The Blacker the Berry

The Blacker the Berry

Lena Matthews / May 28, 2020

The Blacker the Berry For Love s Sake Only The last thing Charlotte Sane expects to find at a Rodeo is her dream man but even she can t deny the instant attraction that leads her straight into the arms of a handsome cowbo

  • Title: The Blacker the Berry
  • Author: Lena Matthews
  • ISBN: 9781596328235
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • For Love s Sake Only The last thing Charlotte Sane expects to find at a Rodeo is her dream man, but even she can t deny the instant attraction that leads her straight into the arms of a handsome cowboy named Ty Wilcox The two have nothing in common Nothing except insane, inexplicable, but undeniable desire.Ty knows from the instant they first kiss that he and CharlotteFor Love s Sake Only The last thing Charlotte Sane expects to find at a Rodeo is her dream man, but even she can t deny the instant attraction that leads her straight into the arms of a handsome cowboy named Ty Wilcox The two have nothing in common Nothing except insane, inexplicable, but undeniable desire.Ty knows from the instant they first kiss that he and Charlotte are meant to be together Proving it to strong willed Charlotte A whole different bull ride The headstrong beauty is running scared, but she s got another thought coming if she thinks Ty will let her walk away The Blacker the Berry Tamara Holifield could never have guessed one little favor would change her entire world, but it does When her best friend Charlotte s husband Ty asks her to come out to visit and cheer up the homebound pregnant woman, she readily agrees The only problem with Ty s plan is Tamara s lack of a car Luckily for her, he has a solution, in the form of his best friend, lawyer Russell Crichton.Russell could never have imagined doing a favor for Ty would alter his perception of beauty or disrupt his entire life, but it does Starting up a new venture is going to take time and focus and the last thing he needs is the distraction of his sexy carpooler.Russell never believed he would be attracted to a plus size woman, nor did city slicker Tamara think she would ever have anything in common with a white cowboy, but sizzling sex soon changes both their minds Now, if they can look past their obvious differences, they might just find out that the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.

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    1. I liked it. I liked Tamara as the heroine. She was plus sized and owned it. The entire story wasn't spent on her feeling insecure about her size, and Russell needing to make her feel better. Although I enjoyed the story overall, I felt like Russell's possessiveness was a bit too much too soon. He reminded me of one of those the alpha heroes you read about in a werewolf/ shifter novel with him thinking "mine" all the time. Where did that come from after just meeting each other through mutual frie [...]

    2. I enjoyed this book because it had a plus sized heroine and the book kept the characters "real" without being completely urban. Somewhat rushed, especially towards the end, but a good story none the less. I am in the middle of a vampire series and this is a very good break from that.

    3. I loved the heroine, Tamara, right from page one. You see, all-the-authors-that-can't-produce-a-half-decent-herione-if-their-life-depended-on-it, this is how it's done! Woot woot!“No, later.” Tamara lowered her voice to a mock whisper. “When the stinky boys aren’t around.”“Oh, that’s easy.” Charlotte glanced up at her husband and batted her eyes. “Honey, poof. Be gone.” Heeeheee! Hee. ._.I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said I rolled on the bed with laughter while reading. You [...]

    4. Holy hilarity cliched sexy goodness! I don't know how or why I picked up this book, but once I saw the title, I couldn't NOT read it. It delivered the goods - boy meets girl, they have sexy time and somewhere in between that's not clearly marked, they fall in love.He's a cowboy and she's a brat. And of course, there's a little blond woman in the wings trying to complicate things. LMFAO.I wouldn't exactly recommend this book, but I enjoyed it.

    5. I'll have to agree with the other reviewer, “The Blacker the Berry” is definitely a HIGHLY erotic, yet emotionally charged romantic treat. Tamara and Russell are a PERFECT combination and their antics throughout kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next. The witty dialogue and sexually charged banter makes the story lively and at times LOL funny. There was NEVER a dull moment. Looking forward to reading more of Mrs. Matthews work.

    6. This was very much a by the numbers romance -- guy and girl meet, they have a moment of conflict, they are attracted blah blah blah. I actually did not feel the build up of romance and connection that takes a story from being an "ok, fine" romance to a "sigh, that was great" romance.

    7. I didn’t let my mind settled before I was opening up this follow up book to FOR LOVE SAKE ONLY and from page one I was immersed. The two main characters in THE BLACKER THE BERRY really stepped up to the plate and make me see them as individuals rather than extensions of Ty and Charlotte.Tamara Holifield is struggling on all fronts, she’s in a temp job that is barely paying the bills, she misses her best friend – who has upped and gotten married and moved to the middle of beyond and to top [...]

    8. Whenever I read an Interracial Romance book, I'm always saddled with this question: "Is this writer as good or as competent as other writers in different genres?"Although I thought that this book was cute, for me, it wasn't fantastic. Perhaps I'm too much of a persnickety reader, but I'd rather spend 5 bucks on a book that's a 5 star read, instead of one that almost makes it to 3 1/2 stars. This book had so much promise, but in the end it wasn't written as well as it could have been. It was good [...]

    9. I LOVED this book! Fabulous! And too funny. I highly recommend this book if you like two stubborn people who fight it the whole way, interracial romance and cowboy lawyers, then this is the story for you!I'm a bit miffed to find that my ebook didn't have the other story in it. Now I definitely gotta download that one too! Looking forward to it.

    10. This is a story of a cowboy falling for a true sistawell and it was done very tasteful. I thought they fell into bed rather quickly but the relationship grew to say the least. When they went into the anal sex type description thing was really jaw dropping to me but you could tell how much they was feeling each other. Loved it.

    11. Quickie. Heroine was forthright but not much depth/backstory was included for the characters' lives. I skimmed a lot so there's no way I feel like I should've paid money for this. Memorable quote: "The power of the black vagina strikes again."Sex = hot. Fin.

    12. Decent story. Cowboy falls for plus sized sistah. I love how they played off of each other and how he made it clear that he wasn't a push over. Favorite scene was Sandra coming to the house. That was complete devastation to the nation lol. Oh and the book had hot interracial lovin.

    13. I love this book. I loved Tamara and Russell and their word play. Tamara was sarcastic and witty which made the book fun. There were some steamy love scenese story progressed at a good pace.r a dull moment. I was routing for this couple.

    14. I didn't really like this book that much, the characters seemed underdeveloped and the plot in both stories (especially the second one rushed).

    15. Of the greatest of these is love!And I just loved this rom com story. I loved the way the author wrote this light hearted story with lots of humor. Tamara Holifield and Russell Crichton were so cute together. Tamara was very resistant and so was Russell at first. Neither one could understand the pull they had for each other. It was not until each one thought that the other was interested in someone else that they dropped the pretenses anf gave each other a chance. Theirs was a hot and erotic rom [...]

    16. Good StuffThis was such a sweet romance just like the kind you used to get in the old black and white movies.This was definitely good solid story telling,one you can pass on to your mom.

    17. Too cute Loved ittt!!! Think I’m more in love with the first book in the series but this one was still all good.

    18. SQUEEEEEEEEE! BEST READ IN A WHILE!When I read the blurbI didn't really buy it but man was I pleasantly surprised. Tamara is a character I connect with cause she doesn't take any bullshit and she's comfortable in her own skin. And really? really? Russell is a tired of the hustle and bustle lawyer turned cowboy that drives a lexus! I thought nah won't buy it but LM did a stellar job in weaving his dialogue to make him damn near perfect.“Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?”“The bi [...]

    19. The fetishizing of interracial relationships is a turn off for me. It messes with my ability to suspend my disbelief. Lena Matthews stirs clear of overdoing it but almost has me putting the book down, particularly when Sandra confronts Tamara on that particular issue. Even so I was able to see that Matthews' intention was love and passion.This is the first romance novel I've read in a while and I must say I kept reading until the end. I love the banter between Tamara and Russell, their jealousie [...]

    20. First, what gave this E-book a problem was the format I had to download it in. I bought this from All Romance and it was ONLY available in a PDF type format, which I was unaware of until AFTER I bought it.Second, the writing was juvenile and read more like a YA situation instead of an adult type. Too many shallow thoughts on the part of the hero, and not because of the heroine's weight! He just had little depth.Lastly, I was intrigued by this city guy heading for ranching. Sorry, but nothing los [...]

    21. I am new to Lena Matthews books, but The Blacker the Berry was so good that I am a new fan.I liked Ty and Charlotte story in For Love's Sake. It was a sweet story but a bit quick.Russell and Tamara's story was my favorite. I loved the dialogue between these two characters and I could felt the romance. I especially like the fact that the characters were well developed and I felt I got a chance to get to know them. Additionally she dealt lightly with the issue of race without beating it to death.T [...]

    22. This was a pretty good story as well. The was the sequel to for Love Sake Only. This book like the first was charming and funny. The main characters were very likable and not over the top. I love the fact that the women in this story was dark skinned and full figured. I also love the fact she also knew she was beautiful and sexy. She did not have low self esteem and was not out to look for someone to save her and to show her how beautiful she was. I love that she carried her weight in the story [...]

    23. this was a fun title to read. interracial romance with cowboys. didn't know i liked cowboys as much. hehe. it's actually two stories. starts off with one female lead and her love interest, then the second story is her best friend and her love interest; which happens to be the best friend of love interest #1. both stories were pretty good. i preferred the first one rather than the second. definitely had some steamy moments and some comical ones as well. i just have to admit i like the interracial [...]

    24. A surprisingly amazing short read!I cannot come up with a single thing I did not like about it!I even read the one and two star reviews on this site, looking at the complaints other readers had about the story, and I got the impression that I must have read a different book!I can definitely say that I wasn't reading this through rose-coloured glassesSo if you are contemplating about reading this book or not, make sure you get yourself a copy of the version I have read.;-)This was my first book b [...]

    25. Laugh out loud funnyThis book was hilarious. I thought Tamara was spunky, outgoing, and true to her word. She didn't sugarcoat anything and I really liked that. It seems like Russell was almost the strong, silent type until he met Tamara. He was stubborn, but so was she. It was refreshing to see a couple actually have a fight/argument instead of the woman being upset, but immediately relenting because he kissed her or called her "baby."

    26. Ok, so THIS book was amazing! I absolutely adored the story of Charlotte and Ty but I feel in love with the story of Tamara and Russell. So thank you so much, if you were one of the people who asked Lena Matthews to continue their story and thank you Lena Matthews for writing two stories that I can see myself reading over and over again. And I rarely read books more than once. Thank you for making me want to go out and find my own cowboy!

    27. Out of all the IR romance novel i read i'm am moving this novel to number one, considering her dark desire by Charisma Knight not any more. anyway tamara was very head strong the relationships for a second though i she was wear the parts, but russell was no punks and i like the fact.Now i have to read one part of this for lover sake with charlotte and ty over all i got a good laugh and enjoy my self with novel.

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