Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes

Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes

David Lebovitz / Apr 01, 2020

Ready for Dessert My Best Recipes Pastry chef David Lebovitz is known for creating desserts with bold and high impact flavor not fussy complicated presentations Lucky for us this translates into showstopping sweets that bakers of a

  • Title: Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes
  • Author: David Lebovitz
  • ISBN: 9781580081382
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pastry chef David Lebovitz is known for creating desserts with bold and high impact flavor, not fussy, complicated presentations Lucky for us, this translates into showstopping sweets that bakers of all skill levels can master In Ready for Dessert, elegant finales such as G teau Victoire, Black Currant Tea Cr me Br l e, and Anise Orange Ice Cream Profiteroles with ChocolPastry chef David Lebovitz is known for creating desserts with bold and high impact flavor, not fussy, complicated presentations Lucky for us, this translates into showstopping sweets that bakers of all skill levels can master In Ready for Dessert, elegant finales such as G teau Victoire, Black Currant Tea Cr me Br l e, and Anise Orange Ice Cream Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce are as easy to prepare as comfort foods such as Plum Blueberry Upside Down Cake, Creamy Rice Pudding, and Cheesecake Brownies With his unique brand of humor and a fondness for desserts with screaming chocolate intensity David serves up a tantalizing array of than 170 recipes for cakes, pies, tarts, crisps, cobblers, custards, souffl s, puddings, ice creams, sherbets, sorbets, cookies, candies, dessert sauces, fruit preserves, and even homemade liqueurs David reveals his three favorites a deeply spiced Fresh Ginger Cake the bracing and beautiful Champagne Gel e with Kumquats, Grapefruits, and Blood Oranges and his chunky and chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies His trademark friendly guidance, as well as suggestions, storage advice, flavor variations, and tips will help ensure success every time Accompanied with stunning photos by award winning photographer Maren Caruso, this new compilation of David s best recipes to date will inspire you to pull out your sugar bin and get baking or churn up a batch of homemade ice cream So if you re ready for dessert and who isn t , you ll be happy to have this collection of sweet indulgences on your kitchen shelf and your guests will be overjoyed, too.

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        David Lebovitz is a sought after cooking instructor with an award winning food blog davidlebovitz Trained as a pastry chef in France and Belgium, David worked at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California for twelve years He now lives in Paris, France, where he leads culinary tours of the city.


    1. Sometimes I like to read cookbooks. I read this one 3x before finally returning it to the library.The flourless chocolate cake recipe is the absolute best one I've found.

    2. I discovered this book by accident while browsing one of my many bookmarked food blogs, as the author of the Tuscan food blog I was reading was friends with the author of this cookbook. The cover photo looked good as did his choice of Italian restaurants and gelateria highlighted in his blog, so I figured I would give the book a chance. The photos are so gorgeous, that even the desserts I wouldn't normally eat, look mouthwatering. As another reviewer said, some of the recipe combos I personally [...]

    3. I've had this for a couple years now, and it's one of my go-to places for excellent recipes. I haven't "baked the book," but I have baked many of the recipes, and haven't found a dud yet. Instructions are always clear and easy to follow, even on the more complicated recipes. But what I especially like is that "complicated" is relative for Lebovitz. He doesn't believe in fancy over flavor, and while everything looks great, it's the nature of what you're making, not due to complex, intricate, mult [...]

    4. Mr. Lebovitz is a well-known American baker/pastry chef who now lives in France. I feel privileged that he shares his BEST recipes with readers. This is an EXCELLENT dessert book ranging from easy to challenging recipes, with many one-page directions requiring less than 10 ingredients. Mr. Lebovitz includes practical tips for knowing when a jam/jelly are ready to be jarred, how to determine if the caramel is ready to be cooled, which sauces accompany the cakes, galettes, and ice creams. I cannot [...]

    5. It does not get any better than this, it's taking all my willpower not to be in the kitchen cooking all night long !

    6. This cookbook is definitely value for the money.I tend to be very careful before spending money on a cookbook and don't keep any that I don't frequently use. This has become one of those that I turn to when I want something unique or definitely when company is coming and I want to impress.Don't worry, the recipes are NOT intimidating; they're written in a straight forward manner, with easy to follow instructions. I've enjoyed his storytelling manner of introducing each recipe, often including hi [...]

    7. adoro o david lebovitz! acho ele simpático, bem humorado, e muito ótimo de ler! mas este livro é muito diferente das minhas expectativas! rs. eu esperava receitas ótimas e fáceis, muitas delas, com fotos aos montes e historinhas legais idem. na verdade, este livro tem todas as historinhas, e muitas receitas, mas pouquíssimas coisas facinhas de fazer, e não tantas fotos quanto eu gostaria. a verdade é que tem gente que adoooora cozinhar, enquanto eu gosto mesmo é de comer! pra gente como [...]

    8. I mean, really. This man spent his life learning to make desserts, and he just gives his best recipes in this one. They might be fail-proof. I haven't had a loser yet, and the Champagne Geleé I've been looking for since I saw it in a magazine years ago. Besides, how can one resist a man that loves chocolate? These aren't fussy, but they are definitely desserts you ONLY want to make when lots of people are coming over. They will work perfectly and will look great, but the are emphatically NOT lo [...]

    9. I first learned about David Lebovitz because my 20-year-old son was reading his blog. I love the blog, too, since he writes about his life in Paris, and he has a great sense of humor. Next I tried some recipes from the blog to great success, especially his Date Bars, which are perfect to take along on bike rides and also to send to my son at college as a care package.Then I found Ready for Dessert, and I love it! The photos are gorgeous, the text is just the right length and filled with stories [...]

    10. Originally published at bethsbookreviews/2011/From the library.This one gets two stars. I was not impressed at all. I enjoyed the author's other cookbooks, but this snooty recipe collection went overboard with recipes that were just too complicated for average bakers. I actually did not find a single recipe that I wanted to try in the entire book! It was also extremely annoying that in a giant, $35 book there weren't pictures for every recipe. What pictures there were, were quite good and presen [...]

    11. Any cookbook by David Lebovitz is a home run in my opinion! Great anecdotes precede all recipes, and the recipes themselves are inspired. I've made many of the recipes and each one has been stellar. Sometimes he will combine ingredients that you would at first assume wouldn't go together (for example, adding cinnamon to a recipe with chocolate, orange, and cherry), but the addition is what puts the flavour over the top. One of the best book investments (in cookbooks) I've ever made. Goes for the [...]

    12. The greatest hits collection of an amazing baker! Not really for novices, but truly delicious, his passion for dessert is contagious. I thought the cakes section was best - the cookies were good but nothing revolutionary (some of the cakes actually are!), and there's also a chapter on frozen deserts, many which don't require an ice cream maker. If you take your sweets seriously, this is worth checking out. And I'm forever in his debt for turning me onto the white chocolate/lemon combo - when it' [...]

    13. Simply irresistible! I checked this out from the library but it is one of the few that I plan to buy, just to have it always on hand and to own it. I haven't had a chance to try out any of the recipes yet, but they are very well written and look very do-able for any home cook. A few I've got marked to try first: Fresh Ginger Cake, Easy Marmalade Tart, and Chocolate-Port Truffles. The indexing and color photos are both superb, and I love the personable written introductions given for each and eve [...]

    14. I love to bake and this book is fantastic for recipes that are extra special. It is a large book (meaning the page space is large) so I will need to make sure I cover the page with plastic wrap so it doesn't get mucked up (usually I can scan a page so as to not ruin the original book - in the stitching world we call this our "working copy" - lol!) - if you enjoy baking, I really recommend this book.

    15. Tatlıların, özellikle de çikolata ve dondurmanın ustası David Lebovitz'in en popüler kitaplarından. Kekler, kurabiyeler, tartlar, turtalar, dondurmalar, pastalar ve daha nice tarif içeren kitap hem tariflerin çeşitliliği hem de zorluk seviyesi olarak geniş bir yelpaze içeriyor. Fırınla yeni haşır neşir olanlara da, usta pastacılara da önerilir.

    16. This book, simply put, is great. There are so many recipes to try that look fancy but are deceptively easy-to-make. There's a good balance between chocolate and fruit recipes, and Mr. Lebovitz's writing is conversational and snappy, but certainly not without purveying how to actually make the dish.

    17. Oh, I do love a baking book with ample and interesting introductory paragraphs to all the recipes and this one does not disappoint! Unsurprisingly, the desserts I intend to try out all center on my favorite ingredient: chocolate! Racines Cake, Gateau Victoire, Chocolate Pots de Creme, and Chocolate Chip Cookies, here I come :-)

    18. Awesome. Great recipes, haven't had a problem reproducing them at home. The desserts in this book are not too fancy and the flavour combinations are wonderful. I know when I choose a recipe from this book that it's going to turn out, which is something that cant be said for a lot of cookbooks these days. He also includes a nice library of basic recipes with detailed instructions, which is handy.

    19. Was reading this at the same time as the author's My Paris Kitchen and it blew this one out of the water. Might have to revisit another time, as these recipes seemed stuffy and overwrought in comparison to the simple elegance of the others.

    20. I borrowed this book from the library and am seriously considering buying it. The Guinness Gingerbread Cupcakes were insanely good with a lime icing. The Racine cake was super easy, light and rich. I want to try more of his recipes because they are not difficult and very very tasty.

    21. Pictures of Recipes? Only about half are pictured. Commentary on Recipes? Yes.Nutrition Facts? No.Recipe style? Classic desserts and sweets.Any keepers? A few. Some of these recipes are pretty complex. More effort than I'd put in.

    22. A beautiful book. I thought some of the flavor combinations a little modern (I mean to say fleeting) for my taste but I'm sure his editor coerced him. I found some good recipes. Like the Fresh Ginger Cake and Chocolate Pots de Creme. I like his writing. A character.

    23. A little bit too high brow for me & beyond my baking abilities. Maybe I'll get there some day, but now I'm not quite ready.

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