Dash and Dingo: In Search of the Tasmanian Tiger

Dash and Dingo: In Search of the Tasmanian Tiger

Catt Ford Sean Kennedy / Feb 23, 2020

Dash and Dingo In Search of the Tasmanian Tiger Stodgy British archivist Henry Percival Smythe slaves away in the dusty basement of Ealing College in the only bright spot in his life his obsession with a strange Australian mammal the thylaci

  • Title: Dash and Dingo: In Search of the Tasmanian Tiger
  • Author: Catt Ford Sean Kennedy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stodgy British archivist Henry Percival Smythe slaves away in the dusty basement of Ealing College in 1934, the only bright spot in his life his obsession with a strange Australian mammal, the thylacine It has been hunted to the edge of extinction, and Henry would love nothing than to help the rare creature survive.Then a human whirlwind spins through his door JackStodgy British archivist Henry Percival Smythe slaves away in the dusty basement of Ealing College in 1934, the only bright spot in his life his obsession with a strange Australian mammal, the thylacine It has been hunted to the edge of extinction, and Henry would love nothing than to help the rare creature survive.Then a human whirlwind spins through his door Jack Dingo Chambers is also on the hunt for the so called Tasmanian Tiger, although his reasons are far altruistic Banding together, Dingo and the newly nicknamed Dash travel halfway around the globe in their quest to save the thylacine from becoming a footnote in the pages of biological history.While they search high and low, traverse the wilds, and fight the deadliest of all creatures man Dash and Dingo will face danger and discover another fierce passion within themselves a desire for each other.

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    1. starts out beautifully. devolves into a smokin' hot mess by 30 percent and the rest is simply appalling.

    2. Dash & Dingo: In Search of the Tasmanian Tiger by Catt Ford & Sean Kennedy – This book really plays into my secret fantasy where Indiana Jones decides he’s through with women and while traveling through Missouri, sweeps me up into one his adventures and I live happily ever after surrounded by antiquities and Harrison Ford. Dash & Dingo doesn’t actually follow that plot line, but it does quite successfully fulfill my adventure fantasy where a charismatic, hot man runs off into t [...]

    3. I wanted to like this book more than I did, but I found that, far too often, just as it was getting good, it hit me between the eyes with yet another predictable m/m trope.One of the major successes of this novel is the focus on the Tasmanian tiger. Far too often, authors who do research to this extent feel the need to crib every single note they have on the subject into their work, and it begins to read more like a article than a novel. Ford and Kennedy avoid this completely: it is clear they [...]

    4. I've been eagerly awaiting this book. Sean Kennedy is one of my favourite m/m writers and I was interested in seeing how his writing would blend with that of Catt Ford. I also have a great love of adventure stories, especially those in the mould of H Rider Haggard and GA Henty. It's hardly surprising then, that I found this tale of love and adventure in the forests of Tasmania to be a enjoyable romp, with a message of caution about how humans, and particularly the imperial British, have trampled [...]

    5. 4.5 stars. I am a TOTAL SUCKER for adventure romance, especially in the m/m genre, and this book successfully hit all my buttons. Compelling characters, engaging story, ADVENTURE, lush setting--just overall a very enjoyable read.The authors did a great job on both the historical 1930’s setting, and also with describing all the places. You really felt the humidity as they traipsed around in the forests of Tasmania. Everything was very easy to imagine, and you just get swept up in the story.Henr [...]

    6. This is a great adventure story centred on a hunt for the Tasmanian Tiger. Apparently the last known Tasmanian Tiger died in captivity in 1936 in Hobart Zoo, Tasmania. youtube/watch?v=6vqCCI1ZF7oThis story set in 1934 has two characters - Dash (Henry Percival-Smythe) and Dingo (Jack Chambers) hunting for the tiger in the wilds of Tasmania. Dash is kind of introvert, quiet, sometimes a bit unsure of himself and devoted to his work as an archivist in London. He is obsessed with the Tasmanian Tiger [...]

    7. Although I try not to read reviews prior to writing my own, in this information sharing age it’s hard to avoid all mention. So when I –finally- sat down to read Dash & Dingo (released Sept ’09!), I knew it had been generally praised from all quarters and hailed as greatness. So many reviewers, readers, and authors really really loved it. About halfway through I was wondering if it was just me or perhaps I wasn’t in the right mood since I struggled with this book quite a bit. I found [...]

    8. I don’t like reading at my PC much, and I often start an ebook for SIN with a feeling of dread- especially when one is – like Dash and Dingo – over 300 pages. But I was immediately pleasantly surprised by being drawn in, and it was not until my eyes started to get tired that I realised I was 100 pages in and enjoying myself immensely.Let me just comment on the cover. It’s great. There’s no two ways about it. So what that it doesn’t yell “gay romance”? A woman holding an apple doe [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book. The beginning was a bit slow, but when the real adventure began, it became really compelling. I also found that the Australian setting was very intriguing and since I was not aware of the history of the thylacine, apart from some trivia reminiscence, I appreciated that the authors wrote their book around this very specific subject.The sensitivity of the characters to the fate of the animals was quite modern, maybe even a bit too modern. I guess that there were people that in [...]

    10. DEVASTATED!What a great story! Devastated? Yes, I'm devastated that I've finished this novel and there is no sequal. Dingo and Dash, although historical characters (1930's)became my friends within the first few chapters. I read "T&D's" a couple of years ago, downloaded "Tigerland" a couple of weeks ago and decided to download this novel two days ago.I was initially (after reading "Tigers and Devils") put off downloading "Dash & Dingo" due to negative reviews and the fact that the novel i [...]

    11. Simple review:Yes, I loved this book, I really did ;)Uploaded with ImageShackI so want to read more of that genre!!

    12. Took me a little while to get past the first few pages, but when I did, I was hooked! A really warm story, plus it made me think about an area of history I knew nothing about.

    13. ** 4.5 Stars **What a very entertaining Adventure Romance novel. I simply just adore Dash and Dingo ♥ I want a sequel!!!

    14. This was a fun read. That's not to say it's funny--although it was at points--but that the story was really enjoyable. It was kind of like the gay version of Indian Jones. It kept me enthralled right up and past the last page. The story was believable and different. It was interesting to learn about the tiger, Tasmania, and Australia 100 years ago. There was action and adventure, danger and true peril, and it was so, so, so sweet. There was excellent sexual tension but also romantic tension. Plu [...]

    15. In 1934 Henry Percival-Smythe spends most of his time tucked away at Ealing College studying the almost extinct thylacine. A shy and rarely seen creature that has been hunted to the brink of extinction, the thylacine fires Henry’s imagination and he becomes obsessed with cataloging what is left of this strange and unusual animal. When he is given the chance to go into the wilds of Australia and actually see the tiger he is apprehensive and excited. But, in order to do this he has to travel wit [...]

    16. Historical M/M romance set in 1934 about a nerdy researcher and an Indian Jones type adventurer who find love while searching for the lost "Tasmanian Tiger".I recently read Whyborne and Griffin, Books 1-3: Widdershins, Threshold, and Stormhaven and Necropolis so I was hoping to find another book similar with a clueless smart geek finding sweet sweet love with a hot hunky muscle-bound guy.Henry Percival-Smythe is our geeky introverted only child to a rich distant English family. So he doesn't rea [...]

    17. I enjoyed this story full of adventure, action, suspens. I like the two main characters but Dash is my favorite. He is passionate, but appears a little ingenuous, shy and “stuck”. But during their adventure, he reveals another aspect of his personality: he is very smart, cautious but adventurous. He has some useful skills, knows how to adapt himself to new situations, bounce back quickly and dares to try new experiences.This book raises interesting topics about how the Aborigines were treate [...]

    18. Very reminiscent of Bozza's Butterfly Hunter and almost as sleep-inducing. Was expecting much more from Catt Ford.

    19. I really enjoyed this adventure romance story by Sean Kennedy and Catt Ford. I have read other works from both authors and was happy to find the elements of their writing that I enjoy on this story.I loved the historical, cultural and conservationist aspect of this story. I like reading historical books as I love to be transported to previous times and how life was lived back then. Ford and Kennedy did a great job at painting the setting of the late 1930's on this story. I enjoyed reading about [...]

    20. Where to start? I adored Sean Kennedy's previous outings with Tigers and Devils and then the follow up Tigerland, so decided to try another novel involving the same author. This book was co written with Catt Ford, who I haven't read before. I have to say Dash and Dingo didn't really gel with me. I felt the plot was a bit weak, when trying to build up the villain of the piece Hodges. Hodges just didn't feel menacing enough to me. This meant that the ending to his part in the story felt anti clima [...]

    21. This was a fantastic adventure with a hot romance mixed in. Dash, aka Henry Percival-Smythe, was an archivist with a college which his wealthy and titled father supported. His passion was the Tasmanian Tiger and when Jack Chambers, aka Dingo, shows up with a proposal to search for the famed tiger, Dash agrees to undertake the adventure on behalf of the college. What happens is that Dash's life is turned inside out and upside down and he learns more about himself than he had ever believed. Dingo [...]

    22. Because I was not familiar with the Tasmania Tiger, before I began reading this book I went to Google to find a photograph. Not only was there a photograph but there was also a YouTube video of old film footage of the last known Thylacine. I watched the video and I’m not sure that was such a good idea because the vision of that poor creature living in such deplorable conditions coloured my reading experience. I found I could not condone Henry Percival-Smythe’s plans for the Thylacine. Thank [...]

    23. This is a conservationist story set in the 1930s and as far as I can tell done very authentically, (disregarding the american spellings they have obviously had to use). It addresses a lot of issues to do with colonisation that are pertinent to other countries as well as Australia.The relationship between the protagonists is satisfying although those who are looking for an HEA might be disappointed. It seems safe to say they have one, but it and the bedroom/tent scenes are delivered in a fairly l [...]

    24. This book had me quite in a tizzy. It is not my normal genre so I have been pushing myself to read things that may not be my "usual" cup of tea so to speak. I joined the buddy group to push myself to make sure that I read this book and (heard it had good scavenger hunt points) but I truly believe that you may have to be in the right frame of mind to read some things to get full enjoyment. I rated this as I did since the book isn't my thing but it is very well written and it is a great overall st [...]

    25. God, but I have had this on my tbr forever. I honestly don't know what has stopped me from reading it. I love the authors, and I adore just about anything set in Australia and New Zealand, so this should have been right up my alley. And it was. It was a great story, with plenty of peril and plenty of romance. The bad guy was a bit over the top for me, and I never did quite buy the explanation for his behavior. Granted, 'crazy' villains have never really been my thing. But that was the only real [...]

    26. A fun, adventurous and slow-burning romance with a little intrigue and environmental awareness thrown in.I'm not sure the environmental themes were sold on me. It's a rather simplistic look at overhunting and the endangerment of wildlife species. But then, if we were to go into the nitty gritty details, there wouldn't be much room for romance. The romance was a little low-key in this book which still worked for me. I like all the read-between-the-lines imagined heat stories

    27. I wish we had half stars. I don't think this is quite a four star for me, but it's not as low as a three star either. This is a fun historical adventure (1930s Australia). Think Indiana Jones only with extinct animals and poachers instead of artifacts and Nazis. Oh and the hot man love too.Also. This book me a bit sad, because I so want to see a Tasmanian Tiger. And I can't. Recommended!

    28. 4.4 stars. I greatly enjoyed every moment of Dash and Dingo's adventure, their love story, the humorous dialogue and interactions, the underlying care and research which went into crafting this memorable book. All in all, a wonderful reading experience!

    29. In many ways bittersweet, but always beautiful. Even as you rejoice for Dash and Dingo, you will grieve for the tiger, Tasmania, and all the beautiful, miraculous things that have been lost in the name of 'progress'.

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