Strange Brew

Strange Brew

Kathy Hogan Trocheck / Feb 23, 2020

Strange Brew The winds of change are blowing bringing gentrification to Callahan Garrity s funky Atlanta neighborhood Though it probably won t harm her House Mouse housecleaning service not everyone welcomes the

  • Title: Strange Brew
  • Author: Kathy Hogan Trocheck
  • ISBN: 9780061091735
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • The winds of change are blowing, bringing gentrification to Callahan Garrity s funky Atlanta neighborhood Though it probably won t harm her House Mouse housecleaning service, not everyone welcomes the rebirth And when the body of a murdered microbrewer is discovered in the aftermath of a furious Halloween gale, suspicion falls on the aging flower child shopkeeper whomThe winds of change are blowing, bringing gentrification to Callahan Garrity s funky Atlanta neighborhood Though it probably won t harm her House Mouse housecleaning service, not everyone welcomes the rebirth And when the body of a murdered microbrewer is discovered in the aftermath of a furious Halloween gale, suspicion falls on the aging flower child shopkeeper whom the victim put out of business.A former cop, Callahan isn t as quick to condemn a colorful local character as some law officers still on the force But her investigative zeal is stirring up secrets that are forcing her to reassess old friendships and a one time love and is brewing up lethal trouble than Callahan and her mice can safely swallow.

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        aka Mary Kay AndrewsKathy Hogan Trocheck is the author of critically acclaimed mysteries, including the Callahan Garrity mystery series A former reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, she is also the author of Little Bitty Lies and the Edgar and Macavity nominated Savannah Blues, under the name Mary Kay Andrews.


    1. Strange Brew is the 6th book in the Callahan Garrity mysteries and so far my least favorite. The plot rather bored me, and although I recognize this author’s talent to always find astutely ordinary characters to play out the plot, I didn't warm to these people. I didn't find any sympathy or connection with them. I thought this whole mystery was depressing and dark.On Halloween night Callahan discovers the body of a businessman, named Jackson Poole. Rapidly the police concludes that an old hipp [...]

    2. I'm working my way through the reissued Callahan Garrity series from Mary Kay Andrews. So far, Strange Brew was my favorite novel in the line up. This book finds the protagonist - a house cleaning service owner and former PI- in a precarious situation. As a brewing company moves into her neighborhood, one of the owners winds up murdered. Could it have been the previous tenant who was angry about being evicted that did him in? Inquiring minds want to know and Callahan is on the case!! In true for [...]

    3. Review of the audiobook.I like these books. As I get closer to the end of the series, I get a little sad that it's going to end for me soon (2 more books). I like the characters and the situations. This is probably more of a 4.5 than a 5, but darn it, I like this series.This book has Callahan investigating the murder of a new business in town when another business owner is accused of the crime. When the second business owner apparently commits suicide, the police declare the mystery solved. Call [...]

    4. Unlike other titles by this author, this particular story did not grab me. If you like Southern humor, check it out. If you like suspenseful murder mysteries, go ahead and sample it. Unfortunately, the combination seemed forced at times and while some of the characters I made acquaintance with in previous titles are here, too, I had trouble getting involved in the suspenseful part of the tale.It seemed to take Callahan too long to solve it and her ex-buddy cop seemed particularly dense this time [...]

    5. Good for Callahan. A topical Callahan PI story with a happy ending. Easy read and quick. Parts of the story do grab you. I do recommend this if you like Mary Kay Andrews books, one of the better ones.

    6. Not quite up to the same high level as the others, but still entertaining. The killer was pretty obvious andand the characters were not as well drawn as in the earlier books of the series. Technology has advanced a lot. 20years is a long time. I have enjoyed these books.

    7. Better Just gets better twisty and turney with humor and suspense that keep you guessing. On to the next will be very sorry when I have read them all.

    8. This was the best of this series so far. Hard to believe to took until book 6 for the author to really capture my attention, but I enjoyed this book.

    9. A comfy read. Not my style but wanted to try it and since some reviewers said it may be the best of the series I thought this one would be my pick. Nicely written for those who enjoy this genre.

    10. This was an awesome mystery (Callahan Garrity Mystery series) with lots of colorful and quirky characters – keeps you guessing all the way through the book. Voted for this book as the best mystery for 2013 Good Reads awards. If you love Mary Kay Andrews (which I do and have read all her books), try her older books (under the name of Kathy Hogan Trocheck) are now available as e-books.This can be a standalone; however, you will want to read the other books in the the Callahan Garrity Mystery ser [...]

    11. This was an oldie but a goodie. Part of a series written in the 90's featuring Callahan Garrity, owner of House Mouse cleaning services and private investigator, this particular book is set in Little Five Points, a trendy area in Atlanta. Trocheck does a fantastic job of incorporating Atlanta neighborhoods and landmarks in all of her Callahan Garrity books, and this one is no exception. While celebrating Halloween at her favorite watering hole, the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club (which actually is a r [...]

    12. "Strange Brew" is Kathy Hogan Trocheck's 6th in-a-series of Callahan Garrity cozy mysteries. The fictional Garrity is a retired police officer and current/sometime private investigator who lives with, and runs a house cleaning business with, her cantankerous mother Edna in suburban Atlanta, Ga. In this installment Garrity becomes involved with a murder on Halloween night of an ageing hippie (Wuvvie) who runs a head shop in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Atlanta, next door to a neighborhoo [...]

    13. Strange Brew is the first novel I've read (listened to) by Andrews/Trocheck and by extension in this series, so I'm not sure how it might compare to her other Callahan Garrity mysteries.I ended up listening to this book because I was looking for a light mystery in the vein of Sue Grafton that was available as an audiobook through my library's electronic resource library. I listened to it over the course of a couple of days at work, so my attention was not focused entirely on the novel.It was an [...]

    14. I'm a fan of Mary Kay's and I found this title under her name at my library. I had no idea that Mary Kay is her 2nd pseudonym or that she has a whole series of mystery's about a cop/private eye/house cleaner named Callahan under another pseudonym of Kathy Hogan Trocheck. Not sure where in the series this book is but I had no problems following the story.Starting on Halloween night, Callahan is on her way to a costume contest in Little 5 Points Atlanta. while she's going out, a hurricane is comin [...]

    15. Now this was a little strange--gentrification is coming to a quirky (and crime-ridden) Atlanta neighborhood and Callahan--who runs a house cleaning service like a mom-and-pop Merry Maids--doesn't like it that much but concedes that some new businesses and money and safer streets would be good. The guy opening the new brewpub is murdered, and she's thrust into solving the mystery. The set-up had potential, but the execution wasn't believable and a couple of the characters/twists were just so, "Oh [...]

    16. #6 of the Callahan Garrity series set in Atlanta, Georgia. In this installation, Atlanta has been hit by a big storm and the neighborhood is ungoing cosmetic and financial changes. The yuppies are moving in and throwing out the street people and the old stores. The story revolves around a microbrewery and a secret from the past. I enjoy the closeness of Callahan and her mother Edna, plus the friendship among the ladies and man of the cleaning crew. Trocheck writes like many of her friends: Marga [...]

    17. First completed book of 2015 toward my goal of 102. This story, which I believe is 6th in the Callahan Garrity series, barely mentioned the House Mouse and focused instead on what else? A murder mystery. The "big secret" was careful guarded until the very last pages of the book, actions that took place many years before in little Hawkinsville, Georgia (I lived 10 miles from there when I was a child) that had much to do with the crimes that started the story. Callahan will probably never be y fa [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book. I hadn't realized it was part of a series and I'm interested in trying more. It was an easy read and while I was able to figure out some of the guilty parties, the ending was a pleasant surprise (I like that in these murder mysteries). It's very much a Stephanie Plum-esque book with a smart, sassy main character and colorful sidekicks. I appreciated that it wasn't too focused on the romantic life of the main character as that can sometimes become a bit distracting IMHO. Over [...]

    19. [audio version] 6th in the reissued series, this title feels a bit less dated than the earlier titles. Less House Mouse and more Callahan Garrity PI but boy, a lot of bodies before the mystery is solved. The solution was a bit of a let down for me but, hey, to each his own. Sense of place: Atlanta. Holiday: Halloween. Other issues represented: homeless / street people, race relations, women's relationships.The narrator created a voice for Callahan that too often sounded whiney and for Bucky, ins [...]

    20. Since I have been reading Mary Kay, I saw this new book and read it before I realized it was a series written under a pen name, and now I gave to go read the others. I hate when I start in the middle of a series. Interesting protagonits, Callahan is an ex cop now a PI and also runs a cleaning service in Atlanta. Has some of the trademark Andrews dialogue and quirky characters, including Callahan's mother and cleaning crew. Good mystery and lots of info on micro-brewing.

    21. "Strange Brew" is a wonderful mystery that will keep readers guessing until the very end. Early in the story I was concerned about a victim’s dog. The lady is murdered. What happened to her dog? I am not giving any of the story away to say, the dog turns up again in the end, and does quite well. The story may not end happily for all the people, but Brownie the dog stays with Callahan, the narrator, and she looks for a great home for him.

    22. This book was not that suspenseful. It had a long climb to the climax and that didn't happen until the end of the book. It was like you finally got to the top of the mountain and the view was better from the bottom. Really?!? I only have one more book (that the library has) to read in this series. The library does not have the first book and its not going to hurt my feelings if I don't ever read that book.

    23. Callahan Garrity's neighborhood is having some security issues. There's a peeping tom in her yard, her mom is attacked in her own yard, and to make matters worse, a tornado blows through and takes out a few trees and the House Mouse van. Not to mention a couple dead bodies and now you have a case for Callahan. These books, written 20 years ago and now republished are still worth a read. A good mystery holds up even when times change.

    24. some interesting minor characters - Edna, Cheezer, Neva Jean, Baby and Sister in addition to main character Callahan Garrity - set in Atlanta, Georgia re: Sunday afternoons "We sit on the porch, my mother and I, wave at the neighbors as they drive by, cuss out the politicians, or the Atlanta Braves, or the weather, or each other. It don't mean a thing." - p. 1

    25. This is a surprisingly well-written story about a female private investigator with quirky family and friends. There are quite a few laugh-out-loud moments, some clever phrases, and no unrealistic feats of derring-do. The plot has a few twists, but they didn't feel contrived to me, and I didn't have any of those "no one would never do that" moments.

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