The Body in the Sleigh

The Body in the Sleigh

Katherine Hall Page / Feb 24, 2020

The Body in the Sleigh It s Christmastime and the Fairchild family is spending the holidays on idyllic Sanpere Island in Maine while the Reverend Thomas Fairchild recuperates from surgery His caterer wife Faith is rejoic

  • Title: The Body in the Sleigh
  • Author: Katherine Hall Page
  • ISBN: 9780061474255
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s Christmastime, and the Fairchild family is spending the holidays on idyllic Sanpere Island in Maine while the Reverend Thomas Fairchild recuperates from surgery His caterer wife, Faith, is rejoicing in the rare, holiday family time together watching ice boaters, snowshoeing, and doing plenty of reading in front of the fire But Faith s high spirits are dampened whenIt s Christmastime, and the Fairchild family is spending the holidays on idyllic Sanpere Island in Maine while the Reverend Thomas Fairchild recuperates from surgery His caterer wife, Faith, is rejoicing in the rare, holiday family time together watching ice boaters, snowshoeing, and doing plenty of reading in front of the fire But Faith s high spirits are dampened when she discovers the body of a young woman in an antique sleigh in front of the Sanpere Historical Society The victim, Norah, was a teenage drug addict who apparently died by her own hand Beloved by many, her untimely death rocks the isolated, tight knit island community Meanwhile, Mary Bethany, a local spinster who raises goats, happens upon a newborn baby boy lying in the manger of her barn on Christmas Eve The only clues to his identity are a note in the basket asking her to take care of him, as well as an alarming amount of cash As Faith helps Mary locate the baby s mother, she soon finds that the truth behind the abandonment is connected to Norah s last days and that, just as death and life are intertwined on Sanpere, so are evil and redemptive goodness.

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        Katherine Hall Page is the author of fifteen previous Faith Fairchild mysteries, the first of which received the Agatha Award for best first mystery and the most recent of which, The Body in the Snowdrift, was honored with the Agatha Award for best novel Page also won an Agatha for her short story The Would Be Widower She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and son from the publisher s website Series Faith Fairchild Christie and Company Mystery


    1. My feeling about the Faith Fairchild series that this author writes has always been lukewarm, but this book seemed much better. The plot and characters were more developed and the story line was representative of the curent times. It was a fast read and quite enjoyable - looking forward to where "the body" next lands.

    2. #18. I’m flying through these like candy, enjoying the warm characters, the evolution of Faith, Tom, Ben and Amy and their friends and quirky neighbors. This Christmas finds the Fairchilds at their Sanpere Island, Maine, summer Home, far from their usual Aleford catering and pastoral duties as Tom recovers from emergency surgery (gall stones). Faith discovers the body of a teenage girl, Norah/Zara, in a decorative sleigh, Mary Bethany, middle-aged spinster who keeps Nubian goats and makes chee [...]

    3. Cozy. Minister's wife with family on an island for Xmas. Girl found dead in sleigh -- a baby left with the island recluse goat farmer -- and they all come together.

    4. Seventeenth chronologically and eighteenth in publication in the Faith Fairchild cooking mystery series based in contemporary Aleford, Massachusetts, although, in this particular story, Faith and family are spending Christmas up at their cottage in Sanpere, Maine.My TakeI confess I had hoped for a different ending although the one we have is reasonable. And on the way to that ending, I cried so much. Jake and Norah had such promise, and she was such a good person.We learn of Mary's family backgr [...]

    5. The Body in the Sleigh (A Faith Fairchild Mystery) – Reviewed by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, RepeatAs Mary entered the barn to milk her goats, the first thing she spotted was a large basket with a big red bow, nestled against a bale of hay. It must be a gift from a neighbor. A tag hung from the bow: “For Mary Bethany.” She ignored the goats for a moment and knelt down before the gift. It was an afghan in soft pastel colors. That would be Arlene Harvey who crocheted so beautifu [...]

    6. This is (wow!) the eighteenth Faith Fairchild mystery. I've read them all, and I've enjoyed them all. There are not a lot of series one can say that about.Faith's husband Tom is recovering from major surgery, and they've gone to their cottage on Sanpere Island, Maine for the Christmas holidays. Ben is now in middle school (I couldn't find his exact age, but if he's in Grade 6, he must be 11), and Amy is a couple of years younger. The community on Sanpere is even smaller and more tightly knit tha [...]

    7. When I purchased this book I wasn't aware that I was reading the 18th book in the series. I haven't read any of the earlier books so I was surprised to be able to understand the character immediately. Often when you miss earlier books there is no real introduction to the character - some simply pick up where the last one left off. In this case that was not true.The overall premise is that Faith and her family are staying at their summer home while, her husband Tom, who is a pastor, recuperated f [...]

    8. Winter holiday mysteries are perfect for December reading for me. Pretty much immediately after Thanksgiving, I tend to hunker down with mostly holiday amateur sleuth/cozy mode with an occasional venture into holiday paranormal. I save books through the year and make a stack in a special section of Mt Git'r'Read for that time of year. And THE BODY IN THE SLEIGH was one of those. This is a really good amateur sleuth series and I look forward to each one as I get to them. This holiday season has t [...]

    9. Faith Fairchild is at it again. She's spending Christmas on SanPere Island with her family, and the mysteries keep cropping up. An unexpectedly gruesome discovery colors the Christmas season. Fortunately, the creepiness is tempered by a lovely surprise in the form of a babe in the manger - quite literally. Can Faith unravel the various mysteries before the killer strikes again?In many ways, this is Katherine Hall Page's best written, most sophisticated book yet. The level of character developmen [...]

    10. Another new author for me. I put this in the cozy category. Faith Fairchild is the wife of a minister and they are wintering on an island off the coast of Main where they have a summer retreat. Rev. Fairchild is recovering from an illness and is enjoying the peaceful surroundings with Faith and their son and daughter. Just before Christmas, Faith discovers the body of a young girl in a sleigh on town square and reports it to the local police. Now Faith has been known to get involved in a bit of [...]

    11. I thought this was a pretty standard Faith Fairchild story. Solving the mystery isn't really the point of the book - it's all about Faith, her family and her growing network of people she knows. Everyone in this world is either good or bad so it's easy to know who to root for. The plot of this one is about a baby who ends up in a barn on Christmas Eve. Faith is called by the woman who is now the defacto mom and she is turned onto the mystery. It turns out that there's a rampant drug trade going [...]

    12. This is the 18th book in the Faith Fairchild series. I normally do not care for cozies, but I really like all the characters in this series. Faith is a nice person; her husband is a nice person; her children are nice people and except for Faith's propensity for getting involved in murders over the years, they seem to have nice lives. This is a lovely Christmas story with Faith and her family staying on Sanpere Island while Tom recuperates from a serious bout with gallstones. As one can imagine t [...]

    13. This is the 18th book in the Faith Fairchild series and I think that it's still going strong. In this story, the Fairchild's are at their summer home on a Maine island for the Christmas holiday season because Tom is recovering from gall stone surgery and needs time away from his congregation outside Boston. While there Faith discovers the body of a young woman in a sleigh in front of the local historical society, a baby is left on Christmas Eve in a barn where a local farmer will find him when s [...]

    14. I love her books and this series, which this is the 18th book in, if I counted correctly. The Fairchilds are spending Christmas at their summer place due to the Reverend Thomas Fairchild's recent surgery and health scare. Faith and the children are enjoying being away for the first time ever the constant planning and church activities that being a part of a pastor's family involves. They are seeing their summer town in a whole new light when they go to the center of town and discover a young gir [...]

    15. Although I picked this up more than a year ago, it was the perfect time of year to read this Faith Fairchild mystery. On Christmas Eve a newborn baby is left in the manger of Mary Bethany's goat farm and B&B. Along with $50k and a note naming him Christopher. Mary does what any normal woman would do, she calls Faith. Meanwhile, Faith has already discovered a dead body in a Christmas display. The winding way these two events were connected were fascinating. I wish we had had more time to get [...]

    16. Another installment in the Faith Fairchild series. The mysteries are not that mysterious or hard to figure out. But the atmosphere created is comforting - it's like visiting an old friend and playing catch up with family.I read this for the December 2015 book group. The book group members gave it mixed reviews. Those from Maine enjoyed it quite a bit because of all the references to local Maine businesses and locations. Others didn't like it or finish it because it seemed too simple.I thought it [...]

    17. This was a pleasant little trip to Maine for the holidays with Faith Fairchild and her brood. They aren't celebrating in Aleford this year because Tom is recovering from health problems so every once in a a while I thought I was in a Lucy Stone cosy instead of a Katherine Hall Paige one - but it was all good. There's a murder, of course, a sad, seemingly lost, teen-aged girl, but the story is just as much about a new life - a baby found in a barn. Imagine ! At Christmas! Do the two occurences ha [...]

    18. The Fairchilds are back on Sanpere Island in Maine but this time for Christmas. Unfortunately, poor Tom had to be given pancreatitis in order to get the holidays off. The teen drug-related crimes felt a bit overdone like the book was a public service announcement. Similarly overdone was the religious symbolism - older single woman, Mary Bethany, finds a newborn baby boy in her goat barn manger on Christmas Eve.My favorite parts of this particular book are the Fairchild family, friends, and celeb [...]

    19. This series of mysteries is one of my comfort foods :-) Reading a Faith Fairchild mystery with a bag of chips and a cozy blanket is a perfect evening of entertainment. Usually her stories are set in Metrowest Boston but I the setting for this one was an island in Penobscot Bay, Maine, near where we go for vacation every September. These mysteries are solidly written, have a good story, and likeable characters. They also prominently mention food, and have some awesome sounding recipes included.

    20. This was a freebie, or nearly so. I read it because it was Christmastime. It revolves around a good girl gone bad who is found dead of an overdose on a sleigh in the middle of an island town in Maine. A week earlier a newborn was found in a goatshed not far away. (The connection is not as direct as you might think.) The sleuth is the wife of a minister who is recovering from surgery in their summer home on the island. The book is ok. Not a bad way to spend the time on the train going to visit my [...]

    21. Somehow, Katherine Hall Page manages to tell a good Christmas mystery that tackles serious issues and revolves around a baby left in a barn for a Mary to discover, without getting over-sentimental or twee! Faith Fairchild is in the middle of two mysteries this time around, solving the identity of the Christmas Even baby, and figuring out just what happened to the teen-aged girl who suffered a fatal overdose. All this while her family spends time with her convalescing husband on Sanpere Island of [...]

    22. Faith is back with her family on the island of Sanpere. Her husband is recovering from surgery and they are spending Christmas there after a stressful Fall. One mystery centers on a body that Faith finds among a holiday tableau and another one is with regards to a middle aged spinster who finds a baby asking her specifically to take care of it. It's a typical Failth book where she's a snob about food and she doesn't tell her husband a lot of what she's doing but for some bizarre reason, I still [...]

    23. I usually love the Faith Fairchild series. Faith is a caterer in Massachusetts married to an Episcopal priest. Of course she finds bodies and solves crimes. This book was a departure from the standard formula in that the story is told from multiple perspectives and Faith's role in the story is extremely limited. There was too much emphasis on the seamy underworld of drug dealing for a usually cozy series. Also, the obvious allusions to Mary and the Christ child were too much for me. It was a col [...]

    24. Katherine Hall Page, A Faith Fairchild Mystery, Bk 17, NB-M @ 2009, 1/3/15, 219 Pgs. Set in Maine, a woman, married to an ailing minister, takes her family to Maine for the Xmas holidays so that her husband can recuperate. A new born baby boy turns up in a friends barn and a young local girl's body is discovered by Faith in a Sleigh in an outdoor Christmas display. Faith helps the police find the killer. Recipes. Okay.

    25. Christmas mysteryA tale heavy on symbolism. A babe left in a stable on Christmas Eve to Mary, born of Miriam and a sister named Martha. Oh,and our sleuth being Faith. But an intriguing mystery.Mary and Miriam both having parents who were cold and uncaring. You want to see a future novel where they can explore what they have in common and going some healing through the life of the baby.

    26. Faith and family are on Sanpere Island in Maine for Christmas while Reverend Thomas is recuperating from surgery. Faith discovers the body of a young woman who died of an overdose in the Christmas sleigh in front of the Historical Society. A young neighbor, Jake, is a possible suspect. Then a spinster neighbor finds a new baby in the barn with her goats on Christmas eve. Faith works to try to clear Jake and to find the baby's mother and runs into drug runners.

    27. Faith Fairchild and her family are spending an unusual holiday season on a small island in Maine while her husband recuperates from surgery. A reclusive local woman finds a baby in her barn, and turns to Faith for help. Faith can't help but believe that this strange event is related to the body of a local girl, dead of a heroin overdose, that she's found recently. Three women reveal their dysfunctional families as Faith untangles the mysteries of the baby, the death, and their lives.

    28. a book in the Faith Fairchild mystery series. It's just a little too cozy for me, but the author does make the characters very likable. The plot kept me guessing, but probably a real aficionado of mysteries like Careena would have guessed the solution quickly. I liked it enough to try more of Page's mysteries.I especially liked her essay at the end of the book. It is a combination memoir of some of her favorite books from her childhood to the present and a tribute to librarians. Spot on!

    29. I really find these books fun to read! The food descriptions and the recipes are a bonus to the story. Dealing with an adolescent boy brings back memories of dealing with one myself and knowing that my grandchildren are approaching that difficult age as well. I love a mystery that does not reveal the evil doer early on. Faith is an enjoyable character. She is a Minister's wife, but very down to earth. Good reading.

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