wide ranging set of reviews than this, Book 2 in the series - those who were underwhelmed by the first book understandably did not continue reading the series. I bought a stack of Christian Jacq novels from a bookstore a couple of years ago whilst on the prowl for historical fiction to do with ancient Egypt. Christian Jacq seemed to be prominently displayed, and the words "international bestseller" were [...]

    3. When I was in highschool, my grandmother bought me this book because I told her once that I loved Ancient Egyptian History (Tombs, Pyramids, Pharaohs and the like). Well, I did! But after I have read this. I AM THOROUGHLY DISAPPOINTED.I read the first few chapters and it doesn't get any better per chapters! It's just simply BORING. The story revolves around the bold and confident leader, Ramses. We are told that he is in no doubt secure with his leonine, canine, and pirate bodyguards, and most i [...]

    4. বছটার শুরু ভাল একটা সিরিজ দিয়ে ই করেছি। এখোন শুধু মাথায় ঘুরছে কবে সিরিজটা শেষ করব।প্রথম আনুবাদ হিসেবে ভালো ই কাজ দেখিয়েছেন অনুবাদক।হ্যাপি রিডিং :)

    5. Hz.Musa hakkında anlatılanlar her ne kadar gerçeğin dışında da olsa yinede güzel bir hikaye.Mısırın işleyişini seviyorum. Yani saçma Tanrılar yaratmak ve sunular sunmak ama gizemli bir güç vardır elbetteki Allahın yarattığı Bürokratik işlemler tanınan özgürlükler ve eşitlik hakları çok güzel Insan sadece bir hikaye okumuyor bo yaşam kültürüne de bakış atmış oluyor.

    6. Very easy read, book #2 of a five book series, better than book #1. Covers the first 3 years of Ramses II reign as he consolidates his place as Pharaoh. I enjoyed the historical details most about the book. There is little depth in the characters, lots of court intrigue and an interesting take on Moses.

    7. রামেসিসঃ ইটারনাল টেম্পল, ক্রিশ্চিয়ান জাঁকের রামেসিস সিরিজের দ্বিতীয় বই। প্রকাশ হয়েছে “আদী প্রকাশন” থেকে, আর রূপান্তর করেছেন “মারুফ হোসেন”। কাহিনী সংক্ষেপের আগে রূপান্তরিকের ব্যাপারে কি [...]

    8. This is the second book in the series and deals with the young Ramses II as he becomes Pharaoh and his early reign. This volume is about the early building projects which Ramses started and the various intrigues in the court designed to overthrow Ramses in favor of his older brother.I found the reasoning behind all the buildings and monuments to be fascinating. The thought was that building the temples and tombs was a way of honoring the gods and protecting Egypt. When Ramses was crowned, his na [...]

    9. I am very curious and interested about Ramses II. I quite enjoyed the first book in this series but this sequel was not as good.The part of the story about Menelaus, Helen of Troy and Homer being in Egypt felt a bit far fetched, though there are certain historians that have proposed them all to have been alive at this time and that the Spartans might have landed there after the war. There is even a school of thought that believes Helen may have spent the entire Trojan was in Egypt. It was really [...]

    10. The first book in this series, I liked; this one, I didn't. I really, really wanted to like it, and I tried. I was fascinated by the author's idea of the Moses/Ramses friendship and was eager to read his spin on that. But I didn't even finish it. (Way) Too much dialogue, and too many really non-believable situations. Also I found the many anachronisms really distracting.

    11. The book is amazing in that it is brimming with intrigues. When you finish it, simply you can't wait for the remaining three books of the Ramses series

    12. Well, here we are in Book II of the five-part series. Plenty of intrigue still going on (hardly unexpected, given all that happened in Book I). Since Book II picks up nearly the day after Book I, not much has changed.We've still got dissatisfied and sneaky older brother Shaanar, quietly poisoning any hypothetical well available. Sister Dolora's husband Sary is not only dissatisfied - he's spreading disastrous gossip in an effort to undermine the new Pharoah. Menelaus the Greek is still in town, [...]

    13. Christian Jacq aj v druhom dieli krásne prepájala reálnu stránku egyptských dejín s tou mýtickou. Ramzesovi sa počas jeho prvých troch rokov vlády úspešne darí. Postavil chrám v Luxore a svoje nové hlavné mesto. Problémy mu stále spôsobuje jeho brat Šenar a mág Ofir, ktorý sa snaží zosadiť Ramzesa z trónu a korunovať Litu, potomka Achnatona. Navyše sa začínajú diať veci, ktoré dostali Mojžiša bližšie k Bohu. Veľmi príjemné čítanie, napriek tomu že posta [...]

    14. I just love ancient Egypt and reading about the culture. The book was enjoyable, but not the page turner I was hoping to find. The main storyline is interesting, but there needed to be a bit more development there of the characters for me. I found it sometime difficult to follow the timeline and wanted on occasion to know how many months/years had actually passed between chapters or sections. Since I have not read the first book in this series I am going to read that one, which may give me a dif [...]

    15. Fairly stilted shallow characterisation and standard plot lines make this a very middle of road book. I wouldn't not say it was terrible. It was certainly readable and if you're interested in historical fiction (as I am) you'll be prepared to overlook shortcomings. The writer is a professional Egyptologist I believe so there is an element of authenticity in the descriptions of artefacts and cultural practices.

    16. Ve nihayet 2. Ramses Mısır tahtına oturmuş, firavun olmuştur. Ancak onu fazlasıyla genç ve gözü kara bulanlar vardır. Bu durum halkın üzerindeki gücünü etkileyecek midir? Başarısızlığı kabul edip kenara çekilecek mi yoksa Tanrı'lardan aldığı güç ile yoluna devam edecek mi? Tüm bunlar olurken ailesi ve dostları ile ilişkileri nasıl ilerleyecek? serinin bu ikinci kitabı da tadına doyulmadan bitti. Yalnız şu şahsi fikrimi de belirtmeden geçemeyeceğim: yazar Ra [...]

    17. It's dramatically worse than the first book. When I was a teenager at high-school I read it once and it blew my mind. Now I understand it wasn't that good. However, I'm definitely going to finish the rest of the series

    18. Me rindo con Christian Jacq. Su estilo me parece tosco y sin emoción. Y lo que podía interesarme de esta pentalogía que es la vida se Ramsés tampoco me vale dado que por cada hecho real se inventa 15 ficticios. Ni lo he terminado.

    19. Jacq continues his telling of Egyptian history of Ramses II and Moses - this is the 2nd of 5 - it is pretty average with nothing to make it overtly memorable though.

    20. 看得出來賈克極想顛覆基督教世界的史觀,重新詮釋摩西;但由於主戲仍在拉美西斯身上,對摩西內心的掙扎描寫過少,因此感受不到太強的張力。 如果對埃及人的「生產過程」有興趣,可以看看第二五六、二五七頁,賈克對日常生活史下了番功夫。

    21. The tale continues. Ramses' struggle with Shanaar, Moses' personal discovery. The power struggles. So much is at stake!!

    22. After reading #1, I was immediately engaged in the story and eager to know what new characters might be introduced.

    23. TramaSiamo agli albori di quello che sarebbe divenuto forse il regno più luminoso di tutta la millenaria storia egiziana. Sethi I aveva ormai associato il figlio Ramses al trono del ‘Regno delle due terre’ perché, dopo il superamento di varie prove, gli era sembrato che gli dei avessero previsto per lui un futuro assai luminoso. La crescita spirituale del giovane principe non era però ancora certamente giunta ad una piena conclusione. Nemmeno dopo la morte del padre e la sua susseguente a [...]

    24. 3/10Fino a poche pagine dalla fine questo volume sarebbe stato addirittura peggiore del precedente, tuttavia la faccenda di Mosè risolleva un po' il ritmo della storia: a essere onesti la cosa è trattata con la solita freddezza che ammazza qualsiasi immedesimazione, tuttavia un tentativo mal riuscito è sempre meglio di niente. Per il resto, si vede che il libro è stato scritto insieme al precedente: zero evoluzione dell'autore, sempre i soliti dialoghi a copione, sbrodolate infodumpose, pers [...]

    25. He's young, handsome and rich. He's married to the most beautiful woman in the land. His name is Ramses and he's just become the new Pharaoh of Egypt. But all is not as wonderful as it seems. He's suffered a personal tragedy in his marriage. His elder brother wants to usurp his throne. Members of his court are lining up against him. There have been attempts on his life. And he lives with the fear that he won't measure up to the high standards needed in a Pharaoh. Book II of the five-book interna [...]

    26. The copy I have is tittled "Ramses: The Temple of a Million Years." Apparantly it was renames at some point or there are different but simarily tittled novels by the same author. Dr. Jacq is described as a respected Egytologist and founder of the Ramses Institute in France on . He has written many novels. This book sounds almost like a novelization of translated hyroglyphics. Of, course that could just be the writing style. I happened across this novel in a book shop in Pattaya, Thailand. Guess [...]

    27. বেডায় রাজা থুক্কু, ফারাও হইসে ঠিকাসে, কিন্তু সমিস্যা কুটি কুটি। ওই যে, বাল্যকালে পড়ছেন না; "স্বাধীনতা অর্জনের চেয়ে রক্ষা করা কঠিন"? এইখানেও সেইম কাহিনী। ফারাওয়ের গদি পাওয়ার চেয়ে অই গদি রক্ষা [...]

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