Street Kid

Street Kid

Judy Westwater Wanda Carter / Mar 31, 2020

Street Kid John Peel first brought Judy s moving childhood story to light on Home Truths Abducted by her psychotic spiritualist father and kept like a dog in the backyard she went on to suffer at the brutal han

  • Title: Street Kid
  • Author: Judy Westwater Wanda Carter
  • ISBN: 9780007222018
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • John Peel first brought Judy s moving childhood story to light on Home Truths Abducted by her psychotic spiritualist father and kept like a dog in the backyard, she went on to suffer at the brutal hands of nuns in a Manchester orphanage, before living wild on the streets An incredible, heart wrenching story of a child who refused to give up.After a childhood lived in tJohn Peel first brought Judy s moving childhood story to light on Home Truths Abducted by her psychotic spiritualist father and kept like a dog in the backyard, she went on to suffer at the brutal hands of nuns in a Manchester orphanage, before living wild on the streets An incredible, heart wrenching story of a child who refused to give up.After a childhood lived in terror, in 1994 Judy was presented with an Unsung Heroes Award for her charity work with street children in South Africa Her moving story came to light after Judy was interviewed by John Peel on BBC s Home Truths Street Kid is the inspirational and heartwrenching story of her early years.At age two, in postwar Manchester, Judy was snatched from her mother and sisters by her psychotic father a spiritualist preacher He kept her in his backyard, leaving her to scavenge from bins to beat off starvation At four, she was sent to an inhumanely strict catholic orphanage, before being put back in her father s cruel care For the next three years she was treated as a virtual slave.After being taken by her father to South Africa, Judy ran away to join the circus where she found her first taste of freedom and friendship before her father tracked her down Weeks later Judy was alone again and living on the streets, too terrified to turn to her circus friends For 9 months 12 year old Judy made her home in a shed behind a bottle store before collapsing in a shop doorway from near starvation.Finally, aged 17, Judy managed to pay her way back to England to find her mother and sisters But her return to Manchester cruelly shattered any dreams of a happy reunion.Determined that her childhood experiences should in some way give meaning to her life, Judy has worked tirelessly to help children in need back in South Africa in the very place she had been treated to such abuse herself She has opened 7 centres to date.

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    1. I usually don't feel comfortable rating biographies or something like that because that's someone's life but I have to make this exception.A lot of times in this I was on the verge of tears, almost all the time I was disgusted by what Judy had to go through. Three times is the exact number of how many times I was happy because something was working out for her and that book follows her from age 2 to 17. Imagine that!For those of you who don't know what this is about, it's about Judy who got kidn [...]

    2. This book is amazing. My sister got this book when she went to California and read it in the few days she was there. My mom found it about a month or two ago and decided to start reading it. I noticed she would never put the book down! When she finished it she kept telling me that I should read it, so I decided I would go for it. I loved it. I know some people think "Why would you like a book that is sad?" I don't like it because of how it's sad, but because of how she makes it through the negle [...]

    3. Read this book quite quickly. Memoir of a child who suffered horrendous abuse and went through what can only be described as hell. Very courageous little girl. A book I would definitely recommend xx

    4. "You can beat the outside of me all you like but you're not going to get the inside of me. You're not going to see me cry.""I'm used to tough. I'm stronger than you'd imagine. I'm a survivor."Street Kid is tough to read because so many of us prefer to look away when destitution rears its ugly head, and to refuse to acknowledge extreme abuse. We convince ourselves that humans cannot be monsters and through our rose-colored lenses, the world [in its entirety] is safe. But the world is not a shelte [...]

    5. I read this book in a matter of days. It made me feel a mixture of things, but all in all a fantastic true story of how humans can survive the most awful, heartbreaking situations. I commend anyone who has the courage to write their story such as this. I would recommend this book to all, and if you ever think your life is 'tough' this book will bring you back down to earth and quickly make you appreciate all you have!

    6. This story is brutal and honest at the same time. Some chapters were really hard to read because they were too explicit and unbearable. Despite all that, this memoir was written which such a passion and dedication to tell the story. The writing style is very beautiful and makes it easier to read even the most excruciating scenes described in this book.

    7. Street Kid was a very disturbing book, but it was well-written and it raises awareness of the issue of child abuse.

    8. what a life! The majority of this book is really hard to read because of the insanely difficult life the author lived. so sad that she had to endure such a life, but what a triumph that she has gone on to, not only be successful, but to dedicate her life to helping children today who are facing similar experiences. inspired.

    9. 10 for this book, reading this book had me hooked from start to finish. How Judy got through this I will never know. Goosebumps from start to finish

    10. Survival against all oddsLoved by no one and alone in the world, the author's life was a struggle for survival from the moment she took her first breath. Born in postwar Manchester, England as the youngest of 3 daughters of an unhappily married impoverished couple, Judy was barely 2 years old when her mother was caught with a secret lover and in retribution, she was dragged out of the house by her livid father, never to return. As desperate as Judy was to return home to her mother and more impor [...]

    11. I could reccomend this book to anyone and everyone. The book is easy and compared to others, short to read. I started reading this book recently and I was amazed that I couldn't seem to put it down. After years of trying, this is the book that made me sit down and keep reading for hours and it's the only book I have read all the way through so far.The story of which Judy Westwater desribes is horrible in all ways you could think off. She suffered horribly through all them years. Yet she still ma [...]

    12. Is tough to read because so many of us prefer to look away when the destitution rears its ugly head, and to refuse to acknowledge extreme abuse. As a child, Judy was brutally beaten by her father and step mother. Her mother struggled to care for her and more often than not. Judy was forgotten, left alone to fend for herself, being raped not once but twice. She spent time with nuns who couldn't care less about her well being in an orphanage. She experience to lived on the streets, his out in back [...]

    13. I was not really in to her writing but it was a very sad story. How parents can do this stuff to children is beyond me. It happens to many times parents hurting their children to get back at a spouse. When he took his daughter in such a violent way crushed me. If I had been that mother it would have been a very cold day in hell that he would have walked out with my child!! From these books that I have read about the subject I feel these mothers are weak. I would never stand for a man who hurt my [...]

    14. This book was recommended to me a by a student during one of my library periods. I borrowed it and read in one day. What makes this story so tragic is that it is a true story. While we all are living comfortably, there are little children out there going through so many horrible things. Everyday is a survival for them. Its like they live on the edge constantly. I have great respect for Judy Westwater. Despite all the hardships, she came out strong and successful. Her perseverance is to be acknow [...]

    15. Ngeri banget membayangkan gadis umur 3 tahun harus mengalami kehidupan sekeras itu. Physically abuse and mentally abuse. Harus tumbuh dlm kondisi yg memprihatinkan. No affection. Dan yg paling buruk kurasa, di usia nya yg masih sangat kecil, gadis cilik ini bahkan tidak pnya kesempatan utk jd anak kecil, memiliki kehidupan selayaknya seorang anak kecil - bermain, belajar, tawa, dunia yg ceria. Salut banget bagaimana ia tidak menyerah dengan keterpurukan yg dialaminya. Dan bagaimana ia menemukan [...]

    16. Kisah Nyata penulisnya ini. Bikin sedih, terus jadi kayak benci banget sama ibu tirinya. Bapaknya juga so stupid, begitu jahatnya sama Judy kecil. Tapi bener-bener ya perjuangannya gak gampang. Sampe telinganya rusak gara2 sering dipukul.Judy bener-bener mengalami kekerasan anak, dia bahkan bisa menuliskan banyak hal yang dia rasakan seakan dia nulis tuh dari kecil.Keren and really make me crying. Ngerasa beruntung banget bisa hidup segede ini tanpa penyiksaan.Tapi novel gue dipinjem saudara gue [...]

    17. Just bought and read this book today, I'm not usually a fan of 'sob story'/'traumatic childhood' style autobiological books but I thought I would give it a go. It was a lot better than imagined and Judy comes across in a very matter off fact and incredibly strong way rather than in a 'woe is me' style.There are some horrific events that happen to her which make for hard reading, but it also gives a fascinating insight into Post-war/1950's Britain and the struggles faced in South Africa and the a [...]

    18. An excellent read! It was so nice to read a true life story that gathers so much information but without too much detail on areas that dont always need it. A traumatic story but with a brilliant result for Judy. Really enjoyed reading this book would of liked to know if Judy reunited with Mary later on in life and what happened to her mum and dad in later life but there maybe another book she has written that i have not yet looked for.

    19. I have often wondered why people would buy a book about the abuse endured by a child, as there are many in the book shops. I picked this book off a book shelve while staying in a holiday cottage, curious. Judy writes with such clarity and matter of fact about the shocking details. You will her on and keep reading with the hope she will survive and find her way out, somehow. I have since researched her Streetkids organisation and will now be supporting and promoting this cause.

    20. I took this book to work this morning in the hope I would get through a few chapters on my breaks. Lo and behold I finished the whole lot. This book did not take me long to get through as I found the pages and chapters ran smoothly into each other, something that fails to happen in other books I have come across. I like the idea that your blood family don't necessarily have to be the one you feel most a part of and I am glad that despite the hardship, Judy found her own path.

    21. Oh. My. Word. The lives some people have survived just amazes me. I don't know if I'd have the strength. The things this girl lived thru during her childhood are just horrific! More than that I just cannot say. She went on and on, surviving. It's an inspirational story by the end when she triumphs over her past.I must say tho, that reading what she went thru as a kid, almost stopped me reading this book midway!

    22. Just finished reading this book and I can honestly say I couldn't put it down! This book was so compelling, to think of a childhood like that is unimaginable but wat is even more unbelievable is the author judy's determination to survive! I enjoyed this book immensely but my only issue is the ending, in books like this it's good to read more in to the positive aswell as the negative and this book just kind of ended, was a bit disappointing but credit where it is due for an amazing book!

    23. a heart tearing experience. i cried then smiled at her courage and cried some more. then i found out there was a second part to this book and my heart caved in. I had to stop reading sometimes and reflect on my life, living with abuse and starvation and realize that i might have cried and attempted suicide but there are others in far worse situation than me. at least i wasn't alone. Judy's story touched my heart <3

    24. "You can beat the outside of me all you like but you're not going to get the inside of me. You're not going to see me cry."Read this book a few years ago. I borrowed this book from my school library. This book, it was a very sad story. I could not believe some of the things in this book to be true.

    25. "A tough book to read at times due to the horrid abuse this woman went through in her early years. I skimmed over most of the paragraphs describing the torture, and it was amazing this person fought her way through life with such despicable and cruel treatment by both parents, and later by her own sisters. Hard to put down, yet difficult to read."

    26. This is a harrowing story of a young girl suffering serious neglect, with no-one to turn to and treated appallingly by her family, she learns to survive.You have to be strong while you read this. Her account of neglect that nearly killed her and repeated rapes is harrowing. But her determination, survival and triumph in the end are inspirational.

    27. This is a sad story about a child who grew up under horrible conditions. The story seemed on fast forward at times. You wonder how could the author have survived everything that happened to her. I do recommend this book to anyone who needs to be thankful for the everyday gifts in life that we take for granted.

    28. I wouldn't normally pick one of these autobiographies but I had read an article on her and so wanted to delve deeper. Very, very sad tale of total parental neglect and abuse. Can't imagine the monster's that inflict these sorts of horrors on a child.

    29. A brilliant book on the survival of Judy after being treated worse than a dog by both her parents, to eventually find happiness at the age of 17.Would have loved to have a bit more about her later life and how she met her husband

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