At Last Comes Love

At Last Comes Love

Mary Balogh / Jun 05, 2020

At Last Comes Love BONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Mary Balogh s The Secret Mistress Step into a world of scandal intrigue and enthralling passion as New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh sweeps us

  • Title: At Last Comes Love
  • Author: Mary Balogh
  • ISBN: 9780440338444
  • Page: 473
  • Format: ebook
  • BONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Mary Balogh s The Secret Mistress.Step into a world of scandal, intrigue, and enthralling passion as New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh sweeps us into the lives of an extraordinary family the Huxtables Margaret, the eldest, embarks on the most risqu adventure of her life and agrees to marry the most notorious man iBONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Mary Balogh s The Secret Mistress.Step into a world of scandal, intrigue, and enthralling passion as New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh sweeps us into the lives of an extraordinary family the Huxtables Margaret, the eldest, embarks on the most risqu adventure of her life and agrees to marry the most notorious man in London Only desperation could bring Duncan Pennethorne, the infamous Earl of Sheringford, back home after the spectacular scandal that had shocked even the jaded ton Forced to wed in fifteen days or be cut off without a penny, Duncan chooses the one woman in London in frantic need of a husband A lie to an old flame forces Margaret Huxtable to accept the irresistible stranger s offer But once she discovers who he really is, it s too late she s already betrothed to the wickedly sensual rakehell Quickly she issues an ultimatum If Duncan wants her, he must woo her And as passion slowly ignites, two people marrying for all the wrong reasons are discovering the joys of seduction and awaiting the exquisite pleasure of what comes after.

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        Mary Jenkins was born in 1944 in Swansea, Wales, UK After graduating from university, moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, to teach high school English, on a two year teaching contract in 1967 She married her Canadian husband, Robert Balogh, and had three children, Jacqueline, Christopher and Sian When she s not writing, she enjoys reading, music and knitting She also enjoys watching tennis and curling.Mary Balogh started writing in the evenings as a hobby Her first book, a Regency love story, was published in 1985 as A Masked Deception under her married name In 1988, she retired from teaching after 20 years to pursue her dream to write full time She has written than seventy novels and almost thirty novellas since then, including the New York Times bestselling Slightly sextet and Simply quartet She has won numerous awards, including Bestselling Historical of the Year from the Borders Group, and her novel Simply Magic was a finalist in the Quill Awards She has won seven Waldenbooks Awards and two B Dalton Awards for her bestselling novels, as well as a Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award.


    1. I’ve been reading Mary Balogh for the last 8 or 9 years and she’s written some of my favorite historical romance. That’s why I’m saddened to realize that she’s jumped the shark. This Huxtable series has seemed so boring to me since the first book but I was hoping that she would turn it around. This 3rd book in the series has a more original premise than its predecessors but it’s at times dull, pompous, and unromantic, which for me is a kiss of death in a romance. Labeling a romance u [...]

    2. I enjoyed this novel so much that I was actually smiling while I read it. I was on a historical romance kick last week and read three Mary Balogh books in quick succession. This was my favorite of the three* because of the flirty dialogue between the rogue Earl of Sheringford and the seemingly prim Miss Margaret Huxtable. Margaret runs into the earl when she is trying to escape from an old flame at a ball, and the earl holds her and says, "What is your hurry? Why not stay and dance with me? And [...]

    3. Margaret Huxtable, looking for a fiance, runs headlong into Duncan Pennethorne, also looking for a fiance. IRONIC RIGHT. She decides to let him woo her; he does some woo; they get hitched; they talk about love; drama llamas arrive; end book. 1. I enjoyed the first half of this. Margaret and Duncan were very forthright with one another and their banter was pretty excellent. I thought the wooing was an interesting premise, and wanted more of it. 2. But basically, once they got engaged and then mar [...]

    4. I know I've been rating all the books (so far) in the series four stars. But, I guess there are different levels of starhood. Like this one. I loved it the best, but not enough to give it 5 stars. Margaret Huxtable is nearly officially a spinster. And with the return of her ex-beau (who also married, had a child with a Spanish lady, and later been widowed), her unmarried state has become an embarrassment. To save face against ex-beau, she fabricates a fiance and gets herself betrothed to a man w [...]

    5. I wanted to love this, due to external stress I seem to only want light reads ( good light reads. not so easy though!), so decided to catch up on Balogh´s new reads. But like others of her recent books, this is so bland, dragged too much of the feelings of falling in love all over the last half of the book. Dunno, maybe a shorter regency would be a better format for this story, but it´s so repetitive. Pity, I liked Meg and she had some great lines!

    6. I think that the Huxtable series is improving with every book that comes out and this third book is now my favourite in the series. This is the story of Margaret Huxtable, the older sister of the Huxtables, the one that stayed home to take care of her siblings and that by doing that had to refuse an offer of marriage of her childhood friend, Crispin Dew, and despite them having an understanding she later discovered he had married while fighting in Spain. When the story opens Meg has finally deci [...]

    7. Another great Balogh book; I wasn't sure how she was going to make the hero running away with his fiancee's sister-in-law the day before his wedding five years ago okay, but the truth and secrets that come out do indeed do that and on the whole, they were mostly unexpected, which was nice since it keeps you guessing. The villains were unbelievably villainous - disgustingly so Three petty annoyances:(1) Two or three times Balogh has the heroine - who is by no means one of those annoying weepy one [...]

    8. This book started off slow but got interesting towards the middle. It was amazingly well written and humorous of a book. I would recommend it to anyone to read.Happy Reading!! :)

    9. It has become obvious to me that the 'overriding theme' of the Huxtable quintet is that of couples who are forced by various circumstances to marry in haste; who then come to know, and later, love each other. The third book in this series was going along well with that theme and I was enjoying it until about page 342 when my suspension of disbelief hit the wall. Margaret (Maggie) jumped to some very inobvious conclusions and I stopped liking her very much when her emotionalism took over her brai [...]

    10. This is by far my favorite book ,in this series. It is the story of Margaret, the oldest daughter, and left to raise her siblings to adulthood. It indeed, was past time she found a love of her own. That loves turns out to be,a gentleman, who has become past the pale, and turned on by the ton, or the elite. He left one woman, at the alter, and ran off with a married woman. Is Duncan as evil, as everyone believes. He admits to her, that he indeed do those things, and her family, wants her to ignor [...]

    11. Having read the fourth in the series (this being the third) I was severely frustrated to see Balogh re-use many character description and character morals. I'm all for subtly using the same character in different books as long as it is consistent HOWEVER Balogh has made the faux pas of using the same character descriptionFOR A DIFFERENT SECONDARY CHARACTER! I was not impressed to read that Mrs (or Miss-who cares) Hunter was of a perfect figure and having slightly slanted green eyesTHE SAME APPEA [...]

    12. As many regency romances, this one is about love and marriage. Margaret is 30 years old. She wants to get married this season. Duncan doesn’t want to get married at all, but his grandfather threatens to cut his inheritance down to zero, if Duncan doesn’t get married by his grandfather’s 80th birthday, 15 days hence. A match made in heaven, do you think? Not really. It takes lots of work on both protagonists’ parts to bring their courtship to a satisfying conclusion and the inevitable L w [...]

    13. Merecidas 5 estrelas porque não me permitiu abandoná-lo enquanto não terminei.Duncan é o herói carismático, renegado por uma sociedade que o condenou quando no dia de seu casamento fugiu com a cunhada da noiva! Um v-e-r-d-a-d-e-i-r-o escândalo!Maggie é um solteirona que criou seus irmãos desde os dezessete anos e jurou para o pai no leito de morte que cuidaria deles. e agora livre das responsabilidades, aos trinta, deseja ter seu próprio lugar e sua família, mas seus possíveis candid [...]

    14. Full review (rather, set of reviews) here.So, I sort of have a thing for marriage of convenience narratives. This book has one of those, written extremely well, with characters who I would totally hang out with in real life (assuming the existence of time travel, etc.). On top of that, the secondary characters aren’t just background – the heroine’s family are a big part of her life, and important to the progression of the story.But what really set this book apart for me was that even thoug [...]

    15. This one was a little slow. But I liked the ending. It seemed as though their love developed slower, so it was more believable. I loved that Duncan was actually a good, honorable guy even though everyone thought he was the worst of the worst.I also liked that Elliot laughed and joked in this book. I like that Balogh is continuing the other stories in a way. I like that she is showing how he is still changing. Something I really didn't like, was when Margaret got mad at Duncan at the end, and she [...]

    16. Balogh's 3rd book in the Huxtable series, this book is about Margaret the oldest sister. Left by her childhood sweetheart when he went off to war, Margaret stayed to raise her 3 younger siblings. More than a dozen years later, her younger brother is now an Earl and her sisters happily married, her former love returns and she impulsively agrees to marry a stranger to make him jealous. Duncan an outcast Earl after a scandal 5 years earlier needs a wife and quickly. This unlikely couple marries and [...]

    17. Once more, I really enjoyed the first part of the story, when the noose seemed to hang closer and closer to both main characters' necks. The plot had also several very unusual and almost disturbing twists, some of them were obvious, while others I did not expect.I rather liked how they decided to become more intimate with each other. However all their discussions regarding their feelings and how to help those grow felt really cold-blooded and as unromantic as could be.

    18. I am loving this series and this book is my favorite so far. Of course, Margaret was a wonderful, mature character, but this story wouldn't be so good without Duncan, the main hero. He was simply perfect: kind, generous, loyal, compassionate, suave "At Last Comes Love" kept my interest thanks to its rich characters & original plot. I definitely recommend this book.

    19. Review type: Quick whips + slight character analysis + small spoilers.Another sweeping story from Ms. Balogh. This was a well-written book with driven characters and a tremendous romance at hand. My only wish was there were more on Duncan’s reason behind his eloping with his supposed bride’s sister. I wanted to know more of his five years with her. Duncan clearly didn’t have to explain that to Meg, but I was really waiting for a more pressing story on the elopement, at least in Duncan’s [...]

    20. Genre: Regency romanceI started re-reading the _Slightly_ series and got onto a Mary Balogh kick. Unfortunately, the Huxtable series has so far disappointed. I got sidetracked away from the first one in the series (_First Comes Marriage_) because the excerpt for _At Last Comes Love_ was so funny. However, most of the book is not funny. Even the scene the excerpt came from was far less funny in context.The story is of Margaret Huxtable, eldest of the Huxtables, who was left in reduced circumstanc [...]

    21. Cukup 3 aja deh, sebenernya mau kasih 3,5 karena dari semua keluarga Huxtable sebenrnya paling suka sama Margaret. Tapi yah gitu sih, penokohanya lembek, males jadinyaMargaret, ditinggal sama tunangannya perang dan melajang sampai jadi perawan tua demi adik adiknya, di book ini giliran Margaret yang mulai mencari kebahagiaanya sendiri. Dua adik permepuannya sudah menikah di dua book sebelumnya dan adik lelakinya sudah cukup dewasa, jadi dia udah gak punya tanggung jawab lagi buat jaga adiknya. P [...]

    22. Summed up in a nut shell, this was a great book! I very much admired the hero and heroine, the story had wonderful pacing pared with consistent momentum until the very end. The climax was written beautifully, and the storyline was simple enough to be entertaining and complex enough to be legitimate. The plot of the novel contains many surprises and the characters, most especially the hero Duncan, was very interestingly structured. Nothing is as it may appear in regards to this male lead. One of [...]

    23. Meg the eldest Huxtable sister who mothered Stephen and Katherine giving up her own chance at marriage years ago, learns her one time love has returned. Meg promised her father at the age of 17 that she would raise her siblings. Crispen her love left for the army promising to return. He never did, never wrote and she found out that he married. Poor Meg was so hurt and now she hears he has returned with a motherless child and wishes to see her. She is furious and wants him to know she wasn't wait [...]

    24. The third novel in Balogh's "Huxtable Quintet", now following the romance of Margaret, the eldest sibling within the Huxtable family.**MINOR SPOILERS BELOW**Margaret is now 30, and knows that her chances for marriage are slipping by quite quickly. Her romantic history is somewhat tragic; Crispin Dew, the elder brother of Vanessa’s first husband, went away to war, vowing to remain faithful to Margaret. She stayed behind to look after her siblings, instead of marrying him right then and there an [...]

    25. So conflicted about this one. I would give 3 1/2 stars if I could. It's hard to rate Mary Balogh's books sometimes, because her novels are superlative compared to those of most other authors. The character development is almost always excellent, the dialogue witty, and the relationships grow as organically as they are ever going to in the confines of a historical romance novel. However.The twists regarding Toby were a little much, I think; they just continued and CONTINUED to unfold. I pretty mu [...]

    26. Really really good. After all the Balogh categories, I felt like something more substantial and then remembered I hadn't read bks 3 and 4 for the Huxtable series yet. I really loved Duncan. Again, first impressions can be deceptive - there was much more going on than met the eye and than most people ever knew. He is a very very good man. With a terrible reputation. But, as Duncan's mother says: But he is thirty years old. Multiply those years by three hundred and sixty-five and even if you ignor [...]

    27. I think this is my favorite Huxtable book so far. I am not sure if it is because I feel like I know the characters better, or if it is just a better story.Margaret/Meg/Maggie is the oldest sister and the oldest sibling in the family. She has been more mother than sister to the others since their real mother died. Due to that, she put her own life on hold.Finally, her two sisters are married and her brother has reached his majority. Margaret decides it is time to finally accept the offer of marri [...]

    28. It would be my luck to see this pretty book on the end of an aisle and decide to buy it--without giving a thought to the fact that it may come after other books in a series. Never having read Mary Balogh before, of course, I didn’t give it a thought. And yes, as you may have already guessed, this book is the third (hence the #3 after the title) in a series.I detest reading books out of order, but I read it anyway and was very glad that I did. I think Mary Balogh will become a favorite Regency [...]

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