The Quest of Iranon

The Quest of Iranon

H.P. Lovecraft / Dec 16, 2019

The Quest of Iranon The Quest of Iranon is a short story by H P Lovecraft It was written on February and was first published in the July August issue of the magazine Galleon The story is about a golden hai

  • Title: The Quest of Iranon
  • Author: H.P. Lovecraft
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  • Page: 275
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  • The Quest of Iranon is a short story by H P Lovecraft It was written on February 28, 1921, and was first published in the July August 1935 issue of the magazine Galleon.The story is about a golden haired youth who wanders into the city of Teloth, telling tales of the great city of Aira, where he was prince While Iranon enjoys singing and telling his tales of wonder, The Quest of Iranon is a short story by H P Lovecraft It was written on February 28, 1921, and was first published in the July August 1935 issue of the magazine Galleon.The story is about a golden haired youth who wanders into the city of Teloth, telling tales of the great city of Aira, where he was prince While Iranon enjoys singing and telling his tales of wonder, few appreciate it When a disenfranchised boy named Romnod suggests leaving Teloth to go to the famed city of Oonai which he thinks may be Aira, now under a different name , Iranon takes him up on his offer.

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        Howard Phillips Lovecraft, of Providence, Rhode Island, was an American author of horror, fantasy and science fiction.Lovecraft s major inspiration and invention was cosmic horror life is incomprehensible to human minds and the universe is fundamentally alien Those who genuinely reason, like his protagonists, gamble with sanity Lovecraft has developed a cult following for his Cthulhu Mythos, a series of loosely interconnected fictions featuring a pantheon of human nullifying entities, as well as the Necronomicon, a fictional grimoire of magical rites and forbidden lore His works were deeply pessimistic and cynical, challenging the values of the Enlightenment, Romanticism and Christianity Lovecraft s protagonists usually achieve the mirror opposite of traditional gnosis and mysticism by momentarily glimpsing the horror of ultimate reality.Although Lovecraft s readership was limited during his life, his reputation has grown over the decades He is now commonly regarded as one of the most influential horror writers of the 20th Century, exerting widespread and indirect influence, and frequently compared to Edgar Allan Poe.


    1. A heartbreaking story of a never-ending search for perfection and a place where people appreciate beauty, song and art.A beautiful, young singer Iranon spends his time singing and searching for a great city of Aira, where he was a prince. The language is at times tedious, but the story is not bad. If you manage to get through the language, you'll get a wonderful bitter-sweet story. I liked it.

    2. “The Quest of Iranon,” an early fantasy in the style of Lord Dunsany, was not published until fourteen years after its composition in the magazine Galleon of 1935. It tells of the wandering bard and prince-in-exile Iranon, who sings of his home city of Aira, a city his hearers do not know and have not heard of, and how he seeks to find Aira through his wanderings. Iranon eventually achieves this quest, but with disastrous consequences.This is not a bad story, really, but, although it is a go [...]

    3. Written in the style of an ancient and exotic legend. Like many stories in his dream mythos, this contains a central character earnestly searching for a way into the world of dreams. Unusually - maybe uniquely! - for Lovecraft, this world can't be found, where generally the world of dreams turns out to be all too real, sometimes horribly real. This initially stumped me, but I think the take home message is one in common with many of his other books: a life without dreams where we can't rise abov [...]

    4. It struck me how similar the Dreamlands are to the worlds of Dr. Suess. Especially the place names, the impossible angles of the architecture (R'Lyeh), and the mad proportions of his abominations. :) Lovecraft also had a treasure fetish, though not to Gygaxian extremes. A beautiful tale, perhaps about the dissatisfied nature of the ego.

    5. Less of a horror story and more of a mythical adventure, following traditional lines.Lovecraft weaves the worlds and cities so well, and this is no exception.Iranon's quest seems so simple, yet leaves the reader in no doubt that striving for such things does not reward you.In the tradition of all great tragedies, the ending seems very fitting.

    6. Out of all of Lovecraft's Dream Cycle/Fantasy Stories, this is one of my favorites. The idea of a dream sustaining the titular hero, and the subsequent destruction of that dream destroying him is very sentimental and not something Lovecraft did very often.

    7. Not typical Lovecraft style, one of his Dunsanian stories, but it was beautiful. For those who don't love the Cthulu mythos tales, this might warm them to Lovecraft.

    8. First bit of Lovecraft I've ever read, was almost disappointed by the lack of tentacles and mind rending horrors. It is a good short story, oddly poignant.

    9. У пошуках мармурового міста Айра пройшов Іранон сім земель. Всюди він питав, де знаходиться його рідне місто, та ніхто не міг йоиу відповісти. Тож він співав про свої спогади і надії, а люди насміхалися з нього, тому що ніхто не вірив у пісні, а ті, хто слухав, зазвичай були охо [...]

    10. Want. To. Choke. Iranon. Even though he's like (view spoiler)[Peter Pan finding out Neverland isn't real (hide spoiler)].(Moved 2015 review to the individual work Sept. 2017 to make room to review the collection under its own entry. This one annoyed me enough to prove very memorable.)

    11. A short story about an unappreciated artist trying to find his place. Very personal for Lovecraft I imagine. The story doesn't end on a high note

    12. "The Quest of Iranon" is the most interesting of the Lovecraft stories I've read so far (I'm somewhere in the two dozen range). I'm not saying it's the best, but it's the only one that has give me a "huh, that was interesting" reaction. [Ignore the image. This is in no way a horror story.]This will be full of spoilers and, actually, I'm going to ruin the ending, so you should go read it before going on with my review.To put it simply, Iranon is a dreamer. He's a singer of songs and a teller of s [...]

    13. Lovecraft's stories can be divided in two categories: the ones that deals with cosmic horrors, and the one set in the fantastic Dreamlands. This short story falls into the second category. While, as all the dreamland stories, it is very slow paced, and overly Dunsanian, its conclusion is quite intriguing. I would no say more to avoid spoilers.It is the story of Iranon, an artist that cannot age, looking for his lost home, Aira, the fabulous city where his father was king. For long years he has b [...]

    14. This was an odd little bit of Lovecraft.It may be one of his Dunsanian works, but it's still very easy to detect the helplessness that Lovecraft so often puts in his stories. This is an outline of a boy who dared to try and follow his dreams and wishes, but was crushed by the weight of the world.This was a beautiful, sad story.Iranon is almost representative of youth and innocence, deluding himself into believing he really was a prince, and aching for all of the things he couldn't have.For a whi [...]

    15. Well this one really hits you. I'm very disappointed in Iranon. It's really set up as a tragic story, but what was a tragedy wasn't the illusion, but the mundanes of the world around him; the complacency of the people for hopes of fruit after their lives.There was never a grand city - and never will be - but the protagonist's "glass half empty" take was a let down. The former's death-bed full of sorrow; but did the populace get their dreams of leisure at their passing?

    16. Another extremely boring story about how the protagonist is a superman from another world and other people are fools who cannot understand his greatness (basically what Lovecraft considered himself to be). Boring as hell, and extremely egoistic. Lovecraft's horror fiction was excellent, but his dream cycle quests were products of superiority complex.

    17. A tragic tale of a man's fruitless search for a dream for beauty and perfection. The prose is beautiful but it uses a repetitive style that got a bit tiring towards the end, despite it being just a short story. The tale itself feels like it's telling a different lesson behind the words. Good read.

    18. I had no idea where this was going. I thought it had an interesting premise, but was sloppily written, with no real direction.But it really turned itself around by the end. Even though this small story might seem murky and lulling, there's actually something vey profound here.

    19. I really enjoyed this one; I liked how he played with a concept of madness, or even reincarnation which was kept unknown to the reader until the very end.

    20. Los soñadores estamos malditos pero viajaremos en sueños para respirar calma y sentir la magia de la belleza más sublime jamás vista e imaginada. <3

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