How to Tame a Modern Rogue

How to Tame a Modern Rogue

Diana Holquist / Mar 28, 2020

How to Tame a Modern Rogue Commitment phobic Sam Carson has only dated model gorgeous women But one stolen kiss from a plain Jane schoolteacher and he s hell bent on stripping away her floral dresses and teaching her the art of

  • Title: How to Tame a Modern Rogue
  • Author: Diana Holquist
  • ISBN: 9780446197052
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • Commitment phobic Sam Carson has only dated model gorgeous women But one stolen kiss from a plain Jane schoolteacher and he s hell bent on stripping away her floral dresses and teaching her the art of being bad If only her good girl ways didn t make him want to be a better manAlly Giordano is at the end of her rope Her beloved grandmother actually believes that she sCommitment phobic Sam Carson has only dated model gorgeous women But one stolen kiss from a plain Jane schoolteacher and he s hell bent on stripping away her floral dresses and teaching her the art of being bad If only her good girl ways didn t make him want to be a better manAlly Giordano is at the end of her rope Her beloved grandmother actually believes that she s living in her favorite romance novel in Regency England and Ally doesn t have the heart to set her straight But now Granny Donny s last wish is for a retreat to the country and Ally can t refuse heruntil she demands that Sam accompany them And though his smiles turn her knees into jelly, Ally knows better than to trust a playboyd she definitely knows better than to try to change one Or does she

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        The Official BioI love to write That s pretty much all I do Ask my family about the undone laundry, the un bought groceries, and the fact that I rarely find time to get dressed in the morning Actually, if you train your family right, they won t notice any of these things Popcorn for dinner again, mom Cool, say my filthy children God bless them, they don t know what panty hose are Oh, my poor husband Anyway, it took me a long time to figure out WHAT to write So I spent years writing ads, brochures, and company reports If I had to give advice to anyone which, thankfully, I don t it would be that if you want to write books, start now In fact, get the heck off this website and do it First, throw your TV out the window Good Now write Are you still here Okay, then you must be a pure reader or my mother Good for you No money in writing Best to have a real job What else do you want to know about me I love kids I love cats I love chocolate Not necessarily in that order I live just outside of Philadelphia with kids and cats and my dear husband Okay, that s enough about me Let s get to work and talk books.What readers want to know How I started writing.How did I start writing I started writing badly Really badly Then, after a high school career of angsty badness and a college career of angsty awfulness, I took a job in advertising I had to be funny and fast and tight All the time Eighty hours a week It was insanely hard and the people weren t nice They said things like, that sucks and come back when it s funny I loved these people I slaved for them And after about ten years of this intense training, I started to write tighter, funnier, faster At about this time, my family left New York City for the middle of nowhere Hi everyone in Ithaca I miss you , and my career in advertising was over So I looked around for something else to write Something fun and funny and fast and exciting I decided, like so many other misguided souls, to try to write a novel A year later, I did And it sucked So I wrote another And another Meanwhile, I met the amazing women of the Central New York Romance Writers I started to study romance novels And welle rest is history What readers want to know Creating CharactersOh This is an easy one I steal them It s true I steal them from friends, family, strangers, neighbors even from myself All those odd little tidbits that make people who they are can t be made up Yet they re what make characters sing For instance, right now I m writing a character, Amy the Gypsy Psychic, who is NOT an introspective sort So how to show her thoughts And how does she think, anyway Then a writer friend told me that she constantly imagines the interviews she ll have when she s famous These interviews run through her head at the oddest times My friend Not me I swear Okay, me sometimes me too, but this is what makes this character detail ring true, we ve all done that Oh, you haven t Well, anywaySo, I decided that Amy would constantly imagine she was being interviewed by Oprah And as the book progressed, the interviews would get tougher and tougher untilwell, I can t give that away, now can I This is an example of a telling, emotionally real character trait that lets me show so much about Amy without telling it And helps move the plot And maybe even gets me a spot on Oprah Okay, probably not that Next time hobbies Really You want to know my hobbies Well, okay What Readers Want to Know My HobbiesMy new hobby is making videos.LOVE this It is completely addictive and fun.Click on the video link in the navigation bar on the top of the page to see the amazing and very fun Romance Novelists Talk Trash to get an idea of what I like to do.Enjoy Oh, and is eating a hobby Eating chocolate I m also ve


    1. Ally Giordano is ready to leave New York City and move to San Francisco where she has her dream job teaching English to the tenth-grade at one of the most progressive and successful high schools in the country. The only down side to this all is leaving her eighty-four year old grandmother Donny. Ally has always relied on Granny Donny ever since she took Ally in when her parent’s split when she was barely a teenager. But Granny Donny has been acting very strange lately. Granny has dementia and [...]

    2. Given the cliche timid spinster miss meets charming roguish Duke HR theme, DH revamps it by bringing it to the 21st century, with some serious roleplaying. Loved it.Unlike the normal premise, where the hero is the emotionally stunted one, the heroine is afraid to love after her parents left her alone with her grandmother. When her only family starts thinking that she's living in a regency romance novel, Ally goes out of her way to make the fantasy real. This includes bringing in Lord of Midfield [...]

    3. This story is definitely like nothing I have ever read before; a crazy old lady (I totally see myself turning into her because of all the regency books I read), a Duke of Whatthehell, and frumpy schoolteacher. I'm three chapters in and feel like I should write some comments but honestly I'm flabbergasted as to what to say, not because it is awful but because it is so damn good and intriguing right now. When someone asks you to waltz, you waltz. I understand Ally's fear for her grandmother (gran [...]

    4. Author Diana Holquist is as entertaining as her books. According to her, she is a cat person, a horrible cook, hasn’t owned a television since 1999, owns only two pairs of earrings and dress shoes, and has a philosophy degree from Columbia University. Other titles include: Hungry For More, Sexiest Man Alive, and Make Me A Match. She resides in upstate New York with her family.Ally Giordano was raised by her grandmother after her parents abandoned her for more interesting prospects. Spending he [...]

    5. Ally Giordano is ready to leave New York City and start a new life in San Francisco as a schoolteacher. That is, until her grandmother shows up in a carriage with some admittedly really attractive guy who’s calling himself Duke Whatthehell (Seriously). Her Grandma thinks she’s leaving in her favorite Regency romance novel, the Dulcet Duke and that same Duke is here to marry Ally. Ally can’t leave now, she has to take care of her grandma and make sure she gets back to her normal self, in th [...]

    6. Reviewed for heartsonfirereviewsThis was such a fun book to read. Granny Donny is a seriously great character, with her Regency era environment in the midst of a contemporary setting. Granny Donny is rich, living a huge penthouse and believing she is actually living in the middle 1812 London: dressing this way, taking a horse and carriage around New York and waiting for the wedding of her granddaughter, Ally, to the Duke. The Duke, who introduces himself to Granny Donny as Duke Whatthehell, happ [...]

    7. The good news first: This book was a lot of fun. I loved the setup-- the always eccentric grandmother decides she's living in the world of a particular Regency Romance novel. As in the book, she must marry off her granddaughter (who, luckily, is not 16 as in the book). So she picks out a duke, or the closest thing to one that she can find.Granny Donny was an interesting character, and I liked Ally. I wish I'd liked Sam a little more. His resemblance to your typical physically attractive but emot [...]

    8. Granny Donny thinks she's living in her favorite romance novel - in Regency England. She wants to spend time at her home in the country outside of London - well, Long Island will have to do. AND she thinks Sam is the perfect suitor for her granddaughter Ally so he must accompany them to the country. Ally has big trust issues so she refuses to consider a serious relationship with "rogue-ish" Sam. He has a wall around his true feelings - there's no way he will consider a committed relationship eve [...]

    9. If I hadn't been stuck on a plane with no other form of entertainment I never would have finished this book. There was no character development, no chemistry between the main characters and a very silly plot.

    10. This book had the potential to be really horrible but it wasn't. The plot is absolutely zany, but the book was written in such a way that it seemed almost plausible. I really enjoyed it.

    11. This is a humorous romantic comedy. The plot is not plausible, but it is delightful. A British businessman is mistaken for a British Duke by an elderly lady, who thinks she is an aristocrat in 1812 London. She is trying to arrange a marriage for her granddaughter, Princess Alexandra. Her granddaughter, Ally is horrified by her beloved grandmother's condition. While waiting for her grandmother to recover, she tries to appease the elderly lady. Which means she needs help from the Duke. This story [...]

    12. I won a copy of this book in a competition a while ago. Due to my large reading list, I wasn't able to read it until recently. I loved it!Ally Giordano is a wonderful character. I admit that she comes across as a little straight laced and severe at times. It's like she has a rod placed down her spine and is unwilling to bend a little in case she has fun. In a way, I can understand her wanting to control things around her when things are unraveling into chaos. Meeting the charming Sam Carson thro [...]

    13. When I read the blurb for this book I thought it would be a fun, light read. I was right - it was pretty cute!Ally Giordano is a teacher who's parents left her in the care of her wealthy grandmother when she was 15. It's 10 years later and she's done waiting for them to come back. She's moving from her apartment in New York City and relocating to San Francisco.Sam Carson is a sexy, wealthy businessman with a 1-month limit on relationships. Apparently he's quite the playboy. As he's arriving to h [...]

    14. How to Tame a Modern Rogue was different from books in the same genre probably because it see-sawed between two/three different genres. It has so much to offer to the reader. It is a hate/love book and I loved it!It is funny, sexy and all the characters in the book seem like they wanted to be there in the book. Thus, I also liked the secondary plots in the book. Things like the horse, the letters and the ball were very engaging. The character of Granny Donny was delightful and thank God, that th [...]

    15. How to Tame a Modern Rogue was a fun, light-hearted contemporary that satisfied my craving for something bright and cheery to read. I enjoyed Ally and Sam's story and could see myself re-reading it again for the fun atmosphere it provided. The premise of Granny living out her favorite Regency novel was far-fetched but handled delightfully. I especially liked the addition of quotes from "The Dulcet Duke" at the beginning of each chapter and how Sam weaves the book into his seduction of Ally. Ther [...]

    16. How do I say this? Despite the weird grandmother plot and the cliched story line, I LOVED IT!!I fine it hilarious, laughed out loud funny and heart-warming. Hot, too.There were moments in the book where I just sigh, think and get teary eyed over.And love the sassy sense of humor, and the unapologetic sexual innuendos which some crossed over as cheesy but still funny. It's definitely not world changing but highly enjoyable for a light summer read. And there are just some quotes that I just love!! [...]

    17. I'm not at all a historical romance reader, but I was intrigued by the concept of a modern romance with a historical twist. Based on the cover summary I wasn't totally sure what to expect, or how the modern would combine with the historical. The story is interesting and entertaining. The characters are real in the struggles with their inner demons, and on the other hand comical in their attempt at living their real life, while straddling the fence with their historic fantasy life. I found it rea [...]

    18. This is a contemporary romance that is an easy, fun, lighthearted read.Commitment-phobic Sam Carson has only dated model-gorgeous women. But one stolen kiss from a plain-Jane schoolteacher and he's hell-bent on stripping away her floral dresses and teaching her the art of being bad. If only her good-girl ways didn't make him want to be a better manAlly Giordano is at the end of her rope. Her beloved grandmother actually believes that she's living in her favorite romance novel in Regency England [...]

    19. This is a re-read for me. I'm not sure if it was a free or discounted download, but I think it is one of those gems I found for cheap/free, but I don't really remember. The premise of the book is a bit far-fetched. An old, wealthy woman loses her marbles and gets stuck in 1812, and ends up going on the journey of a life time with her granddaughter. This sounds like one of those premises that gets stupid fast, but it doesn't. It sustains momentum, has a hilarious plot, and the end left me very sa [...]

    20. I was surprised by how much I loved this! It played with the typical gender roles of romances - Ally's grandmother had a stroke and thinks she's part of a Regency romance she was reading when it happened. She's determined to get Sam and Ally to marry, and while they are not keen on that idea, they do play along with the 1812 thing. Sam decides to read the book and then he and Ally each think that the other is the rogue that must be tamed. It was damned funny, the role play scenes were hotter tha [...]

    21. The driving principle of this book is charming: an old lady becomes convinced she is a Regency noblewoman; and Ally, her long-suffering but devoted granddaughter (whom Granny is desperate to marry off before Ally winds up on the shelf, a fear worthy of Mrs. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice), struggles to cope with the results. Again, the dialogue is first-rate and the plot fun. My only reason for the lower number of stars is that the hero, Sam Carson, really is not much of a rogue. He saves kittens [...]

    22. One of the sillier trashy romances I've read lately. Some sex, but not a lot. Lots of thinking about it though. Two people who have been abandoned by parents find each other. He is a playboy, she's a prim and proper school teacher afraid to move on with life. Her rich grandmother starts living in a dream world--Regency England and decides that he is the Duke who will marry her princess. It only gets more far-fetched from here, but no one said romances had to be realistic, did they?

    23. They allHave to end up happily ever after or they ain't no good. She certainly was right about that. I think through the struggle these two characters deserved each other. I'm not sure if I was happy or sad about her parents. I also don't think she should have forgiven them so easily. I'm looking forward to more by this author.

    24. This story addressed issues close to my heart.Not so much a story about good and bad but the question of just "Who is the rogue?".I enjoyed the Regency era references within the modern day romance. Reminds me of when I was totally addicted to historical romances & would create costumes and fantasiesI recommend this as a quick light read.

    25. Cute, enjoyable, funny. Nice romance set in New York and surrounding areas with a grandmother who thinks it's the 1800's and she's living out a life taken from a romance novel that she read. Granddaughter is determined that she will not marry the "duke" and grandmother is determined she will. Feel good and lots of smiles.

    26. I loved the funny twists and turn. The emotional turns. This was a book I could not put down! I read it in less then 5 hours, and that was with making supper, eating it and watching clips on the TV.

    27. I loved the premise of this book with Granny thinking she’s living in regency England. It’s far fetched but I knew it was going to be very funny. I would’ve like to know more about Sam what history and how became to be a womanizer. This was a cute and light romantic read.

    28. "Kudos to Diana Holquist for her absolutely delightful contemporary and Regency romance mash-up! This book would be an absolutely perfect beach read, if you don't mind people looking at you because you're laughing to yourself. Highly recommended."

    29. I only finished this because it was easy reading, and short. I think I write as well as this woman. Characters with little personality, storylines that are totally predictable, and even the smut was poorly written. Boo!

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