The Low Road

The Low Road

James Lear / Jan 28, 2020

The Low Road Robert Louis Stevenson s Kidnapped has long been considered a masterpiece of high adventure In The Low Road James Lear reinvents this classic as a satirical queer coming of age story In Scotla

  • Title: The Low Road
  • Author: James Lear
  • ISBN: 9781573443647
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Robert Louis Stevenson s Kidnapped has long been considered a masterpiece of high adventure In The Low Road, James Lear reinvents this classic as a satirical, queer, coming of age story In 1705 Scotland, young Charles Gordon reaches adulthood ignorant of his family s heroic past in the Jacobite Rebellion He sets out to discover the truth about his father, but instead isRobert Louis Stevenson s Kidnapped has long been considered a masterpiece of high adventure In The Low Road, James Lear reinvents this classic as a satirical, queer, coming of age story In 1705 Scotland, young Charles Gordon reaches adulthood ignorant of his family s heroic past in the Jacobite Rebellion He sets out to discover the truth about his father, but instead is kidnapped by mercenaries and sold into slavery as the plaything of a group of corrupt military officials But Charlie s talents, in and out of bed, win him powerful friends as well as dangerous foes The false priest, Lebecque, violent Captain Robert, depraved General Wilmott all contribute to Charlie s education Eventually leading a makeshift army of sex crazed layabouts, Charlie faces the might of the English forces Will he triumph, or is it better to retreat to the safety of his sybaritic lifestyle James Lear expertly interweaves spies and counterspies, scheming servants and sadistic captains, tavern trysts and prison orgies, into this delightfully erotic work that can take its place alongside his acclaimed novels The Back Passage and Hot Valley.

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        James Lear is the nom de plume of prolific and acclaimed novelist, Rupert Smith He lives in London and is the 2008 Winner of Erotic Awards Best Writer.


    1. Lolz.Seriously, how a Scottish young gentry's efforts to retrieve an arrested member of his household during the Jacobite Rebellion years can be both lighthearted and porny is pretty impressive. This is gay porn. It's non stop cocks in all and any orifices and gallivanting around the area including a portion on ship of questionable registration and crew. Add in the vocabulary and this is just fun. Rapey, but fun. And the cover is pure gold. *sigh*Favorite quote: "Within twenty minutes my hostile [...]

    2. I love James Lear for two reasons. The first is his relentless porniness. Any Lear book is guaranteed to be 75% sex with the remainder being the second reason - snarky, fun humor. This nugget has all the sex you can imagine and none of the snark. It got tedious in the second half, unfortunately. This book seemed to take itself rather seriously, which would be fine if it weren't for the page after page of sucking, rimming, fucking, peeing, spit-roasting, facials, and on and on and on I'm ALL abou [...]

    3. This was a signature James Lear, all-gay-sex-all-the-time, type of story, inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped. It sprinkled in all his favorite activities (view spoiler)[which always seems to include piss splashing of some sort (hide spoiler)]. The problem I had with this one was it just felt too serious. I missed the tongue in cheek fun I found in his other stories.

    4. I think the cover of this book is wholly appropriate, so please don't flag me as it is the publisher/author's design. It just bares reminding, pun intended (sorry girls I couldn't resist)!Well ummmm wow! That was certainly an interesting read. There is a pinch of romance with a HEAVY dose of erotic gay sex. Sex of every conceivable type between gay men. I think it pretty much ticked every box and some in the "how to dictionary" for male sex. Including but by no means limited to (view spoiler)[Bu [...]

    5. ‘You'll take the high road, and I'll take the low road,And I'll be in Scotland before ye.But me and my true love will never meet againOn the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.’- from ‘Loch Lomond,’ Scottish folk song (see explanation below)*James Lear is a sly dog who subverts the kind of novels that are widely thought of as ‘classics’ by larding their plots with man-on-man sex. The results are surprisingly faithful to the original books, if not strictly faithful to the era in whic [...]

    6. A rather detailed er volume of work, well-endowed with stimulating tales of mammoth, enormous umm deeds of valor, hung strung together with a whisper-thin plot involving Jacobites. What's not to love?

    7. James Lear is a guilty pleasure. His books are always more erotica than romance, even with the pretext of romance being present. It's never been more true than in the case of The Low Road. There's a plot of some sort, but it's not important. Let's be honest, The Low Road is the finicky, yet kinky person's gay porn. Fortunately, it's well written, with plenty of humor, but it's not for the faint of heart, or for someone who expects angst filled romance. It's about sex. Lots of it. The book hit se [...]

    8. Ha! This book read like the stroke books of yore. I felt like this could be one that I sneaked from my grandmother's shelves back in my teen days. Except hers were all het and this would've not been there at all. BUT the vibe was the same. Basically it was deeply, deeply trashy, full of over the top historical adventure and sex tales, as well as overblown and kinda unbelievable love affairs, and I LOVED IT ALL. :D Yay!

    9. If you haven't read James Lear before, be prepared. When the reviews or summaries say hardcore sex, they mean it. But I'm not so sure about plot - in fact, instead of sexual encounters being a device that works for the plot in any way, the extremely wanting "plot" is simply a thin line connecting a web of sexual encounters with VERY LITTLE meaning behind them so that instead of writing a straight-up anthology of sex stories, you keep having the same couple of characters throwing themselves at va [...]

    10. Porniest porn-fest yet! Really, saying there is too much sex in a James Lear book is like saying there is too much water in the ocean. This was a little over the top though. Okay, a lot over the top. But Charlie is engaging in his enthusiasm for adventure of all kinds.I usually read James Lear with a checklist:Filthy public restroom scene: Yes, oh my goodness, yes!Relentless and reckless gayness: Yep.Everyone up for a go (anytime, anywhere): Kinda goes without saying, but, yes. Likable protagoni [...]

    11. ★★★☆☆½ ~ 3.5 StarsAnyone say Road Trip? Young Charles Gordon embarks on a sex-filled journey that's about 95% sex and 5% plot. It's a thin plot and to be honest, I'm not really sure what Lebeque and Charlie had in common, but a cock-plenty time was had by all. I'll be reading more from James Lear!

    12. Hmmmm Not sure what to say about this. There is a ton of sex in this book. Some good and some not so good. Parts were perfect for my guilty little pleasure of m/m romance but other parts bothered me. Very mixed feelings. I didn't feel the love that a romance should inspire. A lot of sex but not a ton of emotion.

    13. I really, really struggled to finish this story and that doesn’t happen often. I was also a bit stumped as how to rate this one. If it wasn’t for some small parts of the story that I thought were full of emotion and beautifully written I would be giving this story two stars. If there had been more of that emotionally beautiful story that was so well written, the part that I fell in love with I could easily give it five stars.The Low Road is more sex than story – although there is a plot [...]

    14. Wow it is hard to rate this, if I was going for an erotica rating, I might give it 3 because the sensual element is lost along the way. But having already read another of this author, I knew this was going to be a porno fuck fest erotica with a story line to keep it moving. There is a little of a romance going for a couple of the men but mostly it is just straight sex and not always pleasurable but sometimes degrading. This author likes to put a little of the degradation into it and it usually i [...]

    15. Questo libro non ha senso. Ne ho letto metà e più della metà comprendeva il protagonista che decideva di farsi e farsi fare da tutti. La trama è fuorviante. Non c'è storia d'amore, ma solo lussuria e sesso. Non ha molto senso. Non ci sono rivelazioni, battaglie o cose del genere. Giacobinihn c'è storia.

    16. This is historical erotica/PWP. Do not get a James Lear book & expect it to be more than PWP or you'll be greatly disappointed.

    17. I always enjoy the boyishly playful erotica in James Lear’s books, and the The Low Road does not disappoint. However, I was expecting a bit more battling and sword fighting action, especially for being set in Scotland in the 1800s. The setting is one of the reasons that attracted my interest so strongly to this book. Compared to Geoffrey Knight’s Fathom’s Five books, where there is a real sense of danger mixed in with the arousing sex of muscly and well hung men, The Low Road’/i> defi [...]

    18. In Lear's world, all men are gay, or into gay sex. Good-looking or ugly, fat or skinny, tall or short, good guys or villains, all would get into gay sex as the story progressed. It is like watching porn in words, instead of visual. Somewhere along the line, the pornish acts became redundant and did not contribute much thrill as compared to the first few pages. I was bored by then, and waited for the book to end. And oh yeah, never seen before a really long letter, where the whole act of sex was [...]

    19. This is a filthy, unapologetic porn novel (with some not annoying plot, even) that I've been slowly going through when the mood strikes :) As far as porn goes, this one has lots of exuberant virile men, an exhausting number of possible sexual combinations and kinks. Personally, I could've done without a golden shower, which I skipped, as well as the couple of other scenes, since people in 18th century weren't big on hygiene, and a long group sex in a tavern with food play proved to be too much f [...]

    20. James Lear has written an excellent novel. I found the tale of Charlie Gorden, the Wee Bonnie Laird of Lihnee, to be rather compelling. His sexual escapades aside, it was a great read. Set just after the Jacobite uprisings of the mid-eighteenth century and how Charlie grew in the space of a year from a wee laddie to braugh hey-land man. One can see how his journey to manhood coincided with his journey home. I believe we can all relate to that. Well written and very much enjoyed.

    21. A series of sexual escapades hung on a poor excuse for a plot. The sex, mostly vanilla, and the characters, gay with enormous members to a man, became so boringly repetitious that I skipped through several passages with the absolute certainty that I wasn't missing anything. Not one of my James Lear favorites. "The Hardest Thing: a Dan Stagg Mystery" containing much less sex, is a far sexier and totally compelling read.

    22. I do not enjoy books that tell me a story. I enjoy books I cane lose myself in, where I identify and feel for the characters. The Low Road did not do that for me. I never felt anything toward the two main characters and reading their sexploits became very tiresome. I thought about abandoning the story all together but decided to stick it out. I'm not sure that was a good decision.

    23. I'm SURE there are people out there that would love this book. The writing is actually pretty well done, but, good lord. First, I've never been a fan of "technically it was rape, but I liked it so it's all good!" and, water sports or anything involving scat justosses me out, tbh. I mean, that's cool if that's what you're into, but I'll pass.

    24. James Lear gave me another fun read. I truly enjoy his characters and his amusement with the nature of man. In this story, Lear shares the fun of being a young 19-year old boy discovering the world around him, both its dangers and its pleasures. It had adventure, treachery, debauchery, and love. Loved it!

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