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Swami Historical novel based on the life story of elder Madhavrao

  • Title: Swami
  • Author: रणजित देसाई
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 343
  • Format: None
  • Historical novel based on the life story of elder Madhavrao

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    1. avadhutrecommends.wordpress/Summary –“And the plains of Panipat were not more fatal to the Maratha Empire than the early end of this excellent prince” These famous lines by British historian Grant Duff aptly summarise the reign of Madhavrao I. “Swami” – Ranjit Desai’s celebrated novel on the life of this excellent prince is a perfect blend of history and literature.Review –I think Madhavrao I is one of the most remarkable yet relatively unknown figure in Indian history. He became [...]

    2. Swami is a book that teaches politics, deciets, loss, sacrifice and yet triumph of the worthy. An excellent work by ranjit desai. The life of an excellent peshwa whose loss cost us our swarajya!

    3. "स्वामी" ही थोरल्या माधवराव पेशव्यांची जीवनगाथा. लेखक रणजित देसाई यांची पहिलीच ऐतिहासिक कादंबरी. यानंतर त्यांनी "राधेय" (कर्ण), "श्रीमान योगी" (शिवाजी महाराज) यांसारख्या उत्तमोत्तम कादंबया लि [...]

    4. The hollow vanity and ominous arrogance of PESHWA, the twisted relation's, the corrupt hearts, all painted on a grand canvas of opulence. Swami is a must read for understanding the roots of our heritage and political ambitions of warrior families.

    5. स्वामी रणजित देसाई ह्यांची लोकमान्यता पावलेली ऐतेहासिक कादंबरीएकदा वाचनाला सुरुवात केल्यावर खाली ठेऊ न वाटणारी सलग दोन दिवस ह्या कादंबरीत गुंग होऊन ती संपवली. पेशवे हे नाव ऐकल्यावर अपल् [...]

    6. Excellent depiction of life of Madhavrao Peshwa. Just shows you need no experience and ahe for politics. How your own relatives are against you.

    7. This is the very first non-academic book I read in summer of 1995. I credit this book for my love towards history and historic reading. It is a must read book at least for every literate Maharashtrain.

    8. good book i thought it would give me more details of the war Madhaorao peshwa but book gives more details of the personal lifegood read for all ages

    9. 'स्वामी' वाचल्यानंतर एक जाणवतं की रमाबाईंशिवाय माधवरावांचं चरित्र पूर्ण होऊच शकत नाही. माधवरावांच्या निग्रही, करारी, धारदार व्यक्तिमत्वाची वज्रमूठ रमाबाई आहेत. नाहीतरी पानिपतचा प्रलय कमी [...]

    10. A really nice read if you are into Maratha history or history in general. Plays out the politics during the last Peshwa - Madhavrao's reign ~1760-1772. Good description of the Deccan terrain, wars during that period.

    11. It is a very sensitive and touching portrayal of Madhavrao’s life and his relationship with his wife Ramabai.

    12. "Swami" by Ranjit Desai, originally published in 1962, is based on the life and times of Madhavrao Peshwa. It explores various relationships like his wife Ramabai, his mother Gopikabai and his uncle Raghobadada among others. Though mainly focussed on Madhavrao, the other characters remain somewhat stunted in their growth and development. The author has glossed over much of the details of wars with Madhavarao's opponents making his victories sound almost too easy and hence by consequence him almo [...]

    13. While Madhavrao has been depicted as a shrewd statesman and a just and able ruler, his coronation as Peshwa came at a very difficult time just after the defeat at Panipat. Faced with rebellions all over and powerful neighbors looking to settle old scores, his greatest challenges came from his own family !!The book which describes the reign of Madhavrao Peshwa is more of a history based novel rather than a biography - its not a record of overt history nor does it provide a critical analysis of th [...]

    14. “And the plains of Panipat were not morefatal to the Maratha Empire than the early end of this excellent prince” the words by Grant Duff say it all Swami is the story of Peshwa who always fought for his people and his empire. He stood firmly for what he believed in, against even his own blood. Great story of love, sacrifice and leadership.

    15. And the pain of PANIPAT were not more fatal to the MARATHA Empire than the early end of this excellent prince.----- Grand DuffIndeed Grand Duff was right

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