Haunt Me Still

Haunt Me Still

Jennifer Lee Carrell / Apr 04, 2020

Haunt Me Still April Dutton hardcover Jennifer Lee Carrell The Speckled Monster Kate Stanley Jennifer Lee Carrell s dauntless Shakespearean scholarturned director made a memorable and New York Times bestsell

  • Title: Haunt Me Still
  • Author: Jennifer Lee Carrell
  • ISBN: 9780525950776
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • April 2010 Dutton hardcover, Jennifer Lee Carrell The Speckled Monster Kate Stanley, Jennifer Lee Carrell s dauntless Shakespearean scholarturned director, made a memorable and New York Times bestselling debut in Interred with Their Bones Having chased down her mentor s killer and recovering one of Shakespeare s lost plays in the process , Kate s fame as a directorApril 2010 Dutton hardcover, Jennifer Lee Carrell The Speckled Monster Kate Stanley, Jennifer Lee Carrell s dauntless Shakespearean scholarturned director, made a memorable and New York Times bestselling debut in Interred with Their Bones Having chased down her mentor s killer and recovering one of Shakespeare s lost plays in the process , Kate s fame as a director with an expertise in occult Shakespeare catapults her and Ben Pearl, her partner in crime solving into a new production of Macbeth, showcasing a fabled collection of objects relating both to the play and the historical Scottish king for whom it is named.

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    1. Haunt Me Still is a sequel to Interred with Their Bones in which Kate Stanley was on the hunt for a missing Shakespeare play. In this book, she is hired to stage a new production of Macbeth. Macbeth is a play so famously cursed that actors even refuse to name the play or quote from the play aloud. And it won’t take long before it seems like the play really is cursed…Interred with Their Bones was such a good book that I for a long time have wanted to read Haunt Me Still, unfortunately, this b [...]

    2. I really wanted to like this book. But honestly, it ran about 8000 words too long and by the end I didn't care what happened to any of the characters. I also didn't care what had happened alternately two hundred and four hundred years in the past, although presumably most of those characters have the decency to be dead now.if someone can tell me what that stupid chapter about flying to New York and back was about, I'd be glad to hear it.I'm only going to recommend this book if you just have a re [...]

    3. First Sentence: Wrapped in a gown of blue-green velvet trimmed with gold, a queen’s crown on his head, the boy sat drowsing on the throne near the center of the Great Hall, just at the edge of the light. Shakespeare scholar turned stage director Kate Stanley has been asked to meet Lady Nairn, formerly actress Janet Douglas. Lady Nairn wants Kate to direct a new production of the Scottish play incorporating the collection of valuable artifacts linked to the play collected by her late husband. T [...]

    4. I really want to like Carrell's books. I'm a Shakespearean and so they should be great fun. But having read two (this and Interred with Their Bones) I find I can't get past the insanely convoluted plots (really, when you need an author's note and a character recapping events to understand what's happening, things have spun out of control) and, honestly the treatment of Shakespeare.I love Shakespeare, obviously. I think he was a genius. But I don't think he was unique. And Carrell's books fall in [...]

    5. I DO NOT quit reading books after I've started them. God, I wish I could quit reading this book, after I started.A sound premise: Shakespeare changed MacBeth after the witch scene in his first production actually cast a working spell; it cursed the play for the rest of time.Unfortunately, this premise is quickly lost in a sea of graduate-level English Lit trivia. Pointless chases; random characters appear and are killed off; villains wander in and out, changing names.Awful dreck.

    6. workaday mp3The TrailerRead by Katherine Kellgrenblurb - A legendary theatrical curseA rune-engraved blade, a mysterious mirror, and an ancient cauldronAnd a ritually murdered body laid out in the manner of ancient pagan burials.Kate Stanley, Jennifer Lee Carrell's dauntless Shakespearean scholar- turned-director, made a memorable-and New York Times bestselling-debut in Interred with Their Bones. Having chased down her mother's killer (and recovering one of Shakespeare's lost plays in the proces [...]

    7. What a disappointment. Jennifer Carrell's first book was worth reading for the prose alone, even if it had not been a good story. But it was a great story and very fun; I couldn't put it down. This book continues with the same characters and involves another Shakespeare mystery so I anticipated a very good read. Kate is portrayed as she was in the last book and it's a year later in her life and picks right up where she left off. Ben on the other hand has his character changed. In the last book h [...]

    8. Wow. What a convoluted mess. As a lifelong fan of Shakespeare, I really wanted to enjoy this literary mystery, but, while the author has a clear affection for and impressive knowledge of all things Shakespeare, the plot lacks anything of real interest. Characters who were intelligent, exciting, and enjoyable in Carrell's previous novel, Interred with Their Bones, come across as flat and almost nondescript in this second outing; and, the plot is, at times, painstakingly slow. Without anyone to ro [...]

    9. Kate is a Shakespeare lover/specialist which is being called to Scotland to help directing a play based on a Shakespeare story. That is the reason she is being asked to come from London to Scotland but as she will soon find out it isn't that easy and might not even be te main thing she will be doing there. From the castle she will be staying there is 'the hill' where nobody should go alone. Everywhere there is 'Shakespeare's curse'. For Kate to find what she needs to be able to help Lady Nairn w [...]

    10. This is the sequel to "The Shakespeare secret" but you needn't have read the first to appreciate this book, it is a sequel in the sense that it is the continuing story of events that centre around the character of Kate Stanley who was introduced in the first book. This book follows the events that unfurl as Kate is asked to direct a 400th anniversary production of the famously cursed Shakespeare play Macbeth in Scotland. There's a kidnapping, murder, mystery, ghosts, secrets, lies, and long lost [...]

    11. I enjoyed the Shakespearean elements in this story but I have to say, the plot is a little insane and convoluted most of the time. The thing that I don't understand most is that the character Kate has a mild concussion before setting off to Britain and America to find the lost manuscript without enough food or sleep or even a shower. I wanted to believe that it's her perseverance and will power that kept her going but still, you'll need at least a little sleep after a concussion. At least that's [...]

    12. Great idea for a story, but not very well executed. There was enough going on for three books. It jumps around, is overly dramatic in parts and is hard to follow, or maybe you just need to be a Shakespeare scholar to keep up. I like to read about historical people and events in fiction and generally feel as though I have learned more about them. Not in this case.

    13. Mildly entertaining. Kate Stanley has been brought to Dunsinnan Castle, Scotland, to direct a new production of MacBeth. But soon after her arrival, strange things happen.Much consternation over "the Scottish Play" and the ancient artifacts to be used in this production, which seem to be considered mighty important to someone, then one person disappears and another dies. Kate and her ex-paramour Ben race to discover the truth behind the artifacts' lure, before others meet a bad end as well. Unfo [...]

    14. Horribly disappointing follow up to Interred with Their Bones. Carrell's second novel is much too long and failed to capture my imagination the way her previous book did with its plot twists and snippets of Shakespeare lore.

    15. 3.5 starsIt just wasn't as good as the first book. At times I felt confused if in the book's world we believe dark magic exists or not. The last 30 pages or do were good, but the rest was mediocre.

    16. I liked it enough but there were a lot of dull points. The story was interesting but there were a few areas where it either seemed repetitive or the story could have survived without a particular section. The story gets an "Eh" from me.

    17. Well, I'm not quite sure how to feel about this book. Half of me liked it. Half of me didn't. I felt the exact same way with Carrell's first book with Kate Stanley, "Interred with Their Bones." In both books, the plot seems kind of overly comlicated and is often times a tad difficult to follow, even when paying absolute attention.So what exactly did I like about this book: as with "Interred with Their Bones," the first half of "Haunt Me Still" was what caught me. I loved the idea of Kate directi [...]

    18. Haunt Me Still- Jennifer Lee CarrellOK let me preface this review by saying if you haven't read her first book, Interred with their Bones you need to go read it. Like right now. No, seriously, go get it. It's about the search for Shakespeare's lost Cardenio. Jennifer Lee Carrell is utterly brilliant as a writer with plot twists you never see coming. I mean, we're talking way better than Dan Brown since the subject of her books is occult Shakespeare not conspiracy theorist religion. Additionally, [...]

    19. This was an okay book. I mostly enjoyed it, but did find the plot somewhat convoluted - uncessarily so - and a bit too much detail that I found unnecessary to the story.When Shakespeare professor Kate Stanley is asked to direct a very special version of "The Scottish Play" for the reclusive Lady Nairn, she never expects that this will lead to multiple murders, secret demonic plots, kidnapping and the influences of a long ago Lady who wanted to be Queen, and the famous John Dee.As I said, the sto [...]

    20. It was okay. The book kept me interested, though the beginning was slow. Once I got about 100 pages in, though, I found myself becoming more engaged. I did find myself annoyed with the number of times something "rippled" in the story, though. I found myself actually stopping and saying, "Please, learn another word." I just read that word in another book and actually winced. The occult stuff was interesting, especially the way the author went about it. The story was written in a way that you got [...]

    21. Kate and her cohort, Ben, are working on a play, Macbeth with their own twist. A lot of actors won't touch this play because of it's history. Some won't even speak it's name. Kate starts to find herself in different places with no recollection of how she got there. When people start dying and the deaths look like a part of a pagan ritual, Kate is forced to believe in the curse. She and Ben set out to find a long lost version of this play that holds the answers they seek.I love a good mystery. Th [...]

    22. Okay, when I see "haunted" in the title, there better be some ghosts. Or at least one spooky part. And this title is clearly mislabeled. But it is just a Dan Brown wannabe that fuses Shakespeare's MacBeth with a lot of confusing jabberwocky that may or may not be true fact. Or even close to the truth about the wonderful myths that surround this play. And some people say that they can't understand the Bard!

    23. If you love Shakespeare you will love this book, unfortunately I’m not one of his fans. The plot of this book is amazing, but this is not enough to make a good novel because the characters are really almost dead ! No development; they don’t even have tendency or potentiality to change ! I found it really hard to finish the book, skipping several pages at the end to just know what happens at the end. This unbalanced combination creates a very boring novel. Not recommended.

    24. Carroll's a decent writer and seems to be an excellent researcher, but I've always disliked books that make up history. I didn't like the "DaVinci Code" for this reason (that and Dan Brown is a very bad writer). Additionally, what is a big sin for a mystery, there was not much suspense built in to the story.

    25. Interesting new ideas about the play MacBeth and witchcraft. I enjoyed looking up aspects of the novel (like Dee's mirrror and Dee, himself) and finding that they were based in fact. Interesting murder mystery and adventure novel though at times I felt myself struggling to keep some of the characters straight.

    26. Haunt Me Still by Jennifer Lee Carrell is a Kate Stanley mystery centered around a production of Macbeth in which the backer, Lady Nairn, former actress, believes there is a first, longer version of the play. She hires Kate to produce the play using many objects from her own collection of witchcraft and drama artifacts, but also to help search for the missing first manuscript which apparently has scenes depicting real witchcraft practices which Shakespeare may have seen on a trip to Scotland. Th [...]

    27. This book has received mixed reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been likened to Dan Brown which I find unfair and inaccurate. For a start, there is none of Brown's constant product placement. It has been well researched, the author's notes at the end running to 20 pages. In this she separates fact from fiction. The story itself deals with a search for the supposed lost manuscript of the Scottish Play, aka Macbeth. The main thrust of this is that Shakespeare had spent some time in Scotla [...]

    28. I had read her first book about the search for Shakespeare's list play so was happy to see this second book. It was every bit as good and just as gripping. Dr Carrell's knowledge of Shakespeare (she's a Harvard professor) shines through and the reader learns all sorts of new tidbits of information. If you want a good thriller, well written and with interesting protagonists, this is it.

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