The Skin Type Solution: A Revolutionary Guide to Your Best Skin Ever

The Skin Type Solution: A Revolutionary Guide to Your Best Skin Ever

Leslie Baumann / Dec 13, 2019

The Skin Type Solution A Revolutionary Guide to Your Best Skin Ever From Dr Leslie Baumann a world renowned dermatologist comes a program that s revolutionizing the way people everywhere think about and shop for skin care Now you can identify and buy the products th

  • Title: The Skin Type Solution: A Revolutionary Guide to Your Best Skin Ever
  • Author: Leslie Baumann
  • ISBN: 9780553804225
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Dr Leslie Baumann, a world renowned dermatologist, comes a program that s revolutionizing the way people everywhere think about and shop for skin care Now you can identify and buy the products that are right for your true skin type Answer the Baumann questionnaire inside this book and within minutes you can learn As everyone knows, all skin is not created equal.From Dr Leslie Baumann, a world renowned dermatologist, comes a program that s revolutionizing the way people everywhere think about and shop for skin care Now you can identify and buy the products that are right for your true skin type Answer the Baumann questionnaire inside this book and within minutes you can learn As everyone knows, all skin is not created equal But whereas previous books identified only four basic skin types, through her cutting edge clinical research in Miami Beach, Dr Leslie Baumann discovered that there are actually sixteen distinctly different skin types each with unique needs all its own But caring for your skin doesn t have to be complicated As Director of Cosmetic Dermatology at the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami, Dr Baumann has tested her program on thousands of patients, developing a system that is already transforming dermatology Now her proven program is available to you You ll discover Your personal skin type profile detailing exactly what will work and what won t for your unique complexion An extensive product guide to name brands suited to every skin type and budget, including cleansers, moisturizers, toners, sun blocks, foundations, and much Natural health and dietary advice for beautiful skin Tips on preventing skin aging and problem skin The latest information on the new world of prescription products, facials, chemical peels, Retin A, Botox, and collagen injections So take the questionnaire, discover your type, and find the products you need to look like a million bucks without spending a fortune With this book in hand, you ll save time, money and something even valuable your skin.

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    1. This totally did not make sense. Her whole premise is that there are four facets of skin -- oily/dry, sensitive/resistant, pigmented/non-pigmented, and wrinkled/tight. So I take the quiz, and I'm oily/resistant/non-pigmented/tight. That makes sense.But the section for that type of skin kept saying that it's the best kind to have because you don't have any skin problems! Which I do, kind of a lot. And it talked about how people with this type of skin don't get acne, which is news to me, as I've b [...]

    2. I wasn't too surprised by my "skin type" as determined by the Myers-Briggs-esque test at the beginning of the book: borderline oily/dry, sensitive, barely non-pigmented (ability to form melanin), and "tight". I read the chapters OSNT and DSNT to figure out what I should be doing. OSNT: rosacea and adult acne. Hooray! I took the anti-inflammatory tips from this chapter (products with licochalone, feverfew, and aloe; stress mitigation (ha!)--avoidcocoa butter, parabens, peppermint oil, lactic acid [...]

    3. This book really helped me understand what I need to be using for skincare. I like how the author gives you several choices of what you should use for your skin type (ranging from $ to $$$ depending on price), and then gives you her top choice of all she's suggested.The first couple of chapters talk about why she is qualified to tell you what to use for your skincare and what different skincare terminology is. The third offers a quiz for you to take, and the rest of the book explains the differe [...]

    4. I've had years of trouble with my skin. This book showed me what type of skin I have and what I should be doing to take care of it. I was doing everything wrong! A week on her program and my face is looking - and feeling - so much better. The author provides lists of products suited to each skin type (and she has 16 types here, not the usual three or four). I'd have given it four stars if more of the products listed were organic or all-natural.

    5. You should read this book just for the quizes. I like Bauman's theory that skin isn't just normal, dry, oily, sensitive or combination. Her product recommendations are very helpful and tell why certain products work or are detrimental for different skin types. A definite must read for those with sensitive skin.

    6. Follow her advice and your skin WILL improve. It looks like a big book, but it's really a quick read because you only have to take the test & read the part about your skin type. It's worked for 3 people I know, including myself.

    7. Dr. Baumann classifies skin into different types by four different letters, sort of like the MBTI. (It's worth mentioning that it's possible to change skin types based on how you treat your skin.) While it is a little bit outdated, this book helped me understand what was wrong with my skin. I've had so many people around me try to tell me to use this acid peel and that retinoid, when the truth is that my skin needs to be handled really carefully because the acid mantle toward the center of my fa [...]

    8. This book is very informative on the various skin types that Dr. Baumann has classified. I have Oily, Sensitive, Pigmented, and Tight skin (OSPT, by the way there are 16 classifications of skin!) and I focused on the chapters that pertained to my skin type. From reading this book, I learned about which products would be best for my skin type that I can purchase from any local drugstore. I also know which dermatological procedures would be beneficial for me and which ones would not. Grab this boo [...]

    9. It was educational the way she categorizes skin types. However, once you got your skin type, a large portion of the book became irrelevant. I wish the chapters were better organized; there seemed to be a lot of repetition with daily regimens, recommendations, etc. She should also disclose specific financial interests and which companies sent her free samples, as this could bias her recommendations.

    10. Ms. Baumann provides readers with a thorough understanding of their skin type, which helps explain the problems you may be experiencing. She also provides specific product recommendations--which I have not yet tested.

    11. The premise of this book is that by figuring out your exact skin type, you will be able to properly choose your skin products and have near flawless skin. The reader does this by taking a questionnaire to determine skin type (oily vs dry, sensitive vs resistant, pigmented vs non, wrinkled vs tight). You then combine the four different categories to determine your unique skin type, and then go to your appropriate chapter to read recommendations for your type.I like Baumann's writing style because [...]

    12. In my ongoing quest to have non-terrible skin, I think this is a pretty useful tool. You use a fairly extensive questionnaire to "type" your skin along 4 axes (think dermatological Myers-Briggs) and then she provides specific suggestions of routines to follow, products/ingredients to use or avoid, etc. for each skin type. Learned some useful things, it's very straightforward and non-hypey (references list is also extensive), products suggested are at a broad range of price points. I appreciated [...]

    13. As I write this, I have once-in-a-lifetime, facial eczema. I cannot test the Author's advice given for under 40, dry, resistant, non-pigmented, wrinkled skin. Here's me, eczema, and identity encased in historically crime-d, Anglo/Irish, fair skin. Unaware until reading of course, it is simple but complex. Thankful, my type is heavily supplied by that oh so charming of beauty industry intent on shaming me/all women toward gracefully, disgracing Old. Further reading? BB creams thus eczema. No soon [...]

    14. The Skin Type Solution is a revolutionary way for patients to better understand the behaviors of their skin, as well as to discern which types of products are the best for their own skin. As Myers-Briggs personality analysis is 16 types into which some 97% of the population falls into, The Skin Type Solution is more than likely providing advice, solutions, and product recommendations for about 97% of the population. It is a tremendous, ground-breaking book for the average skin care consumer, and [...]

    15. I loved this book! It is very helpful in pinpointing what kind of skin I have and suggesting products and ingredients to use and avoid. My sister also read this book and we are completely different skin types. Thus we need to use completely different products. I have found the product suggestions very helpful and effective. It is a recommended read if you are having problem skin or just want to maximize your beauty! I did not read the whole book just the sections on my skin type but it does a gr [...]

    16. I liked a lot of the information in this book so I would've given it a 4 except for after following the regimen set out for my skin type, I'm still having issues. I also find it interesting that by a simple, subtle change of one or two of my answers in the quiz I could go from being one of the most difficult skin types to one of the easiest to maintain skin types. I do like the product she recommended for my skin type (Aveeno and Mary Kay are currently the brands I use), but I don't know how cru [...]

    17. Man, I'm on a "books-I-didn't-finish" kick this week! I took the self-quiz in the book and then turned to the section about my skin type. Unfortunately, the description of "my" type of skin was about 50% incorrect. I read the parts that applied to me (at least based on my quiz results) and didn't get a whole lot out of it. I imagine that if the results had matched me more accurately, this would've been very helpful. A friend recommended this to me so I feel bad not having loved it or gotten some [...]

    18. I will be making a few changes in my skin care routine and then can give a much better rating/review of the book. Overall it is well layed out and easy to find the information that is important for your individual skin type (and a quiz to figure out what your skin type is). I thought it seemed a bit Sales Pitchy for some different products that she recommends but still found the information easy to understand and incorporate into a new skin care regimen. I look forward to seeing a positive chang [...]

    19. Thank god I read this book! I knew I had sensitive AND dry skin, but I didn't have really any clue what to do about it beyond slathering lotion on it. This book really opened my eyes to the world of skin care. It's clear to me now that I haven't been doing enough to take care of my skin and prevent premature aging. Dr Baumann also provides product recommendations based on price-affordability. It's perfect and just what I needed. Plus I got some very very good advice from this book: "[you] dont t [...]

    20. I got some good tips. I have yet to actually try any of the products or enact a stricter routine. But I have ditched all the products that I was using that I found were bad for my skin (exfoliants and some oils). Plus I learned that steam is very bad for my skin type, which makes me sad.I also found that some of the products recommended aren't as available any more, if at all. But the website is helpful for finding current products. The chore will be wading through options and prices.

    21. This book is great. It includes a test to tell you which of the 8 skin types you have. While portions were not surprising to me, others were. I did the test for both myself and my husband. But even better the author includes a list for each skin type of product suggetions that range in price from drug store brands to expensive dermatologist purchases. I was able to create a skin treat regiment from Walmart and get better results than my expensive department store products.

    22. This book is a great resource! I have super sensitive skin that reacts to everything. I learned some really important stuff no one else had ever explained to me, plus exactly which products to use - and which to avoid.[An example: Sensitive skin will often react to even high-quality products if they don't have all three of the body's natural moisturizing elements -- in the same proportions in which they're found in the skin]

    23. While promising in principle, I didn't really find the recommendations for my skin type ones that I'd like to follow on a daily basis. Between the environmental impacts and potential personal health risks of the products that Dr. Baumann recommends, I'd hesitate to use many of the products recommended here. Check out EWG's "Skin Deep" database when deciding among the options. cosmeticsdatabase/

    24. I enjoy reading this book. For once, I actually relate to a skin type description. I am a OSPW, a pretty difficult skin type. Now that I know my skin is sensitive, proned to pigmentation and wrinkles, I know better what products to get. Before that, I mostly rely on general reviews from makeupalley, and have been confused and frustrated that a product that supposedly does wonders for many other does not work for me. If anything, this book taught me to understand the right skin ingredients.

    25. Great helpful tool and guide to what products you should use for your skin there are so many out there and just because you like a face wash from one place doesn't mean the moisturizer will be the same or do you use lightening gel or eye cream??? Will have to read it a few times and make a copy of my skin type regimen, but a pretty good read for those who want to start being proactive about their skin.

    26. This book is really neat because it allows you to take a test to determine what kind of skin you have, then you can go to the chapter about your skin type and learn more about it. The author tells you exactly what products are right for your skin and are in your price range. I haven't used the products long enough to rate by results, but the info was good.

    27. Dr Baumann has figured out 16 skin types, based on oily/dry, sensitive/not, pigmented/not, wrinkled/tight. The book has a questionnaire to help you figure out your skin type, then personalized recommendations (at all price points) for your skin and its particular ailments. This book really helped clarify why my skin is sometimes so annoying!

    28. Loved the information in this book. If you've ever wondered what type of skin you have or spent a ton of time in the cleanser/moisturizer aisle this book is for you. It even gives you specific products to try for your skin in a variety of price points. I hope the products work for me since I will be replacing them once my current skin care products run out.

    29. This book is great because you take a quiz and then it tells you what your skin type is. You then go to that chapter and read how to take care of your skin. She lists products that she likes that range in price. It is great if you have problems with your skin but it is also good for people who don't have problems because she talks about wrinkling and age spots. (which none of us want!)

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