Drawing in the Dust

Drawing in the Dust

Zoe Klein / May 28, 2020

Drawing in the Dust By turns philosophical suspenseful and passionate this debut novel transports readers into a mystical world and takes them on a journey they won t soon forget

  • Title: Drawing in the Dust
  • Author: Zoe Klein
  • ISBN: 9781416599128
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • By turns philosophical, suspenseful, and passionate, this debut novel transports readers into a mystical world and takes them on a journey they won t soon forget.

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        Zoe Klein Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Drawing in the Dust book, this is one of the most wanted Zoe Klein author readers around the world.


    1. Three and a half stars.Archaeologist Page Brookstone has been working for many years at a dig in Megiddo. It has not proved to be as satisfying as she expected, and much of that has to do with the faltering relationship between her and her boss and mentor Norris. When a young Arab couple come with pleas for her to excavate under their house in Anatot, Page is intrigued. More so when they claim the ghosts of two lovers share their home. Could it possibly be true? Or will Page end up making a fool [...]

    2. DRAWING IN THE DUST by Zoë Klein is a magical and fully romantic read. I went into the book figuring that I would find a great story and found something so full of wonder and color that my brain is still swirling with the beauty of it. Much as a fairy tale leaves frosting and pixie dust floating about the head, DRAWING IN THE DUST leaves warmth and happiness surrounding you like a soft blanket fresh out of the dryer. I am absolutely ecstatic to share this review with you today and hope that it [...]

    3. This is an interesting book. Klein is good at writing with a compeltely religious undercurrent without making things too heavy handed. Some people might take this book to be alot more then fiction but in my minds eye as I read it,it was pure fiction to me but very well written fiction I might add. I liked the Love story element to the book but I felt like Page and Mortchia's relationship did not hold the same passion and intrigue as Jermiah and Anitya's at the same time Anitya at times seemed mo [...]

    4. Drawing in the Dust is the story of a Page, a woman who spends her days uncovering the past. She is a very talented archaeologist but is somewhat bored with her current situation. She's in Mediggo and searching to figure out life's mysteries. A couple comes to her in need of help. They see love making ghosts in their home. Page is skeptical but intrigued. She makes a visit to their home and feelings overcome her that she thought were buried. She leaves in a hurry but is drawn back to this home a [...]

    5. The back-cover blurb is what drew my attention to this book since this is my first read by author Zoe Klein. The story has strong mystical components as well as many references to the story of the Biblical prophet Jeremiah. Readers who are unfamiliar with Jeremiah's story may find it hard going, but I didn't have any problems.Page is an American archaeologist who has been working in Israel for more than a decade on the excavations at Megiddo. She likes her work, but is realizing a sense of dissa [...]

    6. This book almost made it to the "Abandoned" list, but I forged ahead. What bumped it from 1 to 2 stars are that the story mostly takes place in Israel and that archeology is one of the themes; so, two interesting subjects. However, the first person narrator, a young 40's going on 15 year old female archeologist, is one of the more annoying characters with whom I've ever spent time, and that, among other things, makes it a tough read. The jacket brags that readers of "The Red Tent" will like this [...]

    7. I'm a couple years late on getting around to this one: I was reading an ARC version of this book (yes, an advance reader copy, over three years after its release), in which Page goes to an archeological dig in the home of Ibrahim and Naima. But in reading other reviews, it sounds like Naima's name changed to Aisha in the published version. Which makes me wonder if anything else changed. However, I'll forge ahead and assume what I read was much the same as what everyone else read. Page is a littl [...]

    8. This was an ok book, but not great. Honestly, I think my problem started because the book cover sounded so fascinating, and so I peeped at the back of the book at the author's acknowledgments before I started reading, and subsequently found out that the author had written the Scrolls of Anatiya (yes, I'm secular enough that I would never have known that) and even though those scrolls wound up becoming a prevalent part of the book, I just felt that it was conceited to then write a whole book abou [...]

    9. I was pleasantly surprised by this book, and loved every minute of reading it. Zoe Klein weaves a beautiful story! The writing itself was incredibly creative and inspiring. The story is fictional, yet I had a hard time not wishing it was true. The story follows Page, an archaeologist in Israel. She goes against all of the advice from her peers and begins investigating a site that has been ridiculed for it's supposed ghost stories. What follows is an incredible find that leaves the whole world re [...]

    10. Milujem knihy, kde je hlavnou postavou archeológ, alebo archeologička!Anotácia knihy je trochu zavádzajúca, lebo popisuje len časť príbehu. Spočiatku to vyzeralo len ako práca na odhaľovaní a odkývaní tajomstva v dome, kde vraj straší dvojica milencov. Ale je v tom aj viac mystiky a dejín a áno, aj viery a hlavne je to príbeh o láske a jej hľadaní a naplnení. Aj keď to bolo len zbežne popísané, napr. byrokracia, či popis postupu vykopávok, o preklade, ale aj všetko [...]

    11. This was a well-constructed book about Biblical archaeology and love. Certainly two things that are of interest to me. It focused on the prophet Jeremiah, which is one I don't really know much about. Half-way through the book, I did skim through his book in the Bible, but really, Klein gives readers all they need to know in her book. The excellent construction comes from Klein's extensive knowledge of the subjects, and her obvious desire to keep learning about them and sharing them with others. [...]

    12. I reread this for a class on Jeremiah that I am teaching. As before, I found many of the ideas magical and lyrical. While this is a fairy tale on so many levels (Why can't we all get along?) I did like the idea of bringing Jeremiah to life. I won't ever see the prophet the same way, alhtough I am not sure that he really did find the love of his life, other than his Divine mission. As for so many prophets, home life, in actuality suffers. So this is a nice fantasy, but not a realistic novelizatio [...]

    13. At the solid and good chapters, this book reminded me slightly of the Jewish version of the Da Vinci Code, and at other times, it just seemed plain silly. This book gives insight into the world of biblical excavation in Israel and focus on an American archeologist named Page Brookstone who uncovers murals, artifacts and remains suggestive of the prophet Jeremiah, buried with the woman he loved, Anatiya, who also has left a manuscript that parallels the Book of Jeremiah.

    14. I thought the book had a lot of potential. The ghost story being set in Israel is what appealed to me, however the characters were not believable. I felt the main character did not act as a grown woman would- she was a permanent child. The dialogue was a bit pretentious at times, it seemed like Klein was trying too hard. There were a few great one liners, but I wouldn't tell people to waste their time reading this debut.

    15. I was a little hesitant to read this book, because on the back it says it is like the Red Tent, a book I didn't enjoy But I really like this one. I loved the character Page and the way she developed over the course of the book. I enjoyed all the details of Isreal and learning more about that culture. I really liked Zoe's writing style. It is pleasant to read--and I loved the ending.

    16. A beautiful story set in Israel involving the finding of the Prophet Jeremiah and his fictitious lover/prophetess entombed in an embrace in the basement of an Arab couple. A beautiful story chronicalling,exploring,protecting,promoting and poetically expressing-love which crosses religious,theological,cultural,and political barriers!!

    17. I really wanted to like this book. It's been on my shelf forever and I decided to read it as a break from other reading I've been doing. It started off with a great setting and writing. The characters felt one-dimensional and grew tiresome quickly. I struggled to finish this book because it felt unfocused and cheap. What kept me going were some really great insights and the underlying philosophy that came through in a beautiful way in places. I was also disappointed because I felt like the autho [...]

    18. I love to read by night and do audios in the day, this book started out interesting, Israel, artifacts, archaeology, shop talk, then I switched to audio in comes romance when reading you can skip what irritates you, but with ear phones on, phone buried deep in my pockets and garden gloves up to my elbows, skipping the annoying parts ain't easy! I hate romance chatter, ESPECIALLY by this main character, she is supposed to be 40, she sounded like an annoying teenager. I tried to grit my teeth hopi [...]

    19. I honestly don't know what it was about this book that I loved so much. Maybe it was the rich historical and narrative tradition it borrowed from. Maybe it was the characters. Maybe it was the way Klein wrote about Israel as if she was a living breathing entity and not just a geographic location. Regardless of whatever reason is behind my love for this novel, I'm with Zoe and Page - I choose life. And that is more than enough for me to say this will be on my bookshelf for a long time to come.

    20. I loved this book, so amazing, very different from everything I've ever read, which is a good thing. I love being pleasantly surprised by books and being taken by it. A wonderful book, well worth the read.

    21. This book was too metaphysical for me, ghosts, old bones, everything happening for a reason and a life lesson for the narrator. I enjoyed the fantasy of a female scribe writing a biblical scroll. I was also interested in the setting: Israel and Palestine.

    22. Beautiful and poetic but I could have done without the love story of the main character (not a romance story fan and some of that side story was as cheesy as those.

    23. This was such a delightful read. Intriguing and hopeful. I had no preconceived ideas about this book which made all the more satisfying. I hope Zoe Klein has many more books in her left to write.

    24. For a while now I've been reading books that have been recommended by someone, somewhere, somehow. The Drawing In The Dust is my first foray into unchartered territories in a very, very long time and fortunately it didn't disappoint. As a fan of anything paranormal I was attracted to the book by the blurb that promised ghostly presences and the setting - Zoe Klein takes us to Israel, to the world of rich history, archaeological digs and long-lost treasures, the only place on earth where people r [...]

    25. A book about archeology, Israel, the complex relationship between the Israelis and Arabs, ghosts and spirits, religion, love, friendship, and written by a rabbi! the only thing missing was nature worship for it to be my perfect book An archeologist in Israel finds the prophet Jeremiah's remains as well as a scroll written by his female scribe who also is in love with him. The scroll mirrors his prophecies but also paints a vivid portrait of unrequited love. There are passages where the archeolog [...]

    26. This is an astounding book with such a utopian vision for Israel and the world. I’m struck at the atmosphere that Zoe creates in the Bakarat house, where people can fall in love and form deep bonds of friendship despite the political struggles waging outside.The writing was rich and luxurious and certainly reawakened my own unsought dream of becoming an archeologist, digging in Israel’s vibrant soil. You could tell that Zoe was a biblical scholar, and took a lot of care in creating this “m [...]

    27. The plot is a good, solid adventure. It will appeal to book lovers and history buffs, and while there are romantic subplots it is (for the most part) graciously free of plodding love scenes describing heaving breasts. The main character, Page, is fantastically conceived, independent and self-reliant, and is compelling enough that I enjoy following the story alongside her. For the most part, Klein's writing is brilliant, but there are points where the narrative seems to skip sentences and reach l [...]

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