Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter

Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter

Lisa Patton / Jun 03, 2020

Whistlin Dixie in a Nor easter Leelee Satterfield seemed to have it all a gorgeous husband two adorable daughters and roots in the sunny city of Memphis Tennessee So when her husband gets the idea to uproot the family to run a q

  • Title: Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter
  • Author: Lisa Patton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Leelee Satterfield seemed to have it all a gorgeous husband, two adorable daughters, and roots in the sunny city of Memphis, Tennessee So when her husband gets the idea to uproot the family to run a quaint Vermont inn, Leelee is devastated and her three best friends are outraged But she s loved Baker Satterfield since the tenth grade, how can she not indulge his dream Leelee Satterfield seemed to have it all a gorgeous husband, two adorable daughters, and roots in the sunny city of Memphis, Tennessee So when her husband gets the idea to uproot the family to run a quaint Vermont inn, Leelee is devastated and her three best friends are outraged But she s loved Baker Satterfield since the tenth grade, how can she not indulge his dream Plus, the glossy photos of bright autumn trees and smiling children in ski suits push her over the edge after all, how much trouble can it really be But Leelee discovers pretty fast that there s a truckload of things nobody tells you about Vermont until you live there such as mud season, vampire flies, and the danger of ice sheets careening off roofs Not to mention when her beloved Yorkie decides to pick New Year s Eve to go to doggie heaven she encounters one New England oddity frozen ground means you can t bury your dead in the winter And that Yankee idiosyncrasy just won t do.The inn they ve bought also has its host of problems an odor that no amount of potpourri can erase, tacky d cor, and a staff of peculiar Vermonters whose personalities are as unique as the hippopotamus collection gracing the fireplace mantle The whole operation is managed by Helga, a stern German woman who takes special delight in bullying Leelee for her southern gentility Needless to say, it doesn t take long for Leelee to start wondering when to drag out the moving boxes again.But when an unexpected hardship takes Leelee by surprise, she finds herself left alone with an inn to run, a mortgage to pay, and two daughters to raise But this Southern belle won t be run out of town so easily Drawing on the Southern grit and inner strength she didn t know she had, Leelee decides to turn around the Inn, her attitude and her life In doing so, she makes friends with her neighbors, finds a little romance, and realizes there s a lot in common with Vermont than she first thought.In this moving and comedic debut, Lisa Patton paints a hilarious portrait of life in Vermont as seen through the eyes of a southern belle readers won t soon forget A charming fish out of water tale of one woman who learns to stand up for

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        Lisa Patton, author of Whistlin Dixie in a Nor easter, Yankee Doodle Dixie, Southern as a Second Language, and Rush, is a Memphis, Tennessee native who spent time as a Vermont innkeeper until three sub zero winters sent her speeding back down South She has over 20 years experience working in the music and entertainment business, and is a graduate of the University of Alabama She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and Rosie the perfect Havanese uscmillan author lisapa


    1. I really, really wanted to love this book. Truly I did. And it's not really deserving of just two stars, but the more I thought about it the more problems I had with it. I couldn't give it three stars.As a heroine, I liked Leelee. Her surrounding cast of characters were fine, too. But no one was fully realized. You want stock southern belles? You got 'em. You want rude, taciturn yankees? You got them, too. End of character development. The plot was okay, but there were a lot of holes for me. One [...]

    2. All right, I am putting my foot down and refusing to read one more word of this drivel. It was making me plain crabby. I was really looking forward to this book, and what I thought would be a sweet and fun fish-out-of-water story was quickly turning into a plot laden with misery and irritation: misery for the main character, irritation for me. First of all, I can’t stand a female character that cows to her husband’s every whim just because he’s the man. Even though Leelee, our main charact [...]

    3. While I enjoyed the story I do have two issues. First, why are men (especially southern men) always such bums. Sheesh, a lot of southern women writers have a problem with men. This is the story of a southern belle who moves to Vermont to run a bed and breakfast with her husband (this would be the bum I mentioned before). Needless to say things don't go all that well and our heroine learns a lot about herself and grows to be a strong woman(ain't that always the way).My second issue is the ending, [...]

    4. I wanted to like this book. I even thought I was coming close to liking it, but I never really got there. Lots of heavy issues were hit on, father uprooting family to allow him to be happy again; said father not really finding that happiness leaves family, but of course he leaves a note and scares loving spouse who doesn't receive the note for two days. Then there is the fact that they never discuss the issue face to face, or really at all. In fact, that happened with a number of issues/situatio [...]

    5. I had vacillating emotions for many of the characters in this book. At first, I didn't like Leelee Satterfield. She seemed spoiled and whiney. I couldn't relate to her need for approval from her friends, especially regarding with her marriage matters. Then contrary, I liked Baker and his idea to be adventurous and try something new.untilat need for change and adventure brought out the jerk he really is. As the story moved on, I found my emotions changing for the characters. I eventually grew to [...]

    6. I loved this book! I thought it was a very cute story, with the way it was written. I am from the north and I have never thought about what us as northerners do that is different. This book pointed out a lot the quirks that we have. For example, burying a pet during the winter. For us it is nothing to leave a pet ferret or cat on your shed shelf until spring but a southerner would truly think we are nuts. Another example is the way we talk. The author called it aristocratic, northern accent. Tha [...]

    7. Fun and easy read about a Memphis belle who moves north with her husband to run an inn. I enjoyed the references to places and things in Memphis. Although not a native of the North or the South, I have lived in both and got a kick out of the author's point of view. I too have endured a glorious New England summer that lasts only six weeks and the long, long winter that seems to last the rest of the year. And then here in the Memphis area, I just saw daffodils blooming and it's barely February, j [...]

    8. LeeLee Satterfield is Southern born and bred and when her husband announces he has dreams of running a quaint Vermont inn and restaurant she can't imagine how she'll survive. Being a good wife she hauls her Yorkie and two daughters across the country and gamely fights enormous drifts of snow, odd locals, and husband stealing hussies. The story highlights LeeLee's Southern grit, charm and humor.Sadly, this book was not for me. I found the characters to be extreme caricatures all with features so [...]

    9. poorly written and entirely too predictable, complete with shallow, stereotypical characters whom you just want to slap. and I *like* fish-out-of-water scenarios. hello, northern exposure? even Joel Fleischman wasn't this tiresome to follow. Not Recommended.

    10. This was a book I just grabbed off the recently returned shelf at the library. I really enjoyed this book. The "fish out of water" twist was a lot of fun. Being a native New Englander I can only imaging how foreign Vermont (and all that snow!) would feel to a Southern Belle. The first half of the book, LeeLee is a little whiny and spoiled, but it was totally justified. She did try to keep a smile on her face and mostly complained in her own head. This was a difficult transition to move from a bi [...]

    11. This is the story of a southern "princess" who moves to Vermont and has to face real life. Poor girl. She has to endure winter. You would think this is the worst hardship anyone has ever suffered. She and her husband buy a bed and breakfast / restaurant. The bed and breakfast seems to run itself, but she is involved with the restaurant. She whines about how the business is eating all of their savings, and they will soon use up most of the inheritance that daddy left her. But then she whines when [...]

    12. This was reccommended to me by a parton. It is wonderful. I can't wait to finish it. I finished this book It was laugh out loud funny! It's the story of a husband and wife who decide to move from Tennessee to Vermont to buy a bed and breakfast. This couple has lived in the South their entire lives. They have never experienced snow, black ice and winters that last until June! The wife owns a little Yorkshire Terrier named Princess Grace When the first Nor'easter arrives the little dog refuses to [...]

    13. Southern belle follows her manipulative husband to Vermont, where he has purchased a bed and breakfast, but then he disappears, or something, and she has to adjust and run the inn by herself. I'm sketchy on the details because I'm only on page whatever and I don't intend to finish it. The characters are unlikeable outlines, the plot seems to be based entirely on cliches and stereotypes, and life is too short. I picked this up for a fun, you-go-girl kind of read, but it's just putting me in a bad [...]

    14. This was a fantastic book! It was like the Ya Ya's meets Big Stone Gap meets Yankee Doodle. And I loved every second of it. As a Southern Girl myself, I loved the sayings, the feelings and the going-ons of all the characters, but most especially LeeLee and the other girls of the GK Agency. I couldn't stand that yellow-bellied husband of LeeLee's, Baker. I could stand, however, the great Peter, and can't wait to see what happens next in Lisa Patton's continuation, Yankee Doodle Dixie: A Novel. I [...]

    15. This book was so not enjoyable for me I couldn't force myself to finish it so I won't actually rate it. The characters were so shallow that I couldn't stand any of them. It was hard for me to tell if the author was trying to make them like that on purpose or if she's just not my type (I'm thinking the latter). I'm sure the main character was supposed to become a better person by the end but after 75 pages I saw no signs of promise that she was going to become more bearable so I had to put it dow [...]

    16. I was first attracted to this novel because I've lived in New England and Tennessee, and the thought of the culture clash between the two made me smile. After finishing, I can say this novel did not disappoint. It was a delight.The pacing was spot on, and the characters a delight. I appreciated the way LeeLee grew over the course of the novel as circumstances challenged and forced her to decide what kind of woman she wanted to be. Can't wait for the sequel.

    17. Spoiler alert: this review contains plot details.This is a book I grabbed off the shelf at the library to listen to while driving. Totally random.I had a lot of problems with the plot of this book. Southern businessman suddenly decides that it's his life-long dream (and he's never mention this to his wife since the day they met?) to own and operate and be a cook in a B&B. In Vermont. As a dutiful Southern wife, Leelee follows him to the frigid north, where it's winter about 9 months out of t [...]

    18. Leelee Satterfield was raised to be the perfect southern lady, which is why she followed her husband's dream of opening an Inn in Vermont intending to make the best of it. Packing up her daughters, Isabella and Sarah, along with her beloved Princess Grace Kelly, she was determined to stand with Baker. But, Tennessee and Vermont are two very different places, and the adjustment was going to be very difficult at times. Pick up this book and you will be transported to Vermont for all of the best an [...]

    19. This is chick lit at its best. There are clichés but some of the funniest scenes occur here. Leelee is taken from the South and plunked into Vermont where her husband, using her money, buys a ski lodge. She has to adjust to all the changes and then he leaves her to run it alone. Her Southern friends come through and she discovers herself and the strength that is in her. I loved Leelee. Hated Baker, her husband. What a jerk! The secondary characters are a good mix of Southern and Northern. I lik [...]

    20. I really liked this book. The characters are wonderful (except for the one you love to hate!) and the setting is great. My brother lives in New England also, in northern New Hampshire on the Vermont border, so I can verify that the winters are exactly like the one described in the book. He and my sister-in-law both talk a lot about Mud Season, so what you read in this book is very real. I had not read this author before, but am ordering the next book in this series because this one was so good. [...]

    21. True to Southern tradition, Southern women are as strong as steel and Leelee Satterfield is no exception to that rule. Her husband is an insensitive clod and not worthy of her. Said Clod thinks moving his family from Memphis across the country to Vermont will make him happier and he never hesitates to remember he has no experience running an inn, let alone being a chef. What Leelee makes of this horrible decision is sure to put a smile on your face and, if that doesn't do it, comparing weather i [...]

    22. Jen let me borrow this book she had purchases. She had started to read and but could not get into it. I am going to give it a go and see how it is. I realy disliked this book. I found the lead character to be yet again pathetic. She follows her husband up north where they purchase a bed and breakfast and where she subsuquently lets her employees and husband walk all over her. After her husband leaves her she does develop a backbone and the book starts to get better but the ending absolutely stun [...]

    23. RUN AWAY - This book has a fun premise, but little else to recommend it. It's horrible. I only finished by reading 10 pages, skipping 10 pages, etc. the plot is so weak that it wouldn't hold water. Character development is a little better, but only marginally. No one would ever behave as the main character does, even if they were a "genteel" southern lady. Really, I don't give out too many five star reviews, but this only the second one star review I've ever written, so do yourself a favor and j [...]

    24. Apparently I am not destined to read a book that isn't part of a new series! This was a cute book. Great literature? Nope. Fun to read? Yep! LeeLee and family move from her beloved Memphis to Vermont because her husband wants to run a B&B. The usual mayhem ensues and LeeLee ends up having to evolve and grow. The supporting cast of characters are fun and interesting, people you would like to know yourself. The book ends in such a way that you know there is a sequel coming, which is going to b [...]

    25. At first I thought this book was set in the 1950's. Leelee had some very dated ideas about women and marriage. The author stayed very close to the chick-lit formula. There were no real surprises. I did enjoy the Vermont characters. They're the reason I'm giving this book three stars instead of two.

    26. Whistlin' Dixie was a really cute book about a Southern Belle trying to survive in Vermont, after her husband decides to uproot their entire life & buy a B&B. There were a few parts that made me LOL & one part in particular that made me tear up a little. I really enjoyed this book & look forward to reading more about Leelee & the GK Agency in the sequel.

    27. I loved this book! LeeLee reminded me of my mom. A woman defined by her husband and children until one day that is all turned upside down. LeeLee finds strength and grace and becomes a wonderfully independant woman. This book is packed full of humor and is a heart-warming read.

    28. Fun predictable book but I loved it! I needed a little romance and chick lit so this is perfect. Characters are fun and likeableOnly real criticism is that they did not mention how much Baker, her husband was never liked. Then when it kept coming up did not ring true.

    29. A yummy scrumptious peek into a southern belles misadventures in po' dunk Yankee-ville. A good read if a man has ever broken your heart and left you in a bind.

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