The Gathering

The Gathering

Jennifer Ashley / Nov 18, 2019

The Gathering Nothing could calm the desire that sparked through Leda Stowe s body at Hunter s touch She wished that they could hide away together on her island forever but the world thrummed with danger Before Le

  • Title: The Gathering
  • Author: Jennifer Ashley
  • ISBN: 9780505526885
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nothing could calm the desire that sparked through Leda Stowe s body at Hunter s touch She wished that they could hide away together on her island forever, but the world thrummed with danger Before Leda could claim Hunter for herself, they would have to join the other Immortals for The Gathering.

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    1. Hunter is a happy-go-lucky warrior who is supposedly the crazy one. He's not, he just doesn't care about anything, he won't. Not since his wife and babies were slaughtered by the Big Bad.Leda is a witch who used death magic to summon a demon to save her dying husband, and his thanks? a divorce, and being treated like crap by the other witches until she left the Coven of Light. Luckily the Calling spell sent Hunter to her on a remote island near Mexi-cali. This fifth installment of the Immortals [...]

    2. I picked this book up from the library not knowing it the last book of a series I haven't read. I started to read it 3 times and never got past the 5th page, I just couldn't get into it. I picked it up again last night determined to start & finish it before I take it back and im glad I did!!Reading the 1st books in the series isn't really nessesary but I do wish I had known before reading so I could have got used to the terms and refferences.It had a great storyline with great charectersI wo [...]

    3. Book 4 of the Immortals. A new e-book edition will release January 20, 2014. Trade paperback to follow. The re-release is revised and edited. The story has not changed, but hopefully will be a more smoothly written read. The Calling; The Gathering; and the Redeeming will be released simultaneously.

    4. Leda Stowe bring a little something to her immortal, Hunter, than he may be ready to handle. This proves to be an interesting ride for both of them.

    5. My favorite so far. I like Hunter best of the brothers. He’s calm, funny and confident, yet vulnerable. Though he does need to stop feeling like he knows better than everyone else and try to see their side of things.And I love Mukasa the lion. Having him as a companion like that would be a dream come true for me.In the second half of the book the whole thing starts to come together as the four brothers finally unite and prepare to confront Tain. Lots of exciting, unexpected action and twists. [...]

    6. HunterThis addition to the Immortals series features Hunter, the live for the day, fun loving warrior who lost his wife and children to a demon centuries earlier. When the summoning from book one is thwarted by a powerful, ancient demon, Hunter is dropped into a wild lion's enclosure on an island off the coast of southern California. Leda is alerted to the breach in her wards and finds a stranger in the lion's den, one who has an instant rapport with her lion. She soon learns of the chaos and de [...]

    7. Hunter, an Immortal, suddenly finds himself locked in a cage with a large lion! Having an affinity to animals, Hunter starts up a conversation with Mukasa, the lion, and that is how Leda finds them. Irritated, more than shocked, Leda sees Hunter has a really big sword (no insinuation intended) and a powerful white magic aura which identifies him as an Immortal. Well if Mukasa likes him, no harm in Leda liking him too! Right?

    8. This was an incredible episode in this series! It was intense and suspenseful! Side note: I loved the lion so so much!World Building: A++Mythology: A+Plot-Twists: A+Villains: AGirl Power: A++Guy-Hero: A+++++ (for the 5 Immortals)Love-Interests: A+++Suspense: A+Feels: A++For you clean-readers: this book DOES have mature content. You'll need to do some self-editing or scene-skipping to read this one.

    9. I loved the "conclusion" of Tain's dilemma. The story hooked me from the start, and kept me guessing what was going to happen. This series is amazing, and I loved the couples that the Immortals evolve in to. Each character is well developed, not only the main players, but everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and look forward to reading the remaining books in the series, and will be likely buying other works by this author.

    10. ❤❤½ Our heroine, Leda Stowe (Lee-da), an air witch, lives isolated on a island near Mexico where she cares for endangered exotic animals. Currently she houses Taro, a Japanese bear and Mukasa (really?!?) the lion. She's divorced and posses a little death magic in her due to a pact she made with a groth demon to save her dying husband. The details of the husband and never discussed and really the groth demon angle is never really pursed since Hunter removes the dark magic from her, annulling [...]

    11. The Gathering is Book 4 of the Immortal Series, which after reading this book leaves me eager to read the rest of the series, it captivated my heart and left me breathless. Leda Stowe is a witch, who lives on a island where she takes care of a bear and a lion that she saved from terrible masters who treated them crually. Leda has a tender heart, and has a genuine caring about others and especially animals. Hunter is a Immortal, a most powerful being who has spent centuries destroying demons and [...]

    12. The fourth book in the series, written by Jennifer Ashley (Book 2 and 3 were written by other authors), explores the life of Hunter, a more fun type of Immortal. The fourth book in the series, written by Jennifer Ashley (Book 2 and 3 were written by other authors), explores the life of Hunter, a more fun type of Immortal. Still hurt by the tragic death of his wife and children some 900 years back, Hunter eagerly beds women he lusts for, spending time with them without emotion. From day one it's [...]

    13. What an amazing conclusion to a wonderful and magical set of books! And lucky for us readers who have closed this series into our hearts the end is nowhere near yet since there are at least 3 more books and an anthology planned for the future starting with Taine’s story in September 2008. But for now let’s get back to the book at hand. After reading the Awakening the rollercoaster ride slowed down considerably but luckily Ashley took me for a serious spin with this one. Leda and Hunter are g [...]

    14. ขอบอกว่าแม็กซ์ผิดหวังพอสมควรกับงานของเจนนิเฟอร์ในหนังสือชุดนี้ก่อนเลยแล้วกันค่ะ แม็กซ์ชอบคอนเซ็ปต์ของเรื่อง (ซึ่งเป็นความคิดของเจนนิเฟอร์) มาก เรื่องราวของนักรบอมตะห้าคนท [...]

    15. This is another PNR series that has a UF-style series plot. It revolves around five immortals (sons of various world-religion goddesses) who are sworn to come to the world's aid during times of terrible strife. The balance of the world has shifted too far towards the evil side, so a coven of white witches call for the aid of the immortals.This book is primarily about the immortal brother, Hunter, and the witch he meets, Leda. Though, it's also a pivotal book in the series plot because, as the ti [...]

    16. Hunter, an Immortal Warrior whose mother is Kali, is magically taken to an island outside of Los Angeles into lion's cage. Mukasa, a lion, abused by his previous owner likes Hunter alot. Leda Stowe, a witch who used Death Magic to save someone she loved, cast out of Coven of Light by her actions. Leda leads solitary life taking care of abused animals until Hunter lands on the island. A spell called The Calling jerks Hunter from his bed play learns that Life Magic is fading from the Earth while D [...]

    17. Zum Inhalt: Als plötzlich Hunter von einem Rufzauber weggeholt wird, landet er in einem Löwenkafig auf einer Insel. Dort lebt die Hexe Leda, die dort sich um Tiere kümmert. Schnell freundet er sich mit dem Löwen an und entbrennt in Leidenschaft für die Hexe, doch auch er weiß, dass etwas Schlimmes auf der Welt vor sich geht.Meine Meinung: Die Geschichte ist spannend und emotional. Die Handlungsstränge aus den vorherigen drei Büchern werden zusammengeführt und es endet in einem explosive [...]

    18. In the climactic fourth book in the Immortals series, the Immortal Hunter meets the witch Leda. Hunter can communicate with animals and Leda has a sanctuary for them on an island off the coast of Mexico. They don't stay long getting to know each other, but soon rush off to join the others in Seattle and engage in the final battle with the Demon and rescue the fifth Immortal Tain.While the climax pays off huge, which is of course entirely expected, the rest of the book seems very hurried. Obvious [...]

    19. The last of the Immortal warriors, Hunter has tried to escape the murders of his wife and children by living life on the wild side. When he's Called to Leda's remote island unexpectedly, he immediately feels a connection with her. But their tenuous relationship must survive through the final battle to reclaim Tain and overcome the powerful demon who has been attacking the Immortals for years.A satisfying ending to an enthralling series. This one is a lot darker, full of more pain and suffering. [...]

    20. I enjoyed this book best in the series so far for one main reason: the pet lion. Hunter is a pretty nice guy, seemlingly the least domineering of the Immortals, and Leda is a good woman; together they make a good team. I liked that this book focused less on the two lovers alone and more on the four couples as a whole - it made the story seem more believable because of the urgency. The conclusion to the the overarching plot-line of the first four books was mostly satisfying.My only wtf moment was [...]

    21. What a fantastic journey with Hunter the immortal. Brave, sexy, powerful and with his heart broken due to the loss of his family. Great magic surrounds him. Strong brothers, one who is captured by a dangerous and evil demon bent on the destruction of life. Bonded by love and strength the brothers and their mates with the help of very powerful goddesses conquer the evil demon. This is a book I found difficult to put down. It is wonderfully written. I recommend it to anyone who wants to take a jou [...]

    22. Hunter is an immortal who's been summoned into chaos. Among other people he meets Leda and merging both their power and using their resources, they'll confront great foes and among them, Hunter's old "acquaintance".The reason I liked this book is mostly for the humoristic tone given all throughout the book. The character that is Hunter keeps being annoying in a funny way. The book is about discovering love and finding a balance in a world where immortal warriors confronts against demons with vil [...]

    23. Leda thought she was far away from excitement, on her island protecting indangered animals, but then an Immortal comes along, and won´t let her be. Soon she´s right in the middle of a big fight, trying to save the world, along the other Immortals and their witches. Too bad the one they´re fighting is one of the brothers *dun dun dun* PNR action, suspense and smutty fluff, and finally the Showdown that´s been building up for 3 books =) Listened to the audio version and the narrator was great, [...]

    24. Although its nice to have a little sexual tension in paranormal romance it was equally nice to not have to worry about it. Its a little nerve racking to read other books where witches are prudish I mean come on their witches Anyway its obvious that there is no mistake that each of the warriors fell in love with a witch from each element and the plot thickens in a way that doesn't go against all logic. I couldn't put the book down good thing I checked out all seven at the same time

    25. Is this the end of this multi-author Paranormal Romance series? I think we still need Tain's story and the series goes on to like book 7 or 9 and this was only book 4. I've got to keep reading and find out. Good thing I already have most of them! The sex is still semi-graphic, I don't think that's going to change no matter which author is writing the book.

    26. My fave so far. I loved Hunter and really liked Leda, their story was really sweet and their personalities were also likeablee pet lion was also a highlight! I enjoyed how all the characters interacted and the previous stories wove together for the climax of saving Tain. Looking forward to his and Mac's book.

    27. Another great read! I'm so happy my friend Holly shared this series with me! I have certainly enjoyed every book so far.I'm excited and intrigued as to how the others books in the series fit into the story. I can't wait to start the next!XXOO~Hope

    28. Great book! It was filled with so much action and it had me unable to put it down as the Immortal brothers come together to save their youngest brother. HAD to find out how they did it! Already started the next book. :)

    29. Hunter, son of Kali meets Led a, a witch tainted by death magic. love and mayhem follows as he joins his brothers to free the youngest, Tain.ed by an evil demon in a living he'll for 700 years. good story.ends happily for the heroes.

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