Pig City

Pig City

Louis Sachar / Jan 18, 2020

Pig City Laura Sibbie is trying to find the perfect pigs for her new club Pig City classmates who can keep the biggest secret ever To make sure that none of them tells anyone else about the club each one mus

  • Title: Pig City
  • Author: Louis Sachar
  • ISBN: 9780747599241
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • Laura Sibbie is trying to find the perfect pigs for her new club, Pig City classmates who can keep the biggest secret ever To make sure that none of them tells anyone else about the club, each one must give an insurance something totally embarrassing to be hidden unless they break the most important law of Pig City.

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        Louis Sachar pronounced Sacker , born March 20, 1954, is an American author of children s books.


    1. In "Sixth Grade Secrets" it all started with a hat. Laura bought a hat in a yard sale and liked it because it said,"Pig City". She and her friends decide to make their own club and want to name it Pig City because of the hat. Then Gabriel, a boy, knows a little bit about Pig City and wants to be in the club. So, he writes Laura a letter saying that he knows about Pig City and that he won't tell anyone. Gabriel writes the letter so that Laura would let him join her club. For insurance in Laura's [...]

    2. I remember reading this book as a kid, and all I remembered was the bit about the underpants and the edited note. I picked it up at a used bookstore today and finished it in one afternoon.For a book about secret clubs and petty teenagers and mean-spirited pranks, this wasn't bad. Actually, it was pretty good. I liked that Laura was a brat of a protag who did mean things but wasn't entirely unlikeable and you actually felt sorry for her when she got hurt and screwed over. I was sorry she didn't g [...]

    3. Apparently this book is currently out of print. I am not sure why. It's a great book that my son just loved. It's all about a secret club started by a girl who is a born leader. Things spiral out of control and by the end of the book, you are on the edge of your seat.Not recommended for kids much younger than fifth grade. It's not a kiddy book, more of a middle school book. My only criticism is that in real life a good teacher would have stepped in much earlier and figured out what was going on. [...]

    4. First rule of Fight Club is "You do not talk about Fight Club!". Pig City has exactly the same set of rules except they have a mean "insurance policy" to be able to enforce these rules For a six hour drive from Zurich, Switzerland, to Tuscany (Italy), we picked this audio book in the hope that it would appeal to the 9- and 12-year-old as well as to the adults in the car. It did! We all enjoyed the story as well as the narration, and I look forward to reading more Louis Sachar. My 12-year-old rec [...]

    5. I lost count how many times I had read this book. The cover was so worn, it was falling off. I forced my younger sister to learn the Pig City "salute". Good times!

    6. One tends to forget how really mean kids could really be to one another. What started out as a secret club, ended up escalating with other people getting hurt in the process. One thing about Laura - she never lied and stood up when someone else was going to get the blame for something she did. In the end - truth and honesty won the day. Just by-the-by; the fictional character Mr Doyle (homeroom teacher) is by far the coolest fictional character in Pig City. Imagine if all teachers had an amazing [...]

    7. Well when Laura goes to a yard sell with her friends she finds a hat called pig city. So then she wore everyday to school. Everyone got used to it. Then she and her friends want to start a club called pig city because of her hat. They made them give insurance that is embarrassing and if they tell anyone about pig city it will be shown to everyoneSo then a kid named Gabriel gave a note to her that said that he knew about pig city but it is only a little that he knows. So then A girl named Sheila [...]

    8. I read this last night when I couldn't sleep. It has always been a childhood favourite of mine but after re-reading it I have downgraded it to 3 stars (it was 4 before). When I read this as a child (probably around 6th grade), I loved the whole club thing and if I remember correctly, I tried to start my own club (no insurance required) but it was a spectacular failure. Reading now though, I can't believe how horrible these girls are! It is still quite funny and I always loved the idea of the dic [...]

    9. OMG, I've been looking for this book! I forgot the title but I knew what the cover looks liketer searching various authors I finally came across Sideways Stories from Wayside School and a light went onme author. AHA! I found it!This was absolutely my favorite book of all time in elementary school. This is were my love for writing and reading was sparked. I absolutely thank Louis Sachar for his genius writing. This book I recommend every parent to buy for their fourth firth sixth graders. It's a [...]

    10. Read this as a kid when I was going to be going into sixth grade the next year. I loved it and shared it with my sister. The characters were all multi-layered--amazingly so for a kids' book, too!--and I loved these kids having competing clubs with warring anthems, not to mention the hilarious things they did to collect dirt on each other in exchange for membership. And I related to Laura, the main character, because everyone knew her for her long hair. :)

    11. Laura is my favorite character in this book. She is smart, and honest. She hasn't cut her hair since she was four. Her parents told her that if she doesn't lie, then she doesn't need to cut her hair. Sheila is my worst favorite character. She is a big jerk and a big fat lier. I enjoyed this book very much, and had a fantastic time reading it.😃

    12. I really enjoyed the Book called Six Grade Secrets by Louis Sachar. He is a real good author. In this book it takes you back as if you were back in six grade. It made me remember all the drama that came with being that age and most of all how we all wanted so badly to fit in with all of our peers. I recommend this book to anyone that wants a good read.

    13. ***SPOILER ALERT***Humorous rivalry between two classmates! One girl makes a club with her friends and won't allow an annoying friend join! This club involves secrets(hense the name)insurance and dares! MY favorite book of all time!

    14. It was alright, I never read this as a child but I love most of Louis Sachar and his books so thought I'd give this a try. Not at the same level at all as his others, but still not bad.

    15. I really liked this book. This was my favorite book ever since I read it in 5th grade. I always read it when I get bored like in an airplane to China. It never gets boring.


    17. I received this book as a gift when i was a child, around the ages of the kids in this book or a year younger. I haven't read this book in a long time, but I still have fond memories of it. The story was amusing, and written well, but then, this is Louis Sachar, I enjoyed his book 'Holes' and I read that one when I was an adult.Overall this is a kid-appropriate book and really enjoyable, though in the year 2017, some are bound to find this book dated. Nonetheless, it's a good story that as a kid [...]

    18. A girl named Laura started a secret club called Pig City. She goes through many troubles- including war with another club. I can connect to this because there have been clubs in my class before. I think Laura and I are alike because we are both passionate and determined. One of my friends has a fort like Laura's "Dog House", but it is not the home of a club. This book reminds me of another book I read called Revenge of the Happy Campers because it's about kids who get in a war.

    19. This is a fun book about older children learning to get along with their peers. Through secret keeping and childish manipulation, 6th graders learn to maneuver their friendships and get along with each other. This is great for later elementary school students, especially those who have trouble getting along with others.

    20. I think it was really cool and funny. The book had an interesting plot and it's non fiction. I chose to read this book because it's by Louis Sachar and he is a famous author. The book had mostly funny bits but there were some scary bits too. I think the recommended reading age would be 9-13. Out of 10 I would rate this book an 8 or 9.

    21. Finally finished this one. I was not a big fan, but my 5th and 6th grade boys thought it was fun. The secret clubs started doing some pretty mean things to each other, so it was nice to read about it and discuss with my middle grade boys. Sachar is such a good author for this age.

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