Nice Recovery

Nice Recovery

Susan Juby / Jan 23, 2020

Nice Recovery From the author of Alice I Think comes a riveting memoir of addiction and recovery Susan Juby started out as a bright and creative student with an innate ability to write incredible stories At the ag

  • Title: Nice Recovery
  • Author: Susan Juby
  • ISBN: 9780670069170
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of Alice, I Think comes a riveting memoir of addiction and recovery Susan Juby started out as a bright and creative student with an innate ability to write incredible stories At the age of thirteen her life began to unravel, and like many teens, she turned to alcohol to get her through the awkward stages of trying to find her own unique identity and fit iFrom the author of Alice, I Think comes a riveting memoir of addiction and recovery Susan Juby started out as a bright and creative student with an innate ability to write incredible stories At the age of thirteen her life began to unravel, and like many teens, she turned to alcohol to get her through the awkward stages of trying to find her own unique identity and fit in with her peers at school In this revealing memoir, she details the painful and sometimes funny experiences of trying to be clean and sober at a time when most young adults are just starting their drinking careers Juby also looks into how the situation has changed for young people washing up on the shores of addiction today through a series of interviews with recovering addicts and alcoholics Told with honesty and Juby s wry wit, Nice Recovery is a candid memoir from one of Canada s most beloved writers.

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        from her website I was raised in Smithers, BC, Canada and lived there until I moved to Toronto at age 20 I had a brief and unsuccessful career as a fashion design student and, after I worked at a series of low paying jobs, such as server, record store employee, etc I began a degree in English Literature at University of Toronto, which I finished at the University of British Columbia After graduating I became an editor at a self help how to book publishing company based in Vancouver Later, I did a master s degree in publishing.When I was a kid I wrote fiction but gave it up for a life of crime Okay, that s not true, but I did get seriously sidetracked That time in my life is the subject of my memoir, Nice Recovery When I was twenty, until I got myself together and when I was about 26 I started writing, in the morning before work, first on the bus, then in a coffee shop This writing became my first novel, Alice, I Think , which was published by Thistledown Press in 2000.When I first started writing my intention was to write a book about a teenager who doesn t fit in, but doesn t allow that fact to crush her The Alice MacLeod series is my homage to oddballs I wanted to create a character who has the courage and integrity to find her own way and define herself independently of other people I ve always admired people who can do that.After finishing three books about Alice and her family, I decided that my goal is to write every kind of book I love to read I ve always loved horse books I was a lunatic for horses when I was younger I owned several horses over the years for a time when I was quite young I was convinced I was a horse, but let s keep that between us and I became obsessed with an equestrian sport called dressage I quit riding when I left home to go to college, but part of me always thought I could have been a contender In retrospect, I m not sure why I would have thought that Anyway, I got a nice pay day when Alice, I Think was made into a TV series, and the first thing I did was rush out a buy a horse and start working on a book about two young dressage riders The story was initially about two girls, but soon I fell in love with a secondary character, a boy named Alex, and the book became mainly about him That one is called Another Kind of Cowboy.I m also a maniac for detective novels, which led to Getting the Girl , a comedy about an inept detective and a high school conspiracy he is determined to stop Book number six is my memoir I developed a bit of a substance abuse problem when I was thirteen and I ended up getting clean and sober when I was twenty Nice Recovery is about that time The book includes information for people with addiction problems and interviews with amazing young people in recovery My love for satire and the End Is Nigh novels led me to write Bright s Light , which is that rarest of things a funny dystopian novel about young dunderheads in the last fun place on earth and the alien who wants to save them Home to Woefield , as it s known in the U.S and The Woefield Poultry Collective as it s known in Canada, is a comedy about a young woman from Brooklyn who inherits a derelict farm on Vancouver Island It s the first of my novels published specifically for adults, though I d say at least half the readers of my other books have been adults I hope all my readers will like it It does contain quite a bit of swearing Just be forewarned I ve always wanted to be self sustaining and able to grow my own food All I lack is land and skill The sequel, Republic of Dirt , is scheduled to be published January 2015 by HarperCollins.My next teen novel is called The Truth Commission It will be published March 2015 by Penguin Canada and Viking U.S The story is about a group of teens who attend an art high school who start a truth telling club with consequences both dire and funny.In addition to my writing, I teach creative writ


    1. I have a large second story window I can watch the world from. Today, I have to find spaces in a Norway Maple's rich canopy to see the old guy struggle with his mower across the street. It's beautiful and sad. That's what I've been noticing and feeling since finishing Susan Juby's new addiction memoir, Nice Recovery, the beauty and the sadness that underpin experience.From a girlhood in Smithers, BC, through a period of couch surfing around the west coast, through still a college and university [...]

    2. Having read Susan Juby's Alice books, I already had a sense of her writing style and I knew that she was funny. An addiction/recovery memoir doesn't necessarily allow for humour though, or the sort that has you snorting and chuckling aloud. This one does.Juby breaks down the book into 3 parts. It's a quick, captivating read, and while you may have heard this story before, it really is the humour that sets this one apart.As much as I enjoy the personal story the most, I do also enjoy the inclusio [...]

    3. Reviewed by Arwen RudolphSusan Juby’s latest work is a personal memoir in three parts about her battle with addiction as a teen. Part One begins with Juby’s description of her years of addiction, from the first time she got really drunk at the age of 13, to when, at the age of 20, she hit bottom and finally decided to seek help. The second part details her experiences in recovery. In Part Three, Juby goes beyond the scope of her own story to include short interviews with several other young [...]

    4. After finishing the two Woefield Farm books, I thought I'd read Susan Juby's memoir--I knew some parts of the books were autobiographical, and it was interesting to see which parts are reflected in Nice Recovery. I quite enjoyed her account of growing up in Smithers, BC, since I currently live in Northern BC and I have some good friends who grew up in Smithers!I liked the first part of the book--Juby's own story of her growing up and developing an alcohol problem, and her eventual recovery. Her [...]

    5. This book is WOW. She does a great job painting the portrait of her own decline and the bottom that an alcoholic's life can devolve to without crashing a car while driving drunk, winding up homeless, or such other things that come to mind when considering the need for recovery - especially at such a young age.The third part of the book was the most powerful to me, neatly separated into bite sized chunks that vary between her narratives of interviews with other young recoverees and the medical an [...]

    6. If the entire book had been like the first half, this book would have had five stars easily. Susan Juby's writing style is hilarious, yet touching, and she perfectly describes her teenage drinking years and how she went a little too far. But the second half of the book is all about her recovery and, although an important aspect of the book, it was a litte too dry and lacked the spunk of the first half. I read this book because I had to pick a non-fiction selection for LIBR 2395 and I loved the A [...]

    7. I had this on my "wish list" at the Toronto Library for a while and downloaded the ebook last week. I forget where I found out about this book and probably put it on my wish list because the author is Canadian.It's Juby's story of growing up in a small town in British Columbia and struggling to find her place in school among the jocks, popular kids, brainiacs, trouble kids, etc. She discovered while still in junior high school that alcohol and drugs helped her overcome her anxiety. The problem w [...]

    8. I'd never heard of this writer before, so I'm not one of those who was predisposed to admire her wit. Frankly, I had trouble locating much wit. This volume is composed of 3 sections, and the third (completely useless) section served to remove one or two stars from the rating. The third section was introduced as giving others a chance to talk, but really it was just more about the author, told in a flatter, less engaging voice. Perhaps I've just read too many addiction memoirs -- overdosed, as it [...]

    9. I don't have a lot to say about this book that hasn't been said by other people, so I'll be brief.Susan has an easily approachable, witty voice that makes the subject matter of this book easy to digest. I was disappointed when she seemed to gloss over the pivotal stages of her recovery, such as rediscovering writing and pursuing education again. I, like many other readers, found the section cobbled together from other people's stories to be uninteresting compared to the introspection and self-de [...]

    10. In this memoir Susan Juby, Canadian author of the bestselling Alice MacLeod books opens up about teenage years…her experiences with drugs, alcohol and addiction. Nice Recovery is divided into three parts. The first and second parts are about how Susan started drinking at a young age, becoming a teenage alcohol addict and finding her way to recovery. The third part is based on interviews that Susan conducted with other young adults and their experiences with drug and alcohol addiction. She also [...]

    11. I love Susan Juby's Alice books and it is the main reason why I picked up this book. And of course this one is different. It is so much more personal. I am not sure why I love books like that, but I do. About, essentially, not fitting in and having a hard time finding one's place in the world. Nice Recovery is a great book, it's a very straight forward account of downward and upward journey from addiction to recovery. I think she wrote it hoping to reach young people in need of this kind of open [...]

    12. Four and a half stars. This excellent book is divided into three sections. One deals with Juby's misadventures as a young alcoholic. She was an alcoholic from ages 12 to 20, and sobered up by age 20. The second half of the book deals with how she sobered up and what happened to her in the first few years of recovery. The third section deals with the experiences of today's young people in recovery and looks how recovery and addiction has changed in the past 20 years. This book was informative, sa [...]

    13. This tragically funny memoir of addiction by a well known and comedic YA author is the perfect title to hand to teens or young adults who are struggling with alcohol or drug use. Far more useful than another episode of Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab, Juby's wry, humorous take on teenage and young adult alcoholism will resonate with readers and encourage those with drinking problems to take the necessary steps to recovery. Besides telling her own story, Juby includes a section where she shares other [...]

    14. Susan Juby's own story of recovery is fascinating, raw and often hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed the first 2/3 of this book. Although I read the rest of the book, I would describe it as opportunistic. This portion, where Juby talks about various strategies to recovery needs to be a reference guide, and not part of the actual novel. Recommended for the OLA White Pine award for non-fiction in 2012, it will be a fascinating read for its visceral and authentic voice.

    15. I'm not rating this book 'cause I feel unqualified to do so. It's a pretty compelling tale of her train-wreck youth, and then the painstaking process of putting her life back together again. I read this as a kind of companion piece to her funny novel, The Woefield Poultry Collective, which is full of references to addiction memoirs. Susan Juby is a terrific writer, so this is very readable. Pretty painful story, though.

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Being a fan of Juby's work, I jumped at the chance to pick up her memoir about teenage alcoholism. This book is written with her usual deadpan humor, she sounds more like her character Alice then I had expected. Juby fans for sure should check this out, and anyone who's interested in addiction memoirs that are not by rocks stars or movie stars and don't take place in the states should check this out.

    17. I enjoyed Juby's memoirs which she wrote in her candid and witty style. It has three sections. The first and second sections are an interesting look at her life while the last section takes a look at recovery options and gives some stories of peoples experiences. While the last section is interesting and helpful to understand recovery better, I did not feel it added much to the book as a whole.Hope you read this and enjoy it too.

    18. I enjoyed reading such an honest account of one woman's struggle with teenage substance abuse (mainly booze). It is not overly dramatic (nobody dies or goes to jail), but it feels very 'real.' I had a hard time putting it down, due to her amusing writing style. The one drawback might be that A.A. is pushed pretty hard in the final section. But, I suppose it works for some people!

    19. Susan Juby became a drunk, went through AA, got straightened out and gained a successful career while still in her twenties.Because she's a writer, the book is more entertaining than some recovery books someone might read. Without being cynical, she seems to have never had a really bad rock bottom and was lucky enough to have avoided many of the physical harms that come to young addicts.

    20. Liked it more and more as I read it. Could relate to a few thing like always feeling behind unless I was ahead. Lots I didn't relate to - a bit preachy in the end after her memoir, but informative for people still searching. Funny - I laughed out loud and other times thought she was trying too hard. A good, honest, easy writer who wrote detail about herself, while leaving family out.

    21. A frank, gritty, and yet amusing reminiscence by Susan Juby about her teenage years as an alcoholic and how, incredibly, she turned it all around. Highly recommended. She doesn't pull any punches and makes the narrative accessible and, yes, enjoyable! I read it all in one sitting and learned a lot.

    22. Susan Juby's story is 5/5. Her descent into alcoholism and her recovery are very well-told and nothing is sugar coated.The 4/5 part is the third section which deals with people in recovery today. I just didn't think that fit with the rest of the book.

    23. Hmmm it wrong that I much preferred the portion of the book that focused on Susan Juby's addiction to the portion on her recovery? She writes about her experiences with a brand of dark, brutal humour all her own - a humour missing somewhat in the latter half of the book.3.5 stars.

    24. not normally a book I would read. Was recommended to me as I am a Susan Juby fan. While I LOVE the way she describes things I found this book dragged on and on and on and on at the ending. I'm not a big biography person however, if I was maybe it would have been a faster read?

    25. I started reading this because I have a friend who I worry might be an alcoholic and I was hoping to get some insight. This book is witty and funny and generally stays true to the awkwardness of intoxication and teendome. Well done Juby.

    26. A wonderful book that was just like having a conversation about recovery. Written in 3 parts the author writes about her addiction, recovery, and models for recover interspersed with other young people's stories of recovery. Candid and witty, a great memoir from Susan Juby.

    27. interesting personal story but also goes into the science behind recovery. triggered some interesting thoughts that I'm still trying to digest. gotta do better at wearing down the path and you can't do it alone.

    28. If I go go 3.5, I would. But not a 4. Most of the book is really good, comical and enjoyable to read then it just gets serious and boring. Bah.

    29. Susan Juby is Canada's best kept secret. I had no idea of this part of her person, and she made me love her even more. Very helpful section at the back for people struggling with the same issues.

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