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Splendor New Beginnings Shocking Revelations Unexpected Endings As spring turns into summer Elizabeth relishes her new roles as a young wife while her sister Diana searches for adventure abroad But when a

  • Title: Splendor
  • Author: Anna Godbersen
  • ISBN: 9780061626319
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
  • New Beginnings.Shocking Revelations.Unexpected Endings.As spring turns into summer, Elizabeth relishes her new roles as a young wife, while her sister, Diana, searches for adventure abroad But when a surprising clue about their father s death comes to light, the Holland girls wonder at what cost a life of splendor comes.Carolina Broad, society s newest darling, fans a flaNew Beginnings.Shocking Revelations.Unexpected Endings.As spring turns into summer, Elizabeth relishes her new roles as a young wife, while her sister, Diana, searches for adventure abroad But when a surprising clue about their father s death comes to light, the Holland girls wonder at what cost a life of splendor comes.Carolina Broad, society s newest darling, fans a flame from her past, oblivious to how it might burn her future Penelope Schoonmaker is finally Manhattan royalty but when a real prince visits the city, she covets a title that comes with a crown Her husband, Henry, bravely went to war, only to discover that his father s rule extends well beyond New York s shores and that fighting for love may prove a losing battle.In the dramatic conclusion to the bestselling Luxe series, New York s most dazzling socialites chase dreams, cling to promises, and tempt fate As society watches what will become of the city s oldest families and newest fortunes, one question remains Will its stars fade away or will they shine ever brighter

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    1. I'm kind of shocked that I'm giving this book one star, since I have been in love with the series thus far. Ann Godbersen's writing is as beautiful and captivating as ever in SPLENDOR and some very satisfying things do happen in it, but the ending was so disappointing that I felt as if I'd wasted my time getting attached to her characters. Here are the things about the way this book ended that bothered me.1. The Snowden/Elizabeth plot line didn't feel completely developed. I wanted details about [...]

    2. This book was sort of disappointing. Not because it wasn't good (the plot line was great) but that for such a romantically-oriented book, I can't believe that the golden couple (Diana Holland and Henry Schoonmaker) did not end up together. I mean, I spent the whole series waiting for them to get married. I'm all for non-traditional endings and such, but I'm sorry. However, I guess it IS nice to occasionally find a book that is always perfectly fluffy and sparkly and hunky-dory at the end. Sort o [...]

    3. Splendor, the fourth and final Luxe book, somehow managed to be more crammed full of melodramatic, underdeveloped, cliched plot devices than all of the first three books combined. We have unexpected heart attacks, brides being left at the altar, a playboy prince, a murderous wife who kills her husband by throwing him down the stairs (well, at least she didn't try to poison him?), a "free spirit" who leaves for an unconventional life in Paris (I'm sure she'll be having fun there in 14 years), and [...]

    4. I picked up this series of books several months ago to fill my head with nonsense after Lariann died. Reading was a good distraction from the trauma of real life.I read a lot of books the months following, but these are the only ones I have decided I want in my personal collection. The Luxe, Rumors and Envy were a joy to read.These books follow the life path or 4 young women between 1899-1900 as young New York City Socialites: Elizabeth, Diana, Penelope, and Carolina and their trials and tribula [...]

    5. ***Spoilers***Stupid, stupid ending to the series. I wasn't that invested in the series and I still managed to be dumbfounded by how poorly it ended. The only character that ends up with a remotely happy ending is Elizabeth. I actually really enjoyed her pairing with Teddy, although their story and the resolution with Cairns was a bit too I don't know something. Too quick? Too predictable. I'm not sure.I can't really deny that Lina got her just desserts, and I actually liked that she was able to [...]

    6. A total guilty pleasure book series - 1900 Gossip Girl, basically. I liked it, but I was kind of bummed out with the ending. I can see where the author was trying to go, with the Edith Wharton comparisons, but it was sad that Henry, specifically, didn't get to be happy.

    7. Everyone in Splendor is searching.Diana in Cuba. Henry in the military. Elizabeth in the marriage she chose over abortion. Carolina who has bought her own mansion-next-door to the man she hopes will fulfill her wildest dreams. And Penelope. In the entirely foreign position of New York’s DISAPPROVAL.The ultimate lesson in the ultimate epic of Ana Godbersen’s Luxe series is this. There is one person you can never escape from.Yourself.As EVERYONE has to learn. Eventually.I think this was my fav [...]

    8. SPOILERSTo explain my rating, I would give this book five stars right up until the last ten pages or so, which were horrendous."The Luxe" has been a beautifully crafted series, replete with gorgeous historical details and a sparkling world full of fascinating characters. At the center of this world, there were Diana and Henry, the core romance of the saga. After everything these two went through to be together, it is not just downright stupid that they would not end up together. It is also compl [...]

    9. For six months I have waited in anxious anticipation for the conclusion of the Luxe series. Now after reading I feel that a small part of me is broken. I will never look at the series with an excitement and happiness. Instead there will alway be this bite of sadness. I understood why Anna took the characters where she did. It made sense and I can justify it in my mind. It still was bitterly sad to me and for that I just can't say I liked the book. Diana has been my favorite character in these no [...]

    10. *******Splendor (Luxe book 4) SPOILERS********I just finished reading Splendor and I have to say I loved it for the majority of the book & then I felt soooooo disappointed at the end. Did anyone else feel that way? I mean, what is the point of everything Diana & Henry went through to be together for them to not be together in the end? The ending just left me saying What???? I am a sucker for happy endings & the ending just does not sit well with me. I am happy that Teddy & Elizab [...]

    11. This series had been winding down since the first book ended, and this books ends where I suppose it should have. I loved The Luxe and Rumors and Envy managed to keep me hooked, but Splendor was a little too much melodramatic plot twists and forced endings. While Penny remains as evil as ever, she ends ups with what she really wanted, and Carolina, the former lowly maid Lina, who I personally was starting to forgive and beginning to root for again, lost a lot of what she was gaining. Carolina's [...]

    12. "A suitable ending to a pretentious tale."This series, at its heart, is a soap opera. A tabloid-esque drama circa 1900. I believe the ending fit this series perfectly, and I really couldn't foresee it any other way.Plot: 4.7/5 –A guilty pleasure through and through…Everything played out splendidly. I think, I always felt this is the way it should have went.Characters: 4.5/5 –Conclusively, they all got what they deserved in the end. From the good to the bad. The Feels: 4/5 --Not necessarily [...]

    13. *****SPOILERS******Hey, I have to say that the first three books in this series were to die for. I mean, I read them over the course of a week- Christmas week to be exact. I mean, I went out of my way to find each book and bought the last two (rare, for me) because I couldn't wait for the library to get them to me. But this one was good too, well- up to the last few chapters. Teddy and Diana were a couple that I very much related to, and I thought that it was downright shoddy of the author to co [...]

    14. I think I have a love/hate relationship with this series. Okay, maybe love is too strong a word. Yay (sort of) for Carolina, a character I never really liked and don't really care about. Yay for Penelope who is out of character when she pushes aside appearances, exposes herself to censure very much earned by her behavior, and learns a lesson in humility. but not really because all these people don't really seem to have consequences to any of their actions. And Diana? She abandons the only thing [...]

    15. *MAJOR SPOILERS*I have been a huge fan of the luxe series and i had to wait the longest for splendor whilst i read the others days apart. I believed the novels got better and better but i have to say splendor was an utter dissapointment. I suppose I am saying that biastedly as I was a huge fan of the romance between Dianna Holland and Henry. For me their relationship was the highlight of the books and had me finishing them in hours. I understood that Henry had to marry Penelope unwillingly as it [...]

    16. While I am saddened that this addiciting and pleasurable series is now over, I was pleased by the ending of this book. My initial assumptions about Elizabeth's new husband, Snowden Cairns, the former business partner of her father's, proved correct, as he was certainly not the knight in shining armor he seemed to be in the last book; however, his shocking treatment of a with-child Elizabeth was not quite as expected, and I am glad that the former Miss Keller found happiness elsewhere, as it was [...]

    17. This was a great conclusion to a fantastic series. I am totally satisfied with the resolution of Elizabeth, Lina, Claire, Teddy, and Snowden's stories. The ending of Diana and Henry's stories, as well as Penelope's to some extent, left me so, so disappointed. It's been two days since I finished Splendor and I can't shake the sense of melancholy that settled on me after finishing it, all due to the bittersweet ending for Diana. It didn't make me not like the series, but I think I would have liked [...]

    18. I loved The Luxe, Envy and Rumors, but this book was a huge disappointment to me. So much of the plot just seemed overdone like Elizabeth's situation with her new husband. And it seemed like no one except Lina got what they deserved. Penny got exactly what she wanted, in guessing that she really didn't want tothe prince. I think she really just used him as he used her as a way to try to tell Henry she didn't need him anyway. And Henry was so cheated from the happiness he should have had because [...]

    19. I thought the endings for each and every one of the major characters were absolutely perfect.The main issue for a lot of people unsatisfied with what happened is that Henry and Diana didn't end up together. People said since they fought so hard to be together, it was completely out of character for them to break up. I, however, think it was completely realistic. The fact is that BECAUSE Diana went after Henry half way across the world, she came to have the desire for the kind of freedom that New [...]

    20. First I must say, that I believe Godbersen held true to her style an unrelenting draw in the reader to devour the story as well as the unexpected twists and turns. She knows how to create a page-turner. However, I can't help but speculate how much that has to do with the fact that I grew to love these characters in the previous three books because Splendor, in and of itself, did nothing to create a lasting impression of these characters or the situations they found themselves in. I was left feel [...]

    21. I waited several months for Envy to come out and finally at Christmas I recived it. Three days later I had finished Envy and continued on to Spelendor. I have read most of the reviews on this and I am very surprised that most liked it. I didn't because I felt that everything that Henry and Diana had to go through and they still did not end up together. It was sad for me and left me very sad. I had put myself in Diana's shoes the whole time reading the Luxe books and when she said that she could [...]

    22. I'm a little underwhelmed with the finale to this four book series. The romance in the series was mostly well written and focused but the last book almost went too many places with the affections of its main characters; as if to throw the reader off and surprise them but I guess it didn't surprise me.There were some loose ends and oddities that bugged me throughout the series that causes me to give this book (the last) a three star. Relationships that were pivotal to many storylines just kind of [...]

    23. I love this series and this fourth installment is just as addictive as the rest but i was SO disappointed with the ending! So much of the last 2 books has been building up the relationship between Henry and Diana. And the reader wants it all to work out for them. The obstacle of Penelope becomes easily removed and all should be simple for the young lovers to really be together which is what the reader has been waiting for. I undertand the motivation of the move to Paris but for Diana to go to su [...]

    24. I have difficulty reviewing this objectively, as I love the Luxe series more than I care to admit. But Splendor is a bold and fitting ending to the series. Godbersen isn't afraid to make difficult choices about her characters, which I appreciate, yet I think she'll still please fans of the series. A fantastic finale.* NOTE: I read this in manuscript format so there will most likely be changes between now and publication.

    25. Okay, okay, so it's teen lit, and it's quite trashy and it's like the OC for the lit generation, but hey, I still enjoyed it. The love triangles and the scandals and all the pretty, poofy, anachronistic dresses. The author seems to be far more influence by Irene Castle and the 1910s than anything else. I know. Oh, I know all this. But who am I to turn away from historical novels and relish a bit of light reading?The writing is only so-so, and really, Godbersen could have done a bit more research [...]

    26. YouTube VideosAtYi52B Wrap-Up Weeks 1-4 | youtu/A8ioxVJlzJgJanuary 2016 Wrap Up | youtu/XRx5k8i-3EIIncluded in the Around the Year in 52 Books Challenge : Week 1 A book you meant to read in 2015.I've wanted to read this series since first seeing the sweeping gowns on the cover nearly 7 years ago at Books a Million. I wish I had read them a tad sooner, but I'm glad I didn't read them when I first saw the series. I wasn't ready or understanding enough to appreciate that happy endings are never wha [...]

    27. I'm really disappointed with how everything turned out in this book. Like all the story lines were just a big disappointment. First of all, I kind of guessed the moment that Snowden Cairns popped up that he was no good at all. I knew that. He was too good to be true and I could easily see through his facade. I knew that he orchestrated Will's death and the late Mr. Holland's. Speaking of Mr. Cairns, I am still not happy about what ended up happening to Mrs. Cairns aka Elizabeth. I've always like [...]

    28. so. here's the thing: despite the fact that i still don't understand or really like lina and never found her appealing, i think all the strands of the series are wrapped up perfectly. (i also love the fact that it's davis barnard that believes in diana's writing in the beginning, which ultimately leads to the perfect ending - barnard pride, people!!)it isn't the perfect ending for everyone, at all. but it's so wharton-esque it kind of creeps me out. the last scene of henry and penelope reminds m [...]

    29. Here's my basic thought on this four-book series: I wanted to like it. I really did! I urged the characters on to better each of their current situations, but, without fail, each managed to muck things up even more. I truly love fiction because things so very out of the ordinary can happen. Sometimes characters make choices that I don't understand or agree with, but many times they can manage to pull things together in the end. This series? EVERY character makes a royal mess of their lives. Few [...]

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