Drama Queers!

Drama Queers!

Frank Anthony Polito / Apr 07, 2020

Drama Queers Winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Romance

  • Title: Drama Queers!
  • Author: Frank Anthony Polito
  • ISBN: 9780758231642
  • Page: 148
  • Format: None
  • Winner of the 2009 Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Romance

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        Frank Anthony Polito is an award winning author and playwright His published novels include Band Fags 2008 Best Fiction InsightOut Book Club and Drama Queers 2009 Lambda Literary Award , and the novella A Christmas to Remember the sequel to BAND FAGS as featured in the collection Remembering Christmas.In April 2012, Frank published his first Young Adult novel, Lost in the 90s under his own imprint, Woodward Avenue Books.Frank grew up in the Detroit suburb of Hazel Park He received his BFA in Theatre from Wayne State University and his MFA in Dramatic Writing from Carnegie Mellon He currently resides in Pleasant Ridge, MI with his partner, Craig Bentley.


    1. 4,5 starsDear Mr Polito,I'm in love with your book.And I don't care if and how many persons/readers/whatever can like to share this opinion with me. I. DON'T. CARE.This. Book.I.love. every. single. minute. of. it.The 80s-terrific, the bittersweet narrating voice(one of the best YA 1st person POVs-GRANDIOSE!!!), humour, the characters, EVERYTHING, EVERYONE-LOVE IT, LOVE IT, L-O-V-E IT!!!!!!!!You made me laugh, yes, like for the 90% of the book, and then, between 90% and 97%, you made me sob, like [...]

    2. Drama Queers by Frank Anthony Polito is a follow-up to his premier publication Band Fags. In his first novel, Polito intruduces the characters Jack Paterno and Bradley Dayton, a best-friend pair coming of age in their hometown of Hazel Park, Michigan. The first book is told from Jack's point-of-view, but the sequel Drama Queers is written in the voice of Brad, and offers a much different perspective.Bradley is a lovable, extroverted and popular member of his high school class. He is active in ba [...]

    3. I'll admit that I liked his first book better, but I did enjoy this one. What struck me the most about Polito's second book was how he captured the voice of Brad. There is such a distinction between Brad, the narrator of this book and Jack, the narrator of Band Fags, that it feels like two different people wrote these books. To me, that shows talent from a really good writer. After the joy I had from reading Band Fags, Drama Queers felt like visiting a place I'd already been. The bulk of this st [...]

    4. Ugh. I found the main character to be totally unlikeable and I really didn't give a damn what he did, one way or another. That was my main problem with this. The other big problem for me was that he wass constantly talking about this movie or that sometimes for a really long time, totally interrupting whatever momentum had been built up. If I wanted to know the plot of a movie, I would've looked it up or- shock!- WATCHED THE MOVIE. The lengthy 80's movie discussion was totally unnecessary. Thoug [...]

    5. Bradley Dayton. Bad Fag. Drama Queer. President of Thespian Troupe #4443. He’s gay. Err… He’s not a fag. I mean he is but…I wished I could appreciate this more because it definitely reminds me of so much of my high school and my years in College doing student’s productions and all but sadly, it took me a bit of effort to last until the end. I mean, I thought it was really hilarious at some point and I totally adore Brad but I feel like drowning with all the pop culture references. I fi [...]

    6. Very strong 80s' voice and distinct first person character voiceok some time to get used to since there were SO many names flying around and descriptions - felt like I was reading a million a mile.What I would reread:-all the parts with "the sophomore"-the parts that revolve around the plays (A Christmas Carol, Grease)-the references of 80s films (Grease 2 anyone?)-the ending (which is so heartfelt and bittersweet)What I would skip:-the NY trip (felt like shaking him!)-all the namesof course he [...]

    7. Review from the PFS Book ClubWhat I Liked: Well, I liked the original book in this series enough to try out the sequel. And while there is a similar style and some of my favorite characters recur here, this book is almost too like original take. Even the two main character's voices are nearly the same. But if you hadn't read the other book, then you wouldn't know that.That being said, I think anyone who has done high school theatre can at least appreciate this story. It's a story of learning who [...]

    8. We first met Bradley Dayton in Frank Anthony Polito’s first novel Band Fags, which I read and wrote about here. This book isn’t exactly a sequel to Band Fags because the two main characters (the Band Fag and the Drama Queer) have a b.f.f. breakup and these books take place during that time when they weren’t super close and involved in one anothers lives.When I read Marc Acito’s How I Paid For College and the “sequel” Attack of the Theater People I found myself bored and tempted to sk [...]

    9. The book is about Brad. I remember Brad when I first read Band Fags! a few years ago. I recall not liking his character that much. Somehow, although Band Fags! was so good that I had to grab the copy of Drama Queers!, I did not start reading this book until a few days ago. And you know what I don't regret spending the money on his books. Polito entertains his readers well.Sure, there were times I wish there were less flashbacks. There were times I wish I knew what was going on, when I turned to [...]

    10. I picked this book up as soon as I saw it listed on . Polito's first book, Band Fags!, was wonderful so getting this one was a no-brainer. As with the first, the narrator's voice read like a 17yo boy. Brad is 4 years younger than me and I was born in a different suburb around Detroit, so getting the slang and attitudes right is a major plus - I was quite pleased.At first I was leery that it was not a sequel but ran concurrently with the first story. I was afraid that it would just be a rehash. W [...]

    11. DRAMA QUEERS is Frank Anthony Polito’s Young Adult follow-up to BAND FAGS. Whereas BAND FAGS focused on Jack’s coming of age, DRAMA QUEERS focuses on Jack’s best friend Bradley during their 1987/1988 senior year in high school.Bradley is gay and comfortable in his own skin, but he runs into situations where he isn’t so forthcoming about his sexuality and he veers from the motto “To Thine Own Self Be True”. Lots of 80’s references abound, and if you were around then, some of those l [...]

    12. I thought reading couldn't get better than Band Fags, and then the book Drama Queers came into my life! What a wonderful intersectionality of 80's pop culture and queer subject(s) in a young adult novel. This book was so entertaining and well written, it has become a favorite on my book shelf. I love how Polito wrote the plot to be interwoven with Band Fags. Pick up either book first, but I definitely recommend reading them back to back, and also both can stand alone. I am so pleased that I foun [...]

    13. 2 1/2 stars.I feel like I've read this book before, but I haven't; I have read all the parts elsewhere and usually as part of a better whole.The plot is nothing new, the narrator is bland and there are too many attempts to add colour / flesh out back story that didn't need to be there. Why introduce us to seemingly hundreds of extras, if they play no part in the story other than to increase the world count? Also, a gentle reminder that there was more to the 80s than John Hughes' movies.

    14. Alot of times when you live away from a gay mecca, like Chicago, what happens usually is a man has the ability to find (1) coming of age books(2) Psych books or (3) AIDSy books. I hesitated to pick DRAMA QUEERS up because you knew from the onset that this was a COMING OUT type book. I am glad I didy because of how Polito was able to take a community and describe so many cross connectionsat I learned something about my gay communityd loved it.

    15. I think that I would have liked this a lot better without the constant flashbacks, asides, and lists of '80s pop culture references. The coming out story was pretty standard. I didn't like the main character Brad, but I really liked Richie Tyler. The other character I liked died, which was a bummer.

    16. A good sequel, or, I guess, more a companion piece to Band Fags, as it takes place during the same time period. A lot less data dump, which was nice, and an interesting exploration of being young and out-ish in the 80's.

    17. High School, senior year, 1987-88--Brad is a thespian and hopes his acting career and love life really take flight. So many ups and downs, missed opportunities yet, great romance and meeting new, exciting friends. Drama Queers is a laugh out loud book, packed full of nostalgia.

    18. I giggled my way through Band Fags!, too, so I had a feeling this one would be similar. It sort of reminded me of Attack of the Theater People, although I hate to compare books just because they are both about gay teens in theater. But, um, they are.

    19. All but 30 pages are about Brad's time in high school. I didn't like HS!Brad in Band Fags! and, from what I scanned of this book, I don't like postHS!Brad any better.

    20. I wanted to like it, being set in high school during my high school years, but it just didn't work for me. I'm not sure exactly why, but it was something to do with the narrative voice.

    21. Another installment of those crazy Detroit kids in the '80's! Can't wait to move into the '90's with his next book.

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