Counter Culture: The American Coffee Shop Waitress

Counter Culture: The American Coffee Shop Waitress

Candacy A. Taylor / Jan 18, 2020

Counter Culture The American Coffee Shop Waitress Offers a window into the lives of career waitresses who have worked in diners and coffee shops for up to sixty years Includes interviews with fifty nine waitresses in forty three towns and cities

  • Title: Counter Culture: The American Coffee Shop Waitress
  • Author: Candacy A. Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780801474408
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • Offers a window into the lives of career waitresses who have worked in diners and coffee shops for up to sixty years Includes interviews with fifty nine waitresses in forty three towns and cities.

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    1. This book is a photo/essay journey through the world of diner waitresses. And the ones that Taylor focused on were the ladies called "lifers." Each chapter covers areas that one would encounter - the work itself, the customers, the tips etc But in the last chapter where a number of waitresses were focused on it becomes clear that the ladies that do well and last don't treat the job like it's a stepping stone. They do the job like a professional and reap the rewards. Also many of the people inter [...]

    2. Joan Bauer’s Hope was Here peeked my interest in waiting. It is not a job I have not held (yet), but it comes up a lot in literature. The fact of the matter is, it bring people together and is perfect for introducing characters. The setting is familiar to anyone who has ate in a diner or restaurant. It’s a slice of Americana. Counter Culture: The American Coffee Shop Waitress, by Candacy A. Taylor, is a heart slice of Americana reality.The stories are real, and, for me, non-fiction is better [...]

    3. A fun read. Not exactly true journalism- some things stated w/o being backed up- many stories constructed around the same preconceived narrative- but a fun glimpse into a subculture.

    4. Thoughtful, instructive, & occasionally sassy pictorial tribute to the underappreciated career waitress. A good choice for anyone who eats in diners.

    5. From Taylor’s introduction to her book: “This book is not a scholarly study, a memoir, or a historical account of waitressing. And even though there are photographs throughout the book, it’s more than a coffee-table book of a pop culture icon. It combines interview excerpts, cultural criticism, photography, and oral history to recognize an overlooked group of working women who have brought meaning and culture to the American roadside dining experience.” (p. 4)Review:I have never been a w [...]

    6. Taylor became fascinated with waitresses and diner culture when waiting tables to pay for her graduate school education. Her thesis, this book, focused on the "lifer" waitress - women who have waited tables for decades. With a combination of research and interviews, Taylor soon dispels the notion that waitresses or poor, uneducated and down-trodden. While many of the youngest wait-staff look at their position as demeaning and a short stop-gap until they get their "real" career, the lifers love t [...]

    7. This book about American coffee shop and diner waitresses is about why they have made this their career. It's filled with surprises, like their college degrees, being smart with money, and shock! happiness. It was interesting learning about the different aspects of waitressing -- Taylor seems to hit them all -- including how their bodies physically adapted to the job. Some of the photos and waitresses quoted are repetitive, and it would have been interesting had the waitresses culled some more i [...]

    8. I'm very intrigued by "career waitresses," and this book, but I'm going to have to come back to itom the introduction:"It would be fair to say that these last seven years of doing this project has helped me to redefine my perspective on life, work, and happiness. It has made me reevaluate the myth of the American dream that says you need to have an 'important' job to be happy. Suddenly, it made sense why some of those who finally achieve success, as determined by our culture, are on antidepressa [...]

    9. Taylor crisscrossed the country interviewing and photographing waitresses over 50 and found most of them love their work. She explains coffee shop culture and the tricks of the waitressing trade and lets the waitresses tell their own stories. You'll gain appreciation for older waitresses and may begin noticing that often they're more efficient and less harried than their younger counterparts. An eye-opener.

    10. Tirelessly researched this book is not only a great read but beautifully photographed. I was stunned by the faith and the verve that these hardcore women embody. It is a tribute to ALL of the working women everywhere who love to work and know the meaning of working hard for their families and their sense of self. Right on Candacy Taylor for taking this idea on the road and by the horns!

    11. Having worked in restaurants for 20 years of my adult life, and mostly in one-of-a-kind breakfast/lunch spots, I feel vindicated in every thing I've ever said about what it is like, what it means, and what it takes to be a real waitress. A good restaurant is a micro-community. There is a lot to find out, and a lot to teach in them.

    12. Ever wonder what the long-time waitress (lifers) at your favorite restaurnt is really like, or why she has stayed in a "dead-end" job for so long? This will let you in on all the secrets. Very informative (and I thought entertaining!)

    13. a lovely work of oral history that served its purpose by providing waitresses' firsthand experiences and opinions without homogenizing them. but studiously apolitical as well.

    14. A moving tribute to some of America's hardest workers. Definitely shifted my perspective on the industry, and the people who devote their lives to it.

    15. Good Read Good fast read. A little redundant but just because many of the women interviewed had similar experiences. I definitely enjoyed it but I don't know if I'd read it again.

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