In the Shadow of Gotham

In the Shadow of Gotham

Stefanie Pintoff / Jun 03, 2020

In the Shadow of Gotham Dobson New York Detective Simon Ziele lost his fianc e in the General Slocum ferry disaster a thousand perished on that summer day in when an onboard fire burned the boat down in the water

  • Title: In the Shadow of Gotham
  • Author: Stefanie Pintoff
  • ISBN: 9781429937337
  • Page: 464
  • Format: ebook
  • Dobson, New York, 1905.Detective Simon Ziele lost his fianc e in the General Slocum ferry disaster a thousand perished on that summer day in 1904 when an onboard fire burned the boat down in the waters of the East River Still reeling from the tragedy, Ziele transferred to a police department north of New York, to escape the city and all the memories it conjured.But only aDobson, New York, 1905.Detective Simon Ziele lost his fianc e in the General Slocum ferry disaster a thousand perished on that summer day in 1904 when an onboard fire burned the boat down in the waters of the East River Still reeling from the tragedy, Ziele transferred to a police department north of New York, to escape the city and all the memories it conjured.But only a few months into his new life in a quiet country town, he s faced with the most shocking homicide of his career to date Young Sarah Wingate has been brutally murdered in her own bedroom in the middle of an otherwise calm and quiet winter afternoon After just one day of investigation, Simon s contacted by Columbia University s noted criminologist Alistair Sinclair, who offers a startling claim about one of his patients, Michael Fromley that the facts of the murder bear an uncanny resemblance to Fromley s deranged mutterings.But what would have led Fromley, with his history of violent behavior and brutal fantasies, to seek out Sarah, a notable mathematics student and a proper young lady who has little in common with his previous targets Is Fromley really a murderer, or is someone mimicking him This is what Simon Ziele must find out, with the help of the brilliant but self interested Alistair Sinclair before the killer strikes again.With this taut, atmospheric, and original story of a haunted man who must search for a killer while on the run from his own demons, Stefanie Pintoff s In the Shadow of Gotham marks the debut of an outstanding new talent, the inaugural winner of the Minotaur Books Mystery Writers of America Best First Crime Novel Competition.In the Shadow of Gotham is the winner of the 2010 Edgar Award for Best First Novel.

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        Stefanie Pintoff is the Edgar award winning author of HOSTAGE TAKER and the Simon Ziele historical mysteries Her writing has also won the Washington Irving Book Prize and earned nominations for the Anthony, Macavity, and Agatha awards Pintoff s novels have been published around the world, including the United Kingdom, Italy, Croatia, and Japan She lives on Manhattan s Upper West Side, where she is at work on the next Eve Rossi thriller.


    1. First Sentence: The scream that pierced the dull yellow November sky was preternaturally high-pitched.Simon Ziele left being a policeman in New York City after a personal tragedy and injury. Now in the New York, East River town of Dobson, a young woman has been brutally killed while staying with her aunt. Simon is surprised when noted criminologist, Alistair Sinclair, proclaims he knows the killer. But does he?I really did want to like this book but there were just too many things wrong with it. [...]

    2. Not very good at all. This book was nominated for the Anthony Award for best first and won the Edgar in the same category which frankly baffles me. The plotting was simplistic (Whodunit was painfully obvious), characters were thin and wooden, and even the historical details were not interesting. This ranks up there as one of the most boring books I have ever finished.

    3. Ah!! A new historical fiction series for me to enjoy. Set in 1905, this first entry involves a brutal murder in a small town just outside New York city and pulls in a former city policeman who now lives in that community. The reader is treated to a picture of the state of crime-fighting at that time, with wonderful visual pictures of the New York and suburban streets. New methods of understanding criminal behavior are being tested during the search for the killer.Highly recommended for those who [...]

    4. The reason it took me so long to get into this story is that Pintoff failed to create a realistic picture of New York in 1905 for me. She did plenty of research and threw in random facts about the era that distracted from the story, but I needed them to remind me that this was indeed historical fiction. Little things like a telephone in every residence with no mention of switchboard operators and a police photographer excessively snapping shots of a crime scene even though cameras were just rece [...]

    5. Early 1900s, New York state. Simon Ziele has lost his fiancee and most of the use of one arm to a ferry disaster, his mother to disease, his father to gambling, and his sister to marriage.I find that last part particularly amusing, because other characters are like, don’t you have any family left? And Ziele is all, naw, everyone’s dead, deserted, or married. Like just because his sister got hitched and left New York City, THEY CAN NEVER WRITE TO EACH OTHER AGAIN.But I digress.So Simon’s se [...]

    6. Here's a debut well worth reading. If you like forensics, the workings of the criminal mind or books like Caleb Carr's Alienist, In the Shadow of Gotham should be on your TBR list. After losing his fiancee in the Slocum Ferry disaster, police detective, Simon Ziele, in hopes of fleeing his memories, escapes New York City and relocates several miles north to Dobson, a quiet village. His quiet is soon interrupted with the brutal stabbing and death of Sarah Wingate. Very early on Ziele is contacted [...]

    7. In the Shadow of Gotham (Minotaur 2009) introduces Simon Ziele, a police detective who lost his fiancee and the full use of his right arm in the 1904 wreck of the steamship General Slocum. Ziele has relocated from New York City to the town of Dobson, hoping for a quieter existence and time to recover from his loss, but the brutal and bloody murder of young mathematics student Sarah Wingate shatters his peaceful retreat. The investigation has barely begun when Ziele receives a communication from [...]

    8. Winner of the 2010 Edgar Award for Debut mystery novel, In The Shadow of Gotham is set in the New York City of 1905. It pairs up a young detective with a criminologist--therefore setting up inevitable comparisons with Caleb Carr's series set in the same time frame and with somewhat the same setup. But the comparison begins and ends there, because Pintoff's novel comes nowhere near Carr's series in either writing quality, evocation of setting or, in particular, characterization. The last is most [...]

    9. A completely enjoyable read by a new author. In the Shadow of Gotham is detective mystery novel that takes place in NYC at the very beginning of the 20th century. Detective Ziele partners up with a professor of criminology to find the person who killed a brilliant female math student. As far as detective novels go, it's not original or innovative, but it's extremely well-written and while I correctly identified the perpetrator near the beginning, Pintoff kept things mysterious enough that I alwa [...]

    10. I'm really giving this book 3.5 stars. Many of the plot twists, which are what lead to a surprising denouement in other books, are easily predicted while others jump out at you in surprise right to the very end. For some reason, I don't think that the actual solving of the mystery is what the book is about; rather, it's a look into the investigative process and the beginnings of criminal psychology. I plan on reading the other books in the series

    11. This is a very character driven book. That's certainly unusual for a mystery since setting and location often play a huge part in crime fiction. The story is set in the shadow of NY (hence the title) but the setting itself is very vague and not knowing NY very much at all I couldn't orient myself simply by namedropped landmarks and street numbers.It was rather fascinating to read a historical mystery set at the turn of the century just when criminology and the attempt to understand the criminal [...]

    12. Historical mysteries set in New York City are like catnip to me -- I love NYC history, and I love seeing how the author will play with the conventions. This one, set in 1905, was . . . pretty good. There were some anachronisms and other slips that jarred me: particularly a reference to a man's shirtwaist (wouldn't it be shirtwaists for women and shirts for men at that time?) and a couple of academic specifics about journal publication and "professor emeritus" (a 55 year old man who was still tea [...]

    13. I was rather disappointed by this book. It was well-written but the story was pretty pedestrian and the mystery aspect was rather weak. It was obvious from early on who the murderer was and the motive was predictable as well, leading to a boring ending. The lead character was not much of an investigator and did not display impressive police skills. I picked this up due to the comparisons to "The Alienist", which I loved, but this book is not in the same ballpark.

    14. New York City cop Simon Ziele lost his fiancee and the use of one arm when the General Slocum caught fire and sank in the East River in 1904. Now, a year later, he's policing in the small town of Dobson, not so many miles outside the city. Serious crime is more-or-less unheard-of in Dobson -- that is, until the day Sarah Wingate is brutally murdered.Simon has hardly begun his investigation when he's contacted by Alistair Sinclair, an academic criminologist working out of Columbia University. Sin [...]

    15. The first book of a new-to-me series is set in 1905 in New York City. Lots of historical details including the political climate of the time, specific historical occurrences, physical descriptions of city expansion and how dirty the streets are, as well as the developing social consciousness, help to give an authentic feel to this story. The story is engaging and the characters are well developed. Altogether a satisfying read I recommend to anyone who likes either cozy mysteries or police proced [...]

    16. When I started looking for a final book for the Criminal Plots III Reading Challenge (Read a novel that's been nominated for and Edgar in the last five years), I was relieved to find In the Shadow of Gotham by Stefanie Pintoff sitting on my shelves since I'm trying really hard to read more from my own stacks. I'm not much for reading more recent books, but I had picked this one up last May while browsing in our Friends of the Library used book store. It was purely a whim--based on the cover, the [...]

    17. This novel won the author two awards for best first crime novel and I am trying to figure out why. The premise of the novel is good - turn of the (20th) century New York is the location, combined with an insight into the suffragette movement, the emerging sciences of forensics and psychological profiling, a detective who has a decent back-story and a suitably disturbed killer. Sadly, Pintoff failed to deliver.There was no feeling of place – New York was as flat as a theatre back-drop; the char [...]

    18. I picked up this book - and the sequel to it - just before Christmas because they were remainders and cheap, and the reviews on the covers compared them to Caleb Carr's "The Alienist." And I have to say . . . I really regret buying both of them. Because "In the Shadow of Gotham" is BAD.The idea - the mystery itself and the plot - are okay, and would have been much more interesting in the hands of a good writer. Sadly, Pintoff is not a good writer. She overwrites extensively - putting information [...]

    19. so full of anachronisms. It's supposed to be 1905, not 2005. It's also really obviously a first novel, but it's not a bad premise. Just wish the execution had been better.disability tag - one bad guy uses a cane, but we don't discover this until the scene where we learn he's evil. Another bad guy is apparently grotesque in appearance and has addiction withdrawal symptomsnder-politics - all the young pretty women get fridged. All the positively described older/successful women are prostitutes or [...]

    20. Three and a half stars.Very good detective mystery novel with a historical setting of New York in 1905. The author did her homework in the forensics of the era so the authenticity rings true. I am also in awe of any mystery novel in which the identity of the murderer remain unclear to me until the end. The story does offer lots of red herrings. Overall a pleasant mystery worth the time to read.

    21. Historical fiction and murder mystery all rolled into one book. Really loved how the author used the early days of forensics to solve her crimes. This one was a real page turner and while I was able to figure out whodunit, this one still kept me guessing with some of the details up until the end. I can see why Pintoff was a finalist for the Edgar award. I am happy to see there is another book with Detective Simon Ziele.

    22. It is 1904 and Detective Simon Ziele fled New York City to take a job in the small town of Dobson, New York after his fiancée is tragically killed. Soon after he arrives, the horrific murder of a young woman in her own home is committed in Dobson and it eventually leads Simon back the city and Columbia University where renowned criminologist, Alistair Sinclair helps him investigate a man he has studied that he believes is the prime suspect in the case. In the Shadow of Gotham by Stefanie Pintof [...]

    23. I picked up Stefanie Pintoff's "In the Shadow of Gotham" looking for a good historical fiction with plenty of thrills. As someone who enjoys murder mysteries and New York's history, this book had a lot of promise. Unfortunately, it did not deliver.The story itself meanders quite a bit and is very talky, with little excitement. There is a great deal of focus on criminology, which the author clearly researched is some detail. While the plotline does eventually take some interesting twists and is i [...]

    24. It’s the year 1905 in Dobson, New York. On a mild winter evening, someone brutally murders Sarah Wingate in her bedroom while she’s visiting relatives. A brilliant mathematician, she had a promising future ahead of her. So why would anyone want to kill her?After the death of his fiancée on the General Slocum ferry disaster in the summer of 1904, Detective Simon Ziele transfers to a police department north of New York, away from the city, to heal. He didn’t expect to encounter a vicious ho [...]

    25. I think the word "lacking" best describes my feelings about this story. It's lacking in characterization, twists, and the the author's ability to edit unnecessary *stuff*.Characterization: I really couldn't care about any one character. Everyone is horribly boring and one-dimensional. Even the backstories we're given are weak and predictable. Twists: Maybe because I've read a lot of Deaver, I've become spoiled and expect great twists in detective fiction. I'm usually pretty bad at figuring out w [...]

    26. I saw Pintoff’s books recommended in an article by Jason Pinter, and knew immediately that I had to add them to my wish list. This was an entertaining depiction of turn-of-the-century investigation, where one often had to rely more upon luck than physical evidence. Not only do we see the earliest days of forensics, where even fingerprinting is brand new, but we see the beginnings of the use of criminology. It’s a time period I find particularly interesting to read about; a world caught somew [...]

    27. This book had some problems. First off, I was never convinced by the voice. Some authors are able to write main characters of the opposite gender and be convincing. Pintoff isn't. Also, very predictable. As soon as Alastair said "This is just like Michael Fromely's fantasy," I suspected him. As soon as I realized he had a team who also knew of his research, I knew it was Horace. No suspense whatsoever. Pintoff also did too much research into 1905. She kept harping on things that no one living in [...]

    28. I enjoy true crime novels and I enjoy history. Although not true, the methodical solving of the crime reads that way. And New York of the early 1900's is great reading fun for me. Also, this novel is written in the first person, so there is not a Zillion other story threads that I have to keep straight. Each component of the novel-dialog, character development, plot and writing style-were strong. There were few disappointments. The ending may have been a bit weak and unsatisfactory; yet, it was [...]

    29. Having read several mysteries recently, I found this to be a pleasant variation on the theme. This particular mystery is set in 1905 New York. I enjoyed the historical details, the criminolgy and the characters. I don't read mysteries because I enjoy trying to solve the puzzle of the murder, I read mysteries because I want to solve the puzzle of the detective, what is his motivation, is he truly good or is he just the flip side of the criminal coin? In this case the detective was Simon Ziele, a [...]

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