Синухе египтянина

Синухе египтянина

Mika Waltari Борис Парашкевов Мика Валтари / May 31, 2020

  • Title: Синухе египтянина
  • Author: Mika Waltari Борис Парашкевов Мика Валтари
  • ISBN: 9789549745474
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
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      • Mika Waltari Борис Парашкевов Мика Валтари

        Mika Toimi Waltari was a Finnish historical novelist, best known for his magnum opus The Egyptian.Waltari was born in Helsinki and lost his father, a Lutheran pastor, at the age of five As a boy, he witnessed the Finnish Civil War in Helsinki Later he enrolled in the University of Helsinki as a theology student, according to his mother s wishes, but soon abandoned theology in favour of philosophy, aesthetics and literature, graduating in 1929 While studying, he contributed to various magazines and wrote poetry and stories, getting his first book published in 1925 In 1927 he went to Paris where he wrote his first major novel Suuri illusioni The Grand Illusion , a story of bohemian life In terms of style, the novel is considered to be the Finnish equivalent to the works of the American writers of the Lost Generation In Waltari s historical novel The Adventurer, taking place in the 16th century, the hero is a Finn who goes to Paris during his twenties and lives there a rather bohemian life Waltari also was, for a while, a member of the liberal literary movement Tulenkantajat, though his political and social views later turned conservative He was married in 1931 and had a daughter, Satu, who also became a writer.Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, Waltari worked hectically as a journalist and critic, writing for a number of newspapers and magazines and travelling widely in Europe He directed the magazine Suomen Kuvalehti At the same time, he kept writing books in many genres, moving easily from one literary field to another He had a very busy schedule and strict work ethic It has been claimed that he also suffered from insomnia and depression, sometimes to the extent of needing hospital treatment He participated, and often succeeded, in literary competitions to prove the quality of his work to critics One of these competitions gave rise to one of his most popular characters, Inspector Palmu, a gruff detective of the Helsinki police department, who starred in three mystery novels, all of which were filmed a fourth one was made without Waltari involved Waltari also scripted the popular cartoon Kieku ja Kaiku and wrote Aiotko kirjailijaksi, a guidebook for aspiring writers that influenced many younger writers such as Kalle P talo.During the Winter War 1939 1940 and the Continuation War 1941 1944 , Waltari worked in the government information center, now also placing his literary skills at the service of political propaganda 1945 saw the publication of Waltari s first and most successful historical novel, The Egyptian Its theme of the corruption of humanist values in a materialist world seemed curiously topical in the aftermath of World War II, and the book became an international bestseller, serving as the basis of the 1954 Hollywood movie of the same name Waltari wrote seven historical novels, placed in various ancient cultures, among which The Dark Angel, set during the Fall of Constantinople in 1453 is probably the best In these novels, he gave powerful expression to his fundamental pessimism and also, in two novels set in the Roman Empire, to his Christian conviction After the war, he also wrote several novellas, showing particular mastery in this genre He became a member of the Finnish Academy in 1957 and received an honorary doctorate at the University of Turku in 1970.Waltari was one of the most prolific Finnish writers He wrote at least 29 novels, 15 novellas, 6 collections of stories or fairy tales, 6 collections of poetry and 26 plays, as well as screenplays, radioplays, non fiction, translations, and hundreds of reviews and articles He is also the internationally best known Finnish writer, and his works have been translated into than 40 languages.


    1. The Egyptian (Sinuhe egyptiläinen), Mika WaltariThe Egyptian (Sinuhe egyptiläinen, Sinuhe the Egyptian) is a historical novel by Mika Waltari. It was first published in Finnish in 1945, and in an abridged English translation by Naomi Walford in 1949, apparently from Swedish rather than Finnish. So far, it is the only Finnish novel to be adapted into a Hollywood film, which it was, in 1954. The Egyptian is the first and the most successful, of Waltari's great historical novels. It is set in Anc [...]

    2. A Captivating Tale!If you enjoy reading about Egypt during the 14th century, you should find this a fascinating read. For the most part I found it quite captivating and was totally immersed in the story, especially the bond developing between the main character Sinuhe and his slave Kaptah. Their story alone is well worth the read. I did find some parts repetitive and lengthy which was to some extent disappointing. But overall it was extremely well written with several strong characters throughou [...]

    3. در جهان همه چیز تغییر خواهد کرد غیر از حماقت نوع بشر و تا وقتی که دنیا باقی است، از حماقت مردم استفاده خواهند نمود

    4. "Would that I had words that are unknown, utterances and sayings in new language, that hath not yet passed away, and without that which hath been said repeatedly, and without that which hath been said repeatedly - not an utterance that hath growth stale, what the ancestors have already said."-Khekheperre-Sonbu, a learned man and priest of the reign of Senusret II, c. 2150 BCEWith all due respect to the complaints of millennia past, I must instead defer to Mark Twain. He offers that history does [...]

    5. این کتاب را نباید بصورت یک داستان خواند گرچه واقیع آن بسیار جالب و شگفت انگیز است اما مهم تر از ان حقایقی در ان نهفته است که میتواند بینش شما را نسبت له جهان هستی دگرگون کند. از جمله پیدایش اولین خدای نادیده و چگونگی بوجود آمدن ان ، حماقت مردم ،اغواگری کاهنان و سو استفاده از حما [...]

    6. بعد از سالها دست از مقاومت برداشتم و برای بار دوم سینوهه رو خوندم. بار اول حدوداً ۷ یا ۸ سال پیش بود. وقتی که دنیام با دنیای امروزم زمین تا آسمون متفاوت بود. این بار که خوندمش حال و هوایی متفاوت داشتم. اول از همه از دست ترجمه آزاردهنده ذبیح‌الله منصوری حرص می‌خوردم. گاهی یه حرف ر [...]

    7. This book is quite good. It's long and dense and requires a little effort to read, but because it's longer, you feel more involved with the main character. The story is about a really interesting era in Egyptian history that most don't focus on, and I think I learned quite a lot from it. I am interested in Mika's other books now

    8. کتاب سینوهه را شاید حدودا بیست سال پیش خوندم زمانی که رمان های زیادی در ایران هنوز ترجمه نشده بود، شاید دوباره بخونمش

    9. خوندن این کتاب برای من خیلی طول کشید تا تموم بشه. تقریبا ۶ ماه. ولی بسیار لذت بخش بود.

    10. A remarkable historical novel set in ancient Egypt mainly during the reign of the pharaoh Akhenaton, who tried to bring monotheistic worship of Aton to Egypt. His reign was marked by internal conflict and he and his descendants in the 18th dynasty were later denounced by Horemheb, and their names were erased in the Egyptian records. The worship of Aton is speculated to be a precursor of Judaism.The book is in the form of autobiography of Sinuhe a physician who rises to become an advisor and frie [...]

    11. This must be my 5th go'round on this book, I re-read it every so often, because I really do consider it to be a classic. It was considered almost obscene in it's day, because of the subject matters that were delt with. But it is rather tame for today. I first read it and found it quite shocking many years ago, but I have a fascination with Egyptian history and I just could not put it down.I was made into a movie sometime in the 50's or 60's I belive and many things were glossed over but it still [...]

    12. ڪتاب سینوهه را دوست داشتم تاریخ و داستان باهم سفر هاے سینوهه و شرح دادن وضعیت تمدن هاے دیگر خیلے برایم جالب بود

    13. This just misses five stars--because it took me a long time to warm up to the Sinuhe, the protagonist and narrator, and it's just a little bit too much of a downer. So no, I wouldn't call this a happy tale--but it is a rich epic and great historical fiction of Ancient Egypt under Akhenaton, its heretic pharaoh. Had I not known going in, I wouldn't have guessed this novel was written in 1945. Although that might explain some of its bleakness--I've read that when it was published, it resonated wit [...]

    14. کریم امامی در کتاب "در گیر و دار نشر و ترجمه" مقاله ای دارد درباره ی ذبیح الله منصوری و ترجمه هایش، از جمله همین کتاب سینوهه. امامی می گوید اصل چنین کتابی مثل خیلی کارهای ترجمه ای دیگر منصوری وجود خارجی ندارد.در واقع منصوری خیلی از کتاب های مثل "سینوهه" را با کمی خواندن و بعد ذهن خ [...]

    15. Laikā, kad bezdelīgas uz ziemu atkal ir ierakušās dūņās un vakari palikuši tumšāki ir aizvien grūtāk atrast tādu grāmatu, kuru lasot līksmotu aknas. Kārtējo reizi pie grāmatu plaukta stāvēju un nevarēju izvēlēties jaunu lasāmvielu. Aiztecēja diezgan daudz ūdens no ūdenspulksteņa, līdz es izdarīju savu izvēli. Proti drīz pienāks gada beigas, ne jau tās par kurām vēstīs Suņa zvaigznes uzlēkšana, bet jaunā modernā kalendāra gada. Es atminējos, ka nudien n [...]

    16. Tolik zvýrazněných pasáží jsem neměla ani v materiálech ke státnicím na VŠ. Špičková kniha. Masivní. Zároveň bych ji ale asi nedoporučila číst tomu, komu ještě nebylo 30 (dobře, nebo aspoň 25). Chce to mít něco odžito. Jestli si někdy budu dělat top 10, Sinuhet tam určitě bude patřit

    17. از اولین دفعه‌ای که این کتاب رو خوندم یک سال می‌گذره و این دفعه دومهو خب این بار ذهنم جور دیگه ای این کتاب رو تحلیل و تجزیه کرد.اصولاً چنین کتابهایی رو هر از چندگاهی باید دوباره خوانی کنی چون عقیده دارم که بعد از یک مدت زمانی،دیدگاه آدم تغییر می‌کنه(حتی بعد از یک ماه!)یک کتابِ [...]

    18. "من وقتی میبینم که یک نفر خودخواه است و به چیزهای سست و بی اساس مغرور میباشد در صدد بر نمی آیم که او را از اشتباه بیرون بیاورم و بگویم که نباید به چیزهایی که بنیاد ندارد دل خوش شود.زیرا میدانم که حقیقت بقدری تلخ است که گاهی از کشتن یک نفر برای شنونده ناگوارتر میباشد و افراد میتوا [...]

    19. to khuneye ma in ketab ro ye zamin nemimund hamishe koli sare inke alan ki mikhad bekhune moshkel pish miumad man ke 2 bar in ketabo khundam be faseleye 1sal vali vaghean enghadr matne jazabo giraii dare ke hata baraye bare dovom delam nemiumad bezaramesh kenar narahat konande tarin sahnei ke tosif mikone marbut be dokhtari bood ke toye ghayegh baraye sinohe miraghse va shabe bad dar kohe ejdeha mimire :(

    20. نام داستانی به قلم میکا والتاری نویسنده فنلاندی است. این کتاب که مهمترین اثر نویسنده‌ است، بر اساس وقایع دوران فرعون آخناتون نوشته شده‌است. این کتاب توسط ذبیح‌الله منصوری(با آن قلم جادوئی خود) و دکتر احمد بهپور به فارسی ترجمه شده ‌است.

    21. Esta auténtica joya de la novela histórica incluye de todo: aventuras, amor, religión, política, guerra, amistad, muerte, ambigüedad moral constituyendo un vívido retrato de un periodo histórico fascinante. La minuciosidad histórico-social se une al talento narrativo, que no decae excepto en el penúltimo capítulo ("La guerra santa"), donde las arengas se hacen un pelín repetitivas, aunque en el fondo no desmerece el conjunto.

    22. Luettu ensimmäisen kerran lukiossa 1998. Nyt uudestaan äänikirjana Lars Svedbergin lukemana. Edelleen 4 tähteä tai ehkä 4,5. Tämä oli parempi kuin muistinkaan, mutta loppuosa sotineen oli ihan hiukan liian venytetty.Henkilöhahmot olivat silkkaa parhautta. Tietysti Kaptah oli suosikkini, mutta myös Muti :DJa rakastan tätä kieltä! Onkohan paha asia, jos alkaa kutsua perheenjäseniään rakkaiksi sontakärpäsikseen? :DLars Svedbergin luenta oli aivan timanttia!

    23. A most remarkable tale of the dangers of fanaticism, the comfort of the familiar suffering, the superiority of wanting to having, the pitfalls of pride and the often hideous reality of human nature - the basest aspects of which we are so eager to ignore, thereby allowing to grow greater that the noble, which we fixate on desperately in order to assuage our collective shame as we keep our heads purposefully buried in the sand. This is a magnificent fable, and I believe its moral, if it were to ha [...]

    24. Melkein kaksi ja puoli kuukautta sain käytettyä tämän pienen ihmiselämän läpi kahlaamiseen, ja en tiedä oliko se lukemiseen käytetty aika vai tarina yleensä, mutta tämä kirja todella tuntui yhdeltä aikakaudelta. Suuri ja vaikuttava teoshan Sinuhe on, ja silti sen hienous piilee kaikessa pienessä ja tavanomaisessa.

    25. So I had to read this book for my Finnish class. I wasn't too excited about it because the book was always described to be "a Finnish classic", and, at least in my opinion, that is a synonym for boring. On top of that, this book had so many pages it almost made the Oxford dictionary look like a children's picture book.However, when I started the book, I noticed I had never been so wrong. This book wasn't boring at all, in fact, it was quite the opposite. Within its hundreds of pages, the book he [...]

    26. Net ir po nakties visas tekstas dar gyvas aplinkui ir gyvenu Egiptu bei Sinuhės išgyvenimais. Knyga kupina kasdieniško Egipto, kuris padeda lengvai pasinerti į Faraono Echanatono, Šibuliuliumo bei Burnaburiasho valdymo laikotarpį. Gydytojas Sinuhė gimė bei gyveno pasikeitimo laikotarpiu, kai Egipte buvo nuversti senieji dievai ir pripažintas tik vienas - Atonas, kurio atėjimas pakeitė viską aplinkui. O vargšas pamestinukas Sihunė, kurį atgabeno luotas upe, patyrė nė vieną nuoty [...]

    27. سه ستاره و نیم برای این کتاب کافیه ،البته داستان و وقایعش جالب بود و درخور پنج ستاره ،اما از اواسط کتاب جایی که فرعون شهر افق رو تاسیس میکنه و از طبس میره ،سیر داستان خیلی کند و پراز تکرار و توضیحات زیاد مترجم میشه و داستان جذابیتش رو ازدست میده طوری که میشه یک صفحه در میون باقی [...]

    28. In The Egyptian (English translation), Mika Waltari takes us back to one of the oldest civilizations to tell one of the most classic stories there is: a young man rises from humble beginnings, makes a foolhardy choice, then is impelled to go out in the world and seek his fortune. He travels to other lands, learns about other customs, experiences different sides of life, and rises in stature by smartly applying his knowledge. Then he returns home again, where old friends and enemies await him.I v [...]

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