The Tripods Boxed Set of 4

The Tripods Boxed Set of 4

John Christopher Eric Lee / Jan 25, 2020

The Tripods Boxed Set of Book by Christopher John

  • Title: The Tripods Boxed Set of 4
  • Author: John Christopher Eric Lee
  • ISBN: 9780689008528
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Book by Christopher, John

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      • John Christopher Eric Lee

        Sam Youd was born in Lancashire in April 1922, during an unseasonable snowstorm.As a boy, he was devoted to the newly emergent genre of science fiction In the early thirties, he later wrote, we knew just enough about the solar system for its possibilities to be a magnet to the imagination Over the following decades, his imagination flowed from science fiction into general novels, cricket novels, medical novels, gothic romances, detective thrillers, light comedies In all he published fifty six novels and a myriad of short stories, under his own name as well as eight different pen names.He is perhaps best known as John Christopher, author of the seminal work of speculative fiction, The Death of Grass today available as a Penguin Classic , and a stream of novels in the genre he pioneered, young adult dystopian fiction, beginning with The Tripods Trilogy I read somewhere, Sam once said, that I have been cited as the greatest serial killer in fictional history, having destroyed civilisation in so many different ways through famine, freezing, earthquakes, feral youth combined with religious fanaticism, and progeria In an interview towards the end of his life, conversation turned to a recent spate of novels set on Mars and a possible setting for a John Christopher story strand a group of people in a remote Martian enclave and see what happens.The Mars aspect, he felt, was irrelevant What happens between the people, he said, that s the thing I m interested in.


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    2. I read the "Origanal" three books years ago I came accross the boxed set with the fourth book within the last few years. I loved these book then and now. I read them in the follow order The White Mountains, THe CIty of Gold and Lead, the Pool of Fire. I read the book "When the Tripods Came" last. I liked doing it that way since there was no "When the Tripods Came" when I first read them. I stop to think of the different ideas encountered in the series. Other then being completley free (which is [...]

    3. I read these first when I was a teenager, and I still think about them from time to time. I want to try one of those alien drug blisters! I also think about vagrant's (is that what they were called) that would wander around and get fed by the regular people, and that slave suicide thing. Great books!!

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    5. Meine erste Begegnung mit den 'Dreibeinigen Herrschern' hatte ich vor vielen Jahren mit der Serie im Fernsehen. Aus dem Vorspann wusste ich, dass es sich um die Verfilmung eines Buches handelte. Kuerzlich habe ich das Buch selbst entdeckt, wobei das Titelbild mit dem Tripod meine Aufmerksamkeit erregte. Da mir die Serie gut gefallen hatte, ich mich aber nicht mehr so recht an die Story erinnern konnte, habeich das Buch gelesen - und war total begeistert. Vor allem die Stelle, als die drei Jungen [...]

    6. This set was a fantastic discovery for me! The books were written in the late 1960's, and I read them in 1977 on the recommendation of my elementary school librarian. She told me that not many girls finished these books, which, of course, made it necessary for me to prove her wrong. I hadn't remembered them, but when "The White Mountains" was on a list of recommended books for boys, and I checked it out for Ryan, it was deja vu. I'm not sure if it is because these are really fun books, or if its [...]

    7. Kinda wrinkle-in-time-ish, in the sense that it is largely about breaking free of the adult world mind control. Kinda Lord-of-the-Rings-ish, in the sense that most of the story is a journey taken by some of the characters, and the people and places they encounter. The characters are very lively and interesting, and the tripods are described in such chilling detail that I can still picture them (well, what they looked like in my mind) all these years later. I was never much of a science fiction f [...]

    8. While on pregnant bed rest I've read a lot of books. Since I ran out of recommended titles, I started at one end of the library and picked out anything that looked interesting. That means I've slogged through a lot of poorly written stuff. This series isn't very good. I read it, but that was better than feeling sick. I'd not do it again.

    9. I'm sorry I missed this series as a teen. An engaging, easy read, but not simple, like any good piece of writing, young adult or otherwise. A great introduction to the genre of science-fiction, or a welcomed respite for the more jaded readers of harder stuff.

    10. I watched the BBC television adaptation of the first book and found it entertaining enough to seek out the books. Although Christopher is sometimes a bit sexist, the books are entertaining and move along at a fair pace.

    11. Even though these are teen/young adult books, they are just as gripping as when I first read them years ago. Both the Martians and their machines are portrayed perfectly and terrifyingly, and the suspense and thrill the books generate is just addictive.

    12. Awesome young adult fiction. Perfect for when you want some quick reads full of danger and adventure, learning about honor and courage and sacrifice and all that good stuff you can't get from anywhere but books these days. Also, evil aliens in giant tripods enslaving mankind. Can't forget that.

    13. I read and LOVED these books as a teenager. I couldn't remember the author or much about them until I found them here. I'm really curious to read them again and see if they hold the same fascination for me now as they did then.

    14. This is another series that I read out loud with my dad. I totally loved it--about a post apocalyptic world, and a young boy's rebellion against the tripods-- giant beasts who control the minds of humanity.

    15. Readers must read these books in order. They are old and may be out of print. But the series is well worth reading. A young man and his companions experience tyranny under the occupation of the Tripods. They of course begin a Resistance.

    16. Just rediscovered these -- a blast from elementary-school past. I remember, when I was young, feeling the hot heaviness of that alien city on Earth. Nostalgic to read this time around, if not as gripping. These are slim volumes.

    17. we read this in class and it has so much imagery and you can actually feel and see what the characters are thinking and feeling so it makes it so good!!!lol!you should totally read this book!

    18. I really love these, I read them when I was much younger and again about two years ago to see if they really that good. They are

    19. Adrian Rodriguez, 212 pagesI learned that you can live by yourselve if you know what you are doing and have a plan of where to go. They also know what to do with the tripods.

    20. These were the other serese my teacher chooose and they were great, thye actually keept me interested unlike most books teachers picked for us to have to read during the school year.

    21. I read these when I was a teenager and really enjoyed them. They treat the fact that man desires to be free to make his own choices in life, for better or for worse.

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