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Monsieur Shimmering with sensuous ecstasy dark with terror and mystery this is the extraordinary novel of a happy trinity of lovers The diplomat Piers his sister Sylvie and the English doctor Bruce are at

  • Title: Monsieur
  • Author: Lawrence Durrell
  • ISBN: 9780571106608
  • Page: 124
  • Format: None
  • Shimmering with sensuous ecstasy, dark with terror and mystery, this is the extraordinary novel of a happy trinity of lovers The diplomat Piers, his sister Sylvie, and the English doctor Bruce are at the heart of Durrell s new creation, as is the medieval walled city of Avignon And haunting them all is Monsieur, Prince of Darkness, whose ancient satanic rites still floShimmering with sensuous ecstasy, dark with terror and mystery, this is the extraordinary novel of a happy trinity of lovers The diplomat Piers, his sister Sylvie, and the English doctor Bruce are at the heart of Durrell s new creation, as is the medieval walled city of Avignon And haunting them all is Monsieur, Prince of Darkness, whose ancient satanic rites still flourish in the modern world.

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        Lawrence George Durrell was a critically hailed and beloved novelist, poet, humorist, and travel writer best known for The Alexandria Quartet novels, which were ranked by the Modern Library as among the greatest works of English literature in the twentieth century A passionate and dedicated writer from an early age, Durrell s prolific career also included the groundbreaking Avignon Quintet, whose first novel, Monsieur 1974 , won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, and whose third novel, Constance 1982 , was nominated for the Booker Prize He also penned the celebrated travel memoir Bitter Lemons of Cyprus 1957 , which won the Duff Cooper Prize Durrell corresponded with author Henry Miller for forty five years, and Miller influenced much of his early work, including a provocative and controversial novel, The Black Book 1938 Durrell died in France in 1990.


    1. ”I dozed on my bed until sunrise and then set out resolutely to find a coffee, traversing the old city with affection and distress, hearing my own sharp footsteps on the pavements, disembodied as a ghost. Avignon! Its shabby lights and sneaking cats were the same as ever; overturned dustbins, the glitter of fish scales, olive oil, broken glass, a dead scorpion. All the time we had been away on our travels round the world it had stayed pegged here at the confluence of its two green rivers. The [...]

    2. Review – “Monsieur or The Prince of Darkness” – Lawrence DurrellPiers “had always ironically referred to himself as ‘the last of the Templars’ and the word expressed not only the family tie, for he was indeed a de Nogaret, but also the Templar pride in the overseas commitment of the order. For such a romantic going to the Middle Orient was a thrilling experience - of a quasi-historical kind. He felt he was returning to the roots of the great betrayal, the roots of all anti-Christia [...]

    3. Lawrence Durrell’s 1974 novel “Monsieur” is the first in the “Avignon Quintet” (1974-1985), a sequence of interrelated volumes in the manner of the “Alexandria Quartet” (1957-1960), his most famous work.The classic “Alexandria Quartet” is an experiment in multiple perspectives, with a range of characters offering differing insights into a series of common events. “Monsieur” takes the concept further, employing a story-within-a-story-within-a-story technique to question the [...]

    4. Monsieur, or the Prince of Darkness, the first novel in the Avignon Quartet, provided my first foray into Lawrence Durrell's work. In The Times, Susan Hill writes that the novel 'contains some of the finest descriptive set-pieces even Durrell has ever written.' From the beginning, indeed, his descriptions are wonderfully evocative, and sometimes even breathtaking, and effortlessly set the scene.The plot did not seem overly original, and I found it even a little lacklustre at first, but it did be [...]

    5. We were latecomers to the place, modern scavengers of history upon a scene which had, it seems, long since exhausted all its historical potentialities. So, there's this author, right? And he's writing a work about characters based on acquaintances of his, but one of the characters is writing his own work, and hates the author, and some of the other characters are writing their own diaries, in which they sometimes doubt the authenticity of each other's works.Or maybe all of that is a lie.The ques [...]

    6. Set in Avignon, France and Alexandria, Egypt, this novel follows some of the themes set forth in the Alexandria Quartet—in particular, modern love and gnosticism. A French brother and sister, descendants of a prominent Knight Templar and possessors of an old chateau in Provençal, hook up with a young Englishman to form a menage à trois. For awhile they dwell in a sort of paradise, but the young Frenchman manages his estate incompetently and eventually has to find work as a diplomat; expelle [...]

    7. "As pessoas que já não podem apaixonar-se só podem definhar, entram em declínio, e escolhem inconscientemente uma doença que fará o trabalho de uma pistola."(Página 174)"Dizem que quando se ama alguém, ausência e presença se assemelham; e que realmente não nos podemos libertar um do outro até que a mola principal, a memória, se parta. Mentiras! Sofismas! Invenções!"(Página 199)" tinha por fim descoberto que o amor não tinha importância em si, e que a projecção dos nossos pró [...]

    8. Very interesting novel that should appeal a lot to sff lovers for its intricacies; I do not want to reveal too much but the tapestry of personages we meet and their relationships, motives and actions are not what they seem.While the whole gnosticism theme left me a bit cold - I strongly believe in the exploration of the mysteries of life and the universe through natural philosophy not navel gazing - as a literary device and looked at sf-nally if you want (say an alternate universe where gnostici [...]

    9. There is some admirable writing in this but I felt that it missed an opportunity to be something much better. There could have been a very interesting novel on the Templars but somehow the writer missed the opportunity and repeated the faults which mark all his novels but in this one seem to have come to dominate the story. There is some memorable writing here but the trick of a writer writing about a writer has beocme stale. Lawrence cannot leave off these accounts of writers whose features are [...]

    10. Eigentlich dreieinhalb, der hohe Schrottfaktor des zweiten Bandes betont allerdings bereits im ersten Teil erkennbare Schwächen. Ausführliche Rezi folgt zum Abschluss des Zyklus.

    11. Whoa, dude. This one's out there. Incestuous love triads, Gnostic suicide cults, metafictions within metafictions.In other words, it's freakin' awesome.

    12. Durrell's books have beckoned to me for the longest time with their exotic locations, their disenchanted aristocratic characters and the constant latent talk of homosexuality. A pile of copies of "Monsieur" came on sale at Chapter's in Montréal one afternoon last year and I thought this was my chance. However, the story is not the easiest around as the other reviewers have pointed out and it took me the whole year to finally pick it up in earnest and read it. With its crazy mixture of English a [...]

    13. I read over half of this before setting it aside. It's just not doing it for me. Some interesting subject matter, but far too belabored and precious in treatment.

    14. This book made me want to draw diagrams; pretty straightforward to begin with, perhaps for the first 2/3s, then all the structural relationships are kicked into a different dimension. Had to re-read it before moving on to the other books, which have been loitering on my shelf for a while. The descriptions of Avignon are of a different Avignon than the one i saw, which is cleaner, more modern in aspect, a new creature on the same bones. Its mystery and danger have more or less melted away, alas.

    15. By the end of this book I was actually confused about what I'd been reading. Are the characters real? Is this a book within a book? It seems like lots happened but I couldn't say for sure what took place. There were hints of dark subjects such as homosexuality, incest, suicide and gnostics but I wouldn't call it groundbreaking stuff

    16. First half of this book: awesome, even if a bit angsty in a dilapidated-aristocratic-polyamorous way. Second half: what the hell? Are we witnessing the author's descent into insanity and narcissism? Also, explain to me why the only African-American character is some kind of jungle-voodoo-southern drawl shadow named "Trash." Wtf. Maybe there is a reason you fell into obscurity, bro.

    17. It has a complex background. Time to time i had a hard time to understand. It has lots of taboo themes of the society so reading it was really interesting. I am curious about some characters so i will read the other books. This was really different compared to what i read usually so it was refreshing to read something new.

    18. Very stylishly written, of course, but he does go over the top sometimes (and no, self-parody is no excuse). Fine if you like intellectual parlour games and peeling back all the layers of the onion enveloping his musings, although reading it is a chore if you hope to find some sort of story or point to it all.

    19. Sadly, didn't really enjoy this one, in spite of some beautiful Durell moments. It just felt like it was trying too hard, the skeleton showing through, and I had little patience for the explanations of gnosticism. Magical moments at Verfeuille all the same.

    20. I've read Monsieur twice but am still confused. Perhaps the other books in the quincunx will make things clearer but I doubt it. Not sure where Durrell is taking me but I enjoy the views along the way.

    21. A novel of ideas, action, mystery, of human aspiration and self-destruction, set in Avignon. The moments of happiness experienced by the diplomat Piers de Nogaret, his sister Sylvie, and Bruce, the earnest English doctor, are fleeting in the face of darker problems.

    22. Among the best descriptive narrative of any 20th century writer. Should be an eye-opener for 21st century readers who believe sexual quirkiness is a recent phenomenon.

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