Running to the Mountain: A Midlife Adventure

Running to the Mountain: A Midlife Adventure

Jon Katz / Jan 26, 2020

Running to the Mountain A Midlife Adventure Jon Katz a respected journalist father and husband was turning fifty His writing career had taken a dubious turn his wife had a demanding career of her own his daughter was preparing to leave ho

  • Title: Running to the Mountain: A Midlife Adventure
  • Author: Jon Katz
  • ISBN: 9780767904988
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jon Katz, a respected journalist, father, and husband, was turning fifty His writing career had taken a dubious turn, his wife had a demanding career of her own, his daughter was preparing to leave home for college, and he had become used to a sedentary lifestyle Wonderfully witty and insightful, Running to the Mountain chronicles Katz s hunger for change and his searchJon Katz, a respected journalist, father, and husband, was turning fifty His writing career had taken a dubious turn, his wife had a demanding career of her own, his daughter was preparing to leave home for college, and he had become used to a sedentary lifestyle Wonderfully witty and insightful, Running to the Mountain chronicles Katz s hunger for change and his search for renewed purpose and meaning in his familiar world.Armed with the writings of Thomas Merton and his two faithful Labradors, Katz trades in his suburban carpool driving and escapes to the mountains of upstate New York There, as he restores a dilapidated cabin, learns self reliance in a lightning storm, shares a bottle of Glenlivet with unexpected ghosts, and helps a friend prepare for fatherhood, he confronts his lifelong questions about spirituality, mortality, and his own self worth He ultimately rediscovers a profound appreciation for his work, his family, and the beauty of everyday life and provides a glorious lesson for us all.

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      • Jon Katz

        Jon Katz is an author, photographer, and children s book writer He lives on Bedlam Farm with his wife, the artist Maria Wulf, his four dogs, Rose, Izzy, Lenore and Frieda, two donkeys, Lulu and Fanny, and two barn cats His next book, Rose In A Storm will be published by Random House on October 5 He is working on a collection of short stories and a book on animal grieving.


    1. A perfect book for the first day of a new year. This year my husband and I will both turn fifty and our youngest child will leave home for college. I have a lot in common with Katz.My favorite quote:"I am not nearly as afraid of dying as I am of the hinges inside my mind and soul rusting closed. I am desperate to keep them open, because I think that if they close, that's one's first death, the loss of hope, curiousity, and possibility, the spiritual death. After that, it seems to me, the second [...]

    2. I picked this up on a clearance table and was immediately immersed in Katz's midlife search for purpose, which he details in this book. I read two of his books on his beloved canines already this summer. In Running to the Mountain I was amazed to find myself with the same search for purpose and meaning, questions about society and God and an urbanite's love for nature, because the author is so fundamentally different than me (male, Jewish, married with a child, technologically adept). Maybe his [...]

    3. Jon Katz's Running to the Mountain is the book that got him really talking about dogs. The autobiographical piece explains his impulsive purchase of a cabin in upstate New York, his attempts at establishing a new literary career, and his quest for spirituality. I read the book to meet his Labrador retrievers, and to get the back story on the man who wrote A Dog Year and The Dogs of Bedlam Farm. I read Katz's books out of order, having learned of him first from his columns about dogs that appear [...]

    4. As he turned fifty, faced career disappointments, and realized that most of his parenting of their daughter was finished, Jon Katz re-evaluated his life and "ran away" to a remote cabin on a mountain in upstate New York with the blessing of his wife. A lifelong admirer of Thomas Merton, he took mounds of Merton's writings on the joy of solitude along with him, determined to immerse himself in them and discover the secrets to inner peace. Unplanned events occurred and this is Katz's humorous acco [...]

    5. This book was in the section about peace and spirit etc and the subtitle is A Journey of Faith and Chance which I thought was misleading. He talked more about not knowing about faith and the negatives of life especially his family.If your family has more negatives then positives you can commiserate with Jon Katz and if your life is already positive you can feel good that your not or weren't in his situation as I did. If you think about buying a house on a mountaintop this will make you think twi [...]

    6. I heard this author interviewed on the Diane Rehm Show on NPR. Back then it was called 'Running to the Mountain: A Journey of Faith & Change' seems that 'midlife adventure' turns more heads than an honest statement of what it was - A Journey of Faith & Change.I found it to be honest and insightful memoir of a personal spiritual journey. I have a note to myself in my old "A Book Lover's Diary", where I recorded many books I read in the 90's, that I thought it would appeal to many who migh [...]

    7. Fellow about to turn 50 buys rundown cabin in upstate NY to get away from Jersey (hey!) and its attendant modernities. Also, of course, to write. Brings along lots of books by the ruminative Trappist monk Thomas Merton. Day-to-day detail and reflection about finding water and driving the minivan to get coffee at the diner. One Merton quote: "I am both a prisoner and an escaped prisoner." Perfect book for tortured souls. Recommended!

    8. A departure for Jon Katz, or was it. Apparently before all the dog books that I knew he wrote, he had written mysteries and computer books. Then he wrote this book about a mid life crisis. Instead of having an affair, or buying a hot new sportscar, he buys a place in the mountains. Inspired by Thomas Merton, he hopes to find peace and fulfillment there. He does. He also decides to change his writing to the ones we now know him for and that is truly a gift.

    9. Katz is my favorite dog book author. The predates his focus on dogs. Running to the Mountain began as a book on Thomas Merton and evolved into an analysis of the process of change and individual's dreams in Katz' life. The timing of me pulling this off the shelf in the midst of my opportunity for change was perfect.

    10. If you are going to have a mid-life adventure what better place than the mountains of upstate New York with a view toward the green hills of Vermont. A wonderful book and the one that got me started reading all of his others. I also recommend "The Dogs of Bedlam Farm" or "A Dog Year" which follow the move to the mountain.

    11. "Sometimes, I was learning, it was enough to have a retreat, even if you didn't always retreat there. Sometimes you could replicate the feeling of a retreat without having to be there. And sometimes going there made you see that you didn't need it as much as you'd thought."

    12. A nice mid-life adventure book from a guy who took a chance and moved out to the country to look a little deeper. Reminds me of me. Except we went to Central Mexico instead of upstate New York.

    13. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! For anyone who has that secret cabin they dream of hidden somewhere in their heads - this is a perfect read to renew the spirit.

    14. Very inspirational. Realize after reading this book that changes can be made at any time in your life.llow your heart, your instincts and take chances.

    15. I love when a book just happens to be exactly what you needed to read at that particular time in your life. I am also not a fan of corporate America. I dream of traveling the states in an RV and enjoying nature and solitude. Leaving the comfort of home for a spiritual journey. But I would want to have my solitude with the love of my life. Hiking, exploring and trying new things are always better with my husband of 28 years.

    16. One day I'm going to be done with all the Jon Katz books and then what will I do? As usual, I enjoyed this one. I need my own place on the mountain. (and I know which mountain it should be, also) After reading this, I'm going to be looking for some of Merton's works to dig into. Interesting and inspiring!

    17. I just loved this book. funny and thoughtful, beautiful setting, all about embracing change, trying to find faith not necessarily inside of religion, and self reflection through solitude. really good. "I had clung for dear life to my dreams, in the face of common sense and conventional wisdom, and they had not failed me." I get that.

    18. I've read a few of Katz's books, all about dogs, which is why I assumed this book would also revolve around the 2 dogs mentioned in the blurb. Instead, this is the author's journal of redefining oneself as the impending 50 approaches. Jon is becoming complacent in suburban Jersey lifestyle and feels the need to make changes. So, he buys a cabin in the woods. Although his wife is supportive in most of his endeavors, such as quitting his high paying tv executive job, she is apprehensive about spen [...]

    19. This book is so very synchronous with my retirement move. Professional writer Katz suddenly needed space and solitude as his daughter reached college age, so found and purchased a rundown little cabin on top of a mountain in upstate New York. With a view to tomorrow, by the description, volumes of the writings of Thomas Merton, his two labs, and a never-ending wave of mice, he spent a summer and some weeks by winter as well. It seemed to be the account of a year in which he found some degree of [...]

    20. This book has been sitting on my shelf for years. I am not sure, why I kept holding on to it. The worst part is I thought it was about running as in the sport when really it is about spirituality and change.Once again I have pledged to myself that I will try to read some of the stuff that I own. So I started with this one. Who knows why.Well it is now the third book to mention Thomas Merton. I am taking this as a suggestion to read something by Merton.All in all this book was a good read for me [...]

    21. I picked this up at the library the same day I brought home “Unfinished Marriage” (by Joan Anderson) and discovered that I had two books where the protagonist went off by himself. (Actually, Anderson’s first book, “Year by the Sea” was the off-by-oneself book.) Anyway, it was interesting to read these two accounts back to back. Katz had once been producer of a morning TV show, until he decided he had become too harried, and he resigned to be a writer and a house-husband. (His wife writ [...]

    22. Most of us dream, but few of us have the courage to do anything to turn our dreams into reality. Jon Katz is one of the few and I absoultely admire him for that. I met him at a book-signing in 2007. This is the first book of his that I've read. I have another on my "to read" shelf. I can't read some of them because I know one of the dogs die. The one about Orson, I'm told is especially heart-wrenching. He writes honestly and from deep inside himself. He also has a website at bedlamfarm. I live v [...]

    23. I have probably read and re-read this book at least 23 times within the last 15 years. I absolutely love this book, it just seems to get better and better as I age. There are so many things that I can relate to from many of Mr. Katz's experiences. The change in family dynamics, the shifting of responsibilities as we grow older and walking away from a good paying job to pursue my own dreams. This book really makes a man ask himself, "Where do I go from here as I enter the later years of middle ag [...]

    24. Purchased this book at a "Friends of the Library" bookstore in McCall, ID and read through it rather quickly so as to leave it behind for the next visitor to the room we stayed in. The premise of the book was very interestingbut it just didn't ring true to me and things in my own life. Yes, turning 50 does cause one to reflect on oneself and reexamine what you might want to do with your life, very few of us go this route of purchasing a place where we go to reflect and spend so much alone time. [...]

    25. Perhaps I should have begun my Jon Katz reads with this book which is set before he became a fan of border collies. Still, it's an interesting mid life soul search - complete with comparisons to the troubled life of the Trappist monk Thomas Merton. I admire someone who really can pick up & relocate or buy a second home just for the purpose of finding oneself. I like my alone time but not at that price; still Katz tells a compelling story and one that has now filled in some of the missing par [...]

    26. "This was like ending a long and complicated marriage. The Fool and I had been through a lot together. Still, indispensable at times, he'd become an obstacle. I fired him on a hot July day. "You're toast, Fool," I announced. "No severance, no counseling. You will undoubtedly have no shortage of offers. Go take one; you're outta here." The Fool was shocked, speechless. Then he recovered, and complained bitterly. I was ungrateful, he said. He had done a great job for me, he argued, making everybod [...]

    27. This is a modern day Thoreau at Walden Pond. Only for the author it took place in a cabin on a mountain in upper state New York. It is sort of a midlife change but I wouldn't call it a mid-life crisis. He had everything Thomas Merton ever wrote on solitude and silence and finding yourself and that was part of the push to get away to a deserted place. The purchase and reclaiming the place is a good read, in fact the only reason I didn't give him 5 stars is I felt he portrayed an Imaginary Thomas [...]

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