The Last Days of American Crime

The Last Days of American Crime

Rick Remender Greg Tocchini Alex Maleev / Mar 29, 2020

The Last Days of American Crime With one week until the end of all crime in the United States can the last heist in American history be pulled off In the not too distant future as a final response to terrorism and crime the U S go

  • Title: The Last Days of American Crime
  • Author: Rick Remender Greg Tocchini Alex Maleev
  • ISBN: 9781935417064
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • With one week until the end of all crime in the United States, can the last heist in American history be pulled off In the not too distant future as a final response to terrorism and crime, the U.S government plans in secret to broadcast a signal making it impossible for anyone to knowingly commit unlawful acts To keep this from the public, the government creates a distWith one week until the end of all crime in the United States, can the last heist in American history be pulled off In the not too distant future as a final response to terrorism and crime, the U.S government plans in secret to broadcast a signal making it impossible for anyone to knowingly commit unlawful acts To keep this from the public, the government creates a distraction, installing a new currency system using digital charge cards Enter Graham Brick A career criminal never quite able to hit the big score, Graham intends to steal one of the charging stations, skip the country, and live off unlimited funds for the rest of his life But the media has leaked news of the anti crime signal one week before it was to go live, and now Graham and his team have just a few days to turn the crime of the century into the last crime in American history.

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        Rick Remender is an American comic book writer and artist who resides in Los Angeles, California He is the writer co creator of many independent comic books like Black Science, Deadly Class, LOW, Fear Agent and Seven to Eternity Previously, he wrote The Punisher, Uncanny X Force, Captain America and Uncanny Avengers for Marvel Comics.


    1. Surveillance with an Apolitical Bent?Advertised as pulpy sci-fi noir, The Last Days of American Crime is actually, at its core, a very masculine tough-guy-on-a-mission story, with some female eye candy thrown in for good measure. Page after page is filled with tough talk, fighting, shooting, explosions, murder, blood, gore, lots of band aids, bandages, etc. Competently done, yes, but a little more context or depth would not hurt.The story's noir element finds expression in the fact that - as our [...]

    2. ★★1/2This is the case of an otherwise decent graphic novel being nearly ruined by its artwork. It has a great concept in the premise of the country essentially making street crime obsolete, making paper money worthless and switching to electronic money, and the group of old-school criminals trying to hit the one last score that can set them up for life after the switch-over. The book had a lot of double-crosses and some bits of great dialogue as well but I kept getting taken out of the story [...]

    3. A cliché crime story sandwiched between muddy artwork and the absurd, convenient premise that crime will become impossible.

    4. What's this I keep hearing about Remender going soft because he's getting therapy and becoming a cheery fellow? Not seeing that here man. But I am worried he's losing his writer's edge.Interesting story - America is going to prevent all crime, and at the same time convert all cash to digital (which makes all crime traceable). Tell a tale from a third-rate tough-guy crook, how he's gonna make good on that last score. Uh-huh.The dialogue's tight - so tight I'm having to concentrate more than usual [...]

    5. There's a lot of time-wasting going on in this (even though it was only 3 issues long to begin with) and it's not the best work Remender's ever done, but it was a quick, fun read. The basic concept is that the American government has come up with a way to prevent crime by projecting a radio signal that suppresses the urge to do things people know are wrong. In a few weeks, it will be turned on and, hopefully, life can return to some semblance of normal (there's a throwaway comment about several [...]

    6. Great story concept well executed!In the future, maybe just around the corner, the US has conceived a plan to broadcast a neuro-inhibitor that will make it impossible to commit crime. At the same time they are going to phase out paper money and replace it will completely traceable digitized charge cards.Set against these frantic last days of crime, we follow a career criminal as he desperately tries to commit one last big crime; theft of a charge machine for the new currency that will let him li [...]

    7. Well Rick always knows how to depress you that's for sure. This is very similar to titles like Criminals from Ed Brubaker. Everyone is a piece of shit. Everyone is flawed in some ways. There's no clear "good" or "bad" guy here. This is mainly focused on 3 people trying to pull off a job. Of course they're all insane in their own way, betraying people left and right, and tons of blood and gore to fill the pages. When you got three people who don't trust each other what happens when they must work [...]

    8. Every single strip in this graphic novel is like a work of art, the style is so visually striking and effortless, a “rough” impressionistic blacksad! For me, that was the only redeeming thing; the story line is jolty, flowing awkwardly, I never got to know anything about any of the characters. When dialogue is used it’s mainly unnecessary swearing, so it essentially boils down to people swearing and shooting at each other.None of the storyline will stick with me nor will any of the charact [...]

    9. 'The Last Days of American Crime' by Rick Remender tells of a future where the US decides to eliminate crime, but the story is pure, old-fashioned crime noir all the way.Graham Bricke is a down and out criminal with a good enough reason to make a last score. He's got an inside scoop and a plan on a heist that will make the folks clever enough to pull it off wealthy. He just needs to find people he can trust with the skills he needs. The problem is that the younger couple he finds may have plans [...]

    10. Remender and Toccini are an amazing team, with Toccini's loose linework and moody color palette/shading expertly capturing Remender's gritty, smutty, pulp noir tale. I wanted to like this more, but it dragged a lithe bit for me, and I found the perspective switching to be somewhat confusing. I think that I also would've enjoyed it more if the ratio of time spent on the heist versus time spent on building the horrible, violent, dystopian background were larger. Enjoyable in the way that Mark Wahl [...]

    11. Following the death of millions in terrorist attacks across the nation, the US government is readying the American Peace Initiative, a broadcast signal that interrupts the brain's synapses and makes it impossible for anyone to perform an illegal act. Graham Bricke has 14 days before the API goes live, 14 days to pull of the last perfect crime.The Last Days of American Crime by Rick Remender is a near-future, hardboiled crime book, perfectly peopled with the staples of crime fiction. Bricke is an [...]

    12. The first fight I ever saw up close and in person nearly made me piss in my pants. I felt all the blood rush right down to my toes and I could've fainted right then and there. I was seven. Fast-forward three years and it was me doing the fighting. In a blind rage. Not a single fear and all that scared shitless stuff was gone because the violence became pretty fucking routine after awhile.Maybe that's why I'm drawn to these sorts of books. These crime novels with all of their brutality and their [...]

    13. This is raw and violent, but also gritty and addictive right to the very end.The American government has found a solution to crime and has created a signal which when broadcast will make it impossible for anyone to commit crime. The country is in uproar with mindless violence on the streets, hundreds of Americans are seeking asylum at the borders of Canada and Mexico, and the bad guys are planning a final heist. They are planning the last American crime.The story reminds me of The Losers series [...]

    14. This one's basically a heist story set in the near future. The American Government is about to start broadcasting a secret signal that will make it impossible for any American citizen to commit a crime. Remender deliberately ignores even trying to explain how it's going to work. Small time grifter Graham Bricke doesn't know, so we don't need to know either. Anyhow, the secret signal doesn't stay secret for long, the info gets leaked and chaos ensues. Everybody either riots, goes on a lawbreaking [...]

    15. I saw Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini and jumped on board with no hesitation. I don't know what this book thinks it wants to be, but I only made it about a 1/3 of the way through before I couldn't do it any more. Seriously disappointing. It may make more sense if you get further through it, but it really grated on me. The characters, their "language" (both dialogue & manner of speaking) and the over zealousness of being R-rated just not for me. Going back to re-read X-Force to feel better.

    16. I found out about Rick Remender through an iFanboy podcast. In the interview he talked about "The Last Days of American Crime." The premise of the book was interesting enough that I bough the first issue immediately. First, every page of art work blew me away. Greg Tuccini is brilliant. His style fits perfectly with the tone of the book. It's both gritty and beautiful. I had to take moments to admire the work, and then return to the story.The story itself holds its own. The fast pace makes the l [...]

    17. I was surprised to find that I liked this one as I didn't know what to expect. The hook for me was Remender's name on the cover. Greg Tocchini's art is an acquired taste, and while I don't like all his stuff, I find that he was a good fit with the dark & violent story of "Last Days". It's a good heist story with the usual staples: a double-cross (or two), a femme fatale, the inside man, bent cops and thugs with a wide variety of issues. And don't forget *the plot twist*. And what a good twis [...]

    18. Interesting bit of world-building: America is days from broadcasting a signal that will make it impossible for people to break the law (hence the title). Remender does engage in a bit of debate about the ethics of law enforcement via mind control: it'll save lives and prevent billions of dollars of economic loss to crime, but at what cost to the human spirit? Will the choice to do good be at all meaningful anymore? But this is squeezed into the background as an argument on a soap opera and then [...]

    19. A arte do Greg Tochini salva.Fora o belo traço, ainda que com a tendência de transformar os homens em orientais, o cara tem uma excelente noção de narrativa visual sempre explorando angulos diferentes.Mas a história em si é a do batido plano infalível, porém cheio de percalços, com um toque de FC.O que decepciona mesmo é o final onde rola um ex-machina descarado. De uma página para outra uma regra estabelecida deixa de funcionar sem explicação e depois volta a ser usada como explica [...]

    20. Decent crime noir graphic novel. The caper keeps you engaged, the characters are all suitably morally slimy. Remender seems to have a knack for this style. I found the artwork quite good, the sharp angles and harsh coloring added to the noir atmosphere. I enjoyed it, definitely not a comic for kids.

    21. It contains plenty of colorful language and disreputable characters, but man does it scratch that Breaking Bad / Domino / Black Donnellys crime and guns itch. It is also unbelievable that this gem came out in 2009, that a film adaptation hasn't happened yet and that I am just now discovering it.

    22. Good read. Enjoyable. Heist story. Lots of backstabbing and who’s who’s. Nothing overly original and it lacks Remenders usual emotionally draining themes and escapades. I felt 3 was too low while 4 was too high. Rounding up. 4 stars.

    23. This volume of The Last Days of American Crime is an anthology collecting the three titles that conform the full series. An ultra-violent comic, depicting cruelty in the same graphic line as the Walking Dead or Kick-Ass, the crime noir sci-fi plot is set in a not-so-distant future, where murder, gang fights and burgling occur as a constant background for the history of Graham, a down on its luck hustler looking for the a last big hit (the crime noir part) before crime is permanently shut down in [...]

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