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Cobbogoth Norah Lukens needs to uncover the truth about the fabled lost city of Cobbogoth After her archaeologist uncle s murder Norah is asked to translate his old research journal for evidence and discovers

  • Title: Cobbogoth
  • Author: Hannah L. Clark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Norah Lukens needs to uncover the truth about the fabled lost city of Cobbogoth After her archaeologist uncle s murder, Norah is asked to translate his old research journal for evidence and discovers that his murder was a cover up for something far sinister Readers of all ages will be captivated by this tale of mythical beings, elemental magic, and the secrets of aNorah Lukens needs to uncover the truth about the fabled lost city of Cobbogoth After her archaeologist uncle s murder, Norah is asked to translate his old research journal for evidence and discovers that his murder was a cover up for something far sinister Readers of all ages will be captivated by this tale of mythical beings, elemental magic, and the secrets of a lost city.

    Uncovering Cobbogoth Cobbogoth by Hannah L Clark Dec , Cobbogoth is a complex world that I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in There are plenty of twists and turns which kept me guessing the entire time I loved the ending and, while it wasn t a cliffhanger, it left me wanting There are some great illustrations to help you picture the creatures and people described in the book. Uncovering Cobbogoth Hannah L May , Uncovering Cobbogoth is based on actual Icelandic mythology It is fun and fast paced This book was one part mystery and one part romance in a nice fantastical package Norah has been raised by her famous archaeologist uncle, Jack, since her parents died when she was just a baby. Cobbogoth Home Facebook Cobbogoth likes To seventeen year old Norah Lukens, the Cobbogothians were just a myth But after her archeologist uncle s brutal murder, and being Cobbogoth cobbogoth Instagram photos and videos , Followers, Following, Posts See Instagram photos and videos from Cobbogoth cobbogoth COBBOGOTH by Hannah L Clark Kirkus Reviews Except Clark focuses on her own mythic MacGuffin, an Icelandic civilization from million years ago called Cobbogoth There, the natives possessed mystic crystal technology and enhanced cell structures giving them long lives and superpowers, and a sort of werewolf bat demon species called Dogril lurked. The Lemorian Crest Cobbogoth by Hannah L Clark Aug , The mythology of the Cobbogoths that Hannah has created is one that I am very in awe of The world building, the culture, everything that she has created for this series blows me away. Uncovering Cobbogoth wholesome books At one time, the Cobbogothians were only a myth to seventeen year old Norah Lukens But when her Uncle Jack was brutally killed, she needed to quickly decipher his archaeology jou Uncovering Cobbogoth Book, WorldCat Get this from a library Uncovering Cobbogoth Hannah L Clark Rebekah G Shakespear Gifted seventeen year old Norah s archaeologist uncle has been murdered because of a discovery below an Icelandic volcano and, as the owner of her uncle s secret journal, Norah can only trust her Best Cobbogoth inspiration images in Fantasy Skaftafell, ice cave in Iceland Ice Caves are temporary structures that form at the edge of the glacier when meltwater forms a hole Ice formed has very few air bubbles and absorbs all light except blue, which gives the cave Hannie Clark Creative Original art, prints, art tutorials and Online Classes Contact

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        Hannah L Clark Hannah L Clark is the author of the Cobbogoth series a Young Adult fantasy adventure She lives with her family in the beautiful Rocky Mountains where she spends much of her time imagining all sorts of fantastical things Her first children s book In My Imagination will be available in October 2017.To learn about Hannah and her creations visit HLCCreative


    1. The Icelandic mythology and magical race called the Cobbogothians that Ms. Clark created was profoundly interesting and intriguing. And, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. There was plenty of mystery, suspense, romance and danger.Norah's character was very likeable--she was intelligent, strong, independent and feisty. And, she used her smarts effectively to try and solve the mystery of her uncle's horrendous murder. James was a bit of a mystery at first and some of his actions raised a lot of ques [...]

    2. I absolutely LOVED this book! It captured my attention from the first page and kept it the entire time. Norah's parents died when she was a baby. Her Uncle Jack, an archaeologist, sent her away to Dunstan Academy for her senior year. Norah is now heading home to Boston. Her friend James is picking her up at the bus station and she's nervous to see him. They were very close and the best of friends and things got weird right before she left. He didn't contact her while she was gone and she's not s [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this one. I liked the new mythology and learning about the Cobbogothians. I thought the story and mythology was well developed. Norah is our heroine and I thought she was likable. She’s lived a very sheltered life with her uncle, who is a famous archeologist. She also has a photographic memory and her only friend is the “boy next door” James. I liked James and wish he was in the book more. We mostly see him in flashbacks and I would have liked to see him in the present. I [...]

    4. At first I was afraid this was going to be a weird sci-fi book. It's not. Once I got into it, I could hardly put it down. I loved the romance, of course, but the actual sci-fi plot was good too, IMO. I am disappointed that this is only the first book so I am going to have to wait a long time until the next one comes out.

    5. Check out the full review on my blog for a chance to win a copy of COBBOGOTH as well as an in-depth video on the novel's interior/exterior cover analysis!I love when books can be categorized as "mythology" or a "fairy tale" even when they're 100% out of the author's own imagination with no reliance on a traditional tale. For me, this is COBBOGOTH. It creates its own mythology and makes you feel as though Cobbogothians are real. It makes you want to look up tales about this race of people and hea [...]

    6. I was hooked pretty much immediately. Within the first chapter I definitely wanted to unravel the mysteries that were being introduced. I appreciated the unique story world. This didn't feel like recycled version of current popular books (though I did have some flashes to Twilight with the romance.) The action sequences were well-written. I was tense and reading quickly to hear what would happen next. The descriptions evoked emotion, but were not so graphic as to completely gross me out. While I [...]

    7. Norah has been raised by her famous archaeologist uncle, Jack, since her parents died when she was just a baby. Jack was obsessed with the Cobbogothians, so Norah knew their myths by heart. When she comes home from school to find her uncle murdered, her world is turned upside down. He uncle sent her a journal and asked her to protect it. It was his journal about the Cobbogothians and it is the only one she has never read. In the journal Norah finds clues that lead her back to the Cobbogothian my [...]

    8. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review3.5 StarsUncovering Cobbogoth enters the fascinating world of archaeology and mythology, blending mystery and intrigue into an intriguing tale. One thing I really enjoyed about this novel is that it's quite different from the other urban fantasy/paranormal books out there. I always appreciate a good mystery, and if it revolves around mythology, then all the better.Norah grew up with her famous archaeologist uncle after the deat [...]

    9. “Crystals grew inside rock like arithmetic flowers. They lengthened and spread, added plane to plane in an awed and perfect obedience to an absolute geometry that even stones -- maybe only the stones -- understood.” - Annie DillardNora Lukens is coming home from Dunstan University and is looking forward to seeing her Uncle Jack again. their reunion is marked by a horrible tragedy and Nora is devastated with grief. an old research journal from her Uncle may be the only clue that would lead to [...]

    10. At one time, the Cobbogothians were only a myth to seventeen year old Norah Lukens. But when her Uncle Jack was brutally killed, she needed to quickly decipher his archaeology journal in order to try to solve his murder. Now she not only needs to believe the Cobbogothians are real, but she needs to find the lost city of Cobbogoth. It would seem the Cobbogothians have enemies too which places Norah more in harm’s way. They are powerful and will go to any limits to discover what she knows.Before [...]

    11. Reviewed onKathryn Cooper Writes This was a great book!!! Everyone go read it. . . right now. Uncovering Cobbogoth took my emotions on a roller coaster ride. I was happy, sad, heart-broken, excited, betrayed, scared, nervous, angry, ecstatic. Norah was fun to follow as she learned more about the Cobbogothians.I loved the mythical creatures. Some were awesome and amazing others were plain creepy and terrifying. Norah searched to learn more about herself and to keep herself and those she loved ali [...]

    12. I'm always in awe of an author who can spin a fantastic tale full of adventure, romance, and creative ideas. That's exactly what a reader gets with this one.Norah is unlucky. Born prematurely, she loses her parents while in the hospital. And now, right after her graduation, she finds out that her uncle is murdered. Who can she trust? Who can help her solve the mysteries surrounding his death and the mysterious fabled city of Cobbogoth?That's where her neighbor James comes in. He's a fire fighter [...]

    13. I didn't give it 5 stars, though I do think it is a very creative and imaginative read. It lacks the 5th stare only do to the fact that most of the new terms and word,s do to the imagination of a different world, got a bit confusing. So much was introduced that I couldn't remember what certain things were confusing. So that said, I really enjoyed the story as a whole and, like most first books in a series, I am hoping that in the coming ones I will start catching onto all the words for this new [...]

    14. One of my pseudo roommates (she lived across the hall) from college wrote this wonderful book. She's created this whole mythology which is just amazing. The book was a page turner and a fun read. YA fiction. Looking forward to the next one, Hannah!

    15. For more reviews visitThe Book Landers Can we all please take a moment and appreciate this gorgeous cover? (stands in awed silence)This is one of those books just gets better and better as you read along. Kind of like the snowball effecte momentum just keeps on building and building and BOOM! You hit the climax and you're like "mind=blown."(do I even need to explain this GIF?)If you like plot twists and/or seemingly unconnected pieces of information provided early on in the book that later "clic [...]

    16. I also have a blog post coming on the 24th as a blogger on Hannah Clark's Uncovering Cobbogoth Blog Tour. If you want to take a look, here is the link to my blog (has all links for book trailer, author info, etc.): lynannecarroll/*I received a PDF copy from Cedar Fort in exchange for an honest and fair review.*Uncovering Cobbogoth is a tale of delightful creativity, an immersion into a world where myths—particularly Icelandic myths—aren't actually myths, but reality. Its potential is truly s [...]

    17. Uncovering Cobbogoth blended mythology and fantasy into an exciting roller coaster ride!Have you ever wondered what happened to “lost” civilizations? Did the Atlantians truly just disappear or did they go into hiding, never revealing their true identities? There are many theories and myths surrounding civilizations that have disappeared. In Uncovering Cobbogoth Hannah Clark explores the lost city of Cobbogoth and it’s inhabitants, the Cobbogothians (entirely made up, of course, but she doe [...]

    18. Thank you toYA Bound Book Tours and author Hannah L. Clark for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest review!Find this review and more on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten!Swimming with unique and different mythology and ripe with romance, Uncovering Cobbogoth will be perfect for those who love a good adventure!In all honesty, Uncovering Cobbogoth was a bit of a mixed bucket for me. Heading into the story the archaeological aspect really appealed to me as did the sense of a [...]

    19. Before I start on the review I just want to point out that I did really enjoy the story and felt like it was really unique story and very different. The whole concept of the story is really interesting and I love her twist of mythology and alchemy. And the main character of the story is pretty awesome. She is really smart and has a lot of fire in her that I really loved about her. I love how the story goes that you see open more into herself.Now Moving on. In the beginning of the story I was a l [...]

    20. *I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review.*Full review can be found at Part of that World.I've been wanting to read this book ever since I read the blurb. Fantasy is definitely my favorite genre, and I was excited to learn about the lost city of Cobbogoth (I actually thought it might be a real myth/legend). Of course, then I felt stupid. This is clearly a fantastical legend of a people called Cobbogothians. And I was pulled in from the very first page. Rating: 4 [...]

    21. After months away at boarding school, Norah is returning home to her uncle, the only family she has. This is not an easy homecoming though, because of the strain between her and her best friend, James, but even that awkwardness pales when Norah and James find the police at her home. Why would anyone want to kill an archaeologist? Could his government work have something to do with it? And why is the police detective so eager to have her translate a journal written in a secret code without having [...]

    22. MARCH 26, 2014 UPDATE: A SEQUEL WILL BE HERE SOON! I just heard this awesome news from the awesome author, and I wanted to share it with everyone else who loved the first book, and has been waiting for news on book 2!I was incredibly hesitant to read Uncovering Cobbogoth. It isn't the type of book that I normally read, and that scared me. But I have been trying really hard lately to expand my horizons a bit, so I decided to take a chance and just go for it. Let me tell you I am SO Glad that I di [...]

    23. GENRE: YA FantasyTHEME: Elements, MythsRECEIVED: Review Request for The Teen Book SceneBLOG: seeingnight/REVIEW:I love mythology, but what I enjoy even more is when an author creates their own myth and a world all out of their imagination. Hannah Clark crafted a myth about the Cobbogothians, a race of magical beings who lived in a hidden world. I absolutely enjoyed this novel, though it was a lot of information to take in, it was full of adventure, mystery and a bit of romance. Cobbogoth follows [...]

    24. Norah Lukens has always been a bit strange. Her looks and photographic memory have set her apart from her peers, along with her intense love of physics. When her anxiety starts getting severe, her uncle sends her off to a special school. For her 18th birthday Norah is returning back home to Boston to celebrate with her uncle. The celebration is short lived though as her uncle is discovered dead in his home. Things go from bad to worse in a hurry, and Norah finds herself immersed in a world she t [...]

    25. My Rating 4.5 Stars.Uncovering Cobbogoth brings together fantasy and mythology for a thrilling ride. Norah, or Nor as she is called, is an almost eighteen year old who lives with her Uncle Jack. Both of her parents passed away in a fire when she was a baby, so her archaeological overprotective uncle has been taking care of her. However, he has uncovered something that has led to his death as some suspect. Using secretive language, Nor must decipher a journal to find out who or what has gotten he [...]

    26. Title: Uncovering Cobbogoth Author: Hannah L ClarkIllustrator: Rebeka G ShakespearPublisher: Sweetwater Books Published: 5-13-2014 ISBN: 13: 978-1-4621-1426-9E-Book ASIN: B00KBYQ4IMPages: 333 Genre: Science Fiction Tags: Fantashy, Myths & Legends, Romance, Young Adult Overall Rating: GreatReviewed For: I'm A Reader Not A Writer Reviewer: DelAnneNorah Lukens went to live with her Uncle Jake following the death of her parents when she was just a baby. Norah was raised with love and caring and [...]

    27. Uncovering Cobbogoth turned out to be one surprise after another. I like surprises.… First, the female lead started about as far from a kick butt heroine as you can get. Norah’s idiosyncrasies added a lot of interest and sympathy, especially for her feelings of abandonment. Second, apart from the murder mystery concerning who killed her uncle, one mystery followed another along with mishaps and attacks even by the supposed good guys. It’s pretty cool when an author twists a boyfriend’s b [...]

    28. I have to admit that when I first read the synopsis up there; I thought to myself that this would be one of those books that I would put on the back burner and will eventually get to hopefully, but when Teen Book Scene decided to put together a tour and asked if I wanted on it; I said yes. When I received the book I just set it off to the side and looked at it every now and then. I really didn't know how to approach it, but sure enough it kept calling to me and I eventually opened it up. And the [...]

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