When a Pack Dies

When a Pack Dies

Gwen Campbell / Jan 18, 2020

When a Pack Dies Can a young werewolf who s lost everything learn to trust enough to love again Fina had a life a family a future until a pack of rogue werewolves showed up and killed everyone she d ever loved Escap

  • Title: When a Pack Dies
  • Author: Gwen Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781935650362
  • Page: 311
  • Format: ebook
  • Can a young werewolf who s lost everything learn to trust enough to love again Fina had a life, a family, a future until a pack of rogue werewolves showed up and killed everyone she d ever loved Escaping with the only other survivor, a six year old boy named Ryan, Fina crash lands in Wyoming, in the middle of a huge pack led by a sheriff with a streak of bad ass that goesCan a young werewolf who s lost everything learn to trust enough to love again Fina had a life, a family, a future until a pack of rogue werewolves showed up and killed everyone she d ever loved Escaping with the only other survivor, a six year old boy named Ryan, Fina crash lands in Wyoming, in the middle of a huge pack led by a sheriff with a streak of bad ass that goes bone deep Weres, especially young and on the run ones, need the safety of a pack and when the sheriff gets his first whiff of little miss hellfire from back east, decides for her that his pack is where she ll be staying for good Problem is the sheriff s equally yummy brother wants Fina too Fina s safe for now that is until the rogues come sniffing around, demanding the return of their woman And they re willing to kidnap Fina s best human friend and threaten to change her unless Fina comes trotting back home.

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        Gwen Campbell got her start in the magazine industry, writing everything from news stories to children s fiction to obituaries When the company she worked for succumbed to economic turndown, she looked at her bank book and gave herself one year to pursue writing full time The deal was if she made money, she didn t have to look for a real job It s worked out pretty good so far and she still doesn t have a real job.A life long believer in romance, she now writes romantic fiction Gwen is married and she and her husband contribute the success of their relationship to making a point of saying I love you, at least once a day, sometimes saying, Yes, dear, just because, and making sure the toilet paper always comes over the top of the roll.She says her best sticky plot resolutions come to her while dog walking.


    1. This book really frustrated me. It was so good in many respects, such as in the character development, the wonderful, detailed descriptions of shifting and the way the characters responded physically and mentally reacted to trauma, both as human beings and wolves. But there were a few things I just couldn't get past.1. Overuse of the word for female dog/wolf, as if that makes referring to the heroine as one constantly OK. I thought about whether or not I was being a prude, but then I decided I w [...]

    2. I had such hopes for this one. It got great reviews from the people over at All Romance eBooks, and the plot looked great. Have to say, it really fell short for me. I enjoyed Fina's character in the beginning, she was so strong to go through that horror, take on a child that wasn't hers, and run for their lives. But then she turned into a self conscious mess and I found myself wanting that strong heroine back.Other than the cover, the book gave no indication it was a menage relationship, and I f [...]

    3. I thought this one would be right up my alley, but it really wasn't. Some of the issues in the book were handled very insensitively for my tastes, and the word bitch was used *entirely* too often. It annoyed me. I liked the set up of the story though and enjoyed the world building.

    4. Very interesting and had some funny moments. The story started off strong and ended well. I liked it. Might read the next book. Happy Reading!!

    5. Review by Nichelle: This is the second book that I have read by author Gwen Campbell. I loved how the book opened up, immediately into the action. Which in turn pulled me in and kept me reading. The author definitely spent a lot of time developing the characters and the world of her werewolves. Not only is Fina young just barely out of high school and planning on going to college with a human friend but then she is now placed as surrogate mother for Ryan. Both of them have serious issues to deal [...]

    6. Fina is the youngest child and daughter of the pack Alpha. When she arrives home Rogue werewolves slaughtered her family and packd they're still in the house. The rogues are all males and determined to force Fina, the only surviving female who also happens to be of childbearing age, to become theirs. As the daughter of an Alpha, it's not in Fina's nature to submit. She makes her escape. Upon discovering the young son of her father's Beta alive, Fina grabs Ryan and together they make their way we [...]

    7. A decent read. It took a while to get through and the sex scenes seemed to go on for a while with words I don't think of as sexy lol. But overall the story was good, and didn't really happen right away. Fina, who in the beginning I kept calling or reading as Fiona, is only 20 and came home to find her pack had been massacred by rogue wolves. As the only breeding female left of the pack they attack her in her wolf form. The next morning, Fina runs. As she is about to drive out of town she sees Ry [...]

    8. After surviving an attack on her pack (and a pretty ugly rape from 7 rogue werewolves), Fina rescues the only other surviving pack member (a 6 year old boy) and goes on the run. After traveling aimlessly, she steps into a diner and meets Cutler, an Alpha from a pack in Wyoming. He immediately scents Fina as his mate, and brings her home. Cutler's brother Nath, a beta, also scents Fina as his mate and together they take it slowly and help Fina heal.I really liked Fina's character, her strength th [...]

    9. After "Feral Sins (which is AWESOME! Read it!)", I'm on a paranormal-romance trip. This was Hmm, okay, I guess. I can't really give it more than "okay", sorry. One of the things I liked is the pair of brothers, Nath and Cutler. They are yummy and quite lovable. Owen, too. And Ryan is cute! Another: I liked how Fina dealt with the other females in the Pack. What I didn't like and didn't understand either, is how Fina dealt with the loss. I mean, she just lost her ENTIRE pack and got raped like to [...]

    10. Gwen Campbell has another winner with When A Pack Dies. The heroine and her young charge are psychologically damaged by the murder of their families, and I ached for them as they struggled through the aftermath. Ms. Campbell kept me guessing if they’d be able to heal, which I loved.The descriptions of the shift between human and were were the most imaginative I’ve come across. Being a shapeshifter book, there is some graphic violence but if you’re like me, you’ll see it as vital in shapi [...]

    11. This is no lighthearted manège novel. Apparently I didn't read the reviews well enough In the first chapter the h gets brutally raped - repeatedly. It is in wolf form but that didn't really make it any less traumatic for me to read. Then later we find out she got pregnant and has a spontaneous miscarriage. Then the rest of the book the h is dealing with grief and coming to terms with her loss of family and pack. She decides to mate but questions it as she does it and even considers leaving late [...]

    12. I have tried some of the other books Gwen Campbell has wrote and wasn't sucked right in, but this was different. I love the characters, plenty of depth for not only the main ones but even the rest. Tons of action that played out well and with great discription. The story just grabbed me and wouldn't let go. While there were some slower parts, I for one, enjoyed them. Its nice to know that after the main characters have made love, they still need to do laundry and feed the cows. Normal life wrapp [...]

    13. There were many great things about this book (character development and were-society building), but I felt the ending was a little rushed and the thing I wanted more to read about never happened. Fina never acknowledged her love for her mates, not even to herself. In fact, I never "felt" that she loved them. She cared for them a lot and lusted for them like crazy, but she didn't love them like they loved her. Then, the author just skipped and we had "three years later" It was a good book, but no [...]

    14. It was a good book but I feel like the epilogue should have been longer to wrap everything up. Also some errors made me feel like the author hadn't researched wolves/werewolves as well as they should have.I clear indication of the passing of time would have been nice because I felt like the Cutler and Nath might have push Gwen too fast after what she has been through but later there was some subtle clues several months had passed. I just wasn't sure.

    15. When I read a review with the tag 'doggy sex' I thought either they meant it as the position OR the OmegaVerse thing. Yep. No. Doggy sex indeed. Also, the 'feasting' scene (you'll know once you get to it) is ridiculous. I'm never eating gravy again. Or steak in general.Other than that, it's nothing special. Some steamy scenes and an overall filler plot.

    16. Cutler and Nath are a sexy pair of brothers and Fina is lucky enough to get to have them both. She gets the best of both worldsa strong, dominant alpha lover and a playful, sensitive beta.Yumm.

    17. It was a good read. Initially, I expected the book to have more action (not the sexy kind, naughty naughty) and overall plot. Mostly the storied focused on relationships and getting over what happened to her pack.

    18. The cover is a little raunchy but i absolutely loved the story. Definitely a twist for one woman (view spoiler)[ to have two mates (hide spoiler)]. wish there was more about the happy trio but the HEA pretty much covered all the bases and made you feel warm and satisfied.

    19. This book was very good. I liked the character development, even the secondary characters. I look forward to more books in the series.

    20. Loved Cutler but I thought the entire angle with Nathan was ridiculous and took away from what otherwise would have been a 5 star read.

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