Almost Adam

Almost Adam

Petru Popescu / Jan 24, 2020

Almost Adam In a forgotten corner of a country torn by violence American anthropologist Ken Lauder is about to make a discovery that will challenge everything we ve ever believed about the ascent of humankind a

  • Title: Almost Adam
  • Author: Petru Popescu
  • ISBN: 9780380728244
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a forgotten corner of a country torn by violence, American anthropologist Ken Lauder is about to make a discovery that will challenge everything we ve ever believed about the ascent of humankind a boy who should not exista race the defies all logichabiting a secret world of wonder, splendor and peril, a world that cannot beA world Ken Lauder may never escapeIn a forgotten corner of a country torn by violence, American anthropologist Ken Lauder is about to make a discovery that will challenge everything we ve ever believed about the ascent of humankind a boy who should not exista race the defies all logichabiting a secret world of wonder, splendor and peril, a world that cannot beA world Ken Lauder may never escapeive.

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    1. I first discovered this book while living in my car in New Orleans (that sounds a lot more exciting than it was). I stopped at a library for the internet, and ended up finding my way to this book. I probably read 5 pages, and almost 3 years later couldn't get it out of my head. Granted, I am hopelessly enamored with paleoanthropology, but it was not even remotely possible to stop reading this book. It is fiction, and some of the facts are a little bit off (such as the Mesozoic ending 75 million [...]

    2. Hmmm, there were parts of this book that were absolutely wonderful. The story of Ken and Long Toes is compelling and so very interesting. Unfortunately, Ken and Long Toes, as interesting and as book worthy as they might be, only account for a fraction of this book, perhaps, and I'm being generous, maybe1/3. The rest of the book is spent dealing with other characters whose place in this story is much farther reaching than Popescu has time for here. Thusly they become somewhat hastily drawn, incom [...]

    3. Good. But so incredibly overlong that it made me want to tear my hair out, half the time. While the story was intriguing, I think it tried to do a bit too much, and took ages to get going. Once Ken was out in the wild with the hominid boy, things really started to move along. And seriously, I could have done without the endless descriptions of sex organs. And knees. I think Popescu mentioned Yinka's knees about five times, inexplicably. Do men really think about their knees knocking into a woman [...]

    4. This is a great story. It really had me turning pages unexpectedly. Petru had a way with drawing you in to the plight of the "Adam" race, and getting (at least me) emotionally involoved with the storyline. Had this one read in three days. Looking for more by this same writer - or very similar.

    5. Almost Adam I bought on a Chapters bargain table on the off chance it might live up to its jacket synopsis. It did--and more. Deftly melded together are the trials of a misfit anthropologist white hero, the emergence of Kenyan nationalism, the taboos of interracial relationships, and the pontificating attitude of some Brits toward the rest of the world. Suspenseful and probing.

    6. I had to make myself finish because the premise was intriguing, but there were many sections that seemed to drag on going nowhere. i agree with Randy that the interaction and exploits of Ken and Long Toes made the story worth it.

    7. I really enjoyed some of this but some of it felt out of place. The whole political revolution going on in Kenya just felt like it didn’t really belong with the rest of the story. I would have preferred a shorter book that just focused more on Ken and the Australopithecines.

    8. I really enjoyed this book. There was a character or two that got a bit out of hand without a lot of explanation, but as a biologist, I loved reading a book that sees the world the same way I do. A good read.

    9. If I could, I would probably give this book a 3.5, but alas, a 3 will have to suffice. It took me a while to get into the story, but once I got about hundred pages in the story finally caught my interest. I would have to say that the parts of the story that take place on the savanna between Ken and the hominids were the most interesting. I found the outside plot a bit sloppy. I never understood Cyril Anderson's motivation. I get that he was a bit of an academic prick (we all know at least one), [...]

    10. I've always been interested in hominid studies, so I found the beginning of the book very enticing and was looking forward to reading more of it. However, by the end of the novel, it devolved into a mess of confused plotlines and switching perspectives, trying to tie in half a dozen threads and doing it so poorly that I found myself extremely frustrated by the end of it. I wanted to yell at the characters, not in that satisfying author-to-reader intentional way, but because what they were doing [...]

    11. Prior to reading this novel, my knowledge of paleontology and archaeology was limited to what I have learned primarily from viewing documentaries and specials presented by the National Geographic and Smithsonian channels on television.Author Petru Popescu's story of a young Paleontologists' discovery of an isolated area of Africa, unaffected by the evolutionary advances experienced by the rest of the world, is interesting, entertaining and educational. I love to learn new things and, if I am bei [...]

    12. This interesting anthropological piece of fiction portrays fascinating integration of life in the African wild with civil unrest in more populated sections. Although intricate, the plot involves discovery of gracile and hominid populations by a modern-day scientist. This is preceded by accidental discovery of and subsequent attachment to one primitive little boy, in particular. As the scientist finds himself immersed in this new (but very ancient) culture, one may see his transformation from mod [...]

    13. A real potboiler. In Kenya, where a coup is brewing, a young anthropologist finds a fossilized skeleton of a "protohuman" a human who wasn't quite as evolved as us (homo sapiens). And he finds evidence of something more. He entrusts his find to his mentor, Professor Phillips, and goes back into the bush. Cyril Anderson, and eminent anthropologist whose eminence is based on his skill at stealing other people's finds, sets about to steal Ken's (that's our hero's name). In the meantime, Professor P [...]

    14. I have to say that I will definitely be seeking out more books by Petru Popescu. I'm not normally one who delves into science, but I'm glad I read this one in its entirety. The characters were anything but lame; they all had their own personality. I pretty much fell in love with "Long Toes" (If you read or have read the book, you'll know who I mean). I only wish I could give this book 6 stars. I found this book in my mum's library since I've been wanting to read larger novels. The basic introduc [...]

    15. this is a thriller; a bit scary; can't remember when my heart has pounded so while reading a novel.I couldn't wait to get back to it each dayexcited to read more and yet didn't want it to ende premise is the discovery of a group of 'humanoids' (our evolutionary ancestors) still surviving in a 'Pliocene environment' (1.5-5 million years ago) mixed in with a very real description of the conflict among egos of anthropologists, the history of human evolution, and the political turmoil in Kenya since [...]

    16. In the words of the Chicago Sun-Times, "Very rich, high concept . . . A story liberally dosed with insight into archeology, primitive and pop psychology, academic in-fighting and African politics . . . Popescu has come up with a credible and like able creation." I found this novel to be a truly fascinating and thrilling tale. The only drawback came int he last third. The pace slowed at a point where I felt it should have become more rapid and anticipatory. Otherwise a great read!

    17. I really enjoyed this story of man's encounter with his ancient ancestor. It was wrapped in an adventure of African Political intrigue and included just enough evolutionary science to blow my mind without losing my interest. It was overwritten in places and some of the characters' actions were less believeable than the survival of two tribes of australopihticus in the modern African savanah. Overall, however, it was a great read.

    18. I have had this bookfor a long time, and finaally decided to read it. It was a slow start but ended up being a very satisfying read. The thought of a place on earth where ancient man still lives is imaginative and different. I found it well written and interesting, but not enough to look into the sequel.

    19. Beyond being a book that I just couldn't put down, I found Almost Adam to be extremely thought-provoking. What separates a man from an animal? What were our ancient ancestors like? What would it be like to live in a dangerous environment? I left this book with a respect for Africa, and wanting to know more about it.

    20. This book actually taught me a little about evolution. It was a story that took you deep into a secluded area where a group of original humans has managed to stay unchaged. A researcher gets "stuck" there essentially and the story follows him as he tries to survive with the original human race. Very interesting story.

    21. I am not sure if my copy on tape was abridged, if it was it would explain the jumps in location. The book was very though provoking and brought up a number of interesting concerns on species preservation.Overall I enjoyed it but as earlier mentioned there seemed to be some jumps in logic and plot that left me feeling a bit strained to follow.

    22. I read this book in high school, and it's enjoyable enough. The author had a hard time differentiating his interest in the anthropological science used in the book and the actual plot, if my memory serves correctly, and due to that it goes on for a loooong time. Still, a relatively straightforward book with an interesting look at what could happen if we discover actual near-ancestors.

    23. salah satu kebiasaan buruk saya adalah setiap saya membaca novel yang bagus, saya selalu membayangkannya ke dalam suatu gambaran "film"termasuk tokoh-tokohnya. untuk yang satu ini, gimana yah kalu difilemin? banyak mahluk2 prasejarah yang telanjang bulat, termasuk si tokoh utama yang juga ikut hidup sebagaimana mahluk2 ituwah, bisa x-rated nihhehe

    24. I'm a bit of a paleo-anthro buff so this book intrigued me. I found it engaging and fun to read. The background story of a greedy, narcisstic anthropologist and the political turmoil in Kenya added some nice depth to the story. One thing that bugged me thoughwhy would the hidden hominids NOT have "evolved" in 2 million years? :)

    25. Sebenarnya sih bagus, kisah petualangan arkeolog yg menemukan makhluk purba yg ternyata masih hidup di jaman sekarang ini. Sayang, terjemahan Periplus Indonesia jelek banget. Ada bagian2 yg membingungkan ketika dibaca, seperti membaca terjemahan dr goohle translate saja. Fiuhhh

    26. Thinking about it, however, the audio book had two main weaknesses. The first is the weak science, and the second is the privileged place of the white man in Africa.Read more at aymanfadel.tumblr/post/239

    27. Not sure where to put this. There's almost a subgenre of books about surviving "man-apes." This is one of those and is pretty good. I liked the science here, which was in general very well done. The story was pretty good as well.

    28. This is a Michael Crichton-like novel about a paleoanthropologist who encounters a group of still living australopithecines (Actually two populations --one gracile and one robust-- that are interacting.).

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