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Vortex In the bestselling Red Phoenix Larry Bond showed in a world of explosive uncertainty what a new Korean War would be like Now in VORTEX he takes his storytelling powers one astonishing step furthe

  • Title: Vortex
  • Author: Larry Bond
  • ISBN: 9780751500004
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • In the bestselling Red Phoenix, Larry Bond showed, in a world of explosive uncertainty, what a new Korean War would be like Now, in VORTEX, he takes his storytelling powers one astonishing step further in an epic novel set in one of the most emotionally charged global flashpoints today South Africa As the forces of white supremacy make their last ruthless stand, asIn the bestselling Red Phoenix, Larry Bond showed, in a world of explosive uncertainty, what a new Korean War would be like Now, in VORTEX, he takes his storytelling powers one astonishing step further in an epic novel set in one of the most emotionally charged global flashpoints today South Africa As the forces of white supremacy make their last ruthless stand, as chaos threatens an entire continent, and as the world is faced with Armageddon itself, America mobilizes Operation Brave Fortune, a full scale war effort it will wage on land, at sea, in the air

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        Larry Bond is the author of several bestselling military thrillers, including Crash Dive, Cold Choices, Dangerous Ground, Red Phoenix and the Larry Bond s First Team and Larry Bond s Red Dragon Rising series He was a naval officer for six years, serving four on a destroyer and two on shore duty in the Washington DC area He s also worked as a warfare analyst and antisubmarine technology expert, and he now writes and designs computer games, including Harpoon and Command at Sea He makes his home in Springfield, Virginiacmillan author larrybond


    1. This was my first Larry Bond, and I was struck with how similar his writing, style, and plots are to Tom Clancy. It makes sense that they collaborated on a few books. I like Larry Bond because his books (or at least this one) are so big-scale. He doesn't focus on one little conspiracy or skirmish - he tackles the subject of a fictional,large-scale, full-blown, 20th century war. Everything that happens in the book makes sense and is realistic. Many of the themes and events already have precedents [...]

    2. Another good techno-thriller that moves along smartly with action (well, action may not cover it). The war this time begun in South Africa drawing in surrounding nations and the troops of Cuba etc. Finally the precious metals market begins to suffer (South Africa source of a great deal of Gold). The saddest part of this book is that quite likely, were the kind of forces feilded in this book needed today, the US and UK probably couldn't do it.

    3. Karl Vorster,presiden baharu Republik Afrika Selatan (RAS) mahu kembali ke era Apartheid. Selain itu,dia juga mahukan kembali Namibia yang terletak di barat laut RAS. Untuk mencapainya,Vorster mengaturgerakkan pasukan polis dan kumpulan pelampau kulit putihnya untuk melakukan penindasan dan menjejaki mana-mana individu bukan kulit putih yang menentang rejim di bawah pimpinannya. Penaklukan tentera secara besar-besaran juga dilancarkan untuk menawan Namibia. Namun demikian,ini bukanlah suatu tuga [...]

    4. Good novel about South Africa and one of its factions trying to maintain the status quo with apartheid. Easy to make a comparison of the events in this novel and some of what took place in Germany in the early and mid '30's. Written in the early 90's, before the ANC took control of South Africa.

    5. I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/13537998At the time it was published it had some potential, but didn't realise it. The author had little sense of the geography of the places her writes about, making the story improbable.

    6. Larry Bond at his very best. A plausible (if extreme) political narrative, within South Africa, that underpins the modern technology driven war fought between the protagonists. In between this we have the human stories offering the reader a wide range of views on the same underlying ideas. The megalomaniacal leader who believing himself to be inspired by God can do no wrong. The toadying underlings whose desire for power outstrips their ability to achieve this for themselves so hang onto the le [...]

    7. Interesting. Not the best not worstI enjoyed all he insight into the South Africa political scene during this era. The narrative is a bit long winded/slow, but all in all an enjoyable read.

    8. Good StoryFor those of us who like military fiction, this book is a great read. Larry Bond tells a great story with good technical knowledge.

    9. I'm a bit torn on what to feel about Larry Bond's Vortex. On the one hand, his ability to cover a whole range of topics across a detailed world chock full of action keeps one hooked throughout the bulk of this huge piece of literature. On the other, that sheer size of narrative forces Bond to sometimes reduce his many many many characters to archetypes, makes him tend to forget central characters who are prominent in say the first third of the novel for roughly 200+ pages at a time, and can some [...]

    10. Vortex, by Larry Bond, was an excellent book, both because of its well thought out plot and its immersive style of storytelling. More often than not, the reader finds himself absorbed by the story that the real world fades away, and pulling yourself out of this reverie is almost an impossible task. Bond’s story achieves greatness through its intense plot, vivid scenes of both action and political debate, and the gradual revelation of enchanting underlying themes throughout the story. Very few [...]

    11. The only reason I gave this 2 stars instead of 1 is because I skimmed through LB's later work (Cauldron) which was, as impossible as it seems, even worse!There are some that say Larry Bond (LB) is the successor to Tom Clancy (TC). To them I say that while LB in his prime could challenge TC now, TC in his prime would wipe the floor with LB.This is supposed to be one of LB's better books. However, coming from the rich and complex world of TC, I was disgusted by the lack of development of anything [...]

    12. I first read this book back in 1992, when I was a junior in high school. It was a pleasure to re-read it now, with not only the perspective of adulthood, but military and international travel & (security-oriented) work, as well as a college degree in International Relations to boot. From my recent professional interactions with South Africans of every skin color since I first read this book, it amazes me how far South African race relations have come since then. This book is a bit implausibl [...]

    13. Book industry (or media in general) is winner-take-all? Larry Bond, the #2 to Tom Clancy, is according to GR stats something like 1/20th as read which still equates, of course, to best-seller status and some kind of livingAnyway Vortex is the 1989 answer to Red Storm Rising, but covering a hypothetical South Africa/Namibia "brushfire war". recently reduced to 2.99, along with cauldron and book one of bond's new red dragon rising series, the book is professional, tightly written, and obviously ga [...]

    14. A pretty decent technothriller written at a time before the dismantling of the apartheid-era South Africa, with Bond setting his war novel in Namibia and SA. Politically simplistic it is still a rattling good yarn, and a very enjoyable addition to the genre made popular by the likes of one-time collaborator Tom Clancy, as well as Dale Brown, Harold Coyle etc. There is a certain historical pleasure to be taken from reading a book like this, as like so many of the novels of this genre and era were [...]

    15. A great read overall. Larry Bond put together a fairly complex tale.with many story arcs but didn't get lost when putting it to paper. A whatif scenario involving South Africa, he uses a pre-apartheid gone horribly wrong. He then weaves in a geopolitical web involving the whole world that starts from just a small localized war. He really expands on what could happen when a small conflict spirals out of control and drags in others. This book was written in the early 90's so the "cutting edge tech [...]

    16. This is one of the funnest geo-political thrillers I have ever read. Although dated and set within a Cold War/Apartheid South Africa paradigm, it is gripping from the first page onward. Not only does it suck the reader in with compelling (for the genre, mind you) characters. But, Bond creates some of the most intense and memorable action sequences that will leave you hoping for more. A must read on your next trans-Atlantic flight.

    17. I didn't like Vortex as much as I enjoyed Red Storm Rising (yes, he helped Clancy co-author RSR) or Red Phoenix, but this book has its moments. Bond's true success with these novels is his ability to create realistic scenarios that catapult tense regions of the world into war. Bond also has a very good grasp of international politics in regards to weapons sales and alliances. Vortex was a solid offering, but I didn't enjoy it as much as Red Phoenix.

    18. South Africa goes feral in about 1992. Cuba gets involved. Libya gets involved. US and UK gets involved. Nazi Boers die with their boots on as their leader starts ranting in the conference room. A very clear modern-day parable about how the Allies should have stomped on Stalin in '45. Oh, and the guy gets the girl. Light and very black and white (no pun intended). Rated M for frequent war violence and occasional coarse language. 3/5

    19. I made it halfway through this book before stopping. The story was just a bit much. The premise was far fetched, the character development was cliche and the strategies and "flow" of the story was just plain amateurish. This book is not a good example of Larry Bonds talent at all, nothing like Red Phoenix or his work with Clancy in Red Storm Rising. So I put it back ont he shelf and hope that "Cauldron" is better.

    20. The action doesn't stop and it's very well written. I also love that while this is a work of fiction, it has so much in the way of actual people and actual events which makes it so much more interesting. The historical accuracy the author achieves while managing to keep you entertained is very impressive. This is the first Larry Bond I have read but it won't be my last.

    21. This was by far the longest book I have read by Larry Bond. I do think it was the best one I have read of his books. I liked that it dealt with the troubles in South Africa, one place we do not read about everyday. I will try and read some more of Larry Bond's books in the future. That is as long as BookBub keeps putting them on sale for 99 cents.

    22. I'd read his previous book 'Red Phoenix' some time ago. This is similar. Interesting enough plot, suspenseful aside from US forces jingoism (they could never lose or make a mistake in Bond's world). The characters are cardboard cutouts. But one reads this for plot and action, not to find out who gets Mr. Darcy. It was diverting.

    23. Best finishing line ever and a line that fits the Mid-East today. "We need every law enforcement unit we can get. These people need to learn to call a cop and not take the law into their own hands."

    24. One of the reasons I enjoy reading authors like Larry Bond is all of the detail they give. On the one hand, I wanted to see how it ended, but on the other hand, I really enjoyed the style and the action.

    25. South African radicals decide to to invade neighboring country and soon full war is on the way. When the war culminates with exchange of weapons of mass destruction from both sides international community decides to stop the onslaught.[return][return]Great action.

    26. Vortex represents Bond's finest work, despite the fact that the story takes place before the complete end of the Apartheid in South Africa. While the world has changed significantly, Vortex still holds up as a riveting addition to the techno-thriller genre and I highly recommend picking this up.

    27. Take a look at what a new world war will look like. It portrays the battles in a way one would expect as the technical wizardry of the US military - lightning fast and over in a flash, before you even realize what's going on.

    28. Mucho terrific novel about aparthied, discrimination, racisim, communisim and down right stupidity which takes place in South Africa. Should be made into a movie BUT have to change the name as there is already a Japanese movie called Vortex.

    29. Obviously written before South Africa ceased to be an Apartheid country, this book is unfortunately quite dated now. Still, if you can ignore that fact, it's still a good yarn with plenty of action and memorable characters, both likable and (thoroughly) detestable.

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