Meridian: Flying Solo

Meridian: Flying Solo

Barbara Randall Kesel Joshua Middleton / Feb 18, 2020

Meridian Flying Solo Introducing CrossGen Travelers graphic novels with a great new price and a great new size Meridian Traveler vol is the first book in this exciting format A princess fairy tale childhood is shattered

  • Title: Meridian: Flying Solo
  • Author: Barbara Randall Kesel Joshua Middleton
  • ISBN: 9781931484541
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • Introducing CrossGen Travelers graphic novels with a great new price and a great new size Meridian Traveler vol 1 is the first book in this exciting format A princess fairy tale childhood is shattered by the death of her fatherd a gift of terrifying power Branded by marks of supernatural origin, Sephie and her wicked uncle Ilahn will either bring renewal or destIntroducing CrossGen Travelers graphic novels with a great new price and a great new size Meridian Traveler vol 1 is the first book in this exciting format A princess fairy tale childhood is shattered by the death of her fatherd a gift of terrifying power Branded by marks of supernatural origin, Sephie and her wicked uncle Ilahn will either bring renewal or destruction to the poisoned world of Demetria Young Sephie must now grow into the role of global savior, but will defeating her uncle cost Sephie her innocence

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      • Barbara Randall Kesel Joshua Middleton

        Barbara Randall Kesel is an American writer and editor of comic books her bibliography includes work for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, CrossGen, Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics Kesel is a very outspoken opponent of sexism in the comic book industry She is known for her strong female characters, influencing her then husband Karl s work on Lois Lane in the Superman titles and creating Grace, the ruler of the Golden City location in Comics Greatest World.Kesel initially came into the comics world after writing a 10 page letter to editor Dick Giordano regarding the portrayal of female comic book characters At Dark Horse, Kesel was part of Team CGW, responsible for most of the design and creation of the setting and characters in the Golden City location She is currently part of book packaging company The Pack, alongside Lee Nordling, Brian Augustyn, Gordon Kent and Dave Olbrich.Kesel has been nominated for the 1991 Best Editor Eisner Award for Badlands, Aliens Genocide and Star Wars In 1995, she was nominated for Best Anthology and Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Material Harvey Awards for, respectively, Instant Piano and Hellboy Seed of Destruction She won the 1996 Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work Harvey Award, for Hellboy The Wolves of St August.


    1. I managed to get some travel time and I saw the chance to move up ahead on my 2012 reading list. I picked the travel edition of Crossgen’s Meridian paperback. It has a smaller trim size than a regular paperback, but not too small as to diminish your enjoyment of the art and it had beautiful art.Of the artists, whose work were featured in this collection, Joshua Middleton’s artistic voice has not yet emerged here, which will be more evident in later work like NYX. His figure work has some Bar [...]

    2. Written by Barbara Kesel, and penciled by Joshua Middleton, Meridian is a strong character driven comic (or graphic novel, for those who need to feel mature) that explores the conflict between balanced, sustainable living vs. greed driven overconsumption.But mainly, the reason to read Meridian is that it's a brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated story. I love it so much that I'm teaching this, the first volume of the trade paperback edition, which compiles the first 7 issues of the ser [...]

    3. This book shouldn't be good but its terrific. The book was great when it came out about 8 years ago and its still fantastic. Kesel, Middleton, & McNiven deliver in this harrowing tale of young Sephie and her murderous uncle. Their world is rich and detailed and the book id perfect for all ages and genders. Its so depressing that this company bottomed out because this book could have been epic!

    4. I was in a graphic novel YA program at LAPL Central Library, way back when. The librarian gave us copies of the book to read for the next week, and we also got one comic from his personal program stash, to bring back and talk about next time. It was a neat deal. The caveat was, no Manga. No superheroes. We were reading Blankets and Maus and the like. The closest thing we got to a superhero comic series was the Crossgen universe, which was all indie and pretentious. Even then, I remember reading [...]

    5. TCL CALL #: YA GRAPHIC NOVEL KESELChris’ Rating: 3.75 StarsTwo very opposite brothers are meeting together when a mysterious bird flies close and brands them both with symbols of power. One is Minister of Meridian, the land of down to earth shipbuilders, the other Minister of Cadador, a place of wealth and commerce. Being old the minister of Meridian can’t take the stress of the mark, which passes to his daughter, Sephie, during a last embrace. Seeking power the Minister of Cadador takes his [...]

    6. This comic series from the early 2000s is one of my most under-hyped series. Meridian by Crossgen Comics (which has a possibility of getting a future revival now that the companies assets have changed hands from Disney to Marvel) is set in a world where all the inhabitants live in sky-bound islands as the result of a past natural cataclysm. Our main character Sephie acquires both her father's island nation and a mysterious, magical, sigil on her forehead at the start of the series. Because she i [...]

    7. This comic was okay. I felt most of it was rather dull and the plot was re-hashed from other works. The characters aren't memorable and the atmosphere just fell flat. Mind you, it wasn't a BAD read. Just a "meh" one. One thing that really stood out, however, is the artwork and its coloring. Seriously, I have never seen such beautiful coloring ever in ANY comic book. Call me impressed. There's really not much else to say about this graphic novel. I was a bit bored reading through it. However, jus [...]

    8. A good start to a series (even if it falls into tropes at times). Our lead starts at a cliche fairy tale princess and grows and learns as this book progresses. I have the sequel, but haven't begun to read it as of yet. I'll be interested to see how this series plays out. The pacing is inconsistent, but generally kept me engaged. I get the feel that the story is about to pickup with our lovely cliffhanger ending. Cliche of good vs evil. Pretty obvious with the story line. However, the lead does n [...]

    9. I've retread it multiple times. I really like a lot of the other CrossGen graphic novels also, but I love the Meridian series. The art took a moment for me to get used to but I love it a lot. The storyline's awesome! So creative and pulls you right into their world. I wish this graphic novel was more popular. I first read it from the library a long time ago, but now it's difficult for me to find. I might just get my own copy from amazon or the next time I see it from a bookstore I'll snag it hah [...]

    10. Colorful and fresh; Meridian is/was a welcome break from the growing trend of arbitrarily grim comics in the 2000s. Sephie is an enjoyable and sympathizable heroine for girls, while also a nuanced enough character not to grate on the nerves of older readers -- when it comes to young female characters, this balance seems to elude many writers! The gorgeous art speaks for itself, and the premise and worldbuilding puts some fresh twists on a traditional hero's-journey/"learning to lead" narrative. [...]

    11. An interesting little fantasy story filled with flying airships, floating cities, and evil family members that hold the power of ultimate destruction within them. It starts out as a fairly standard YA adventure story, kept afloat by Kesel's strong characterizations, and near the end of this first volume starts branching out in some interesting directions.The more Crossgen titles I read, the sadder I am that the company went bankrupt - they really were creating some interesting, complex books and [...]

    12. The art was great. However, I did find it a little jarring that they kept switching artists and styles. I supposed that happens in the graphic novels. I wouldn't know.The story caught my interest, but in the end I found it a little too hard to keep up with. Or maybe it was that some of the political parts were just boring enough that I didn't bother to invest much concentration. I would read the next in the series if it fell in my lap, but I'm not going to go looking for it.

    13. Meridian is full of politics like any good fantasy. Selphie learns of how the poor situation of this world has lead people to dark decisions, and they are not as nice as they first seem. She has gained powers from a yet unidentified source and seeks to save her people. These other people make her into a stronger more worldly person; she may start out naive but she learns quickly and will make a strong heroine in the end.

    14. Reprints Meridian #1-7. Sephie is given a sigil and faces off against her uncle Ilahn to protect her home of Meridian. Meridian is one of Crossgen's better titles. The art is strong and the colors are bright. The digest editions are nice beause the quality of the print doesn't seem to have deteriorated with the price. It is unfortunate that Crossgen never was able to fully realize their storylines.

    15. I read most of the Meridian series, with the exception of a couple issues. The first volume had incredibly beautiful artwork, reminiscent of Maxfield Parrish paintings. Later volumes switched artists and were not nearly as good, which did dampen my enjoyments in some small part. The writing stays the same, though, and the worlds that Kesel creates are fascinating and lovely.

    16. A beautifully-drawn fantasy comic. The conflict is interesting (although the evil uncle is pretty stereotypical). The powers are unique (destruction vs. creation). And the main character is a lovely, strong, powerful female character. Well done for the first volume! I can't wait to find the next one.

    17. Quite easily remember this being the one comic that got me into all the others. Beautiful concept. I wish I had picked up the other volumes. Ah well. There's always time to do it now!

    18. Great colors, enchanting world, believable kindnesses and treacheries. And a strong, strong female protagonist. Really wonderful.

    19. Gorgeous and exciting fast paced story telling. Female lead character is filled with turmoil and sorrows, fear and the thrill of adventure! I loved the series and the art is breathtaking!

    20. my first graphic novel to have read when i was 10yrs old. loved the whole story and series. so sad to see that they discontinue printing and creating this amazing comic.

    21. This is an amusing tale but it seems lacking somehow. Maybe men just can't write a women's tale well. Considering the story heroine is a woman you would think she would be more than one-dimensional.

    22. Interesting debut, although I don't like the full pages explaining the process that are interspersed with the story.

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