The Kill Clause

The Kill Clause

Gregg Hurwitz / Feb 24, 2020

The Kill Clause The series that started it all A riveting and explosive novel The Kill Clause is a brilliantly inventive tour de force by a powerful new master of suspense Tim Rackley is a dangerous man of honor a

  • Title: The Kill Clause
  • Author: Gregg Hurwitz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The series that started it all A riveting and explosive novel, The Kill Clause is a brilliantly inventive tour de force by a powerful new master of suspense.Tim Rackley is a dangerous man of honor, a deputy U.S marshal who is very good at his job until everything he believes in is shattered by the brutal murder of his own daughter.Betrayed by an imperfect judicial system,The series that started it all A riveting and explosive novel, The Kill Clause is a brilliantly inventive tour de force by a powerful new master of suspense.Tim Rackley is a dangerous man of honor, a deputy U.S marshal who is very good at his job until everything he believes in is shattered by the brutal murder of his own daughter.Betrayed by an imperfect judicial system, Rackley watches helplessly as the killer walks free on a legal technicality Devastated, furious, and burning with a righteous need for vengeance, he is suddenly forced to explore his own deadly options a quest that leads him into a shadowy no man s land between justice and the law and into the welcoming fold of the Commission A vigilante group made up of people like him relentless streetwise operators who have each lost a loved one to violent crime the Commission confronts the failings of a system that sets predators loose to hunt again, cleaning up society s mistakes covertly, efficiently, and permanently But as he is dragged deeper into a deadly morass of hidden agendas and murderous justice, Tim Rackley discovers that playing God is an excruciating and fearsome task When his new secret life starts coming unwound at an alarming speed, he is suddenly caught in the most terrifying struggle he has ever faced a desperate battle to save his marriage, his career, his life, his soul and everything left that s worth fighting for.

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    1. We find at the outset that a child has been abducted and murdered. Looking at this from the parent's perspective was positively unsettling. There were many moments that I would re-read a passage because of the turn of the phrase. My 2nd Hurwitz novel, and I look forward to more.

    2. SPOILER ALERT:Aspects of this story that I did not like: 1) What parent allows their 7 year-old to walk home from school alone? 2) The plot regarding how their daughter was targeted was SO WEAK, as to be laughable! The Commission took around a year to set-up the deputy so he would work for them--that is too incredible! The Commission could not find SOMEONE else in all that time span?The author just wanted to write an action story but started with a very weak backstory.

    3. Tim Rackley was a US Marshall who had a good life with his wife and daughter until his daughter was found brutally raped and murdered. Because of a technicality the killer goes free. When this happens a group of six people called the Commission, solicit his help in joining their cause against criminals who were not rightly punished by the law. As usual, Hurwitz keeps this story interesting with nonstop thrills. I have become a huge fan of Hurwitz and his books because of this and I'll definitely [...]

    4. Tim Rackley is a deputy U. S. Marshal and is married to a cop, Dray. Their 7 year old daughter is raped and murdered and the offender walks due to a technicality. Rackley is approached by a high tech vigilante group who seek to dispose of those criminals who "walked" because of system failure. Tense and fast moving, the story of real human beings negotiating the gray areas of the world, redemption is at it's core.

    5. This is the first book in a series featuring Tim Rackley, a Deputy US Marshall. His wife is a sheriff's deputy. This book opens with the discovery of their 7 year old daughter's body. The book is primarily an action/suspense story, and Hurwitz keeps the pages turning very well. I was impressed by the job he did with the deeper story; the marriage, friendships, jobsHis writing is terrific. I've recently re-read a few books in the series, and they hold up well against authors like Michael Connelly [...]

    6. US Marshall Tim Rackley is one, efficient, clever, resourceful fighting machinewhen he needs to be. After he and Dray his wife ( a sheriff) find out their young daughter is murdered, the rest of the story at times has some gut-wrenching moments. Their own thoughts and their battle to get through it together, and try to save their marriage.The action and technology devices keep this fast paced thriller moving along. An impressive start to this series.

    7. Gregg Hurwitz is an author I deeply admire, a writer who goes to painstaking lengths in his research and carefully constructed prose. His settings (often my beloved California) take on a life of their own, and he knows how to keep a reader turning the pages. In my opinion, he's one of the best thriller writers working today and it's great to see the success his new Orphan X series is having."The Kill Clause" is the first in his Tim Rackley series, and while the setting and characters and researc [...]

    8. audio bookThe story does have some merit, but I simply did not believe the plot or enjoy it. Maybe it just wasn't edited properly. I won't be choosing anymore Tim Rackley.

    9. I think this is my new favorite book for the yeary took me until August to find one! The book opens with "Rack" and his wife Dray, who are both in law enforcement, finding out that their 7-year-old daughter has been found murdered. Her killer was rushed through a trial, and even though he confessed, he gets off because he is found to be deaf to the point that he has to read lipswhen they merandized him, his back was turned to the officer, and so the whole case was thrown out of court.Rack tries [...]

    10. This book was a mess. Trained killer good guy goes rogue after his daughter is brutally killed, then reconsiders and ends up taking out his co-vigilantes and saving the criminals. With a bit more character development this premise might actually have worked but Hurwitz' characters were robots. Another problem is that the life of a federal marshall was researched within an inch of its lifed not in a good way. A procedural manual might have been more entertaining. That said, I actually finished th [...]

    11. I have heard good things about Gregg Hurwitz and his style as a thriller writer and this book, in the process apparently of being turned into a movie, seemed like a good place to start. It's not badlots of techno-porn with an advisory at the end about how he has changed certain details in the interest of public safetylots of brave heroes and oddly differentiated bad guysa tolerable level of violence and at least the hero doesn't seem invulnerable is the story of a deputy Marshall gone rogue, or [...]

    12. The Kill Clause is an interesting book. The story did not hang together as well as it could have (some mighty big plot holes in my opinion) but it was not only entertaining but also thought-provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will seek out more books by the same author.

    13. The murder of a young child left me sickened and quite bothered in reading this novel. Though, the story was fast paced right to the very end, it was built upon this murder and how it was disturbingly portrayed throughout the book.

    14. The Rackley's daughter is murdered at the start of The Kill Clause. They are naturally upset and affected by it, but nowhere near as much as they should have been. After that, things go downhill fast, both for Tim Rackley and in a literary sense. Whenever he and his wife speak, they are like a couple of drama queens, hamming it up to an unbearable degree. Then there's Tim's buddy "Bear" - their relationship is a good old chest-thumping Neanderthal coming together. Tim gets involved with a vigila [...]

    15. Feh. I really wanted to enjoy this book but the plot was so implausible (and distasteful but mostly implausible) that I gave up on it. The Tim Rackley, the protagonist's reactions were not believable and his actions less so. I don't expect 100% realism in a thriller, but there is a limit.

    16. Having read a few of Gregg Hurwitz's books previously I know his stories get pretty intense. However, "The Kill Clause" became somewhat of a disappointment after starting out as a really good read. When a 388 page book takes me almost six days to knock out, it sums up how I felt about the book. But I wanted to see how his Tim Rackley series began. Rackley is a marshal that along with his partner George "Bear" Jowalski track down bad guys with warrants outstanding. Rackley spent eleven years as a [...]

    17. Weak 3 stars. It’s got some good things, but it’s not my kind of book. Too much torture and depression.This is the first book in the Tim Rackley series. Tim and his wife grieve the murder of their 7-year-old daughter. Her murder is the catalyst for Tim joining a high tech vigilante group. I am grieving with Tim at various times throughout the book - even at page 476 - toward the end. That was a downer.A different bad guy killed 86 people including children with nerve gas.Another bad guy kidn [...]

    18. Tim and Dray Rackley are my fictional superheros. Tim is a U. S. Deputy Marshall, as well as ex-military, and Dray works for the Sheriff's Dept. Up to this point their lives had been ideal. But their world is shattered when their daughter is viciously murdered. Now I don't know of a scenario that one can write about that could be worse. Plus, I have a daughter that at the time I read the book was the same age. I won't lie it was gut-wrenching, but I stayed with the book and I am so glad that I d [...]

    19. Tim Rackley is a man of honor and a deputy US Marshall who is verygood at his job but everything that he believes in is shattered by thebrutal murder of his daughter. Betrayed by an imperfect judicialsystem he watches helplessly as a killer walks free on a legal tech-nicality. Devastated and furious he is forced to explore his own optionswhich leads him to a group called the Commission. This is a vigilante group made up of people like him forced to confront the failings of a legal system the set [...]

    20. This is the series that started it all for Gregg Hurwitz. In the Kill Clause, we're introduced to Andrea and Timothy Rackley. They just lost their little girl to a brutal murder. Both of them are U.S. Deputy Marshals, when this tragedy strikes home. Their grief takes them apart and gives them a brief separation from the pain. When there's a travesty of misjustice due to a technicality, the killer gets out scot-free. And things gets interesting from there, when we watch Tim quit his job and later [...]

    21. Gregg Hurwitz is a master of the thriller. The first in the Tim Rackley series, Kill Clause explores vigilantism, the law, justice and morality within the tight, tense constraints of the genre, all while its protagonist is learning to grieve for his murdered child. Top off a page-turning story with truly amazing writing and emotions so true you feel Hurwitz must have gone through something similar and you have the makings of a terrific book.

    22. I found this book compelling as I've found previous books by this author. The plot lines are at times far fetched, but the characters are complex. The author lets the reader see into the minds of the characters so we are able to see why they make decisions. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

    23. Very exciting, thoughtful, and fun to read. I liked getting to know the main characters. They felt real, as opposed to so many one finds in thrillers. This was my first book by Hurwitz. I am definitely reading more.

    24. This was an awesome thriller. I loved this book. I felt so so sad for Rack, the way he lost his daughter. The writing made me feel his pain. And the action was a kicker!

    25. The daughter of two cops is savagely murdered. The parents assist inthe investigation but Dad's search takes an unusual tack.

    26. Gregg Hurwitz is one of my new favorite thriller writers (thank you Julie).This was a good story with interesting characters. I can't wait to see what happens with them in the second book.

    27. a fun thriller about a federal agent who crosses into a vigilante group after his daughter is killed. But then he has second thoughts.

    28. Had read 3 others by this author, so decided to read the series with a particular character (as I love to do)-----really liked it!! So will continue on with the next 3 in this series.

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