A Child's Garden of Verses

A Child's Garden of Verses

Robert Louis Stevenson Cooper Edens / Feb 23, 2020

A Child s Garden of Verses This beautiful board book features eight of Robert Louis Stevenson s classic poems with antique illustrations by some of the best known children s book illustrators of the late nineteenth and early tw

  • Title: A Child's Garden of Verses
  • Author: Robert Louis Stevenson Cooper Edens
  • ISBN: 9780811841689
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Board Book
  • This beautiful board book features eight of Robert Louis Stevenson s classic poems with antique illustrations by some of the best known children s book illustrators of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including Charles Robinson, H Willebeek Le Mair and Jessie Willcox Smith An unforgettable treat for the very youngest readers.

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        Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson was a Scottish novelist, poet, and travel writer, and a leading representative of English literature He was greatly admired by many authors, including Jorge Luis Borges, Ernest Hemingway, Rudyard Kipling and Vladimir Nabokov.Most modernist writers dismissed him, however, because he was popular and did not write within their narrow definition of literature It is only recently that critics have begun to look beyond Stevenson s popularity and allow him a place in the Western canon.


    1. A Child's Garden of Verses is a collection of poetry aimed at young children though due to the latent racism and views on British supremacy, I would not recommend it to a young impressionable reader. Robert Louis Stevenson was a very versatile writer; he delved deep into the human psyche when he wrote The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde but he did not restrict himself to representations of the gothic and the persecuted. He also wrote brilliant children's adventure stories such as Treas [...]

    2. My grandma gave me this book when I was very young. I read it around ages 6-7 years-old. It made me happy to be young and now it makes me want to be that young again. It was strange how easily I could identify with the young Robert Louis Stevenson. I could absolutely understand his annoyance at being sent to bed while it was still light in summer and I just wanted to be there with him. When I read it back now I am reminded of the innocence of being so young, something that I didn't think about o [...]

    3. The Land of CounterpaneWhen I was sick and lay a-bed, I had two pillows at my head, And all my toys beside me lay, To keep me happy all the day.* * * * *I was the giant great and still That sits upon the pillow-hill, And sees before him, dale and plain, The pleasant land of counterpane.Once upon a time, when I was a young child home sick from school and confined to bed, my mother encouraged me to memorize this poem. The title baffled me, since I had no idea what a counterpane was. I thought that [...]

    4. “Odio il cinismo più del diavolo; a meno che siano la stessa cosa” (R.L. Stevenson)Cosa c’è di più stupefacente della freschezza, semplicità, curiosità, fantasia di un bambino? La freschezza, semplicità, curiosità, fantasia di un uomo adulto che ha saputo mantenere un cuore bambino, non incattivito dalle vicissitudini, dai dolori, dalla malattia, dalla durezza della vita.Stevenson (il cui stato di salute fu sempre precario) scrive queste poesie in un periodo di grande debilitazione [...]

    5. This rates 5 stars for the beautiful illustrations by Eve Garnet alone, the poems are lovely too, although some of the statements about children will sound dated to the modern ear, there are some lovely evocative words and pictures of idyllic childhoods and country scenes. I have a 1940s copy of this book that I spent many happy hours as a child reading or tracing the pictures so I could paint colour into the beautiful line drawings.

    6. My edition different cover, with an assortment of classic illustrations chosen by Cooper Edens.My review from the Children's Books discussion for Poetry month:Emphasizes the sentimental and the nostalgic. That may be appropriate, and a good way to sell the book to the ppl with the money but I'm not sure if it helps today's children appreciate the timelessness of the verses.I would have loved any edition of this when my children were tiny. Reading it now, I feel as if I deprived my kids!Even nurs [...]

    7. Strung these poems end to end like beads on a string around my heart, reading slowly to savor. Exquisite! Not all resonate with a modern reader: most espouse adherence to traditional gender roles; almost all take as their subject the joys and tragedies of childhood experiences, and quite a few are sadly now relegated to a bygone era and will therefore be unfamiliar to many readers (like nurses and nannies for children, candles to light a path to bed at night, and typical rural life staples like [...]

    8. This is a sentimental review because of how personally I cherish this collection. My grandfather had a old edition of this book like from the 1940s and whenever my sister and I slept over, he would read the different poems over and over again until we fell asleep. So to say I adore this book is a bit of an understatement as I can't read the poems without hearing my grandpa's voice. The poems themselves are utterly charming, harking back to an older childhood, perhaps a more innocent one, a time [...]

    9. "The Wind" by Robert Louis Stevenson is a rhyming poem. It talks about the wind and how it feels.My favorite line is, "O you that are so strong and cold." It makes me feel like the wind will blow me off my feet! My favorite rhyming words are "cold and old," "sky and high," and "long and song."I think the poet wrote this poem on a windy day. He may have gone outside and then written this poem to describe how he feels about the wind.

    10. I just saw a review on this and remembered that it is on my shelf as well. Great art and of course poetry for children. Delightful book.

    11. What wonderful memories this little book holds! It is responsible for my bibliomania of today. We were a reading family and my parents bought me this book when I was a small child and would read to me from it until I mastered reading on my own. Such classic poems it contains and my edition has illustrations by the wonderful Jesse Wilcox Smith which makes it even better. Along with Poems of Childhood by Eugene Field, this book never gets old and is still enjoyable to the adult who read it as a ch [...]

    12. I cannot find the correct edition - ours is ancient! I adore Wynken, Blinken and Nod and "How do you like to go up in the air, up in the air so high, oh I do think it is the ie the Swing song! They are my favorites.

    13. I really tried to give this at least TWO stars, but when you're really glad you have finished a book I think that's a pretty good indication of the star rating.Perhaps it might be thought that a poetry book should be read in small bites?? Yes, much poetry is dense in terms of compacted thoughts and image and metaphor. After reading one Shakespeare sonnet(reviewed) one has to gasp for breath. (What was that semi-trailer that just passed over me!??!!) An immediate reread is necessary. The syntax(w [...]

    14. Absolutely wonderful!A Child's Garden of Verses is a read that reminds me of all the little experiences as a child!Sometimes we see the moon, we see the weathered patterns, and we see the happy thoughts resonate into actions, but do we ever know where they spring from? They don't lodge themselves from the grabs of young imagination, but this is a phase that truly continues to grow. You grow old towards the genuine reality, and repose of life, but are you enjoying it?Do not be afraid of living fo [...]

    15. As a child it was my Mom who who read to me many bedtime stories, except for Christmas eve when my Dad would read us "The Night before Christmas", and every so often, my Dad would read from this book! His favorite was "The Lamplighter" The book had beautiful illustrations and I can still hear my Dad saying with great voice inflection "O Leerie I'll go round at night and light the lamps with you". Some other favs of mine in this book: The Swing,The Wind, My Bed is a Boat, My Shadow, The Land of C [...]

    16. Stevenson can not simply sit quietly on a shelf. His works beg to be lifted and opened for new worlds to discover. As a child, he was lonely and ill and many of the poems in this collection for children exude that sense of isolation.I'm sure everyone has their favorites, but mine was always THE LAMPLIGHTER. At my school in Melbourne, we would have a midday break of tea and biscuits, and my teacher would recite the beginning of this poem. It was Stevenson's ode to a world quickly changing, as ele [...]

    17. Definitely a bit old fashioned. We didn't quite make it through the whole book, but, we made it 90% of the way. I found myself changing the wording in a couple of the poems as I read them aloud. A few poems have a bit of a colonialist feel. They just about all feature boys rather than girls. The boy has a nurse who plays more of a parenting role than the parents do. However, it is usable to compare/contrast lifestyles today and as an opportunity to point out the ways that things have changed. Th [...]

    18. Il giardino dei versi, come suggerito dal nome, è una raccolta di versi stevensoniani, scritti tra il 1881 e il 1883. Il volume è rivolto principalmente ai lettori più giovani ed è impreziosito dalle illustrazioni di Charles Robinson; questa bella edizione italiana contiene sia le traduzioni di Montanari che i testi originali inglesi.Le poesie contenute ne Il giardino dei versi vennero scritte un po' per caso; si potrebbero definire un esperimento letterario, in quanto Stevenson, al tempo, e [...]

    19. This reissued version of a collection of 35 poems written by Robert Louis Stevenson back in 1885 and published in 1951 may remind older readers of some of the poems they loved when they were young. I certainly remember reading and trying to understand "My Shadow," "Time to Rise," and "The Land of Nod" when I was a little one. Every family should have this book in its collection so youngsters and adults can choose their favorite ones to memorize and share throughout the day. The rhyming lines mak [...]

    20. No me gustó mucho. Y me costó entender algunas partes. No sé si estoy oxidado, o si usa palabras raras. Siempre me olvido de recomendarselo a Dani: varias veces hace mención a las cosas que hace con su niñera. Lo que sí me gustó es eso de leer en voz alta en inglés. Creo que a mi me ayuda con la pronunciación, y a Jose le voy desformando el oído para que odie el idioma.

    21. Read a poem a school day to my 6 year old (AO y 1) and we just finished it. We both enjoyed. Robert Louis Stevenson excels in all type of literature!

    22. With at least six different editions of 'A Child's Garden of Verses' already in my collection, why would I want another I wonder? The answer was that it was a superbly illustrated edition and had a lengthy introduction by Michael Rosen so I just had to have it. And why would I read it having read it innumerable times before? The answer to that is that it is one of my all-time favourite books and I enjoy reading it over and over again.I was not disappointed this time either as I visited The Land [...]

    23. I would not recommend this book to children. Though it might be a fun read aloud to very young children who do not understand words very well yet because of the well-crafted rhythms and rhymes, most children would not understand these poems on their own. Some of them are simple enough that they would make sense, but many deal with things that were part of the English way of life back in the late 1800s when this collection was written. The coming generation of children will not understand many of [...]

    24. I give this book two stars and I think that is being pretty darn generous. The poetry is very old-fashioned and filled with difficult words--words that are even difficult for me like "paven pools" and "gabies". I doubt these will show up on future SAT's. The poems are good if you are old enough to understand them, but the children they are meant for are probably too young for them. We read Gyo Fujikawa's edition. The illustrations are so cute but, despite being drawn by a Japanese-American woman [...]

    25. So beautiful and childlike, not in the simplicity of the poems but in Stevenson's incredible way of showing the mind of a child. These are poems for any child . These are poems of imagination and play. These are poems from a child's view point written by a man of great literary talent. These are poems you can read over and over to a child or read just for the sheer pleasure by yourself. These are poems of beauty and childhood. To Any ReaderAs from the house your mother seesYou playing round the [...]

    26. Ratings aren't particularly helpful with a book of children's poetry like this. If you like it then you must have been exposed to this before the age of eight and are looking back with nostalgia. It's true that there is much that seems outdated and only fit for parody - nursie, lamplighters and such - but it also has a timeless quality and a capacity to delight or it wouldn't still be read 130 years on. I'll try and quote from memory:When I'm grown to man's estateI shall be tall and very greatI' [...]

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