The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now

Tim Tharp / Jun 03, 2020

The Spectacular Now In the last months of high school charismatic eighteen year old Sutter Keely lives in the present staying drunk or high most of the time but that could change when starts working to boost the self

  • Title: The Spectacular Now
  • Author: Tim Tharp
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the last months of high school, charismatic eighteen year old Sutter Keely lives in the present, staying drunk or high most of the time, but that could change when starts working to boost the self confidence of a classmate, Aimee.

    The Spectacular Now Directed by James Ponsoldt With Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, Kyle Chandler, Jennifer Jason Leigh A hard partying high school senior s philosophy on life The Spectacular Now The Spectacular Now is a American coming of age romantic comedy drama film directed by James Ponsoldt, written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H Weber The Spectacular Now Rotten Tomatoes With sly humor and an intensity of feeling, THE SPECTACULAR NOW directed by James Ponsoldt creates a vivid, three dimensional portrait of youth confronting the funny, thrilling and perilous The Spectacular Now Netflix The Spectacular Now R h m Dramas A charismatic, hard partying young man strikes up an unlikely romance with a smart and focused young woman during their last year of high school Starring Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, Brie Larson Watch all you want for free TRY DAYS FREE. Watch The Spectacular Now Prime Video The Spectacular Now is indeed a coming of age story, but it s real It is such a human interest story that any one, even without the same hardship of having a deadbeat Dad, can relate to Sutter, the films protagonist, is an year old male with a slight drinking problem. The Spectacular Now Tim Tharp Narrated in Sutter s first person POV, The Spectacular Now shows us his internal world, something most people don t notice about him He is than a party animal Unlike the ordinary life most people are living in his Oklahoma City neighborhood, he has a mission He is not looking to the future he is determined to embrace the moment. Watch The Spectacular Now Full HD Online Watch The Spectacular Now Online the spectacular now full movie with English subtitle Stars Shailene Woodley, Kyle Chandler, Miles Teller The Spectacular Now Miles Teller, Shailene Dec , The Spectacular Now Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, LifeTime movies The Spectacular Now Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, LifeTime movies The Spectacular Now Plot Summary But after being dumped by his girlfriend, Sutter gets drunk and wakes up on a lawn with Aimee Finecky hovering over him She s different the nice girl who reads science fiction and doesn t have a boyfriend While Aimee has dreams of a future, Sutter lives in the impressive delusion of a spectacular now, yet somehow, they re drawn together. Film The Spectacular Now en Streaming VF gratflix Film The Spectacular Now en Streaming VF, The Spectacular Now en Streaming, film The Spectacular Now complet.

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        Tim Tharp lives in Oklahoma where he writes novels and teaches in the Humanities Department at Rose State College In addition to earning a B.A from the University of Oklahoma and an M.F.A from Brown University, Tim Tharp has been a factory hand, construction laborer, psychiatric aid, long distance hitchhiker, and record store clerk His first novel, Falling Dark Milkweed Press , was awarded the Milkweed National Fiction Prize Knights of the Hill Country Knopf Books for Young Readers is his first novel for young adults and was named to the American Library Association s Best Books of 2007 list Tim s new YA novel, The Spectacular Now, Knopf Books, Nov 2008 was a finalist for the 2008 National Book Award.


    1. On finishing The Spectacular Now I feel hollowed out and slightly sick – not because the ending was bad but because as much as I didn’t want it to, it ended in probably the most realistic way it could. Part of me wants to gouge whatever scraps of hope I can from the close of Sutter’s story, hold onto the hints that things can and will eventually change, because not doing that hurts so much. I want to pretend that last chapter doesn’t exist, but in way, it’s that last chapter that makes [...]

    2. Okay so I've been putting off this review because I was unsure about my rating. My initial reaction was FIVE STARS!! FIVE STARS!! but then I got to thinking about my dislike for the ending and thought maybe I should round it down to four and then I was like "but is my problem with the ending because it was bad - or because it didn't go the way I wanted it to?" so I eventually kept my five stars because I am so completely in love with the amazingly complicated and wonderful character that is Sutt [...]

    3. I’m not sure if this book would have affected me quite as much if I didn’t know this boy. He is one of the people that I love the most on this planet, and he shares more DNA with me than anyone else. He’s intelligent, effortlessly popular, charming, kind, and entertaining. He has a big heart, fragile and exposed. We once spent hours in our backyard collecting slugs and setting them up in their very own tree stump castle. Once when he was facing a spanking, we schemed and plotted, arming ou [...]

    4. "Life is a big, screwed-up joke with its ups and downs. The best way to deal with it is to live in the now, pursue all the pleasure and deal with none of the grief." That's the message I get from Sutter Keely, protagonist of The Spectacular Now. He takes a purely hedonistic, somewhat philosophical world view throughout the book. Tharp gives Sutton a clear, blunt, narrative voice but when it comes to character development, Sutter stays the same person from point A to point B, even with inserting [...]

    5. Holy crap, this is a good book. A heavy book. This is one of those books that I went into thinking it was going to be a romance with a message, but pretty all-around feel-good. No. Nope. I mean, yeah, there's a message, all right, but this book isn't exactly a fluffy candy feel-good story. So don't go into it thinking it will be. It's funny and philosophical and introspective and reminiscent. Sutter's voice is so authentically teenager that it's obvious Tim Tharp never completely forgot that pha [...]

    6. 4.5 ish stars. Call me an idiot if you like, but I didn't realize this book existed until a week ago. I ended up seeing the theatrical adaptation at a free screening when it first came out in 2013 not really knowing what I was getting myself into (except, of course, a movie theater- for free) but the movie affected me and I fell in love with it because it immediately connected to my experience as a young adult without resorting to terminal illnesses or similar plot devices to get me invested int [...]

    7. La verdad es que este libro fue una desilusión absoluta, una historia corriente, aburrida y lenta de leer. No conecte con ningún personaje de la historia, el desenlace fue totalmente predecible, la verdad no tengo nada bueno que decir de este libro. Reseña Completa: bastvilard/2015/0

    8. Life’s a party for Sutter Keely because he’s the life of the party. He’s the guy who has friends from every social circle, can get people laughing in awkward situations, and has a smile every time you see him. He’s the definition of “happy drunk,” and since he’s drunk all the time, he’s just a happy guy all around. He lets nothing get him down, not even when his “beautiful fat girlfriend” Cassidy dumps him or when Ricky, his best friend, starts to follow the clean route. Nope [...]

    9. Here we goIt would have been a 5stars book except for Aimee (I couldn't figure her out and she was a bit too naive for my taste; all that planning scared me to be honest and not telling anyone her secret? oh boy, that's just wrong) and the ending (which I still don't get, not really I might need to re-read the last page). Can I also have one more page please? So a full review might follow - if I'll have some down time to write it *sigh* - but 'til then this is what I liked:- Sutter - with his fu [...]

    10. This is a weird book. The book itself is pretty straight-forward, the narrator is a high school senior named Sutter who likes to drink and is the life of the party. The party to him though is all of life. He's always the life of the party even though most people probably don't realize the party is happening. He lives by the motto of 'embrace the weird', meaning just go with whatever happens and make the best of it. Part of his embracing whatever happens is knocking back enough whiskey to make th [...]

    11. 2.5 Stars-It was a tad too predictable with no real closure to go with.-I don't like Sutter, he's that guy I cannot stand being with morph into that guy I cannot stand believing in.-I don't like Aimee. She is too naive(?) for a 17 year old and simply too dependent on Sutter for everything which is actually worse than the nerd believing in equestrian fantasies before.-The ending ? Was there one ? Sutter's drinking problem (Alcoholism like his isn't some piece of cake to quit). Aimee turning into [...]

    12. Every time I read a book that is popular I almost always end up hating it. What's wrong with me? Or maybe I should as what is wrong with everyone else?! I wanted to read this book before I went to go see the movie, but I only want to go see the movie so I can scope out the acting of the two main characters since they are both casted for Divergent. As soon as I read the first sentence of the book I should have just put the book down and walked away. I did't like the style in which this book was w [...]

    13. Everyone knows that if you want a good time, you call Sutter Keely. He’s the guy with a bar in his boot, enough whisky in his flask to go round and he doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘embarrassment’. There’s no doubt that Sutter is the life of any party – but when it comes to relationships, he fizzes pretty quick. He’s accumulated a string of ex-girlfriends in his eighteen years, and remained friends with every single one of them. But right now he’s hoping to hold on to his [...]

    14. The Spectacular Now is a strange sort of book. I want to lecture it, to give it my own personal big-sister talking to. In some ways I wanted to hate it because the way it almost glorified teenage drinking and partying.But I can't. Because even if I don't agree with Sutter's methods, he feels like a real believable teenager. Sometimes it's brave for a book to portray drinking (I would call Sutter a teenage alcoholic but I don't think he would) without ever getting preachy or putting on the parent [...]

    15. My Actual Rating: 4.5 starsThe Spectacular Now is just so genuine that it hurts. It just hurts in the worst possible way ever. What shattered me the most was the book's ending. Did it really have to end like that? As much as I want more and even if it tore me to pieces and left me wanting so much more - for Sutter to get better, for him to finally change - I think, yes. Because knowing that if these things happen it will just wash away the realness of this book. That's what life is. It's a mess. [...]

    16. I don't know if I hated this or I loathed it. Or maybe I just hold the whole setup in contempt Boy with a superhero complex, wilting maiden who needs to be rescued Oh and obvs she's not like other girlsExcuse me while I search for something good to say about this bookill searchingIt might be a while

    17. My rating: 2 of 5 starsSource: Library Checkout'Another spectacular afternoon. This weather is unbelievable. Of course, that probably means summer is going to be vicious again, but I'm not worried about that now. I was never big on the future. I admire people who are, but it just never was my thing.'Sutter is spontaneous with a luring personality who lives life solely in the moment. Aimee is plagued by insecurity but has a mind that is saturated with dreams of the future. The two are an unlikely [...]

    18. We all know Sutter Keely. Maybe we don’t want to know him. Maybe we are ashamed that we knew him. Maybe we jumped on his bandwagon for a short time in high school, but we likely knew him in one form or another.He is the life of the party; the one who is okay with destroying people's houses when he parties. The kid that you know has alcohol in the back of his car and can’t seem to knock any sense into himself. He is drunk before, during, and after school (if he doesn’t skip) and is set on e [...]

    19. I'd have never picked up this novel in a million years if it weren't for the fact that the screen writers of "500 Days of Summer" wrote the screenplay for the movie version of this novel. And Shailene Woodley, of course. It seems a little shallow to admit that, but it's the truth. I'm not a fan of Contemporary YA and I'm especially not a fan of novels about teenagers partying and drinking - which is, admittedly, a lot of what this book is. Yet, the narration throughout this story is superb. Sutt [...]

    20. This book started out so well but ended unresolved in my eyes. I was expecting a fabulous ending but it fell a bit short. Also, I disliked how Sutter believed that Aimee needed him to change her but didn't fully acknowledge how he needed her to change him too. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the book, but it lacked that certain something that would warrant 5 stars.

    21. *Minor editing sorry*There were moments I liked but overall I didn't care much for this book overall. The only people here I felt attached to were Amy and after awhile, Cassidy. Sutter well, He was alright in the beginning, grew on me some after awhile but then he just got annoying after awhile. I tried to give him a break but at a certain point I just stopped caring. I kept hoping he would turn himself around but mentally I broke away from him and was just waiting to see if he was going to do t [...]

    22. ¿Y qué puedo decir?Sutter es un completo patético, y Aimee una idiota. A pasar de que los personajes no me gustaron, para nada desde un principio, albergue esperanzas de que el libro fuera bueno al final. ¿Pero qué creen? Es un completo fiasco. Respeto y valoro las diferentes opiniones, pero, en serio, no logro entender como varias personas me recomendaron este libro con tanta emoción, y jurando que es una obra maestra.

    23. There's that old literary saw that says if the main character of a book doesn't change, the book is a failure. But what if the unchanging main character is the catalyst by which others are allowed to change? That's the fascinating issue at the heart of The Spectacular Now, a book whose protagonist is a drunken – but charismatically drunken – high school senior named Sutter Keely. He's the life of the party, a barely-functioning teenage alcoholic who's so filled with love for his fellow man t [...]

    24. Sutter Keely is a lot of fun. The life of the party! All his girlfriends have the greatest time with him. So, why do they all break up with him? Don't they LIKE having fun? So, he enjoys drinking - what's wrong with that? It's not like he's a mean drunk, at all.As a reader, I felt like one of Sutter's girlfriends. At first, yeah, it was fun, if a little appalling, to read about Sutter's drunken adventures, giving a runaway kid a ride home while skipping school himself, meeting a shy newspaper de [...]

    25. One of the best books I have ever read. Highly enjoyable.Can't get enough of Tharp's writing. One of my favorite favorite authors.Read his work, end of.And forgive this book's movie. It was okay, but nothing like the book which was great. This book is very dear to my heart; like Neon Golden by Notwist is in this moment.

    26. 2.5⭐Apesar de não estar com expectativas muito altas, acabei por me desiludir mais do que estava a contar. Acho que o livro teria funcionado muito melhor se fosse contado pela 3°pessoa. Sutter como narrador e protagonista e pouco empático, o que se tornou um problema para mim. Apesar de ser um adolescente com problemas gravas de alcoolismo, solidão e falta de afectos; e de ser uma pessoa super bem intencionada nas acções do dia a dia, não me consegui importar com ele e com a falta de ru [...]

    27. Porque O Presente É VidaEsta é a estória de Sutter, um jovem que embora negligenciado pelos pais recusa afogar-se nas águas da tristeza.Sempre de copo na mão , ele é a Alma de qualquer festa!É o Jesus Cristo que bebe whiskey com 7Up, sempre pronto a auxiliar quem precisa mas incapaz de se ajudar a si mesmo.É o folião irresponsável de quem todos gostam mas que ninguém ama.Vive mergulhado num Mar de Sensações onde lentamente se afunda.Até que conhece Amie! Uma jovem que arrisca amá- [...]

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