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Epoch In his fourteen years Vincent Drear has been sure of a few of things First the world is going to end And until it does he has two jobs saving souls and protesting movies about boy wizards But Vince

  • Title: Epoch
  • Author: Timothy Carter
  • ISBN: 9780738710662
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • In his fourteen years, Vincent Drear has been sure of a few of things First, the world is going to end And until it does, he has two jobs saving souls and protesting movies about boy wizards But Vincent wonders if there s to life than this His suspicions are confirmed when he finds an elf at his school science fair Vincent s excitement fades, though, as the elfIn his fourteen years, Vincent Drear has been sure of a few of things First, the world is going to end And until it does, he has two jobs saving souls and protesting movies about boy wizards But Vincent wonders if there s to life than this His suspicions are confirmed when he finds an elf at his school science fair Vincent s excitement fades, though, as the elf informs him that his family s religion is right about one thing the end of the world is coming in forty eight hours Vincent can t save the world His only hope is to get his family off Earth before demons wipe out everything, paving the way for a new epoch Timothy Carter combines humor, fantasy, sci fi, and satire into a novel that is the missing link between The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy and The Left Behind The end has come But the fun has just begun.

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    1. Die Welt wird untergehen. Und zwar auf jeden Fall und unumgänglich. Dies wird einem bereits auf der ersten Seite des Buches vielversprechend mitgeteilt. Ich erwartete ein düsteres Buch voll mit schwarzem Humor und Verschwörungstheorien. Leider schafft Timothy Carter es nicht, dieser Erwartung gerecht zu werden. Der kleine Außenseiter Vincent, Loser in der Schule und von seinen Eltern als Versager wahrgenommen, wird zum Weltretter erkoren. Er trifft auf rotzfreche, phantastische Wesen, die st [...]

    2. My goal for this week was to get at least halfway done with my book. I actually finished the book. The number of pages it had were 299 pages. In the book Vincent tries to warn as many people he can about something. That something is the end of the world. He thought he was going crazy when he thought he saw a "demon" at school. From there he went to a girls house who his parents thought was a witch. He told her what he saw and she knew he was telling the truth. She knew that because she her self [...]

    3. A jolly stroll through the end of the world, as seen from a 14-year-old boy. For the end is nigh, and humanity’s future is counted. So when Vincent stars seeing elves (not cute ones!) and pixies (which the elves hate), then is chased by a soccer-ball-sized demon (they don't need pitchfork: they have teeth than can grind though everything), he know that something is amiss. His only ally is a young witchy neighbor dabbling in magic and meditation, an anathema to his ultra orthodox family. Humani [...]

    4. Short and funny book about the end of the world (believe it or not). The demons will consume all of mankind if the humans can't make it to the portal to be whisked away into another world. Teenagers Vincent and Max happen to come from a religious family - some kind of fundamentalist cult called the Triumvirites and, although the Triumvirites believe in the end of the world, they don't believe people should be consorting with pixies, elves, and demons.Yes, this book got weird. It was rather viole [...]

    5. Got this book for free, so figured I'd give it a try.It's really not all that good. Heavily inspired by Gaiman and Pratchett's "Good Omens", it has your basic apocalyptic scenario, with the young hero and his friends realizing at the last that the world is full of mystical creatures. But that's where the similarity ends.The characters are single note, with no growth or change. The humour is intended to be slapstick, but there's zero variety to it, just a lot of punching. There's some revelations [...]

    6. This book is clearly for very young readers. I felt that the characters were undeveloped and the dialog was too simplistic. The author definitely hit the mark with this YA book. I really had to push through this story. Though I do like the subject of the story and its conclusion. There was no emotional connection and seemed predictable.

    7. Beschreibung:Der 14-jährige Vincent befindet sich in >>keiner netten Geschichte<<, denn der Weltuntergang steht kurz bevor. Doch damit noch nicht genug, in Vincents Leben tauchen auf einmal Elfen, Feen und Kobolde auf, deren Ziele nicht immer die besten sind.So machen ihn die Elfen mit dem Einsetzten eines speziellen Käfers gefügig und die Feen berichten Vincent vor dem bevorstehenden Weltuntergang, den Portalen durch die die Menscheit entkommen kann und von den Dämonen die alle [...]

    8. This is the single worst book I have ever read in my life. I have read hundreds, if not thousands of books so this is quite an achievement.Essentially it's a 300 page run on sentence that I couldn't bear to put down simply because I couldn't believe how utterly crap it really was.The characters come off as bad tropes that were hastily cobbled together out of half remembered characters cribbed from better authors than this.The dialogue reads as though it were cereal boxes being read aloud by a sp [...]

    9. I originally picked up Epoch because I met Timothy Carter at Polaris and I could have it autographed. As a result, it took me a while to get around to reading it. When I did, I was sorry for two reasons. One, I was sorry I hadn't read it sooner, and two, I was sorry I was finished because it was so much fun. I can't think of a book that has made me laugh more. The lead character is likable but in no way sickly sweet. The conflict is solid, but Tim manages to make the situations that spring from [...]

    10. Inhalt:Die Welt geht unter. Mal wieder. Und eigentlich sollten sich die Menschen durch Portale retten. Nurdas tun sie nicht. Vincent, Sohn einer Fammilie Weltuntergangsprediger, scheint der einzige Mensch zu sein, der Ahnung hat, was vor sich geht. Und das auch nur, dank einiger seltsamer Wesen die er getroffen hat, wie Elfen und Feen.Nun bleibt es an ihm hängen, dafür zu sorgen, dass die Menschen endlich mitkriegen, was da los ist.Meinung:Das Buch ist ganz lustig. Nicht berauschend, aber leic [...]

    11. This book is definitely a favorite. It's basically a book about the end of the world from a 14 year-old view. This boy doesn't believe in his religion based on the triumvirate and he doesn't think the end is nigh. He also doesn't believe in demons or angels or anything like that. Until one day during his science fair themed on the end of the world he sees a elf. And when he gets home his parents throw him in the chapel for not spreading the word, and he gets out. He then goes to a girls house wh [...]

    12. The premise of the book is what caught my attention. Now, I’m used to the usual end-of-the-world books where at the very last second the hero/heroine is able to save the world from total destruction, plunging into 100 years of darkness, etc; but to have the end of the world be inevitable? I found that to be intriguing. However, that isn’t the only spin that the author puts into the book. The way he makes you take a different look at what most have deemed “fairy-tale creatures,” and the s [...]

    13. This book is unlike any other book I've actually read because in the beginning the book starts out on chapter 30. It represents the down of Earth's end of time (Earth's destruction). In the beginning the author began to base the book off on a new type of christianity which was found. The portagonist of this story is a boy who can see mythical beings compare to regular human beings. As long as the person opens their mind they can actually see the unbelievable and that everyone could realize that [...]

    14. I picked this book up at Ad Astra because Timothy Carter was awesome on panels and was a pleasure to speak to in the halls and at his dealer's table. Unfortunately that charisma did not translate so well into the book.It has several good ideas but never really explores them in any depth before moving onto the next one. The characters all have little to no development. I think most of this though could have been fixed with a good editor, which since Timothy Carter chose to self publish this book [...]

    15. Vincent's parents had always said the world was going to end, and that there were demons, and it turns out they were right.Suddenly, Vincent can see demons (they look like basketballs with wings and pointy teeth), and elves, and fairies. Unfortunately for Vincent, the elves have ways of making sure he DOESN'T talk about his discovery. Plus, they need his help in locating portals that will get them off the earth before its destruction.A little too action-movie-ish for my tastes, but teen boys wil [...]

    16. Ummm, yeah, the end of the world - yada, yada, yadaThis author sure has a style: when he writes the characters into a scene and isn't sure about how to conclude the scene, the main character blacks out. Perfect transition! Seriously, that happened at least 5 times and it was driving me crazy. This books was pretty silly - ill conceived and way too convenient when it needed to be. There are so many better end-of-the-world books out there - you can probably just skip this one.

    17. There's something that needs to be said about Timothy Carter. A big clap wouldn't be enough. How can one man have something he truly deserve? A thrown? A crown ? He is the only author I have read so far that deals with end of the world type issues but manages to keep it light, so it doesn't depressed you. It makes you want to know more and more and more. My first book was Evil? and I fell in love instantly. When I saw this at the local bookstore, I did not think twice about purchasing it.

    18. The world is about to end. At least, as we know it. It is the end of the epoch for humans, and all those who wish to, should hear the call of the portals, taking them elsewhere, before the demons come to wipe out the world and reset it for the next dominant species. The problem is something is blocking the portals, and time is running out for the humans. Humorous, very fun, light book. Great reading.

    19. While this was not my favorite book, and I will never read it again - there were some very great images in the book. The story is a classic young adult book as in only the children have a brain - but at the same time, running through a Food Store with a Imp chasing a Fae is a great picture to keep in your mind when you are depressed and need to smile.

    20. That eternal question - do I call apocalyptic fiction with demons and prophecies and magic and world-ending plots horror or fantasy ? In this case, I'm going with fantasy.It was a funny read, very dry, with the occasional moments of laugh-out-loud humour. I began and ended it today, and am looking forward to the next one; I got a couple of Carter's books at the con in September.

    21. Too much fun -- a book about the end of the world that is hilarious, sly, and utterly inappropriate. Perfect in other words. I would have loved it as a kid, and enjoyed it immensely (with a little bit of guilt at how much I laughed and what I laughed at). Recommended as a palate cleanser for thought who are a little fed up with how serious everyone is taking the Apocalypse.

    22. This book is written badly. The narration jerks about in an implausible way, and the politics it discusses are heavy handed. I didn't find it worth finishing.That said, I'm not sure a teenage boy would mind the bad writing. The pace is fast and the topic is fantastical, and the writing does get better further on in the book.

    23. I wasn't expecting much from this book. I read the back cover and figured it was an easy read on a long trip. Epoch is simply written but the quality was much better than expected. Still entertaining for young adults, older teens and adults can find a witty bit of satire held in this novel. I can't say it's comparable to Hitchhiker's Guide, but definitely an entertaining read.

    24. It was a great book with a lot of cheesy humor in it but it was appropriat for the time and setting. This book is full of action and twists around every corner. Timothy Carter is a great author and so far I've read two of his books both of them are amazing and I look forword to reading more of his incredible work!

    25. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass der Weltuntergang so lustig und unterhaltsam sein kann. Die Geschichte um Vincent der die Welt retten will ist wirklich gelungene Unterhaltung. Besonders die postepochalen Wesen sind mir sehr ans Herz gewachsen. Natürlich ist es kein weltbewegender Roman, aber er ist kein bisschen langweilig und ich habe mich immer sehr aufs lesen gefreut, dafür gibt es den 4. Stern :)

    26. Read this book for simple, playful fun, and it will offer you exactly that. I really liked it! Tongue-in-cheek, easy read the characters were very likable, the fantasy creatures diverse and mischevious. You couldn't ask for a more hospitable apocalypse.

    27. I only read half way through this book. Its a YA book, but I like to give these books a chance. However, I just couldn't even finish this one. It told me in the prelude how it would end. The writing in it was redundant and boring. I can't recommend this.

    28. In all reality I thought Epoch was an easy read. It was a decent story but it wasn't all that fulfilling while i read it. However, I it was cute how the main character was the typical hero with a great sidekick/best friend.

    29. I really didn't like this book. I have to be honest and say I didn't even finish it! Maybe it was just the style of writing that the author has that I didn't like, or maybe it was how predictable and boring I found it. I would skip if I were you.

    30. I did not have high hopes for this book. I found it at a second hand store for 0.10 cents and loved the cover. This book was very good and I really enjoyed the adventure, end of the worldness and funny times.

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