Highland Thirst

Highland Thirst

Hannah Howell Lynsay Sands / Nov 19, 2019

Highland Thirst New York Times bestselling authors Hannah Howell and Lynsay Sands once again combine their talents to deliver their most thrilling book yet Set in the rugged Scottish Highlands here is the spellbindi

  • Title: Highland Thirst
  • Author: Hannah Howell Lynsay Sands
  • ISBN: 9780758220424
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling authors Hannah Howell and Lynsay Sands once again combine their talents to deliver their most thrilling book yet Set in the rugged Scottish Highlands, here is the spellbinding tale of two men destined to live by night with a hunger only the blood of Outsiders can quench and a passion only two extraordinary women can satisfy Embrace The DaNew York Times bestselling authors Hannah Howell and Lynsay Sands once again combine their talents to deliver their most thrilling book yet Set in the rugged Scottish Highlands, here is the spellbinding tale of two men destined to live by night with a hunger only the blood of Outsiders can quench and a passion only two extraordinary women can satisfy Embrace The Dark Side Cousins Heming MacNachton and Tearlach MacAdie are bound by the same blood, the same ancient curse, and now the same quest to search out the enemies of their clan hunters who consider them soul less demons and intend to exterminate them But no sooner have Heming and Tearlach begun than they are drugged, separated, and taken captive One is brought deep into the borderlands of Scotland, the other, in the dreary depths of Northern England Caged and weakened, only two brave women give them hope.Brona Kerr and Lady Lucy Blytheswood are irresistibly drawn to the mysterious prisoners Together, the women resolve to save them In doing so, they will safeguard the clan s future and their own For they are promised to cruel men who will do anything to possess them and the status that comes with them Now Brona and Lucy must cross perilous terrain to fight for their lives and for the men with whom they discover an eternal passion they never imagined.

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        Hannah Dustin Howell is a best selling American author of over 40 historical romance novels Many of her novels are set in medieval Scotland She also writes under the names Sarah Dustin, Sandra Dustin, and Anna Jennet see below.She has also used the following pseudonyms Anna Jennet, Sarah Dustin and Sandra Dustin


    1. Two stories. Both pretty disappointing. Not sure which was written by which author, but I have to wonder WHY does Hannah Howell like to stab her heroines??? Is it really necessary to the story? To me it's pretty gross and didn't add anything to the plot.Hemming the idiot and Brona the unlucky & Tearlach the dweeb and Lucy the unlucky. So First off, Hemming and Tearlach are Scottish vampires and get jumped by anti-vampire creeps outside an Inn. They are both rescued by their lasses (that was [...]

    2. Hannah Howell and Lynsay Sands are 2 wonderful authors and they both manage to draw me into their stories and keep me reading. These 2 stories are a continuation of the MacNachton Vampire series and not much has changed -- the MacNachton/MacAdie clans are still being hunted and persecuted. Heming and Tearlach are the sons of couples from stories in The Eternal Highlander and Highland Vampire. My main complaint was that the storylines weren't very original in the basic plot -- vampires in need of [...]

    3. Hannah Howell didn't seem all too interested in writing vampire stories. And oddly enough Lynsay Sands wasn't that much better. Her Argeneau Family Series is much better.I wouldn't have felt anything for the characters if it wasn't for the situation. There wasn't much buildup for them. And the whole book was the same story with 4 people. 2 were the main characters in the first half and the other two were the main in the second half. But all in all it was still better than watching re-runs on tv. [...]

    4. A little elderly lady gave me this book after I had told her I enjoyed vampire books, lol. I'm surprised the book even had a sexual scene or few in it considering her age! It had two stories; intertwined. I found it well written & enjoyed the read, (although I do like a little more in depth sexual details in my book, lol!)

    5. Hannah Howell's story is about another son of Jankyn and Efrica, Henning. His Lady is Brona who is being wooed by force by the man who is first to her uncle. She finds Henning and three other men in the dungeon and frees them using her knowledge of secret pathways and catacombs within the castle. This is another great story in this series. Brona is courageous and loyal. The story rolls along at a reasonable pace with plenty of action.Lynsay Sands' story is about Tearlach who is the only offsprin [...]

    6. Two vampire romances in one novel. I thought they were both equally good. I like how they were connected, and each author wrote about one of the cousins being held captive. I enjoyed this book with sexy Highlanders.

    7. This book gave me a thirst to read more and I found its much like the Murray's and there are bunches for me!

    8. Hannah Howell and LYnsay Sands have done it again! I love these "Highland vampire" novels of their's.This installment consists of two cousins (vampires) who get captured because apparently they are soulless demons. However, the captors don't want them dead they want to find the reason for their unnaturally long life. They are tortured unmercifully during their captivity and rescued by woman being forced to marry against their will. I really like the way Hannah Howell describes the Highlands of S [...]

    9. Two cousins travel the Highlands trying to scout out opposition forces who are trying destroy the McNachton clans who have been born with paranormal gifts like long life, strength and health but also inability to tolerate sun and occasional need to ingest human blood. Heming and Tearlach are captured and tortured to reveal their secrets, but both have the good fortune to be rescued by lovely young women who each will control their own estates. Convenient that. Typical of Howell and Sands. OK but [...]

    10. I found this book at the library the other day, when I didn't have my "to-read" list with me. It caught my attention when I saw that it had Highland in the title. Of course being a fan of the Outlander series made me want to learn more about it, so I found out it was a Scottish Highland romance novel with vampires! What an awesome combo! It was literally a combination of Outlander and Black Dagger Brotherhood! It was an easy read with a very predictable plotbut who reads a romance novel for the [...]

    11. Two intertwined stories about cousin Scot vampires in the 16th century. The first story was a little uneven and stretched plausibility. Not the vampires but that the heroine had pets, particularly a cat in a time when cats were considered evil or witches and no one had a problem with it. The second story was better written and I liked the heroine a lot more. It was a little harsher and the characters more rounded. I admit the accents and language took awhile to get used to and understand but I s [...]

    12. Wow. My standards for entertainment, especially romance novels, are pretty low. It's damn near impossible to go wrong for my taste if you throw in the Highlands, yet somehow this book failed me utterly. The nigh-stupefying simplicity of the storyline suffered more when burdened by clunky dialogue, tired exposition, and a complete lack of anything even remotely original. What a stinker. So glad it was a loaner - I didn't pay for it AND I can give it back!

    13. An interesting book consisting of two related stories. Cousins Heming and Tearlach are Scottish vampires on a mission to discover what the English Outsiders are planning. They are drugged in an inn and are taken prisoner, one by a sadistic Scottish Laird and the other by a sadistic English Lord. The stories follow the adventures of each of the cousins as they meet the woman they are destined to mate with and escape their imprisonments.

    14. You know what i love about these books? I mean, come on, if a guy was to tell you right now today in the year 2011, that he needed to drink blood to live, and the sunlight weakened him, so he'd have to stay inside all day, you'd think he was slap nutz. But these ladies 100's of years ago, there all like, sure , i get that. must be some unknown medical malady. I love you , drink MY blood. LOL. that's what i love about these books. clearly i can' t get enough.

    15. Two excellent paranormal romances.I have been reading Hannah Howell's books for a long time. I am fairly new to reading Lynsay Sands books and I feel she is going to be another favorite author of mine. I loved these books and they kept your interest that you did not want to put the book down. I will continue to read both authors books. I would recommend this book to everyone who loves paranormal and Highlanders.

    16. Vampires and Highlanders?! What more could I ask for?! I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It had all the things I love about my Highland historical romances and all the things I love about the paranormal aspect of vampires. The story was interesting and it really kept moving at a nice pace. The characters were interesting, and I LOVED the names. If you're a fan of historical romance AND paranormal romance, this book is PERFECT for you!

    17. I had so much trouble reading the dialogue that it was a total distraction, and I was unable to form any emotional attachment to the characters. I love a rich vocabulary, but Howell's rendition of the Scottish accent is just too forceful. Normally I enjoy the writings of both authors, but this one was way off target.

    18. Another slam dunk for Howell and Sands! As with the other two collaborations, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and couldn't put it down. I won't bore you all with details, but lets just say I would definately recommend this book to other readers! After all, who doesn't love a story with romance and vampires!

    19. I really enjoyed this double bill. Howell especially writes beautifully, and the highland vampires are gorgeous. I wish I could find one of my own. Manchester is not that far south surely? Entertaining, fiesty heroines who save their vampires highlanders' is an especially nice twist to both plots.

    20. The story was really good and was really sad because of the people who thought that they had the right to have what they want But at least the girls saved their guys And there's a very, very happy ending for all of them I just wish those hunters will be stopped I really hate them

    21. AMAZING.I loved how the two writers go so smoothly and how they split up the story. VERY creative and very satisfying story too! I highly recommend to any one who likes a little romance and a lot of adventure!

    22. Loved this seriesHowell and Sands together in one great read. The two stories worked and are a pleasure to read. These are not a dark vampire series, just light romantic typical of both authors and very good.

    23. Loved it when I first read it in 2011DIOBOOK: listen to 26 to 27 February 2015Narrator: Marguerite Vine, made it come to life. She did one good job with accents and voices, both men and women.

    24. I love reading anthologies because you get to see and experience your favorites all in one place. Over and over Howell and Sands win you over and leave you dying for more. I couldn't read Highland Thirst fast enough and when I was done I didn't want it to end! :) Five stars for sure!

    25. So good! Loved the heck out of both of these stories! They complimented each other perfectly. I would have felt frustrated if I would have had to wait for the cousins story! So glad I didn't have to!

    26. It would be interesting to have Berawald's book. Again there was a lack of important information making me feel that there wasn't enough collaboration between the authors considering they are writing the same series and it makes me want to give a much lower rating. 4 stars for entertaining

    27. I love these combos, Hannah and Lynsay always inject humor into their books and this pair were no different.Always a world i love to come visit over and over again.

    28. Nothing like a good beach read that involves not only men in kilts, but vampires as well. Cross marketing at it's finest.

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