Mate Test

Mate Test

Amber Kell / Jan 24, 2020

Mate Test When Tor is sent to the dragon planet to negotiate mineral rights he doesn t know that his uncle has already offered his hand in marriage Warning There are male male situations

  • Title: Mate Test
  • Author: Amber Kell
  • ISBN: 9781934037676
  • Page: 105
  • Format: ebook
  • When Tor is sent to the dragon planet to negotiate mineral rights he doesn t know that his uncle has already offered his hand in marriage Warning There are male male situations.

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    1. This was an interesting read. Slightly more plot than book one. I just wish there was more detail. I loved the idea of a Space Dragon. Very interesting, but again it lacked detail and left me with a few questions. (view spoiler)[ Why is Tor mostly blind from bond mating with the Dragon, and just what is the bond mating? Why does the dragon feel threatened by Tor's children and likely to kill them if Tor spends more than a few moments with them but not by the man he is bonded too? Why does the dr [...]

    2. When I'm in the mood for a light, fun paranormal romance Amber Kell is going to be my go to author. I like the balance her characters seem to have, and I like her plots. They are a bit cheesy, but they never cross the line into ridiculous. The mystery in this was interesting, and the motives well thought out. The love connection is a bit fast forming, but it didn’t feel like instant adoration. It took some time, and respect before they were feel and truly bonded. I look forward to reading more [...]

    3. Shorter than the first one, and can be read alone.I like it, but Tor and Naron's attraction wasn't as strong for me. I also didn't really get much of an impression of Naron. More of Tor's history and personality was shown, but I kept thinking if he is Naron's mate and awakens his dragon, why continue with tests ? Why even risk it ? I didn't like how Naron was 'lead' to Tor's rooms, I just thought that these two men who are supposed to be strong and powerful were just sort of blah!

    4. A very enjoyable tale! The story moves quickly and even though it's fairly short, the author does a great job setting up the characters and allowing me to feel sympathy for their struggles. I look forward to the next Dragon Men book.

    5. This was a fun continuation of this series. It was pretty short but still had a decent amount of plot. I enjoy the dragon shifting culture Amber has created in this universe. I do, however, feel that the big confrontation at the end was a little rushed. 3.5 stars.

    6. 3.5 starsIf only it had been longerI was really looking forward to reading Tor and Baroy's story, their bond and the whole space dragon thing is really cool. An enjoyable read.

    7. Loved this book! Second in the series dealing with Dragon men from the planet Dragait. High Duke Torrance who is bonded with the space dragon Baroy is physically blind because he see what his space dragon sees. King Naron is the King of the Southern Province of Dragait and has a Mate test called. Torrance's king, also Joriah's (we meet him in the first book) father enter him in this competition. Torrance is a skilled diplomat and is also there to bargain for mineral rights for his King. The comp [...]

    8. On the contrary of her other series about werewolves (the Moon Pack), that is funny but quite “classical”, using many of the common elements of the paranormal romance, the Dragonmen series is more original, introducing concepts, pairs, and dynamics that are very much a trademark of Amber Kell and her series.What probably is the most original element of this novella is that Torrance, the duke that was handforced by his king to participate in a contest to be the future consort of the Dragon ki [...]

    9. In Mate Test, the author's creativity with the Dragon Men world starts to shine with the character of Tor and his bond to a space dragon (not to be confused with a mate). I really liked how Tor was able to adapt to his circumstances. And even though this story is short, we still get to see depth in Tor and Naron's characters. While the story is not long, it does pack a concentrated punch and helps sate my desire for a fated mate/instant attraction tale.I loved Tor's character, and while the whol [...]

    10. About 3.5 stars.I liked the second book in this series a little better than the first. Tor, Jory's (from Mate Hunt) cousin is sent to Dragait to negotiate mineral rights with the king of that region, King Naron Dragange. Little does Tor know that his uncle, the high king, has entered him in the competition to be the king's consort. I felt the development between these two characters was a bit more substantial than in the first book even though this book was much shorter. The plot however, was a [...]

    11. I loved it. Short and sweet that first review: here is second:Finished mate dance. Didn't notice a dif between old a new version except new was edited. First time I gave 5 stars. This time more like 4. It's cute but not a lot happens and characters not developed that well. But cute fast light read. Can skip first if you want since it wasn't that good

    12. This was a cute short story. I liked the interactions between Tor and Baroy his Dragon Mate and how he helps Tor find happiness with his true mate Naron.It was a bit abrupt at the end, but it was sweet.

    13. Nunca he sido muy fan de la fantasía, no se porque!! Pero siempre opto por otro genero, pero esta vez decidí continuar con esta serie, por que el primero me agrado, no son los mejores libros del planeta, pero la verdad es que me entretuve bastante con ellos, el como manejan la fantasía, si es muuy imaginativo, pero interesante.Los protagonistas, me agradaron, sobre todo Tor, su historia es para llorar, y este hombre mostró que todos merecemos una segunda oportunidad.Naron, se me hizo un poco [...]

    14. My favorite out of the series!I absolutely adore this book. I love all the characters and the plot hooks me from the first sentence. My favorite characters are the duke's servants. There closer to him more than his family his and their love for him is unparalleled. I am sad about his children, but the king will need children, and hopefully the duke will be able to get close to them.

    15. MM Dragonshifter candy; sweet and good but I wouldn't want it to be my only book-nourishment. This one was not as good as the first in the series and Mate Healer, it somehow lacked the surrounding plot.

    16. Another great MM dragon shifter novellaNothing like a busy body uncle that just happens to be the High Galactic King deciding it's time for you to get over mourning your deceased lover. His solution offer you up as mating material to a dragon king in exchange for mineral rights. Of course, Tor had no clue when he arrived to negotiate for those rights that the offer had already been made on his behalf. Life can be challenging enough with a space dragon bonded to you a bonding that has blinded Tor [...]

    17. The story had promise I just wasn't happy with the execution. All of Amber Kell's books sound interesting but I've only read two of her books and both were not to my taste. The books are too sweet and everything is just too convenient which makes it a bit unbelievable. I like to loose myself in a book but I find myself unable to do that with Ms. Kell's books. I don't like the feel of the main characters and the tone of the book is blah. Everything is too rushed. :(I didn't like that Tor rescued [...]

    18. While not as good as the first, this was still an entertaining story. There weren't as many of the elements I totally adored from the first book, and there were more things that either confused, annoyed, or bored me.The good:Tor was an interesting character, and the relationship he's got with his dragon, Baroy, was fascinating.The cat shifter bodyguards were fun to get to read about, as was the king's jealousy over their relationship with Tor.Baroy was my favorite character in this story. His pe [...]

    19. da sognipensieriparoleSe l’episodio numero uno è stato breve, il due è circa la metà, cioè brevissimo. Al contrario di quanto mi aspettassi, non si prosegue con la storia precedente, ma ci viene narrato l'incontro di un’altra coppia.Si rimane comunque sempre sul pianeta dei Draconici, anche se emisfero diverso che vai, usanza di accoppiamento diversa che trovi. Qui è il monarca (re Naron) che bandisce una gara per trovare il proprio regale consorte e tra i partecipanti si ritrova (a dir [...]

    20. Series Review: Hot men, hotter dragons what's not to love?Dragon Men by Amber Kell is a series of thoroughly entertaining novellas. The characters are sexy, engaging and easy to love. With a nice mix of drama, erotic romance and adventure, Ms. Kell has mastered the art of short stories. I gobbled up this series one right after the other and am virtually tapping my fingers for more.Mate Test:I adore Tor. He's witty, personable, and has a will of steel that serves him well as he overcomes adversit [...]

    21. Dragons, scifi and M/M.High Duke Torrance Zelan is sent to the southern provinces to negotiate a mining treaty but unbeknownst to him, his uncle the High King has signed him up for the Consort test to the Southern King, King Naron Dragane.Tor was dragon-bonded as a child, and his vision relies solely on what the dragon allows him to see. So to all intents he is blind but with a totally loyal and extensive battery of guards, servants and of course the Space Dragon, Baroy.Really enjoyed this story [...]

    22. A very interesting little short, more for the set up of the characters than for the actual story. The mate “test” kind of seemed like a flimsy excuse to get them together, and I kept feeling that honestly, I kind of felt like Tor was cheating when it was really his dragon giving all the correct answers.Still, the description of the bond between Tor and his space dragon were just awesome as hell, and I’ve re-read it for precisely that reason.

    23. Short, sweet, and very unsatisfying. Reading this book was like eating a hors d'oeuvre. I just wish it was filled out more and didn't rush. I mean even the sex was like stretch, insert dick, and orgasm. I really liked the idea of this space dragon bond and then was totally surprised and disappointed by how flat the author managed to make it. In all honesty the story felt half assed and I wouldn't recommend it.

    24. 01-16-17Yes! Finally get to truly read this book and I must say I'm super happy and pleased with it. I'm so glad it's about the character I wanted to know more about. It's really sad to be unable to be with those you love, but life will always make it up to you as long as you chose to let it. From the first time Mell appeared, I hates him. That's why I'm so glad about how it ended. Thanks for the second amazing book of this series!

    25. Loved this story. I admit to having this in my To-Read pile for awhile because I didnt notice that the story was actually lengtened. ANYHOO this story was funny and interesting. Loved the idea of a dragon side actually being dormant. OOO and the whole space dragon thing? Who woulda' thunk it! Love love love this book!

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