Vrin: Ten Mortal Gods

Vrin: Ten Mortal Gods

John Michael Hileman / Dec 06, 2019

Vrin Ten Mortal Gods What if dreams are a door that was never meant to be opened Jason Tardin is trapped within a virtual world he is sure of this he has seen the program But if this is a computer generated world then

  • Title: Vrin: Ten Mortal Gods
  • Author: John Michael Hileman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What if dreams are a door that was never meant to be opened Jason Tardin is trapped within a virtual world, he is sure of this, he has seen the program But if this is a computer generated world, then how can he reconcile the complexity of its inhabitants, people capable of frustration, joy, and pain Are they simulations, or something And what about the abilities wWhat if dreams are a door that was never meant to be opened Jason Tardin is trapped within a virtual world, he is sure of this, he has seen the program But if this is a computer generated world, then how can he reconcile the complexity of its inhabitants, people capable of frustration, joy, and pain Are they simulations, or something And what about the abilities which allow him to create or control whatever he wishes Is he a god, as the people of Vrin believe Grappling with his new found powers, haunted by a conversation with scientists on the outside, and stalked by a mad god, Tardin must unravel an impossible mystery to save a world that is not his own.

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        After serving in the U.S Army, John Michael Hileman started a small 3D animation company From there he was hired as production director for a television station, where he oversaw the production of three semi national television programs In his spare time, while being a faithful husband and father, he authored his first book, VRIN ten mortal gods, which later placed in the top four of a national writing competition Encouraged by this, John went on to write the 1 best selling thriller MESSAGES, and his latest release UNSEEN The rest is yet to be written.


    1. I picked up a copy of VRIN at Smashwords after the author pinged me here on .The writing was good, and Hileman definitely has talent. The book had me engaged, and I did find myself pushing other things aside to keep on reading. That is a mark of his abilities.The story itself was pretty solid. The first half of the book was awesome. It had a great fantasy feel, with the main character having some nice Bruce Campbell moments ("You want a piece of me?"). Slowly, however, it seemed that the plot dr [...]

    2. New and improved review:I downloaded this book on something of a whim. The author was offering it for free, and I wanted to test out the viability of reading something on my iPod Touch - but then I read the first chapter, and it had a good hook. It drops you into the middle of the mystery and the action, in the perspective of a protagonist who doesn't know who or where he is. As he discovers who he is and what he is, and as questions of the nature of the self and reality pave the way, the story [...]

    3. Jason Tardin wakes up in a room with no memory of who he is or what he was doing, before he has a chance to come to terms with his situation he finds himself addressed as one of the Ten, a god of this strange new world he’s found himself in. Drawn into a war he doesn’t understand, Jason must use his new god-like powers to find answers before the ten gods loose in the world of Vrin bring about its end. But nothing in the world of Vrin is as it appears, there is something bigger and darker hid [...]

    4. Plot: 4Writing Style: 5Characters: 3Total Rating: 3.5I'm not sure if I liked the ending, but the writing is solid and the plot moves along nicely. It reveals signifcant twists as you read, but there are not so many that it was confusing. I thought the author did a good job of leading you through the book. I rated it a 3.5 because the ending chapters did not work for me. I did not mind the theology, but the delivery was less exciting than Vrin "in the beginning". I would still recommend it for re [...]

    5. John is such a talented man and you can see that through this book! He weaves fantasy and reality with drama and suspense. I highly recommend Vrin: ten mortal gods to anyone who enjoys a high action and thought provoking masterpiece.

    6. The first half of the book was well written, some thought out plot ideas and concepts that kept me hooked. When the story died so the book could become a religious tract I was quite disappointed.

    7. God alone knowsI like the way this story builds from science and ends with a God belief. Well written and enjoyable. Amen.

    8. It started out ok, but didn't like the way it ended. It is my own fault I should have guessed that the spiritual twist would become too preachy ;) I like more pure scifi/fantasy.

    9. Vrin: Ten Mortal Gods, John Michael HilemanImagine waking up and suddenly finding that you are a god. Well, that's exactly what happened to Jason Tardin when he became Sam De'jal - the god of reason! One moment Jason was quietly reading a book in his study and the next his eyes start glowing and he has the power to mould and influence the world around him!Jason doesn't have much time to enjoy his new-found powers however, and within moments of unlocking them his life is great danger and he is th [...]

    10. (Originally reviewed on Otherwhere Gazette)Many people might not think that virtual reality and Christianity can coexist, but J. Michael Hileman shows that they can in Vrin: Ten Mortal Gods.This is a book that grabs you right from the start and pulls you into the strange world of Vrin. Narrated in the first-person, you travel along with an amnesiac as he wakes up in Vrin, and then learns about the world around him. He also discovers that he has broad powers to affect the world around him, powers [...]

    11. The premise of this book sounded really interesting. As I began reading the first chapter, the main protagonist had good potential, but by chapter four, I still didn't feel like I related to him. He was uninteresting and only gave off the impression of surfing along in the story; granted, I realize he was struggling to figure out who he was with his memory loss. He did a good job at first of pretending he knew what was going on but was soon as he met Kitaya, the storyline just seemed to drop. It [...]

    12. I almost gave up on this book, but I am really glad that I didn't. It starts off kind of slow and I had difficulty connecting to any of the characters. We are told who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, but we aren't really given any reason to root for the "good guys". The story really picks up about a third of the way in with the first real "twist". From there, the action is almost non-stop, we have a reason to "root" for the good guys and in the end I really enjoyed the story. I also [...]

    13. Amazing Twist of Mental Proportions. I enjoyed the Virtual World as an advance World to strive to.It was a bit to much evanescence on a religion in the book that took away from the Virtual World of VRIN.But it did make you think outside the book with respect to views that are around us, which I like.It gave me a bit of a headache to rap my brain around the aspects of the views expressed, which might be why this book so darn interesting.

    14. Good Christian fantasyI liked this book because it was a fantasy of things I hadn't read about before. The story caught and kept my attention. I couldn't give it 5 stars because new characters appeared and confused me. However I would read this again to try to figure it out, hence the 4 stars.

    15. A truly surprising novel!Vrin: ten mortal gods was very surprising! I loved this book! This is my first book by J. Michael Hileman and I did not know he is a Christian author. I'm very happy. I admit, I was confused because of the title, but keep up, it all gets explained. It is well worth it! I enjoyed the sci-fi and spiritual qualities as well. Wonderful!

    16. This book started out a little slow but drew me in as the story progressed. I was really enjoying the story until it got closer to the end. The story made a sudden shift from being a fantasy into a religious fantasy. I was really disappointed in the way the story shifted and think it really brought down the book by the ending.

    17. Very interesting readThis is nothing like the David Chance series but this is really good as well. The story progresses nicely. But I was lost in trying to figure out the whole computer programming thing. So that's why i Took a point awesome

    18. Amazing. readI loved this book although to me it was a little hard to follow in the beginninge action picked up and I couldn't stop reading. I didn't realize the true message was about God's love for us and to trust in his plan for us.wow

    19. Got this as a free book thru BookBub with no idea what it was about other than science fiction. Wow! A fascinating story with an interesting perspective on the intersection of science and consciousness and religion. Recommend highly!

    20. Eh. I thought this was going to be right up my alley. But about halfway through, it lost me. There was just too much going on. too many characters. Too much back & forth. I just couldn't make myself finish it.

    21. An excellent idea that suffers in the execution. The author's level of craft is, quite honestly, abysmal; however his plotting is above average and his characters are decent. I have a feeling that another year or so of practice would have made all the difference

    22. Loved this book, but the end could have been better for me. It took a left turn and got too preachy and I wasn't too excited about that. I would've rated it 5 stars if not for that. But it was still very entertaining and action packed page turner. I loved imagining the world of Vrin.

    23. A great concept with a lot of potential but then it (view spoiler)[ suddenly turns into a message about trusting God and begins to (as other reviewers have also commented) get very preachy (hide spoiler)]. A little disappointing since the world seems like a very interesting place to explore.

    24. What I thought would be a journey within a virtual world eventually became a platform for religious propaganda and of this I want no part ever.

    25. i would have given it a higher ranking but it got way too preachy at the end. the concept of the novel is really interesting and the characters grown on you.

    26. I found this book to be a really interesting page turner with quite a few twists. Then again the ending was not that surprising, given its theological character. I still enjoyed it a lot.

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