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Sixsational Princess for president Student body president that is nominated by her power mad best friend Lilly This is not how Mia imagined kicking off her sopho year but as usual she has bigger problems to w

  • Title: Sixsational
  • Author: Meg Cabot
  • ISBN: 9780330415651
  • Page: 224
  • Format: None
  • Princess for president Student body president, that is nominated by her power mad best friend, Lilly This is not how Mia imagined kicking off her sopho year, but as usual, she has bigger problems to worry about, like Geometry And now that Mia s one true love, Michael, is uptown at college, what s the point of even getting up for school in the morning But the lastPrincess for president Student body president, that is nominated by her power mad best friend, Lilly This is not how Mia imagined kicking off her sopho year, but as usual, she has bigger problems to worry about, like Geometry And now that Mia s one true love, Michael, is uptown at college, what s the point of even getting up for school in the morning But the last straw is what Lana whispers to her on the lunch line about what college boys expect of their girlfriends Really, it s almost than a princess in training can bear

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        Librarian note AKA Jenny Carroll 1 800 Where R You series , AKA Patricia Cabot historical romance novels.Meg Cabot was born on February 1, 1967, during the Chinese astrological year of the Fire Horse, a notoriously unlucky sign Fortunately she grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, where few people were aware of the stigma of being a fire horse at least until Meg became a teenager, when she flunked freshman Algebra twice, then decided to cut her own bangs After six years as an undergrad at Indiana University, Meg moved to New York City in the middle of a sanitation worker strike to pursue a career as an illustrator, at which she failed miserably, forcing her to turn to her favorite hobby writing novels for emotional succor She worked various jobs to pay the rent, including a decade long stint as the assistant manager of a 700 bed freshmen dormitory at NYU, a position she still occasionally misses She is now the author of nearly fifty books for both adults and teens, selling fifteen million copies worldwide, many of which have been 1 New York Times bestsellers, most notably The Princess Diaries series, which is currently being published in over 38 countries, and was made into two hit movies by Disney In addition, Meg wrote the Mediator and 1 800 Where R You series on which the television series, Missing, was based , two All American Girl books, Teen Idol, Avalon High, How to Be Popular, Pants on Fire, Jinx, a series of novels written entirely in email format Boy Next Door, Boy Meets Girl, and Every Boy s Got One , a mystery series Size 12 Is Not Fat Size 14 Is Not Fat Either Big Boned , and a chick lit series called Queen of Babble Meg is now writing a new children s series called Allie Finkle s Rules for Girls Her new paranormal series, Abandon, debuts in Summer of 2011 Meg currently divides her time between Key West, Indiana, and New York City with a primary cat one eyed Henrietta , various back up cats, and her husband, who doesn t know he married a fire horse Please don t tell him Series Airhead The Princess Diaries Mediator


    1. Oh Mia As I mentioned in my last review it's during this stage that I have to give these books 4 stages instead of 5 because of how annoying Mia can get. She's only 15 I get it. It's just a bit harder to read now that I'm older. Still really enjoyed it and it definitely made me laugh! Really wanting to speed through rereading the rest so I can read A Royal Wedding when it comes out!!

    2. This series should definitely be changed to the "Mia Whines-A-Lot" or maybe someone should invent a drinking game while reading this series. For example, take a shot every time Mia whines. You'd end up drunk and not remembering anything about this book. In the end, your life is probably better not remembering. I wish I could forget I read this book. But no, I made a deal with myself that I would finally finish this freaking series. I need to clean out my TBR guys!So, yes, I will continue to suff [...]

    3. I enjoyed this one. Thought Mia was a bit juvenile about the topic of sex (just her maturity level discussing it, not her choices). But I liked the student council election story. At this point I kind of want more Genovia/princess stuff and less high school but we shall see :)

    4. Mia needs a proper Sex ED.Well,this was a fun ride.Her relationship with Michael was so funny and awkward in this book & Lilly and Grandmère were actually pretty cool here.However,Mia was behaving REALLY naive & juvenile in this one.Also,I'm not really sure I'm on her side when it comes to Ms.Martinez.Everything else was really fun.(ᵔᴥᵔ)Favourite quote:"Do you know what you are looking at here, Amelia?" Grandmere is asking me."If you're trying to hypnotize me into not biting my na [...]

    5. Okay, so instead of whining that her boyfriend wasn't going to take her to his prom, this time Mia spends the book ignoring the fact that she has committed an international incident that's effecting her 'beloved' environment and disintegrating her countries' diplomatic relationship because she has "more important problems" - like the fact that she's struggling with her Geometry class, her teacher gave her a B and some constructive criticism on her first English assignment of the year and the fac [...]

    6. WHY do I keep reading these "Princess" books? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY??? Am I forgetting that* These books are total fluff books with practically NO substance WHATSOEVER?* They are intended for teenagers?* I am no longer a teenager?* I don't think I will let my daughter read them when she is a teenager?* My curiosity was fully satisfied by the third book?Well, maybe I'll let her read the first few. But probably not book four or five, and definitely not six. Yes, I get that it's supposed to be Mia's [...]

    7. Aaaaaahh! Adorei! A Mia está maravilhosa nesse livro! Esperando MUITO ela enfrentar a Lilly no próximo livro, pq peloamordedeus é a pior amiga do mundo. Ela passou de chata, pra irritante, pra má amiga e agora tentou USAR a Mia! Affff Quero ver como vai ser ela e Michael agora q ele tá na faculdade! E espero muito q ela ouça mais a Tina do q a Lilly.

    8. Finalmente um livro em que a Mia não fica reclamando da vida ~injusta~ e discute algo mais vida real. Apesar da vida da Mia praticamente girar em torno do Michael (na cabeça dela), os momentos dos dois são poucos e meio anticlimáticos. Eu fico bem mais interessada em ela interagindo com a Lily e Grandmère (sdds Julie Andrews).Esse foi BEM melhor do que o #5 e deixou uma expectativa boa pro que vai acontecer no próximo :)

    9. This has to be my most favorite installment by far!!! This book tackles the subject of having sex with your boyfriend and when is that okay and basically the message is, whenever you're ready and he should respect that. WHICH IS WHAT I WANT IN ALL BOOKS!! Please make this a YA standard because not all girls are just ready for it right at 16 like I see in a lot of YA books. Michael is such a great book boyfriend and character because he's real. He's realistic in the sense that there are things he [...]

    10. In case you were not aware, I LOVE The Princess Diaries series. I have read all ten books (approximately) a million times, and they are so near and dear to my heart. This series played a huge role in my life (and my sister’s life) as I grew up, and I’m just having a blast rereading them this year.Princess in Training is actually one of my favorite books in the series—which, yes, I know it’s so meta to have favorite books in one of your favorite series.In this installment, Mia is dealing [...]

    11. Until the last few pages of the book, I was going to give this one star for the simple reason that I just did not like it. At all.Some of my complaints (this is by no means a complete list):*I need the adults in Mia's life to step up and start acting like the adults. When Mia came to her mother and was asking questions about sex, her mother probably should have pushed more and given Mia more information. It was CLEAR TO ME that Mia was not handling things well. I just really think Mia's mother s [...]

    12. So I was ready to give up on Mia after Princess in Pink. All the prom freak outs made me think it was time to get back to adulthood. This one redeemed itself. Yes Mia still freaks out, it's who she is. She's 15, a sophomore in high school and thinks she's here to save the earth. She also has a boy friend who is a freshman in college and a very unusual life. I don't blame her for freaking out. I enjoyed that she now has a teacher who will challenge her. Frankly if I had written like she writes in [...]

    13. Again very similar to the others, especially in structure.My only new comments to add are about Mia's speech at the end and Michael.Me during Mia's speech:Me after Mia's speech:It was very inspiring but too long to cut and paste here. Basically it was here campaign speech about why the students should elect her over Lana (popular cheerleader) for student council president.My second comment is about Michael. He because a total stereotypical boy in this one (sorry to any boys out there, as I menti [...]

    14. See my entire binge read of this book and books 6-7 1/2 here.Blah.Besides, Princess in Waiting this is probably the most lackluster installment in the series. However, in retrospect I think Meg did an excellent job portraying a teenage girl. I hate to say it, when I was Mia’s age I probably acted a lot like her-though slightly less neurotic. And Teen Me is someone I really don’t want to be again.That being said, I really wish there was more to this one. I could care less for either of the pl [...]

    15. At A GlanceGenre: Young Adult; Romance. Love Triangle/Insta Love/Obsessive?: Obsessive. Cliff Hanger: eh.Rating: 3 Stars. Score SheetAll out of tenCover:7Plot:6Characters: 4World Building: 6Flow:7Series Congruity: 7Writing: 6Ending: 7Total: 6In DeptBest Part: Lily's being decent. Worst Part: Mia is just too much. Thoughts Had: Mia stop it!; wtf.; GET OVER IT!ConclusionContinuing the Series: yesRecommending: ehShort Review: Okay i am done with Mia, i will keep reading, and hope for better, but we [...]

    16. I loved Mia's speech at the end but the entire Michael/Mia plot in this book made me super uncomfortable considering the fact that she's 15 and he's 18; he really didn't handle the situation the way I expected him to.

    17. This was a pretty great book in a (so far) shaping to be epic series.Let me first start with the good things:Mia is still awkward, but she does her best to fulfil her princess role, and you can see that she is getting better and better at it with each book. From a girl who didn’t want to be a princess, who refused to do princess stuff, she is now making decisions, helping out her people, and taking on her princess role. Of course, not always happily, but then again, I can understand that, you [...]

    18. Best part of this book: When Mia looked up her mom's ex using Yahoo! People Search. I'm not sure I even remember that.Most surprising part: How often Mia actually said "sex". This it the Doing It book and I just remembered everyone calling it that all the time. And they certainly do, but it's not as excessive as I remember.Fun fact: When this book was originally released, it came out a lot earlier in England than in the US (if I remember correctly, it was a mistake somewhere). I was in college a [...]

    19. In this installment, Mia starts to realize her own abilities and begins to stand up for herself. Yes, she is still uncomfortable in her own skin, worries over everything and has the same streak of putting herself down, but she is beginning to grow up. And that is good.One of the best things so far about this series is that Mia does grow and change while still retaining her lovely self-effacing personality. Her thoughts and ideas are becoming more adult. She's beginning to be a tiny bit more self [...]

    20. I swear these just get better and better,as usual Mia is her stressed out assuming the worst about every situation self this time its the possible environmental disaster she has bestowed on genovia, feeling pressure to sleep with Michael or should I say "Do it" all the while dealing with an election presidency she didn't want to run in and a English teacher who seems bent on giving Mia B's instead of A Grades. Like the previous books Mia' s dilemma's are handled with humour and alot of love brin [...]

    21. Princess Mia is worried now that boyfriend Michael is a college freshman, she will be expected to DO IT. (Emphasis hers.) She speaks up for herself and Michael agrees to wait. But! He says, "I'm not going to wait around forever." Ugh, boys are jerks.Also, there was an unnecessary side plot of Mia and girlfriends trying to figure out if a new classmate is a boy or a girl, culminating in an awful slumber party scene. The new student turns out to be a girl (which makes their teasing okay? Don't thi [...]

    22. Amelia. If you are afraid to speak to your boyfriend about sex to the point where you genuinely believe he will break up with you, you are not ready for a relationship.

    23. I really do enjoy these books.This one in particular made me realize something. In earlier books, I got a bit fed up with Mia for being so dense about certain things but somehow, during this volume, suddenly I recalled with perfect clarity (and the advantage of hindsight) how COMPLETELY NAIVE AND CLUELESS I was at that age. I got worked up over all kinds of minor issues, completely read ridiculous things into the smallest comment or behavior, and generally was a giant idiot. Oh yes, that was me [...]

    24. Just love this princess story.The story described well about immature character coming from 15 years old girl name Mia Thermopolis. She has an overactive imagination, spontaneous, easy worried and super overprotecting with her little brother. Michael, Mia’s boyfriend somehow is an ideal type for boyfriend. He is so kind, romantic, supportive, patient, and well planned.Its interesting to remind me about the school times especially the subjects. It can be so different in college which the funny [...]

    25. Around page 50, Lana Weinberger, Mia's mortal enemy, teased her that soon her college-going boyfriend would expect her, as she repeatedly put it, to Do It with him. Thus began Mia's outlandish, childish, freakish and all other kinds of ish presumptions about Michael and his manly man needs. What evenA bunch of other stuff happened; Boris got hot over the summer, Mia won the Student Council Presidential Campaign, Lily turned into a complete nutter, Michael and Mia discussed Doing It, and other im [...]

    26. REQUIRED AUTHOR, ROMANCEI couldn't handle this book. I've read silly books as a preteen so I thought I would do ok with this one, but it nearly drove me crazy. There was absolutely no plot, just the diary of a very selfish preteen girl with no real thought. All that happened was she nearly destroyed the ecosystem of her own country and seemed to think that it wasn't that big of deal, and she was afraid her college boyfriend would want to "do it." That was the entire novel. I have nothing good to [...]

    27. Urrrgh. Mia dealt with the issue of sex far too immaturely for someone of her age. This book could have been a lot shorter if she'd talked to Michael in the first place and not just spent all her time worrying into her diary. If you can't talk to your boyfriend about your relationship then why are you in a relationship? This book put me off finishing the series for a long time. Oh, and the election/pop-culture thing? Really annoyed me. This book is very soon going to be very dated.

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